GH Update Friday 9/11/15

General Hospital Update Friday 9/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas is on his phone talking to Elizabeth privately while looking all around the house to make certain he's out of earshot. He tells her that she needs to keep better tabs on Jake since he and Sam were there not long ago and seemed like they remember a lot. He informs her that they almost persuaded Sloane to turn on him and he's a bit concerned. Also, they need Hayden to remember something that both he and Elizabeth obviously don't want her to remember (the secret about Jake) He informs her that he told them it was Helena and not himself who was holding a secret over on Jake and who did the illegal activity that he could get implicated for. Elizabeth is also concerned about what could happen to her if it ever gets out that she knows that Jake is really Jason. Not far away, Hayden overhears and observes Nikolas while he's on the phone. When Elizabeth asks him what he told them about Helena, he knows he has to go when he notices Hayden nearby. He hangs up and she happily greets him and tells him about how she's getting to know Spencer and getting involved in his school projects involving genealogy of the Cassadine family. She informs him that his son is very interested in family trees. She further informs Nikolas that his son talks a lot about Nikolas' grandmother. Hayden suggest that they both help Spencer with his school project and that she'd like to get to know this very interesting Helena Cassadine whom Spencer speaks so “highly” of, as she adds that it also might help to jog her memory. Hearing that, Nikolas is obviously not ok broaching that subject.

When Elizabeth gets off the phone, Jake returns to her and she is startled to see he's covered in blood. He informs her that Sonny has been shot. She asks him how on earth that could have happened and is worried, expressing to him if he heard gunshots on the docks and noticed a gunman after Sonny and holding TJ hostage, he should have called the police. She is shocked to hear Jake very “calmly” reporting that he shot several men and reminds him that he could have gotten killed. She is further concerned to find out that Jake with Sam before, during and after the shooting. She is also very “shocked” to hear that Sonny had some sort of “premonition” about Jake when he told him he had to be there for Carly in case Sonny did not make it. He talks about the loyalty he felt for Sonny. Hearing that, Elizabeth “rationalizes” about how she knows that feeling from being a nurse and working in the ER and OR with trauma patients and making their lives a top priority as if one knows and loves a stranger. Jake tells Elizabeth she need not worry about him, as he knows she is very worried.. He seems like he can further sense that Elizabeth just does not “understand”something as he goes to shower, leaving her alone in the room.

Patrick informs Carly and Michael that it's entirely possible that if they perform the surgery needed to save Sonny, one false move could cause Sonny to be paralyzed for life. He confirms them that it's possible that won't happen but they have to wait to perform surgery on Sonny since he's too weak after losing too much blood from the shooting. Carly then encourages Michael to go and see his dad. Alone with Patrick, she asks him the dreaded question if another possible consequence of doing surgery is that Sonny could die. He replies yes.

Sam finds Patrick at the hospital and he expresses the same concern about how she put herself in danger as Elizabeth has expressed with Jake. He is further “not ok” with hearing her assure him that Jake kept her safe. She tells him that Jake was with her and they rode in the ambulance with Sonny and his family and she needs to know why her boyfriend is angry at her. He tells her that he respects her and what she is doing but he has concerns about how she puts herself in danger being around Jake and with getting involved in Sonny's messes. She urges him to know that she wants to communicate with him and have no secrets between them. She admits to Patrick that she does not miss living the way Carly now has to live with, wondering if the person one loves is going to die. Yet even if they do not, things will never change. She’s glad that she is with a brilliant surgeon who saves lives instead of taking them. She assures Patrick that she wants a life with him. Yet they both somehow sense that may not be entirely true.

At the police station, Dante and Lulu find out, from Olivia, when she ran into Julian on the docks the day of the shooting, that all information and evidence puts Julian at the scene of the crime so that he more than likely intended to get Sonny shot. Morgan is ready to physically attack Julian and cops restrain him from assaulting Julian as he protests that everybody needs to know that this guy tried to kill his and Dante's father. Why can't the cops lock him up and throw away the key, Morgan asks? Dante has cops take Morgan to the hospital to be there for their dad.

Jordan talks to Anna about the likelihood that Julian got Sonny shot. Jordan admits that she is taking action against Julian for the hijacking but admits she does not have the evidence to convict him for getting Sonny shot. Jordan does assume, however, that very possibly they won't need hard evidence, believing that Sloane is willing and able to help them. Anna informs her however that Sloane is not willing to help them. He's out of her life and she now knows not to rely upon him for anything. Jordan is very concerned and surprised as to why Sloane would not help them go after Nikolas for compromising the mayoral election results. She knows it may not be related to “business” and may be more of a personal nature. She is also surprised as to why Anna is “hesitant” about her going after Sloane. They both must know that it should be pretty easy to implicate him. Yet Anna remembers Sloane reminding her that he knows she killed a man. Not knowing anything about that, Jordan tells Anna she has never known her to give up this easily and she promises she will do everything she can to go after Sloane. Anna tells Jordan that she believes Jordan was right. She knows she needs to take a chance, just not with Sloane.

Sloane goes to see Nikolas and talks to him right in front of Hayden. He indicates to Nikolas that he needs the money Nikolas owes him. He reminds Nikolas that he put himself at risk and took the heat off of Nikolas. He messed with the mayoral election and clearly believes it was not worth it for him with the loss he has suffered. Nikolas wonders why Sloane is angry and why he feels he risked something out of the ordinary by doing something he was just as much as fault for as Nikolas was. Sloane then makes it very clear to Nikolas that he regrets joining forces with him in this as he furiously reveals that their secret has cost him Anna. Both Nikolas and Hayden wonder why Sloane wants to protect a woman who has dumped him. He tells them that he put personal ambition and greed before a woman he was falling in love with and he will regret that for the rest of his life. Hayden asks Nikolas if he does not have compassion for Sloane in this very “personal and sensitive matter”. Nikolas coldly tells her all he can give Sloane is money. Yet Hayden asks him if all he cares about is money and business deals. Doesn't love matter to him, she asks him? He replies to her that love is not for him. Yet she tells him she does not buy that and expresses to him that she knows he's a man who's been in love before, who's been hurt badly and who's afraid to go there again.

Michael goes into Sonny's ICU room and tells his unconscious dad all that has happened, giving him a full report about all the family members and what they are all doing and he assures Sonny he will “take care of everything” as he becomes emotional. He expresses how he feels guilty for not being there for his dad and disowning him not long ago. He declares to Sonny that he loves him. He admits to Sonny that for months he's tried to hate him and tried to be someone else who is not Sonny's son. And then, he tells him, he remembered what he knew all along that Sonny will never give up on him. He now knows that Sonny will always be there for him and will never stop loving him. He declares that Sonny is his father and as long as he lives, he will be Sonny's son.

Outside in the hospital, TJ finds Carly and tells her he blames himself for getting Sonny shot. He was the bait, he tells her. Yet she assures him he mustn't blame himself. If the gunman had not come after him, it would have been someone else, most likely one of Sonny's kids.

Carly goes in to talk to unconscious Sonny. She tells him the only thing she wants from him on their wedding day is for him to live. She assures Sonny that he will get better soon. She will never stop loving him. They will soon have a reason to celebrate. Yet he does not awaken.

While they wait outside, Michael asks TJ what all happened and hears the whole story about how he and Sonny were almost killed and saved by Jake. He is also in awe of TJ's loyalty and admiration of Sonny.

After Carly leaves Sonny's room, TJ enters and asks if it's ok to talk to Sonny. She tells him she knows Sonny would like that.

When Jake is upstairs showering and Elizabeth is alone in her living room, she is deep in thought staring at the picture of herself and Jason. When Jake comes down, she is crying when she remembers deciding to “keep” him with her and preventing him from going back to the life he had before. He asks her what is wrong and she informs him there is something she needs to tell him.

Morgan returns to the hospital and Carly and Michael tell him he needs to go into his dad's room and talk to him. Sonny needs to hear his voice, Carly tells her son. Morgan then goes into Sonny's room and confesses to his dad that he believes it's his fault that this has happened. He should have been there to protect him and not gotten himself into the mess he was in when they last spoke.

At the station, Julian threatens to get Dante and the cops fired and charged with police brutality. Lulu urges her husband to know that Julian Jerome is not worth losing his job over. He tells her he isn't certain what he's supposed to do at this point.

Michael returns to his mom and tells her he's found what Sonny wrote for his wedding vows.

Patrick admits to Sam that no matter what he does, the odds are not great for Sonny. She tells him that he has to do everything he can. She knows all too well how the mob works and when “retaliation” happens, it never stops.

Morgan vows to his dad that he's going to make Julian Jerome pay. He tells Sonny that Julian is “going to die”.

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