GH Update Monday 9/14/15

General Hospital Update Monday 9/14/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick informs Sonny's family that he may not make it. It's very possible Sonny could die. Hearing that, Morgan is determined that he will make Julian Jerome “pay” for what he did to Morgan's father. He sounds like he intends to take the law into his own hands and possibly murder Julian. He returns to Michael who expresses his concerns about his brother needing to “calm down” so that his moods do not do the downward spiral. And, he further tells Morgan, if he cannot do that, maybe he needs to see the psychiatrist whom their father recommended to him.

At the hotel, Ric is on the phone demanding that the hospital authorities and all interested parties in Sonny's case realize that he is Sonny's only blood family member and the only person who should have legal rights and decision-making power regarding his brother. Right then, he is able to hear the very same “crying baby” sound that he believed only Nina was hearing and which only he knew the origin from where he heard it (i.e., his phone when he was trying to set her up to believe she was going crazy). He notices both Nina and Franco nearby in a private conversation while he hears them playing the very same recording he believed only he had. He is also startled to see that they are both free. Nina has not signed over any money or legal rights to him now that her mother is in jail and she now knows that Ric helped Madeline with her “plans” to take Nina's money and set her up. Franco informs Ric that after they present the evidence they have to the cops and authorities, then Ric will no longer by DA. Franco's father will have his rightful position restored to him and Ric will be disbarred and in prison. Unless, of course, Ric signs something which Franco and Nina both need him to sign. They “calmly” and contentedly tell Ric that they will not press charges against him if he signs over all of Nina's money and legal rights to her. They are both very confident that they have Ric right where the want him and Franco announces that it's time for Ric to go. Ric tells them that this is/was his “suite” that he did or may still have the legal right to. Yet they both inform him otherwise and dismiss Ric to go downstairs to collect his belongings as the front desk and be out of their lives forever.

At the hospital, Dante is investigating how Sonny got shot. He informs Patrick and Sam that what the cops do know is that Julian was nearby during the shooting and is in lock-up right now. He leaves. Alone with Patrick, Sam admits she does not know what to think or believe. Her father promised her and many others that he gave up the illegal business and was no longer after Sonny. Yet he was seen on the pier right when Sonny was fatally shot. Hearing that, Patrick reminds her that Jake was also there was she. Again, she affirms that it was not Jake's fault that the two of them just happened to be on the pier when Sonny was shot. She affirms, also to Patrick, that Sonny is her friend. TJ was an innocent bystander. And were it not for Jake, they would both be dead. He tells her that he finds it very odd that Jake could be that “calm”after killing three people. Hearing that, she reflects she knows that Jason could do the same thing. Yet Patrick admits that he does not understand how anyone can do that. He takes a vow to save lives yet people like Jake (and Jason) can take lives so easily. He talks to the little guy about how he has had dream when he goes to sleep which confuse him. What he does when that happens is he thinks about all the good things in his life like the woman he loves and the son he will soon have. And right then, he feels good and no longer worried about the dreams.

Dante goes into Sonny's ICU and emotionally tells his dad that he knows the courage that Sonny has to fight in a situation like this most recent one unarmed and he is afraid that he, himself, might not be able to do that. He tells his unconscious dad that he wants to see himself as Sonny's son and not so much as a cop. He knows that Sonny has had his back regardless of the obviously conflict of interests of Dante's job. He tells Sonny that it's taken most of his life to find his dad so he does not want to lose him now. He talks to Sonny about how he's put his life on the line for money and power and what else? Is it really worth it? He asks Sonny. He asks Sonny if Avery is not important enough for him to want to live. He tells Sonny he knows that he would do anything for his kids and he believes that but wonders if Sonny would just want to live for them. He knows if Sonny could talk to him, he'd come up with many excuses and justifications. But Sonny needs to know that Dante and Michael and Morgan and Carly and many others don't want to lose him. Right then, he hears the machine beeping and rushes into the outside hospital lobby to report what has just happened.

At Elizabeth's home, right when she is really “wrestling” with whether to reveal the “big secret” to Jake, she emotionally assures him that she loves him more than anything. However, she is very worried about a secret which could destroy both of their lives and their future together. She talks to him about how Jason was supposed to have a family with Sam and Jason but he's gone. Before she can tell him more, little Jake comes down the stairs, and informs them that he had a bad dream that adult Jake went away and had another family. Hearing that, adult Jake has no idea what Elizabeth is thinking and feeling or what is going on and jokingly promises both Elizabeth and little Jake that he is not going anywhere. When Jake and Elizabeth are alone, he can see she is emotionally overwrought and asks her what is going on. She then replies that she is afraid that she has done a terrible thing to Sam.

Maxie returns home to her apartment with Nathan and reflects that she is worried about the future of baby Avery. It makes her realize how much she misses her own daughter, Georgie. She realizes she's known Sonny and Carly for so long. She tells her boyfriend she realizes she maybe should not be saying this to a cop but she believes that Sonny and Carly deserve happiness. He admits to her that he agrees. He informs Maxie that his sister has been released from prison and is now a free woman; freed from the institution and Ric and all of the charges. Yet he sounds like he may not be entirely in favor of that. He informs Maxie that he offered to let Nina stay with him but she turned him down. She wants to stay with Franco. He tells Maxie he realizes she does not like the guy. Franco is not on his list of favorites either, he tells her. However, Franco has stepped up and risked his own life and freedom for Nathan's sister. He tells Maxie, as much as he hates to admit it, he and Franco are in some ways alike. They would both do anything for the woman they love. They both reflect how they'd never imagine or believe that Franco is the right man for Nina until she got mistakenly married to Ric Lansing whom everyone could clearly tell was scamming her for her money.. They reflect about both of their “rough starts” in their relationship and about Sonny's and Carly's history together.

Carly sits in the hospital chapel pleading with God not to take Sonny from her. She remembers Michael showing her the vows that Sonny had in hand, which he was going to recite at their wedding before it was interrupted. Yet she is not certain whether she should recite her vows to him and read his to her and if doing so will solidify their commitment to each other or if there is any point if he's going to die. She then pulls out Sonny's message to her where he reflects on how many times he thought he was done with her and she-with him. We hear Sonny’s voice declaring that no matter what they think regarding that, how can either ever be done with each other? They've been through so many things together and it has taken that in order to be where they are today. They do not know what is going to happen. But, he tells her, if he dies tomorrow, he will die a happy man knowing that he spent the last day of his life with her. She reads that and she cries. When Sonny's machine is beeping, we see him affirming his vows to Carly about her being the mother of his children, the love of his life and the woman he's always loved and always will. We then see all the flashbacks and history of Sonny and Carly together, through all of the separations, break-ups, trials and tribulations they've been through. We hear them both concluding that they are done and how they can't be together. Yet they have both always affirmed that they have always loved each other and always will. In the chapel, Carly tells Sonny she knows there is something missing when they are not together.

Right when it appears that Sonny is crashing, Morgan goes to find his mom and urgently tells her that his dad needs her.

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