GH Update Friday 9/18/15

General Hospital Update Friday 9/18/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ava urges Scott to hand over the flash drive of her recorded confession of murder. That way, she can give him the money and they can get on with their lives. However, when they go to his hotel room where they assume he's keeping it, they see that the room has been ransacked. Somebody broke in and made a mess. Many things are missing including the flash drive that Scott kept of Ava's confession. He admits to her that he removed it from the DA's office when he got done as DA, so that Ric and the new DA administration won't have it and won't be able to find it. She demands to know what happened to her flash drive. He tells her he thinks he “knows who has it”. He tells her it has to be Ric Lansing. Yet she know that would not make sense while Ric was just in court minutes ago and could not have gone into the room to find it only to “lie” to the judge that he does not have it when he does. They conclude it's entirely possible that Ric “hired” someone to go into the room to find it,. He suggests, and she considers the possibility that it could, very well have been Ric's big brother Sonny. Yet, he reminds her that she owes him money since he “saved her behind” in the courtroom. She obviously does not trust Scott any more than she trusts anyone else who might “find” the flash drive,. She furiously reminds him that she has the threat hanging over her head, completely vulnerable, not knowing where that flashdrive is or whose hands it could fall into. She's not about to pay him until he finds it. He reminds her that she does owe him. She's a free woman because of him. He made sure that Ric did not have the means to incriminate her. She has no choice except to trust him. She remembers, however, that he admitted to her that he took the flashdrive from the DA's office in exchange for her paying him $5 million. If she pays him, she will have proof from which he could get nailed for extortion in a murder trial if he turns on her.

Kristina is outside Sonny's room talking to Carly catching up about the family and they get into talking about Carly's concerns for Morgan.

Michael is inside his dad's room and asks if Sonny “remembers something” about when Morgan was last talking to his dad in his hospital room.

Morgan has a loaded gun outside the door of Julian's apartment ready to take action.

Sonny admits to Michael he remembers Morgan making it clear that he intends to kill Julian.

Carly and Kristina discover that they can't find Morgan. Kristina tells her dad's ex and future wife, she will go down to the cafeteria to see if he's there. Right then, Michael goes to find his mom and realizes that his brother, did in fact, leave the building. They find Milo who admits that he saw Morgan leave. Morgan asked him not to say anything if the others ask where he went. Milo admits that he knows Morgan has a gun and is going to kill Julian Jerome. Carly wants to go after her son but Michael urges his mom to know that his younger brother may not listen to her. She might not be able to do any good or “defuse” the situation with Morgan's behavior. Morgan may very well do something “rash”, afraid his mom is judging him and assuming he's bi polar, Michael tells her. They agree that Michael might be the only person who can get through to his younger brother so he needs to go find Morgan and talk to him alone.

While Morgan stands outside Julian's home, he discovers Julian is not there. Julian is with Alexis at her home. She informs him that she's found him a private “hide-away” place for him to stay. Yet she is not about to live there with him although Julian wishes she'd “go away” with him.

At Patrick's home, it's his birthday and he comes home to see that Sam, Anna and the kids have planned a birthday party for him. Emma and Danny are happily with their two respective parents. Emma notices the two adults kissing and jokes and she can tell her dad and Sam are growing closer. Both Danny and Emma express their “devotion” to Patrick with the birthday gifts. Anna takes Sam aside to talk privately where they are not overheard. She tells Sam she believes she owes her an “explanation” from mistakenly believing that she could count on Sloane to help them with bring Nikolas to justice. Sam tells Anna she does not believe it's Anna's fault that Sloane made the decision he made. Yet they both know that the current mayor, Janet Lomax illegally defeated Felicia Scorpio in the mayoral election because of Nikolas and Sloane. Lomax fired Anna as police commissioner and replaced her with Sloane in exchange for Sloane's “help” . And they can't let that go to rest. Yet everybody gathers around Dr. Patrick Drake and he sees that he is loved by all of them. While the kids go up to bed, Patrick admits to Sam that he wants to marry her.

When Tracy is talking to Paul in her house, Dylan enters with Maxie to inform his two parents that something or someone has “cancelled” the movie that he, Maxie and others were going to be a part of. Paul explains to his son that he has another “idea in mind”. He reveals to him that the new mayor is an old friend of his from law school. Tracy wants to hear the details. He replies that Janet Lomax had a “crush” on him. And so Paul believes he can persuade the new mayor to pull strings to get Dylan's movie re-instated. They all realize that Dylan and the crew have put a lot of work and time into this and Dylan agrees with his father that he needs all the help he can get so he encourages his dad to call the mayor. At first Maxie objects to the “guy manipulating the woman” but she realizes they got to find a way to get their movie up and running. Paul calls and talks to his “old friend” (whom Tracy suspects is more than a friend to her ex) and he announces to Dylan and Maxie that he's successfully gotten the mayor to overturn the “cease and desist” of the movie. Dylan may now do his movie without any fees or permits, he informs them. Everybody is happy. However Paul informs the others he has to leave and go to take care of “something”.

At Alexis's house, Julian tells her he wishes she would want to “enjoy” a private getaway for the weekend, at the very least with him. She reminds him that he has urgent need to hide whereas she does not. She reminds him that she is the mother of Sonny's daughter, Kristina. Sonny does not intend to get her killed. She's safe but he is not. Assuming they are alone, they agree to go away together, realizing Alexis cannot let anybody in this town know where Julian is or reveal that she knows where to find him. When they leave together, TJ comes out of hiding, revealing that he's been listening in, watching and overhearing their very “private conversation” which they did not intend for anyone to hear.

Michael and Milo go to Julian's home, attempting to find Morgan. They manage to enter Julian's penthouse apartment. Yet Julian is not there nor is Morgan. They don't know where to find him and return to the hospital.

Morgan goes to Alexis' home, after failing to find Julian at his penthouse. He only finds TJ and it seems odd that Molly's boyfriend and Sonny's new “house mate” is at Alexis' house alone without Molly or Alexis or anyone else. He also asks if TJ might know where Alexis and/or Julian might have gone. In response to that, TJ appears “spooked” not knowing whether or not he should answer that question (having just overheard their private conversation with that information). He knows that Morgan grilled him, not long ago about needing him to identify Julian as the shooter of Sonny and TJ has admitted he has no proof that Julian had anything to do with that. Morgan is obviously not satisfied with that answer. He urges TJ to know that the cops have failed to protect Sonny from attempted murder so he believes he has to take the law into his own hands with Julian

As soon as Ava is alone, she is intensely worried about what could happen to her and knows she needs to take drastic action. She determines that Denise DeMuccio has to “disappear”. She goes to the mirror to cut and change Denise's hairstyle and go back to being Ava.

Kristina overhears Carly and Michael discussing that Morgan went after Julian with a gun. She tells them she needs to help them intervene before it's too late. She reminds Carly that even though she doesn't care about Julian, if he's with her mom, Alexis will also be in danger. Kristin calls Morgan but his keeps going to voice mail while she and Carly wait for Michael. Michael then returns but with no sign of finding Morgan. Hearing that, Kristina tells her brother they have an urgent situation on their hands. If Morgan intends to kill Julian and her mom is with Julian, her mom's life is also in danger.

At Alexis' empty house, Morgan tells TJ he needs to go and take action and find Julian. When TJ notices Morgan's “obsession”, he tells him he needs to let this go. He urges Morgan to know that he needs to let Sonny handle his own business with Julian and Morgan needs stay out of it. In response to that, Morgan tells TJ he just doesn't understand the urgency of all of this.

When Ava gets out of the shower and her hair, appearance and mannerisms are all back to the old Ava (no more Denise) she calls Scott to ask what he's now come up with. He tells her he's tried and failed to find the flashdrive. She boldly tells him if he does not find it, he won't see the money and she has no incentive to do anything for him. Right then, there's a knock on her door. She goes to open the door and appears shocked at who she sees.

Strangely, Paul has left Tracy's house while she talks and reflects to her son and to Maxie about what a “stand up guy” Dylan's father is.

We see that the person at Ava's door is Paul. She appears not to know him and says can I help you. It appears he may know her however.

TJ is alone and lost in thought while he remembers all the conversation's he's had with Morgan, recently about Morgan having the need to go after Julian. TJ reflects that he also promised Sonny that he “owes him” and has similarly protective nature toward Sonny. Morgan asked him where to find Julian and Alexis and he knows where to find them.

Morgan arrives outside the private cabin where Julian is staying with Alexis. When the two of them assume they are safely and happily alone and suspect nothing, Morgan suddenly appears at the door with a loaded gun which he points at Julian, ready to blow him away.

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