GH Update Thursday 9/17/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/17/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Ric ran into Dante at the PCPD. Ric divulged that he was on the way to a hearing that Scott had called on Ava's behalf. According to Ric, Scott was an incompetent attorney. Ric was sure that Scott's ineptitude, along with the recording of Ava's confession, would make it easy for Ric to lock Ava up. Ric asked Dante to tell Sonny that Sonny wouldn't have to worry about Ava coming after Avery. The conversation seemed to come to and end, so Dante began to walk away, but Ric called after him to ask how his brother was doing. Dante brought Ric up to speed on Sonny's condition. Ric was relieved. Dante wondered if Ric's feelings were genuine, or if he was only pretending to care about Sonny. “You know what, nephew, if anybody should ever knock you off that pedestal you're on, realize something – you're going to have a long, long way to fall,” Ric said.

Ric vowed to throw the book at Sonny's shooter. Dante pointed out that, while Julian was at the top of the suspect list, the cops didn't have any evidence against him. Ric implored Dante to find some evidence while Ric was still acting DA. Ric got a phone call, from his office, so he left.

At the Jerome penthouse, Julian sat at the table with his gun at his side. Sam, who was at her old penthouse, called because Lucas told her Julian was free. Sam was glad that Julian was out. Julian quickly told her that he didn't shoot Sonny. A worried Sam noted that Sonny's family and associates didn't believe that. Julian assured her that he'd be fine and that he could take care of himself. Julian told Sam he loved her and would call her back later. Sam said she loved him too.

Molly walked in while Sam was talking, and she realized Julian was free. Molly was surprised that Alexis didn't drop everything and rush to Julian's side. Sam didn't think there was anything wrong with Alexis trusting Julian. Molly maintained that Julian was a liar, who framed her dad, although no one seemed to care. Molly conceded that Ric had done some bad things, but Molly didn't think that absolved Julian. Sam wanted to give Julian the benefit of the doubt, but Molly refused to do so. Alexis and Kristina arrived. Sam and Molly were thrilled to see their sister, and a joyful reunion followed.

Kristina asked if there were any leads on who shot Sonny. Alexis and Sam exchanged an uncomfortable glance. Molly announced that Julian was a suspect. Kristina asked Sam if Sam's dad might have shot Kristina's dad. Sam explained that the cops let Julian go, due to a lack of evidence. Kristina noted that Julian might still be guilty. Alexis stated that Julian was out of the mob, but Molly countered that he'd said that before. Kristina asked if Sam believed Julian. Sam wanted to. Alexis believed Julian, but she assured Molly and Kristina that they didn't have to. Alexis felt like she had three perfect girls, and she wanted them to love and support each other. Alexis pulled her daughters into a hug and kissed them all.

Kristina decided to go visit Sonny. Alexis was going to go with her, but Kristina said she'd go on her own. Molly announced that she had to meet her study partner. Alexis said she wanted to hear all about Molly's first day of college later. Molly agreed. After Molly's quick exit, Alexis wondered if Molly really already had a study partner. Sam suspected that Molly was trying to avoid a fight. Alexis understood why Molly didn't believe Julian. Alexis asked what Sam thought. Sam believed Julian, but she was concerned because she knew that Sonny's people didn't.

Julian took a shower, then he flipped on the TV while he dressed. A news reporter stated that Ava seemed confident as she entered the courthouse. Julian wondered why his sister was in good spirits. The phone rang – it was Ava, who was at the courthouse. Ava had heard that Julian was free. Julian hoped that Diane would be able to get Ava out too. Ava revealed that she was being represented by Scott, since Diane had refused to help Ava, out of loyalty to Max. Julian was shocked that Ava would hire Scott, the “snake” who exposed her true identity. Ava cryptically explained that Scott “took a little something” with him when he left the D.A.'s office. Julian immediately caught on. Ava told Julian to get her room ready because she was coming home and getting her baby back, while Sonny was out of commission. Ava asked if Julian would be there when she got home. Julian wasn't sure. Scott told Ava that the hearing was about to start, so Ava ended the call.

Alexis went to Julian's and called out to him from the hallway. Julian had tensed when he heard the knock on the door, but he relaxed at the sound of Alexis's voice, and put his gun into his waistband. Alexis was startled when he grabbed her arm and quickly pulled her inside. Julian hugged Alexis, then he revealed that he was going on the run for his own protection. Alexis reminded Julian that his trial was coming up. Julian was confident that the cops would find the real shooter before his court date. Julian was afraid that one of Sonny's people would hurt Alexis, so he wanted her to come with him. Alexis was sure that Sonny would never do that, but Julian noted that Sonny might not be calling the shots. Alexis said it would be bad parenting to leave Molly and Kristina. Julian was sure Sam would watch over her sisters. He was still worried that Alexis would be a target, and he admitted he'd feel better if she came with him.

Back at the courthouse, Ava thanked Scott for letting her borrow his phone. Scott snatched his phone from her hands and reminded her that she used it without permission. The judge announced that this was a hearing to examine the evidence. Ric asked the judge for a continuance. Scott argued that Ava had been waiting on this for two years. Ric countered that it took this long because Ava went on the run. After some back and forth between the lawyers, Ric sheepishly admitted that his staff couldn't find the flash drive that held Ava's confession. The judge wanted to know how this happened. Ric explained that Jordan had some officers search the D. A's office to gather evidence against Madeline. Ric suspected that someone inadvertently removed the flash drive during the search.

The judge wanted to hear from Jordan. Jordan checked in off screen. Scott started to lobby to get the case dismissed, when Ric interjected that Scott was the one who checked the flash drive out of the evidence locker and improperly stored it in the office. Scott demanded to know if Ric was implying that he stole the evidence. The judge asked if Ric had proof that Scott took the flash drive. Ric didn't, so the judge chided him for making baseless accusations in her courtroom. Scott asked the judge to dismiss the case against Ava, for lack of evidence. The judge was unhappy, but she had no choice but to comply. Ava cheered. The judge warned Ava that the charges would be reinstated if and when the flash drive was located. Later, Ric called the mayor and brought her up to speed. It was clear that the mayor was displeased. Ric pointed out that he wasn't the one who lost the drive.

Ava was on cloud nine when she and Scott went to his suite at the Metro Court. Scott reminded her that she owed him money for the flash drive. Ava was ready to transfer the five million dollars to Scott, as soon as he gave her the flash drive. Scott opened the door and discovered that his place had been ransacked.

T.J., Michael and Morgan were outside Sonny's ICU room. T.J. told them how scared he'd been when Sonny got shot. Michael assured T.J. that Sonny was okay now. Morgan wanted T.J. to say that Charlie had been taking orders from Julian. T.J. clarified that Charlie never actually said his boss's name. Morgan turned up the pressure on T.J. Michael told Morgan that T.J. already told them everything he knew. Morgan argued that T.J. owed them because Sonny saved his life. T.J. insisted that he wanted to help, but Charlie never said his boss's name. T.J. asked them to thank Sonny for him, then he left. Morgan thought T.J. was protecting Julian, but Michael stated that T.J. couldn't tell them what he didn't hear.

Kristina arrived and reunited with her brothers. She couldn't believe she stayed away so long. Morgan wondered if Kristina was avoiding the dysfunction. Kristina admitted that was part of it. She hadn't wanted to take sides in Michael and Sonny's custody battle. Michael assured Kristina that he and Sonny had patched things up. Morgan told Kristina how scared he'd been when Sonny's heart stopped.

When Sonny woke up, Carly was by his side. She encouraged him to rest, instead of speaking, but he insisted on apologizing for missing the wedding. Carly smiled and told him she'd let it slide since he was saving T.J. Sonny had something else to say, but Carly told him he'd already said everything. She appreciated him asking Jake to tell her he loved her. Carly admitted that she found Sonny's vows and read them. She told him that he was right – it was heaven on earth when they were together, and it was worth weathering every storm to get there. Sonny apologized for putting Carly through this, but she told him not to apologize for being ambushed by a coward. Sonny admitted that Carly and the kids got him through this.

At that moment, Kristina walked in. Carly hugged Kristina, then she left to give her some time with her father. Kristina assured Sonny that she wasn't going to launch into a tirade about his business. Kristina tearfully noted that she didn't remember the last time she'd told Sonny she loved him. She scornfully admitted she'd been wrapped up in her oh so important life. Sonny assured her that her life was important, but Kristina countered that it wasn't more important than family. Kristina held Sonny's hand. She told him how highly she thought of him and how proud she was to be his daughter. Kristina begged Sonny to be more careful. Sonny assured her that he wasn't going anywhere. Kristina was afraid that Alexis was in over her head with Julian. She was afraid Julian shot Sonny. Sonny urged Kristina to let him worry about his business.

Milo, and Aldo, Sonny's bodyguard, arrived, and Michael went over to them. Michael thanked Milo for coming back, then he instructed them to keep an eye on Sonny's room. Michael went back over to Morgan, who asked about Milo. Michael explained that Milo was temporarily back because Max was off questioning the five families. Michael was sure that the person who shot Sonny would make another move at some point.

Carly was in the hallway, while Kristina visited Sonny. Carly told Michael that Sonny was in good spirits. She was glad that Sonny had all his kids around him. Meanwhile, Morgan took Milo aside and asked for a favor.

Michael went in to visit Sonny, and Carly and Kristina talked in the hallway. Carly told Kristina that her visit made Sonny so happy and he loved her so much. Kristina admitted that, when she heard Sonny was going into surgery, she was afraid she wouldn't make it in time to see him. Carly assured her that Sonny wasn't going anywhere. Kristina noted that Sonny and Michael made peace. Carly was relieved that Sonny's family was whole again.

Michael assured Sonny that they were father and son and that would never change. Sonny said he missed Michael. Michael missed him too. Michael apologized. Sonny said he was the one who was sorry. Michael felt that they both made mistakes. Michael wondered if Sonny remembered any of the things his family said while he was unconscious earlier. Sonny flashed back to hearing Morgan vow to kill Julian. In the present, Sonny said he remembered Morgan.

Lulu and Valerie were elsewhere in the hospital. Lulu hoped that Dante would be able to forgive himself, now that Sonny was awake. Valerie was curious about this, so Lulu clarified that Dante blamed himself for Sonny's heart stopping. Lulu added that she saw Dante in the chapel, begging for forgiveness; Lulu thought it was strange because Dante wasn't usually so hard on himself. Lulu wished that Dante could have seen Sonny before he went back to work. Valerie admitted that even she was upset that Julian was released, so she couldn't imagine how hard it was on Dante and his brothers. Valerie needed to get back to work. Lulu decided to tag along so she could check on Dante.

Back at the P.C.P.D., Nathan asked if Dante had slept since the shooting. Dante was too wired to sleep. Dante noted that Valerie said the gunpowder residue test on Julian came back negative. Nathan explained that he'd been planning to call Dante with the news, but Valerie insisted on delivering it in person. Dante believed that Valerie was just trying to be supportive. He added that it wasn't her fault he couldn't look at her without remembering what he'd done to Lulu. Nathan urged Dante to give himself a break, since he'd only slept with Valerie because Lulu lied. Dante felt that he should have trusted Lulu no matter what. Dante admitted that this was weighing on him so heavily that he'd almost confessed to Lulu.

Dante recalled the way he'd ripped into Sonny for cheating on his mother. Dante now felt that he was worse than Sonny, since Sonny wasn't married to Olivia when he cheated on her. Nathan pointed out that Dante wasn't a career criminal, but Dante thought that was irrelevant. Dante stated that he never thought he'd betray a woman who trusted him. Dante explained that he was about to tell Lulu the truth when they were interrupted with the news that Sonny survived the surgery. Dante was torn; he wanted to unburden himself, but he was afraid of breaking Lulu's heart and destroying Rocco's family. Dante thought that maybe he should go on carrying the secret. He felt that a guilty conscience was the least he deserved. Dante noted that he and Lulu were doing okay, and Valerie had moved on with Dillon. Nathan flashed back to Valerie saying she had feelings for Dante. Nathan revealed that he'd just had a talk with Valerie. Nathan was about to go into detail, when Valerie and Lulu arrived.

Lulu took Dante aside and told him he was a good son, father to Rocco, and husband to her. Dante hugged her. Lulu added that Dante was an excellent cop, and she was sure he'd find the person who shot Sonny. Dante kissed Lulu deeply, while Nathan and Valerie watched, from a distance. Nathan carefully studied Valerie for a reaction and asked if she was okay. Valerie said she was fine, and she quietly asked Nathan if he told Dante she had feelings for Dante. Nathan admitted he'd been about to. Valerie asked Nathan not to. Valerie was sure that she'd get over Dante, in time, and she felt that Dante had enough to deal with without adding her unrequited feelings to the list.

Morgan was in Julian's hallway, with a gun.

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