GH Update Tuesday 9/15/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/15/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

A worried Elizabeth was sitting on the front steps of her home. Jake joined her and told her that little Jake was asleep. Jake assured Liz that he wouldn't abandon her boys, no matter what she told him. Liz thought Jake would change his mind once she confided in him. Jake put his arm around Liz. He promised that they were family and that he'd never leave her. Liz admitted she did something horrible to Sam, that was related to Jason and Danny. Jake was confused. He knew that Sam and Liz weren't friends, but he'd observed them making an effort to get along with each other and be kind to each others kids. Liz was still reluctant to say anything, so Jake encouraged her by reminding her that he loved her. Liz explained that after Danny was born, he was mixed up with a stillborn infant. Liz confessed that she falsified DNA test results to trick Jason into thinking that Sam's baby was really dead. Jake was stunned, and he asked why. Liz explained that she did it because she wanted Jason for herself and she knew that if Danny was alive, he would bring Jason and Sam back together.

Jake called Liz's act a “momentary lapse in judgment.” He thought the only thing that mattered was that Jason, Sam and Danny ended up together. Liz countered that Jason disappeared the night Danny came home, so they never got the chance to be a family. Jake revealed that Sam just told him about that. Liz blamed herself for costing Jason, Sam and Danny time together. Liz wondered what her lie set in motion. She speculated that Jason never would have gone out that night, if it weren't for Liz. Jake maintained that Jason chose to be on the pier. Liz still regretted her actions. Jake asked if Liz thought Jason loved her. Liz hoped so. Jake said he didn't think Jason would want her to beat herself up. Liz wanted Jake to know what she was capable of, so he could decide whether he wanted to be with someone who could do something so terrible. Jake didn't think he was in a position to judge. He felt that, based on his skill-set, his old life was best left forgotten. Jake thought the important thing was that Liz told Jason the truth after just a few days. Jake added that he loved Liz because she'd felt compelled to set things right. Jake kissed Liz's cheek. Liz was touched that Jake was willing to look past her mistakes. She suggested that they leave the doubt in the past and go to bed. Jake liked the idea.

Sam went to her former penthouse, where Alexis still lived. She was taken aback to find Ric watching cartoons with Danny, and she demanded to know why the hell Ric was there. Ric suggested that Sam clean up her language around Danny, but Sam rebuffed Ric's advice. Sam wanted to know why Danny was awake at this hour. Ric explained that Danny couldn't sleep, so Ric brought him downstairs to watch TV. Sam repeated her question about why Ric was there. Ric snidely reminded Sam that this was his daughter's home. Molly had let Ric in, and she was now upstairs with T.J. Ric had taken over babysitting, because T.J. had a rough night. Sam wanted to know why Ric came over, and Ric revealed that Nina kicked him out. Sam was unsympathetic, since other people had worse problems.

Ric noted that he and Sonny had a complicated history. Sam replied with a flippant remark, and Ric snapped that he was really worried about his brother. Ric explained that Sonny could be dying, or already dead, for all he knew, because Carly was keeping him out of the loop. Sam softened, and she told Ric everything she knew about Sonny's condition. Ric was grateful. He thanked Sam, then told her that they could return to their usual animosity. Sam said that, before they did, she wanted to assure Ric that Patrick was a great doctor and Sonny was a fighter. Ric chuckled and noted that he'd been up against Sonny's fighting spirit before.

Ric thought it was unlike Sonny to go to the warehouse without backup. Sam figured that Sonny didn't want to risk TJ's life. Ric theorized that Sonny didn't want the mob to intrude on his wedding day, so he'd just tried to handle things quickly, without taking precautions. Ric noted that Sonny wouldn't have done that five years ago. Sam replied that five years ago, Sonny had Jason. Ric stated that, with all due respect, Jason wasn't irreplaceable. Sam looked offended. Ric clarified that there were lots of trained killers out there – like, Jake for example, who'd done the same thing Jason would have. Sam agreed that the actions were the same, but she explained that the motives were different. Sam stated that Jason would have done anything to protect Sonny. She noted that Jason was very loyal and that he'd been shot while trying to protect Sonny's accountant, Bernie. Sam noted that she'd just been standing at the spot where Jason was shot with someone who was just like Jason.

Ric asked if Sam was okay, and she admitted she'd had a long day. Ric assumed that it must be like old times for Sam. Sam was put out by the comment. Ric clarified that he didn't mean to offend; he just knew that Sam witnessed a lot of violence when she was with Jason. Ric wondered if this felt like nostalgia or déjà vu for Sam. Sam replied that Ric did offend her, and she asked him to leave. Ric agreed to go, then he went upstairs to say goodbye to T.J. and Molly. Sam pulled a photo album out of a drawer and looked at a picture of herself with Jason.

Nathan and Maxie fell back into her bed, exhausted. Maxie wished they could stay there for a week, with no interruptions and no one getting shot. Maxie told Nathan how Jake delivered the news to Carly that Sonny had been shot. Carly wished that Jake hadn't been quite so blunt while telling Carly that she might lose “the love of her life.” Maxie wanted things to work out for Carly and Sonny, the way it did for Maxie and Nathan. They kissed.

Nathan told Maxie she looked beautiful. He tried to get her into the mood, but she told him she needed to shower off the day first. Nathan admitted he felt the same way after crawling around a dusty warehouse with three dead bodies. Maxie was startled and asked what dead bodies. Nathan told her about Jake killing the three men to protect T.J. and Sonny. Maxie thought that Jake might be too dangerous to be on the streets. Nathan assured her that Sam backed up Jake's story. Maxie noted that Jake did the same thing Jason would have done. She thought it was weird that Sam knew two guys like that. Nathan added that Jake wasn't in trouble, because he'd saved T.J. and Sonny. Maxie reluctantly admitted she was happy for Jake. Nathan wondered why Maxie was hesitant, and she explained that she was still upset that Jake shot Nathan. Maxie was afraid that Nathan's luck would eventually run out, the way Sonny and Jason's had. Maxie wanted to disappear with Nathan, but Nathan told her it wasn't the answer. He stated that they should cherish every moment. They hugged.

At GH, Carly raced up to Dante and asked what was going on with Sonny. Dante and Morgan told her that Sonny had taken a turn for the worse, and the doctors were with him. Morgan started to panic, and Carly, Dante and Michael tried to reassure him.

Patrick, and the medical team worked to save Sonny. Patrick left the room and went to talk to the family. According to Patrick, Sonny's heart had stopped, but he was now stable. Patrick was concerned that the bullet had shifted and caused Sonny's heart problem. If that was the case, the doctors would have to operate. Alarmed, Morgan noted that Patrick had said Sonny was too weak for surgery. Patrick stated that, if the bullet had shifted, they all had a decision to make.

Michael took Dante aside to talk. Michael had already had more guards placed around Greystone Manor, but Michael also wanted Dante to increase the police patrols around the property. Dante stated that Jordan already had assigned cops to watch Sonny's property, and Molly's place, for TJ's sake. Michael didn't think anyone would attack the house, but he didn't want to give Julian, or anyone else, an opening. Dante picked up on that and asked if Michael didn't think Julian was responsible. Michael thought Julian was capable, but Michael also realized that the city was valuable territory, due to its proximity to Canada, and that Sonny was a target because he controlled it. Dante was impressed with Michael's clear thinking at a time like this. Michael noted that he couldn't save his dad, but he could protect the family. Dante asked when Michael started calling Sonny “dad.” Michael explained that, when he sat with Sonny tonight, he realized that Sonny was his dad and that Michael couldn't judge, or punish Sonny. Dante wished that he (Dante) could let go of his anger and accept Sonny for who he was. Dante was upset that Sonny might die before Dante got a chance to make it clear how much he loved and respected his father. Michael assured Dante that Sonny knew how his kids felt about him. Sabrina arrived, with Michael's clothes, and asked about Sonny. Michael brought her up to speed.

Morgan had another outburst. Carly unsuccessfully tried to calm him by noting that Patrick was doing the best he could. Morgan considered Carly's remark to be a meaningless platitude and not a source of comfort. Carly gently assured Morgan that she was scared too, but she thought that they needed to stay clear-headed so they could make the best decisions for Sonny, instead of railing at the doctors. Morgan replied that he couldn't shut off his emotions. Patrick returned and revealed that the bullet had moved closer to Sonny's aorta. Morgan assumed this meant Sonny wouldn't be paralyzed, but Patrick said it was too soon to tell. Patrick explained that if the bullet nicked the aorta, it could be fatal. Sonny was also very weak, so the surgery could also prove fatal. Patrick told everyone that they had to make a decision soon. Morgan added that Patrick wanted to know if they wanted Patrick to kill Sonny or for the bullet to kill him. Dante asked Morgan to reign it in, and Morgan apologized.

Carly noted that she wasn't Sonny's wife, so the decision was up to his sons. Michael wanted to weigh the odds, but Morgan felt that Sonny would choose to have the surgery. Dante thought they should wait. Michael thought that Sonny would want Carly to make the decision. Dante and Morgan agreed. Carly went to sit with Sonny. She talked about seeing him in his sons. Carly noted that, if the tables were turned, she would want Sonny to make decisions for her. She returned to the hallway, and Patrick asked what she decided.

Later, Patrick called Sam and told her that Sonny was about to have surgery. Patrick explained that he was going to be in the OR all night. Sam told him that Emma was with Mac and Felicia, and Sam was about to take Danny home. Sam offered Patrick some reassuring words about the upcoming surgery, then they said I love you.

Sonny's loved ones had a final moment with him before the surgery. Carly gave Sonny a kiss goodbye, while his sons looked on. Carly told everyone that she made the choice she thought Sonny would want. Michael assured her that she did the best she could. They watched as Sonny was wheeled toward the OR.

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