GH Update Tuesday 9/22/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/22/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Paul was at the Jerome Penthouse with Ava. Ava surmised that Paul wanted their partnership to be a secret one. Paul confirmed that he wanted to remain in control while keeping his family in the dark. He elaborated that he couldn't let his son, Dillon Quartermaine, know he wanted to take over Sonny's territory. Ava did a double take when she realized Paul's son was a Quartermaine. Paul explained that he was trying to get to know Dillon, with Tracy's help. Paul knew that he wouldn't be able to forge a bond with his son if the truth about his other activities came to light. Ava refused to team up with Paul, because his proposal required her to take all the risk. She noted that if she took responsibility for having Sonny shot, she'd be at the top of the Corinthos's hit list and Julian would think she framed him. Paul had done his research, and he knew Ava had betrayed Julian before and lived to tell the tale. Ava stated that her brush with death had changed her, and she didn't want to borrow trouble. Paul suspected that Ava's change wouldn't last long because she liked living dangerously. Ava replied that Julian was like that too, and she told Paul to bring her brother on board. Paul thought Julian lacked Ava's ruthless streak. Paul was impressed that Ava had no qualms about murdering an unarmed woman or framing a “harmless drunk.”

Ava stated that she had her own priorities, like regaining custody of her daughter. Paul noted that Ava was in for an uphill battle, since Sonny and Carly had powerful connections. Paul thought that the courts would consider Carly more fit to mother Avery than Ava. Ava called Paul an SOB. Paul added that he might be able to put in a good word for Ava with the custody judge. Ava was confused about how that would help. Paul revealed that he was Port Charles's new D.A. Ava countered that Ric was the new D.A. Paul clarified that Ric was only temporary and that he'd never be able to keep the job, due to his conflict of interest – being Sonny's brother. Paul added that Ric couldn't explain away his incompetence in letting Ava get away. Ava noted that they both knew it wasn't Ric's fault that the recording went missing. Paul added that Scott was smart enough to take the flash drive with him, although Scott couldn't hold onto it.

Paul reached into his pocket and pulled out the flash drive. He assured Ava that he'd put in in a safe place if they were able to come to an agreement. Ava was skeptical about Paul's claim that he would be the new D.A. Paul stated that it was a done deal, because he and Janice Lomax were friends. Paul added that he once worked with Anna and Robert to save the city from a cartel, so he had a good reputation. He figured that he could deflect suspicion off of himself and onto Sonny and undermine any charges against Ava. Ava was intrigued. Paul asked if Ava was going to join his cause or be his first conviction. Ava offered to buy the flash drive instead, but Paul thought that his plan would work out to be more valuable over time. Paul said that if Ava teamed up with him, she could stay out of prison, get her baby back, make money and put Sonny under her thumb or six feet under. “When you put it that way, how can I refuse?,” Ava asked. “You can't,” Paul replied. Paul predicted that the two of them would do great things together. He left, and Ava frowned. Later, Ava turned on the TV and heard the news report that Paul was the new DA.

Maxie and Dillon were at the Quartermaine mansion. They were supposed to be working on the script, but Dillon was distracted. Maxie asked him about it, and Dillon admitted that he wondered why his dad wasn't back yet. Dillon was concerned that Paul's talk with Mayor Lomax didn't go as well as Paul had claimed and that the Mayor hadn't agreed to lift the cease and desist order on the filming. Maxie asked if Dillon trusted Paul. Dillon wasn't sure what to think. Dillon thought it was odd that his once absentee father had suddenly become an attentive parent. It made Dillon wonder if Paul was really as great as he appeared to be. Dillon conceded that Tracy took him to Europe, as a boy, to discourage Paul from contacting him. Maxie felt that Paul would have been there for Dillon if he wanted to. Maxie explained that she'd once been legally barred from seeing her baby, and it made her realize that she'd move heaven and earth to be with her daughter. Dillon glumly admitted that his dad didn't feel that way about him. Maxie replied that her dad didn't feel that way about her either.

Maxie wondered if her sister ever told Dillon about their dad. Dillon replied that Georgie didn't say much, but Dillon got the impression that Frisco was more invested in saving the world than being there for his kids. Maxie added that Frisco had a dangerous job that wasn't well-suited to a family man. Maxie explained that Frisco left when she was little, and never came back, except for short visits. Maxie noted that Frisco did come back, when she was pregnant with little Georgie, and he'd been very supportive of Maxie. Maxie explained that she would always think of Mac as her dad, but there was a part of her that had wanted to matter to Frisco, and when he came back, finally did. Dillon noted that Maxie had a breakthrough. Maxie clarified that it only lasted a brief period before Frisco left again. Dillon asked if Maxie was telling him to be grateful Paul was back or not to get too attached. “Both,” Maxie replied.

Dillon stated that he wasn't naive; he knew Paul's current behavior was too good to be true. Dillon added that he didn't know Paul, so he didn't have any bad memories of him, which meant Paul had a clean slate. Maxie wondered if Dillon had gotten a sense of Paul's true character. Dillon admitted that the first word that came to mind when he thought of Paul was “opportunist.” Dillon noted that Paul had slept with Tracy while she was vulnerable over losing Luke. Dillon knew that Tracy felt that she and Paul had been consoling each other. Dillon thought that Paul had only reunited with Dillon and Tracy because he'd lost the woman he really loved. Dillon resented Paul, but he was trying not to focus on those feelings. Maxie shared something she'd learned after her last interaction with Frisco. She'd realized that just because she'd never get the dad she wanted, it didn't mean she couldn't enjoy the dad she had. She noted that her father was brave and resourceful, and he always responded to her texts, or had his handlers do it, when he was deep undercover.

Dillon explained that he'd initially avoided Paul, because it was weird to converse with a stranger who also happened to be your dad. Maxie noted that Dillon seemed comfortable with Paul now. Dillon sheepishly admitted that warmed up to Paul after Paul gave him the check for a half a million dollars. Dillon explained that he turned Paul down, at first, until Paul clarified that he really liked Dillon's script and wasn't trying to buy Dillon's love. Maxie smiled and said that Paul appealed to Dillon's vanity. Dillon sarcastically thanked her. Maxie assured Dillon that she thought the script was good and that she wouldn't have signed on if she didn't. Maxie felt that Paul could genuinely believe in the script and flatter Dillon at the same time. Dillon just didn't want to think that Paul manipulated him. Maxie pointed out that Paul cared enough to make an effort, even if he wasn't 100% sincere all the time. Dillon was glad that Paul was trying, but Dillon was afraid it wouldn't last.

Dillon said he didn't know how long Paul would be visiting, or if he planned to move to town. Dillon had been careful not to get too attached to Paul, because he didn't want to be hurt if Paul suddenly left. Maxie told Dillon that guarding your heart never worked. She said it was painful to be dumped, but it hurt worse to lose out on an opportunity because you never tried. Paul walked in, just as Dillon said his life was a lot less complicated before he met his father. Maxie said hi, and she asked how his meeting with the mayor went. Paul said that all the red tape had been cleared. Paul added that he planned to stay and see the project be completed. Dillon was surprised when Paul revealed that he was the new D.A.

T.J. was at Molly's. He placed a concerned call to Morgan, to let him know Michael was looking for him, but Morgan didn't answer. Ric came by, so T.J. hung up. Ric wanted to see Molly, but according to T.J., she was resting because she didn't feel well. Ric wondered why T.J. looked upset. T.J. said he was concerned about Molly. T.J. explained that Molly was upset about the feud between Sonny and Julian. Ric understood, and he was annoyed that Alexis was dating the man who kidnapped T.J. and put Sonny in the ICU. Ric felt that Julian deserved payback. T.J. was apologetic because he felt like he'd gotten Ric's brother shot. Ric assured T.J. that the only person to blame was Julian. T.J. hoped there was a way to protect Sonny from Julian. Ric wanted to strip Julian of all his power, but he knew he couldn't as long as Alexis was acting as Julian's protector. Ric speculated that Julian had manipulated Alexis into falling in love with him and that he was using her for her legal skills.

T.J. left the room, then he returned and found Ric having a tense call with the mayor. Ric argued that he wasn't the one who signed the USB drive out of the evidence locker and he reminded Lomax that he was the one who'd put Madeline Reeves behind bars. Ric's points fell on deaf ears, and Mayor Lomax fired him. Ric hung up and he laughed bitterly as he listed all the bad things that happened to him in the last couple of days – being scapegoated for Scott's incompetence, being banned from Sonny's hospital room, losing his marriage and home and now his job. T.J. was disgusted with the mayor for blaming Ric for something Scott did. Ric knew he wouldn't be able to get his job back unless he found the recording, and he thought the cause was hopeless. T.J. made Molly a sandwich and was about to take it up to her. He asked if he should tell Molly about Ric's job. Ric said no; he wanted to tell Molly himself, after he'd gotten more information, like who was replacing him. Ric left.

Michael arrived at the cabin, and Alexis ran over and told him that Morgan was inside with a gun. Just then, a shot rang out. Alexis wailed in horror, and Michael raced into the house, with Alexis following. Michael's face fell when he saw his brother standing over Julian, who was lying motionless on the floor. Alexis tried to rush to Julian, but Michael grabbed her. Morgan angrily reminded Alexis that he'd already warned her to stay back. Alexis cried that Julian had been shot. Morgan clarified that Julian had rushed for the gun, fallen and hit his head. Morgan prepared to shoot the unconscious Julian. Julian came to, and he tried to get up, but he was too disoriented. Michael tried to talk Morgan down. Michael reminded Morgan of the time Morgan and Dante did the same for Michael, when Michael was about to kill Sonny. Morgan wouldn't listen; he sat down and grabbed Julian and shoved gun into his neck. Michael and Morgan argued about whether shooting Julian would be murder or justice. Alexis tried to get involved, but Morgan accused her of dating and making excuses for a killer, and then he ordered her to shut up. Michael stated that he was trying to save Morgan, not Julian. Michael warned Morgan that Pentonville was hell, and Sonny wouldn't want that for him. Morgan argued that Michael didn't know what Sonny wanted. Michael revealed that Sonny sent Michael there. Morgan felt that killing Julian was the best thing for the family. Michael said that was Sonny's choice. Michael's pleas worked, and Morgan put the gun down.

Alexis ran to Julian's side, then she thanked Michael. Julian sniped that at least one of Sonny's kids knew what was good for him. Michael swiftly kicked Julian in the ribs and warned him that he'd pay for what he did to Sonny. Julian swore he was innocent, but Michael didn't buy it. Michael promised that the Corinthos family would finish the war Julian started. Michael and Morgan left. Alexis tended to the gash on Julian's forehead and noted that she'd never seen Michael be so cold and deliberately violent. Alexis added that Michael wasn't a hot-head like Morgan. She was sure Michael meant what he said. Julian stated that Michael never would have landed that kick if Julian was standing on his own two feet. Julian was sure he could handle the Corinthos brothers. Alexis stressed that she'd watched Michael during the custody trial and had found him to be smart and capable of exploiting his opponents' weaknesses. Julian thought it was useful to know Sonny didn't want him dead. Julian wanted to find out who really went after Sonny and expose him as soon as possible.

Jake came to Sonny's bedside, at Sonny's request. Elizabeth and Carly watched as Sonny took Jake's hand and thanked him for saving him. Sonny called Jake “Jason.” Sonny predicted that things would get worse and asked “Jason” for his support. Carly's eyes filled with tears, and she exchanged a concerned glance with Liz. Jake didn't correct Sonny. Sonny continued that Morgan wasn't thinking clearly, and Sonny asked “Jason” to protect Sonny's family. Carly gently told Sonny that this was her friend Jake, not Jason. Sonny got agitated and refused to believe Carly. He urged Liz to tell Carly that this was Jason. Sonny begged “Jason” to help Michael save Morgan. Carly assured Sonny that “Jason” would protect the boys. The visitors stepped into the hallway, and Liz said Sonny was being affected by the morphine. Carly solemnly noted that Sonny was worried about the boys, but the one person he trusted wasn't there to help. Liz looked guilty. Jake apologized, but Carly said it wasn't his fault Jason wasn't there. Carly felt that she should be apologizing to Jake. Carly admitted that she and Sonny tasked Jason with protecting their kids and solving their problems. Carly noted that Sonny was doing it again because he was too drugged up to know any better. Carly wondered if she was being ridiculous, and Jake assured her that it was okay to wish her family's protector was there with her. Jake asked Carly what Jason would say if he were there. Carly replied that Jason would tell her to relax and focus on figuring out how to help Sonny. Jake stated that this was Liz's area of expertise, and he looked to Liz for advice. Liz advised Carly to keep Sonny calm and to remember that he was on morphine. Sonny yelled out to Carly and asked where Jason was. The trio returned to the room, and Carly told Sonny that Jason was there. Jake played along and promised to help Morgan and Michael.

When all the visitors left Sonny's room. Liz assured Carly that Sonny would sleep through the night. Carly was concerned that Sonny would still mistake Jake for Jason when he woke up. Liz said she'd have Patrick change Sonny's medication to something that didn't cause confusion. Jake asked Carly for advice tracking down Morgan. Carly suggested that he ask Alexis where Julian was. Liz was alarmed that Jake actually intended to go find Morgan. Jake wanted to keep his word, but Liz was against it. Carly added that Jake was a big boy, but Liz countered that she and Jake were engaged. Liz reminded Jake that he was about to become her sons' father and that his choices affected their family. Liz warned Jake that helping Sonny and Carly got Jason killed.

Carly was appalled that Liz was using guilt to talk Jake out of helping Michael and Morgan. Liz hissed that Jake wasn't Jason and he didn't owe Carly and Sonny anything. Liz felt that Jake had already done enough by saving Sonny. Jake understood Liz's view, but he still wanted to do what he felt was right. Carly was relieved when Michael and Morgan arrived. She sent them in to talk with Sonny. Although Sonny was sedated, Carly thought he'd be comforted to hear his sons' voices. Carly watched as Liz apologized to Jake for speaking for him, but he told her she was entitled to her opinion. Liz added that she didn't want Jake to get hurt. Jake noted that the crisis had been averted. Liz stated that, once the drugs Sonny was on wore off, he wouldn't mistake Jake for Jason again. Jake smiled and kissed Liz's hand.

Sonny groggily greeted Michael and Morgan. Sonny said he didn't want Morgan to get hurt. Morgan assured Sonny that he wasn't going to kill Julian. Things took an ominous turn when Morgan said that Julian couldn't be allowed to just walk after what he'd done to Sonny. “It's not over,” Morgan said.

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