GH Update Thursday 9/10/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/10/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Patrick told Carly, Michael and Morgan that Sonny was stabilizing, they assumed he would be okay. Patrick clarified that it wasn't that simple – the bullet was lodged next to Sonny's spine. Morgan asked if Sonny was going to be paralyzed. Carly urged Patrick to do whatever it took to preserve Sonny's mobility. According to Carly, Sonny was a proud man who wouldn't accept a partial recovery. Michael pointed out that Patrick never said Sonny would be paralyzed. Patrick agreed that they shouldn't jump to conclusions. Patrick explained that he had to do more testing to determine whether it would be safe to remove the bullet. Carly begged Patrick to help Sonny, and he assured her that he'd do what he could. Patrick left. Sam and Jake were standing nearby, and they heard everything. Sam comforted Carly. Morgan lashed out at Carly for not finding a doctor who'd remove the bullet, since Patrick might not be willing to. Jake stepped in and calmed Morgan down by asking him if Sonny would want him to yell at his mom. Morgan apologized to Carly, then the family shared a group hug.

Carly and Jake talked alone. Carly wanted to know everything that happened at the warehouse. Jake told her about taking out the men who were about to kill T.J. and Sonny. Jake added that, according to T.J., none of these men was the one who shot Sonny. Jake told Carly about giving Sonny first aid and Sonny's message that he loved Carly. Carly wished she could hear Sonny say that. Jake assured her that she would be able to. Carly said that she had to believe that, for the sake of her boys. Carly thanked Sam for riding in the ambulance with Sonny and for saving his life. Sam gave all the credit to Jake. Jake tried to minimize his role, but Michael insisted that Jake did save Sonny's life. Michael added that they could never repay Jake. Jake seemed uncomfortable with the praise, but Carly encouraged him to just say you're welcome, so Jake did. Michael and Carly were concerned that Jake might face legal trouble, after killing three men. Sam pointed out that T.J. saw the whole thing and could vouch for Jake. Michael offered to get Jake a lawyer, if necessary, and Carly suggested Diane. Jake asked them not to worry about him while they had more pressing issues to deal with. Carly noted that there was nothing they could do right now, besides keeping a lid on Morgan. Michael thanked Jake for helping with Morgan earlier.

Jake decided to go call the police and give them a statement. He returned and told Sam that the police wanted them to go back to the warehouse and explain what happened. Jake and Sam left, just as Morgan returned. Morgan was upset that Sam was leaving, because he thought Patrick might tell her things about Sonny that Patrick wouldn't share with the rest of them. Morgan began to imagine that Sonny wouldn't recover. Carly gently, but firmly, told Morgan to stay positive. Carly spotted Philly, one of Sonny's men, standing around and asked what he was doing there. Michael explained that he called Philly. Michael took the bodyguard aside and instructed him to beef up security at Greystone Manor and to place someone below Avery's window. A frantic Ric arrived, looking for information on his brother. Morgan flew into a rage; he blamed Ric for Sonny's shooting and ordered him to leave. Carly didn't understand, so Morgan explained that Ric was the one who released Charlie, the man who kidnapped T.J. Carly glared at Ric and asked if this was true. Ric stammered that the mayor made him release Charlie. Carly spat that as acting D.A., it was Ric's choice. Carly suspected that Ric was in cahoots with Charlie. Ric insisted that he was loyal to Sonny. Carly didn't buy it. She reminded Ric that, in the time since he'd returned claiming to be a changed man, he'd lied to Liz about Jake and married Nina for her money.

Carly noted that Ric had come to town, years ago, determined to take Sonny down. She snapped that he may have finally succeeded. Ric insisted that he wasn't involved, and he blamed Julian. Michael asked if Ric had proof. Ric didn't, but he figured that it had to be Julian. Morgan stormed out. Carly tried to stop him, but Michael told her to let him go. Carly accused Ric of riling Morgan up. Ric snapped that Morgan was always riled up. Ric added that Morgan was out of control, just like Carly. “Enough!,” Michael yelled at Ric. Michael didn't think Sonny would want Ric around after Ric disrespected Carly. Carly ordered Ric to get out. Ric angrily reminded Carly that she wasn't related to Sonny and had no right to make decisions for him. Ric pointed out that he was Sonny's brother. “I'm his son, and I'm telling you to get the hell out of here,” Michael yelled. Ric shot back that Michael changed his last name to Quartermaine and turned on Sonny. Ric added that Ric was the one who'd been there for Sonny when Michael cut ties with him. “How do you even stand there and pretend to call yourself Sonny's son?” Ric asked. Carly argued that Michael would always be Sonny's son, but Ric countered that he was Sonny's only blood relative on the premises. Carly refused to let Ric use this to get close of Sonny. Ric felt that Carly had spent years trying to damage her relationship with Sonny. Michael yelled that Ric didn't have a relationship with Sonny; Ric was just an employee. Michael ordered Philly to escort Ric to his car. Philly grabbed Ric, but Ric shoved him off. Ric left, on his own, after saying that he wouldn't let them keep him away from his brother. Carly noted that Michael called himself Sonny's son. “I am his son,” Michael replied. Michael felt that Ric was right. Carly disagreed. She felt that it didn't matter that Michael had turned away from Sonny, since Michael had eventually found his way back. Michael was upset that Sonny didn't know that, but Carly assured Michael that Sonny would. Patrick returned.

Jake and Sam were on Pier 54, after their talk with the police. Jake felt that he should be remorseful about killing those men, but he admitted that he didn't regret doing what he did to save T.J. Sam stated that those men kidnapped an innocent child to use as bait. She told Jake that Jason used to say men like that were asking to die. Jake assumed that Jason wouldn't have had a problem with what Jake did. Sam replied that Jason would be grateful to Jake for saving Sonny. Sam couldn't believe she was talking about Jason here – the pier where she lost Jason. Sam recalled that she and Jason had been so happy the night he was shot; they'd just brought Danny home. Sam wondered if the loss would have been easier if she and Jason had more time together. Sam added that she tried to follow Jason's example and live in the present, instead of dwelling on what ifs. Sam said she loved Patrick and Emma, but while she was standing on the pier, she couldn't help thinking about how different her life might be if Jason didn't got shot. Sam said she hated this place, so she was going to go to the hospital. Jake decided to hang around and see if the cops found anything. Jake thanked Sam for having his back and told her it was pretty incredible. Jake asked Sam to follow his instructions the next time he asked her to get down and stay safe. He added that he didn't want anything to happen to her.

At Sonny's, Sabrina came downstairs and reported that Avery was content with Maxie. Lulu called Olivia, who was at the loft, and told her Sonny had been shot. Olivia tearfully admitted that she wasn't sure why she was surprised. Olivia added that she hated the business and didn't want her sons around it. Olivia asked where Dante was, and Lulu told her that he was investigating. Lulu asked Olivia to stay with Rocco. Olivia agreed, and the call ended. Sabrina admitted that Maxie and Lulu had been right earlier, when they said Michael would always love and be loyal to Sonny. Sabrina theorized that part of Michael's rage was driven by Michael feeling guilty for still loving Sonny. Sabrina thought it would be a shame if Michael lost another father. Sabrina left to go to the Quartermaine's and get a change of clothes for Michael. Lulu was shocked when Olivia walked in. Olivia explained that she got tired of waiting alone. She'd given Rocco to Graciela, who'd taken him into the kitchen. Olivia felt bad for Sonny, and she stated that he didn't deserve this. Olivia asked for an update, and Lulu explained that Dante suspected Julian. Lulu mentioned that Sonny had been shot in a warehouse by the pier. Olivia revealed that she'd seen Julian on the pier less than three hours ago. Olivia was glad that she didn't tell Julian their son was alive. Lulu asked Olivia to watch Rocco, while Lulu went to the station to tell Dante what Olivia saw.

Dante spotted Julian in the hallway of the P.C.P.D. and demanded to know what he was doing there. Julian replied that he'd been visiting his sister. Dante grabbed Julian by the jacket, hauled him into the squad room, and pushed him into a chair. Dante vowed to make sure Julian paid for what he'd done to Sonny. Julian told Dante to talk with his lawyer about the hijacked shipments. Dante laughed bitterly and slammed his hand on the table. He accused Julian of leaving a trail of blood and bullets, then pretending to be innocent. “My father's fighting for his life in the hospital, because of you!” Dante yelled. Dante's frustration mounted when Julian said he didn't know what Dante was talking about. Dante told Julian what happened. Julian said he had nothing to do with it, but Dante snarled that T.J. said otherwise. Julian insisted that he was just a publisher. Dante noted that Julian had used that cover story when he first came to town, but he'd been targeting Sonny the whole time. Dante added that Sonny was going to retaliate, so Julian hid behind his grandson. Julian pointed out that, as a cop, Dante was supposed to be opposed to Sonny's brand of retaliation. Dante countered that Julian broke the law when he had Duke killed. Julian said he wasn't involved with that, and Dante noted that Julian had a pattern of having people shot then denying involvement. Julian said he wouldn't target Molly's boyfriend, but Dante noted that T.J. had been put in danger because of Julian before. Julian wanted to see Charlie, so that Charlie could make his accusations about working with Julian to Julian's face. Dante revealed that Charlie was dead, courtesy of Julian's former employee, Jake. Dante wondered if Julian was the one who fired the bullet that hit Sonny. Dante asked if Julian had been on the pier in the last three hours. Julian refused to answer any more questions, unless his lawyer was there. Dante tried to get Julian to keep talking, but Julian got up to leave. Lulu arrived and she told Dante that Olivia saw Julian on the pier. Morgan walked in and overheard that Julian was at the scene of the crime.

T.J. and Jordan were in her office. Jordan was shaken because one of her worse fears – that T.J. would be caught up in Sonny's mob violence – had come true. T.J. pointed out that he was fine, but Jordan countered that things could have gone differently, and he could have been the one fighting for his life. Jordan stressed that, as T.J.'s mother, it was her job to protect him. T.J. reminded her that he was in college now, and before that... Jordan interrupted and admitted that she wasn't there for T.J. as much as she should have been, but she told T.J. she was there now, and she wasn't going to let this happen again. T.J. understood why Jordan was upset, but he reminded her that he was fine. T.J. thought that they should be worried about Sonny right now. Jordan argued that T.J. was okay this time, but he might not be so lucky next time. Jordan wanted T.J. to cut ties with Sonny, but T.J. refused to turn his back on Sonny, especially not now. Jordan explained that got nervous every time the phone rang, thinking that she was going to be told that T.J. was in trouble, or worse. T.J. asked Jordan how she thought he felt when she was pretending to be a drug dealer. Jordan argued that she was undercover, but T.J. countered that he didn't know that. Jordan explained that she didn't want to lie to T.J., but she thought she was doing the right thing. T.J. replied that he thought he was doing the right thing, too.

Jordan asked T.J. to think of what Molly and Shawn would want. T.J. thought that Shawn would be proud of him for standing by Sonny. Jordan vehemently disagreed. She stated that Shawn was suffering because of Sonny. She added that Shawn loved T.J. and wouldn't want that to happen to him. T.J. felt that Sonny cared about him too. Jordan didn't think Sonny actually cared about T.J. She though that Sonny just felt guilty that Shawn went to prison for him. “Don't let Sonny's guilt put you in an early grave,” Jordan snapped. T.J. argued that Sonny wouldn't have risked everything to rescue T.J. if he didn't care about him. T.J. felt that Sonny had been brave, strong, and smart, during the standoff. T.J. felt responsible for Sonny's suffering, and he refused to walk away from Sonny. Jordan sadly noted that T.J. had grown up to be very brave, strong and loyal. Jordan admitted that she couldn't force T.J. to move, so she resorted to begging. Her eyes filled with tears and she told T.J. he was all she had and she didn't want to lose him. T.J. was near tears too. T.J. assured Jordan that he didn't want to hurt her, but he felt forever indebted to Sonny. Jordan reiterated that she was afraid that T.J.'s connection to Sonny would put him in danger. T.J. said that if she was so concerned, she should solve the case. He left, and Jordan silently wept.

Paul and Tracy were in the Quartermaine living room. Paul was somber because he'd just received his divorce papers. Tracy assumed he could use a drink, so she offered him a glass of wine, then she suggested that he call a lawyer. Paul reminded Tracy that he was a lawyer, and Tracy repeated the old adage about a lawyer who represented himself having a fool for a client. Paul admitted that Jenny's settlement offer was very fair. He confessed that he felt like a failure. Tracy burst out laughing at the idea of feeling like a failure because of a failed marriage. Tracy noted that her family had a record number of failed marriages. Paul reminded her that Paul and Tracy's break up had been so acrimonious that she cut him out of their son's life. Tracy confessed that she overreacted, but she reminded Paul that he never made an effort to contact Dillon. Paul admitted this was true and that he should have tried. He explained that he didn't think Tracy would let him see Dillon, so he threw himself into building a new family with Jenny. Paul felt like it had been all for naught. Tracy knew the feeling. Paul admitted that he wasn't sure he was ready to sign the divorce papers.


Sabrina walked in. She apologized for interrupting, but Tracy didn't mind. Tracy was eager to hear about Carly and Sonny's latest wedding. Tracy noted that A.J. was probably rolling in his grave because Michael attended the event. Sabrina explained that the wedding didn't happen because Sonny was shot. Tracy thought it was tragic, but she wasn't surprised that Sonny's violent lifestyle had caught up to him. Paul called organized crime a cancer, and he mentioned that he'd been strong armed into working for a cartel, and had been lucky to escape with his life. Sabrina checked her phone, then she told Tracy and Paul about the bullet near Sonny's spine. Sabrina decided to go upstairs and get clothes for Michael, then go to GH. Tracy asked Sabrina to let Michael know that the Quartermaines were there for him. After Sabrina left, Tracy thought about how Sonny had gone from feeling on top of the world to getting shot. She noted that life could change in an instant. Her statement spurred Paul to ask for a pen. He stated that it made no sense to cling to the past, then he signed the divorce papers.

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