GH Update Wednesday 9/16/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Lulu gets on her phone to ask if Maxie could stay with Rocco just a little longer as there has still been no reported change on the status of her father in law. She finds Olivia who reports to her that there are still no changes or any news about Sonny's surgery. Morgan is really getting stressed, Michael is playing big brother., Carly is trying to hold the family together, Olivia tells Lulu. They also both know what is going on with Dante even if he does not want to let onto how it is affecting him. Olivia talks to her daughter in law about when Dante was a little boy, he once hurt himself slamming his hand in the car door. She told him it's alright to cry but he could not or did not because he told his mom he believed it was his job to be strong for his mom.

Dante is in the chapel telling God that all he wanted was to do right by his wife and by Rocco. He always intended to honor his marriage vows. But, he got angry and jealous, afraid Lulu was slipping away and he lost it. He asks God for help because he realizes he may be losing it. He wants to be the husband that Lulu deserves but he still wonders if he can come back from that and be forgiven for “what he did” (which nobody except himself, Valerie and God know about). Right then, Lulu comes inside, overhears her husband asking God for “forgiveness” and needs to know just what he is torturing himself over. He does not reveal the big secret (he slept with Valerie and got her pregnant) to Lulu when she asks what he is blaming himself for. He “rationalizes” that he feels he failed his father as a cop who should have prevented what happened to Sonny. She tells him that is not something to beat himself up for. He then admits to his wife that there is “more to it than that” for what he blames himself. She urges him to know that Sonny's condition is not his fault. Dante tells her that is not what he is talking about. Yet we do not hear him getting around to admitting to what exactly he is talking about, which Lulu still has no clue.

At the police station, Nathan is alone with Valerie while they wonder what to do with some of their present inmates. He tells her that he does not care about Ava or Julian and hopes they can put them both behind bars so that Sonny and his family can have some peace. He goes to attempt to find out who may have gotten TJ kidnapped but has not come up with any leads. He admits they do not have any hard evidence against Julian. She then concludes that she wants to go to the hospital to “be there for Dante”. Yet Nathan tells her she really should not do that. She asks why. In response to that, he tells her he thinks she “knows the reason why”. He admits he happens to know that she and Dante slept together. He tells her that both himself and Maxie have been able to put two and two together about that. He asks her if he is wrong with what he has concluded. Valerie replies no. She admits that she has feelings for Dante. Hearing that, he admits that her feelings for Dante are not unlike the very things that caused him and Maxie to fall in love. She admits that her feelings for Dante may be one-sided. He tells her that he thinks the best thing to do is keep all previous things in the past and move on. It sounds like she respects Dante's marriage and Nathan assumes it may not be all that complicated if she is now seeing Dylan and moving on. Yet little does he know how it's not as simple as that, given what has happened (her pregnancy)

While Ava is in her jail cell, Scott Baldwin goes to see her. She does not want to talk to him and tells him she won't speak without her lawyer who is Diane Miller. Julian put Diane on retainer for his sister, Ava informs Scott. Scott tells her, however, that the only lawyer she has is himself. Her brother has his own legal problems. Julian is now in jail. She has not heard that and demands to know why. Scott informs her that her brother has had Sonny Corinthos shot. Hearing that, she demands to know where it happened and if her daughter is ok. Scott tells her she need not worry about baby Avery. However there are some major complications with Sonny's family. Hearing that, Ava concludes that must mean that Sonny's wedding to Carly did not happen. She then remembers discussing with Julian her concern over knowing when Carly becomes Mrs. Corinthos, Carly will have all the “perks” that go along with that...including having custodial rights to Ava's daughter. She remembers urging Julian to “do something about it”, and he concludes that her brother may have done just that. Scott tells her he knows that Julian came by to visit her not long ago and is certain that he had to share and “boast” to his little sister about his “plans” with Sonny. Ava asks Scott why she'd tell him whether or not Julian did, in fact, discuss that with her. Scott replies as her “lawyer”, he needs to get her to confide in him with matters like that. He reminds her that she may not have any better options than to trust him since it appears Diane is not around. He's heard that Diane has washed her hands of the whole Jerome family. Ava protests that Diane has never refused any checks written by herself or Julian. Scott reminds her that Diane has a conflict of interests from her relationship with Sonny's loyal employee, Max. Scott reminds Ava that he remembers how she hurt his son by letting him believe he was Kiki's father when he was not so Scott has no “incentive” to help her. She asks why he would want to represent her if he does not like her. He replies that he does, nonetheless have his own reason to want to go after Sonny and his family and maybe helping Ava with her “cause” could accomplish that for him. She reminds him that he can't do much for her if he no longer has the recording of her admitting to murdering Connie. She reminds Scott that now that he's no longer DA, he no longer has the recording. Ric Lansing has access to it and will clearly use it against her for his brother. Scott informs her that he, did in fact, realize that when he left the DA's office, that he had to take her taped confession with him so the DA's office can't have it or use it. That means, unless he returns it to the DA's office, she's a free woman. He further explains to her that he had his own reasons for removing the tape from the DA's possession. That tape with Ava's confession also implicates Sonny for the murder of AJ. He has his own reasons to keep it. Yet knowing what it means for her to have it in her possession, to ensure her freedom, he tells her she can have it for the “low price” of $5 million and he asks her if that is “fair”. He reminds her how easily he can return the tape to the DA's office if she'd rather not pay. SO, he asks her again, just how much her freedom is worth to her. She asks him if he does custody cases because the first thing she will want, as a free woman, is to get legal representation to take her daughter away from Sonny and Carly.

In the waiting room, Morgan is growing restless with how long the surgery is taking. Carly and Michael urge him to know that a complicated procedure like this will take time. Yet he tells them he refuses to wait. He's going to go into the OR and see what is up with his dad, he tells his mom and brother. Michael tells his brother that he has to stay away from the OR. Yet, Morgan remembers promising to his dad he will “make this right” and make Julian pay for what he did. When Carly tells her son there is nothing they can do for his father except wait, Morgan replies that that is where she is “wrong”.

Lucas goes to visit his dad in jail and wants to help him but needs to know if he did, in fact, intend to kill Sonny. When Julian evades his son's question, Lucas firmly tells his dad that every day when he goes into work at the hospital he deals with people being killed or injured getting rushed into the ER. He does everything he can but sometimes fails to save someone and fails to comfort the families who have lost the victims, due to some thug or murderer or crime Lord. He asks his dad what will happen if the next time the family he tries and fails with is his own. His dad reminds him that nothing has happened to him. Lucas tells him maybe not now. But what will happen the next time as long as Julian continues to be a part of this business. Lucas asks his dad to come clean about what he is up to. If the cops go and search his place, can Julian really assure him they will not find any evidence in the murder investigation of Sonny? Julian calmly assures his son they won't find anything. In response to that, Lucas concludes to his dad, in that case, that the cops are not his biggest problem. He's got something to be far more afraid of. Julian now has to contend with Sonny's family and all of his men and how they will retaliate as soon as Julian is out of custody.

At the hospital, while Carly, Michael, Morgan and Olivia all wonder what the verdict is with Sonny's condition, Patrick comes out of the OR to meet with them. He tells them that the surgery went well. However, there will be a “lot more work to do”. Carly demands to know what he means by that. He replies that Sonny is not out of the woods yet. Patrick calls all of Sonny's family to go in and see him one at a time. Carly goes inside Sonny's hospital room. Outside the room, Morgan tells Dante he needs to remind his boss, the police commissioner, to keep Julian locked up. Michael tells Morgan he cannot tell Dante how to do his job. Right then, Valerie comes by and tells the others that she has information about the cops' efforts to pin-point and prove who got Sonny shot and she warns them it's “not good news”.

When Lucas is visiting Julian who calmly assures his concerned son he can “take care of himself”, Nathan comes down to the jail cell to announce to Julian that he is “in the clear.....(regretfully)...for now”, as he unlocks Julian's cell and sets him free.

When Morgan finds out that the guy who shot his dad is going free, he can't trust the cops or anyone to do what needs to be he concludes he may need to take the law into his own hands.

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