GH Update Monday 9/21/15

General Hospital Update Monday 9/21/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Patrick asks Sam to marry him, she is overwhelmed and cannot believe-that this is happening. She admits she was not expecting that this would happen tonight. He admits he was not expecting her to marry him either, tonight. He admits he does not have a ring. However, when he walked inside and saw her and Emma and Danny all together for his birthday, he knew this was the home with all the people he wants in his life together forever. She admits that she is committed to their relationship Why else would she have moved into Patrick's house and uprooted Danny? He tells her that he believes they can make a great life together. She smiles and agrees that their life is almost perfect together. He talks about how he enjoys making dinner and hearing all about her investigations and how she knows how to help Emma learn how to pick locks on her doll house and when she sings Danny to sleep. Romantic music plays when they agree that they are on the same page and things are good. Yet he notices that she is hesitating to say yes and asks her why. She tells him it's because of Jason. She assures Patrick she loves him and he is more than just a “place holder” for Jason. However, there is “something”, she admit, as she remembers that tomorrow will be 4 years ago since the day she and Jason got married. She admits that maybe she is just being irrational although Patrick assures her that he honors the memory of her wedding day and anniversary with Jason. He knows he would not ask her to marry him on the day of his anniversary with Robin. However, he needs to know if she would have said yes if he'd asked her on another day. She replies that she loves him but cannot give him an answer on his proposal. She tells him that what they have is too important to her to be dwelling on past relationships. She wants it to be all about them. She tells him she does not want to jinx it.

While Sonny is recovering, the medical staff inform Carly she needs to wait outside his room. She immediately attempts to call Michael but cannot reach him. Jake finds her and admits he came there to see her, make sure she is ok and wants to buy her some coffee. She admits she does not know if she should be there with Sonny or be out trying to find Morgan. She expresses to Jake that she's really worried about Morgan's volatility and she confides in Jake that Morgan has gone to kill Julian Jerome. Jake attentively listens, assesses and wants to intervene just like the father figure for her kids which she always knew Jason to be.

After Morgan has left Alexis' house after “talking” to TJ with his vehement protests that something needs to be done after Julian got away with attempting to murder Sonny, Michael goes to the house and asks TJ if Morgan might have been there recently and if so, what they may have discussed or what he may know about Morgan's intent or present whereabouts.. TJ hesitates to answer when Michael urges him to know that Morgan has a gun and intends to murder Julian. Michael protests that Morgan needs to be stopped before he does something he regrets. TJ admits to Michael that he questions if there would be anything wrong with Morgan taking action against the man who tried to kill Sonny. Michael tells him, be that as it may, it won't help Sonny or anyone if Morgan does what he intends to do and he urges TJ to tell him what he knows. At that point, TJ admits that Morgan was, in fact, there and they did have a discussion about that very thing.

Morgan finds Julian and Alexis at the place where they've gone away together. He points the gun at Julian and tells him he knows Julian put a bullet in his dad so he's going to put a bullet in Julian. Alexis protests to Morgan that he needs to think about his father. Sonny would not want his son to be doing this, she tells him. She urges Morgan to know that his father is just recovering and if Morgan pulls the trigger, it will kill him. Sonny will blame himself for the consequences that will occur if Morgan goes through with this. Julian attempts to explain to Morgan that he knows of enemies Sonny has who are after him who have nothing to do with Julian or his organization. He protests to Morgan that he did not have Sonny shot. If Morgan wants to go after the person responsible for this, he needs to listen to what Julian wants to tell him. Yet Morgan does not listen to a word and is convinced the person who tried to kill his father is standing right in front of him.

After Paul informs Tracy, Dylan and Maxie that he knows how to “pull strings” to get Dylan's movie re-instated by the mayor, he leaves. However, strangely, he does not go to find mayor Lomax. He goes to visit Ava. She has just cut and re-colored her hair to no longer exhibit the appearance of “Denise” and reveal to everyone that she is Ava. She is no longer worried that she will be charged with murder even though Scott Baldwin has “misplaced” the tape recording of her confession that she murdered Sonny's former fiancÚ, Connie Falconeri. She appears not to know Paul but he indicates that he knows her. He also “knows something” she does not know, but which he knows is of vital interest to her.

While Paul has “gone off”, Maxie asks Tracy the nature of her relationship with Paul. She suggests that maybe Tracy should admit that what she wants with Paul Hornsby is beyond just being friends. She knows that Paul wants to make up for all those “deadbeat dad years”. They know that Paul has had a shady past. He had a relationship with Jenny Eckert and lead a life of organized crime, years ago. They all wonder if Dylan's father has changed his ways or not. Tracy and Dylan realize they cannot assume everything is ok although Maxie wants to encourage them to have faith in Paul doing good things. They all realize that Paul Hornsby is full of surprises and is unpredictable.

Paul informs Ava that he has the recording she needs for her freedom (which Scott previously took and kept but which was stolen from his hotel room) Ava assumes that Paul merely wants money from her in order to hand over the flash drive. He states to her that he already has money and does not want hers'. What he wants from her is a little more complicated. He then explains to her he happens to know that her brother is not, in fact, targeting Sonny Corinthos. All the while it's been himself, Paul tells her. She concludes that it was he and not her brother who got Sonny shot. Paul confirms to Ava that she is correct about that. Paul tells Ava he believes that by the end of this visit, she will want to join forces with him. She asks why he would do that if he's framed her brother for murder and she has no reason to trust him. He then pulls out the flash-drive to remind her that he holds the key to her freedom. Noticing that, Ava asks him why, if he is so confident that he can go after Sonny without any help, then why does he need her?

In Sonny's room, he seems to “sense” that there is something “not right” about what Morgan might be doing and appears restless and as though he has to get up and do something although Elizabeth and the hospital staff urge him not to get out of his hospital bed until he's better. She wants to give him pain meds so he can rest although he has concerns about that and Sonny remarks to Elizabeth that he's really happy to learn that her son (whom she had with Jason and whom everybody thought died) is now alive and well.

Maxie asks Tracy if she does not believe that Paul is in a relationship with another person nor still in organized crime, why is she hesitating about having a relationship with him. She talks about how life is so much better when one is with someone else than when they are alone. She wonders if maybe Tracy is not yet over Luke and/or not yet healed from the loss of him. Yet Tracy realizes Luke has nothing to so with it. Dylan “counters” to Maxie's point, about how Paul and his mom do not have a lot in common and therefore, it may not work. Maxie tells him, in reference to that, Spinelli is a computer genius with no understanding of her fashion ambition nor does she “understand” him. One could say she and her baby's father have nothing in common. Yet Spinelli is a very important person in her life. So, she tells Tracy, if she has a chance to enjoy life with someone who make her happy, why not risk it and give it a shot?

While Morgan continues to point the gun at Julian, Julian urges him to let Alexis go since this all has nothing to do with her and is between himself and Morgan. They agree that Alexis needs to leave although she refuses. Morgan tells them he needs her phone. Julian tells her she needs to give Morgan what he wants and urges her to leave him alone in the house with Morgan although she refuses to leave.

While Michael urges TJ to help him find Morgan before it's too late, Carly is talking to Jake outside Sonny's hospital room about Morgan. Elizabeth comes out of the hospital room and informs them that Sonny is asking for Jake. Jake comes inside Sonny's room and a "pain-killer influenced" Sonny thanks him, tells him he knows he can always count on him, that this is the guy who saved his life and Sonny somehow knows that he is Jason as he calls him by his deceased best friend's name.

While Tracy, Dylan and Maxie are waiting for Paul to return from wherever he is, they know that something is “not right” for why he's been gone so long.

Paul continues to talk about his “liaison” he's hoping to have with Ava.

Julian urges Alexis to leave because her daughters need her. Morgan also demands she gets out although she does not want to leave Julian alone. He points the gun at Julian. Alexis goes outside right when Michael is entering and hysterically tells him Morgan is inside and is ready to pull the trigger on Julian. He has to do something. Right before anyone can do anything, however, they hear shots fire...and it may be too late.

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