GH Update Wednesday 9/23/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is alone in his bedroom playing the guitar Sam gave him for his birthday and singing a song about changes in peoples' lives and how one needs to be careful what they wish for. We then see Sam unpacking a box in his living room. Each of them are alone and lost in thought, almost as if they know the “big commitment” they are making and how maybe they should both be careful what they wish for. As Sam opens the box very carefully while lost in thought, she notices her wedding ring. She remembers her wedding ceremony and vows when married to Jason when he's asked if he takes her to be his wife. Right then, we see Jake alone sleeping in the bed he shares with Elizabeth answering the question with “I do” when “he” (Jason) remembers his wedding to Sam.

Ava is alone when she remembers Paul Hornsby warning her that she has no choice except to do his bidding unless she wants to go back to prison for murder. She runs into Scott Baldwin now knowing he has no leverage over her so she has no incentive to pay him a cent as she previously thought she'd have to do. He reminds her that he helped her beat the murder charges and he does not do pro bono work. She then tells him that she can give him $1 million if he can put Avery in her arms. If he fails, she won't because she will not accept Carly being a mother to her child. Paul returns to his son who suspects nothing and who believes he went to “pull strings” with the mayor to reinstate Dylan's play. He informs Dylan that he is the new district attorney. Dylan congratulates his dad but reminds him that with this new position comes new obstacles and knew responsibilities for Paul which involve taking down the mob.

Julian returns home with Alexis after Morgan has almost gone through with shooting and killing him. He reminds her that Morgan intended to murder him for something he did not even do as he continues to maintain that he did not have Sonny shot, had nothing to do with it and knew nothing about it. She urges him not to vilify Morgan as she protests Sonny's son is a good kid and did not mean any harm. He had good reason to believe that Julian got away with the attempted murder of his dad. Julian needs to know, Alexis tells him, that people all around believe he did get Sonny shot and want him to pay for that and that is why he needs to go away where no one can find him. He asks her if she wants him gone. She tells him she does not want him to leave her or to leave Sam. She tells him he has to go into hiding because she cannot go through what happened last night, again. Yet Julian refuses and tells her he won't be kept away from her. He assures her he can take care of himself and she need not worry about him. He tells her right now he needs to go and see his sister.

Morgan is at the hospital with his mom and brother outside of Sonny's room. Carly and Michael remind him that he has to “keep his promise” and get professional help for his suspected bi polar condition. Right then, he reveals that although he's previously promised to do so, he now tells them he refuses to see a shrink. He clarifies that he promised his father that he'd see the doctor the day after his wedding and that day has not come. Carly protests to her son that he needs to, at least, offer his dad peace of mind and realize Sonny is concerned and cannot find out what Morgan did last night because it will devastate him. Carly reminds Morgan that he intended to murder Julian without even considering the consequences and if Michael had not shown up, more than likely, Morgan would have murdered Julian in cold blood right in front of a witness. Alexis was there to see the whole thing yet Morgan didn't let that stop him. Morgan knew the consequences yet did not think it through. Carly urges him if he cannot or will not do it for her, he needs to do it for his father. He does not listen to his mom's or brother's concerns and tells them he could care less about that and all he cares about is going after Julian after he got away with trying to kill Sonny. Carly tells Morgan that it's entirely possible that Julian was not the culprit. It could very well be Ava, she tells her son, as she reminds him of the means, motive and opportunity Ava would have to kill Sonny.

Sam and Patrick have coffee together in bed before he starts his day and gets to work. She tells him she heard his song and it was beautiful. Yet she senses that there was some sort of negativity or reservation about it which made her question if he is really ok about having to put his proposal to her on hold. She tells Patrick that for the first time since Jason has been gone, it's different. She's happy because she has him and their “mutual” family. She tells him the connection they now have means everything to her. Yet she admits that no matter what, she cannot stop thinking about Jason today.

Jake awakens next to Elizabeth and realizes he had a dream and it was, yet again, something about his identity which he has no memory about. He seemed to know it had something to do with a wedding yet it was not his “future” wedding with her. She happens to know that today is the anniversary of an important date. It was a year ago today when she and Jake first met. That was the day he was rushed into the ER after getting hit by the car. Right at that moment, she tells him, she knew she had an instant connection to him. He tells her that since that time, she has always been there for him so they both conclude that they have their own very special anniversary.

After Carly enlightens Morgan that he needs to consider the possibility that it was Ava who got Sonny shot, Julian goes to see Ava and informs his sister that just yesterday when he and Alexis believed they were alone together and safe, Morgan came out of nowhere and tried to kill him. She hears that and appears shocked. He concludes to his sister that given the circumstances, he is in serious trouble and in danger given all the people who are after him. He admits to Ava that he needs her help.

Meanwhile, Dylan reminds Paul that if he goes after the mob, as the new DA, he could get some “push back”. Paul assures his son he is not afraid of that. He realizes he does not know what will happen in the future long-term, regarding his new job. He tells his son for now he wants to bond and help him with his movie. In regard to sensing his dad's conviction, Dylan comments that he's very confident that once his dad takes office as DA, the mob won't know what hit them.

Sam tells Patrick she wanted to make it clear that she did not turn down his marriage proposal. She just wanted to wait. She tells him she has every intention of marrying him and have a family together when the time is right.

Meanwhile, Jake and Elizabeth relive and agree that their lives changed forever after she nursed him back to the health at the hospital. She knows he's struggled with finding out who he is. She knows that she has now decided he wants a future with him and she concludes she thinks she has made the right choice. They both conclude that they are happy to be together and love each other. She then tells him that maybe now is the time to set a date for their wedding. He agrees with that but is not certain as to when they should do that. She suggests what about today. Hearing that, Jake (not unlike Sam) hesitates with committing to marry another person. She tells him that maybe they should now go to the courtroom and get it official that they will spend the rest of their lives together. All they need is to have a private ceremony to be husband and wife. He agrees that he wants to marry her although he admits that today does not seem like the right day. He reflects to her that with Carly in the hospital and the fact that Sonny called him Jason the other day. Elizabeth wants Jake to completely disregard that. He tells her although today is not the day to get married, he wants to look for another day.

Patrick is with Sam when he tells her he has to get to work. He has patients who need him and he's thinking about Sonny. He reflects that with all of the violence over the years in the mob wars, he cannot help but think that it may never change. He asks her if she will let him know when she is ready to say yes. She replies that she will “do what she needs to do” in order to be able to make their wedding happen.

Meanwhile, Paul talks to his son about how Ric Lansing failed to convict Ava Jerome of murder. She got a free get-out-of-jail card. Paul reveals to Dylan that he is very confident that very soon, the entire town will be answering to him. Dylan admits he wonders if his dad has what he needs in order to take action against Ava, given that the only evidence they have was taken from the DA's office. We then see Ava with Julian, after he's told her he needs her help, as she remembers her conversation with Paul where she learns that he needs her to join forces with him against her brother. She knows she has a dilemma on her hands.

Meanwhile, Carly confirms to Michael that she can see that Ava is a threat to society now that she's free. She's gotten away with murder. It's obvious she is a socio path who cannot go near her own child. Carly admits that although she does not personally trust Ric Lansing, (not realizing he's no longer the DA), she has to do something to prevent Ava from going near Avery now that she is free and has to rely upon Ric for that. Morgan asks his mom why they would want to trust Ric. She protests that although she does not, they may not have a choice since Ric is the DA on record. They do know that Ric is smart, wants to make a name for himself for his own reasons, as the DA, as well as she knows that Sonny's younger brother has personal incentive to get on Sonny's good side and take down his enemies like Ava.

Ava knows she needs to keep a secret from Julian just as Paul knows he needs to keep a secret from his son. Julian seems to suspect nothing from Ava when she tells him she has to respectfully decline to join forces with her brother.

Alexis goes to the Quartermaine house and introduces herself to Paul Hornsby, knowing he's the new DA. He asks her what he can do for her. She replies they need to have a conversation about Julian Jerome. Little does she know about Paul's association with Julian.

Outside of Sonny's hospital room, Carly reports to Patrick that it appears to her that Sonny is doing ok although she had a “concern” about what might be going on with his brain, cognition and memory. She informs him that just last night, Sonny called Jake Jason.

Sam is alone and lost in thought as she finds the phoenix and dragon which symbolized her union with Jason and can once again, it appears she can see that things might not be complete in her life regarding the loss of Jason. Yet again, she has no conscious answer as to why.

When Carly, Morgan and Michael are happily with baby Avery outside Sonny's hospital room and Carly declares she wants to take the baby home to be with her, out of nowhere Ava enters. She announces she has a better idea. She thinks her baby should be with her momma. Hearing that, both Carly and Morgan stare at her and are not ok with her presence in the free world or her declaration about the baby.

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