GH Update Wednesday 9/9/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sloane attempts to explain to Anna that he “intended” to do what she needed but he was concerned that he could get in trouble for helping to tamper with the mayoral election results. He also questions her loyalty to him and what is “in it” for him. She demands to know if he can be trusted and reminds him that she has kept a secret for him that could get him in legal trouble. He reminds her that they share another secret that incriminates her a lot worse than his secret incriminates him. He knows that she murdered Carlos Rivera when he was unarmed. Nobody knows that except for the two of them. He tells her that he has the “option” of going public with that. She asks him if he is aware of what “immunity deals” are regarding testifying against Nikolas in exchange for being exonerated of charges.. He tells her he realizes that but refuses to testify against Nikolas. He further tells her that if she intends to take legal action against him for that, he can easily turn it on her. She concludes that his plan was all about hedging his bets, distrusting her and she now knows he was thinking about how he could use it against her “some day”. He reminds her that he was the commissioner of police when she murdered a man. He was right there, knew all about it and helped her lie and get away with it. He tells her given what she's threatening of him, she is turning on him first. She murdered a man and got away with it. Not only did he cover for her. He got fired for it. Now she wants to help Sam Morgan get Nikolas in trouble. The only reason is so some rich people can get their company back. They both then assess that they cannot trust one another. He reminds her again that he can have her charged with murder very easily

Jordan hears from one of her officers that there has been a shooting on the docks in a warehouse where her son is being held. She is very worried about what could have happened to TJ. She rushes to find her son and he assures his mom he's ok but Sonny has been fatally shot. She gets TJ to the station and he explains that Charlie, one of Julian's men and Sonny's enemies held him hostage, although he assures his mom he is fine and he's more concerned about Sonny. He does not blame Sonny for what could have happened to him but she is furious concluding that, once again her son has been endangered because of Sonny.

After Sonny has been shot, TJ talks to Sam about his worries and the fact that the medical team may be too late in saving Sonny after he's been fatally shot. He wonders what his status is in Sonny's life. He realizes that a shot came out of nowhere from an unknown shooter when he thought both he and Sonny were ok. He also feels responsible for Sonny's wedding being derailed while everyone was waiting for him. He knows it's a miracle he's alive after what happened. He has not only one person to thank for that.

Carly gathers with all of the honored people in the wedding while they await Sonny. They all suspect nothing and assume everything is ok, talk, laugh and happily engage when Jake appears through the door, covered in blood. Everyone knows that things are not ok. Jake informs Carly that Sonny has been fatally shot. Dante, Michael and Morgan all surround him with questions and he tells them he was aware that a guy who previously worked for Julian got immunity and released from prison so the cops and DA could get him to testify against Julian. Things did not go as planned, however, he tells them and Sonny got shot. While he goes to talk to them, Sam follows the medical team with Sonny to the hospital where they attempt to save his life.

Julian goes to see Ava in jail and she is worried that there's no point in his having Diane or anyone represent her. Ric, Sonny's brother, is the DA and they obviously both want to make sure she hangs for what she did to Connie. He does not seem as worried however and assures his sister that Sonny has other things on his mind including getting married today. She angrily informs her brother that Sonny has informed her that he's named Carly as baby Avery's new mommy when she becomes Mrs. Corinthos. She concludes that that leaves just one option; Julian has to stop that wedding, she tells him. There's gotta be some way to keep Carly's hands off of her Avery, she tells her brother. Hearing that, Julian “suggests” to his sister that maybe Sonny and Carly will not be able to easily get married today. Would he know how or why that would happen? She does not find that funny (assuming he's joking) and angrily reminds her brother he does not know what it's like to lose a child. In response to that, Julian demands to know what she thinks she's talking about. Avery is alive, he reminds her. His son is dead. He admits to her that every time he sees Olivia, something is “just off”. He recalls seeing his “supposed deceased” infant son's mom by the docks not long ago and knows she might be keeping a secret. Hearing that, Ava finds it very “note-worthy” and asks her brother what he was doing down on the pier.

TJ explains to his mom and the cops about Charlie finding him right where Julian was nearby, it appears that Julian might have planned a hit on Sonny.

When Jake goes to Sonny's home and informs all members of his wedding about the shooting, Dante does not want to leave Lulu but she reminds her husband he has to go. This is his father. Alone in the house, Maxie wants to drink and is frustrated as she talks to Lulu about how they have spent a lot of money on this wedding. So why should any of it go to waste even if Sonny and Carly can't get married because somebody tried to kill him and kill the police commissioner's son. Sheknows that Carly spared no expenses for the wedding but she doubts that Sonny's bride wanted this. Sabrina comes down and joins them and the three young women happily engage with baby Avery. Maxie informs Sabrina and Lulu that they both need to know that in order not to be at risk for detrimental consequence or death, one has to stay away from Sonny. Yet it may be too late if one is already married to his son, as she looks at Lulu, or dating his other son, as she looks at Sabrina. She reminds Sonny's daughter in law and Michael's girlfriend that when waiting for Sonny to get to his wedding people don't just wait, gab and re-arrange the flowers. They have to wait in the hospital to find out if he's been killed and who, among the people in Sonny's life, will be next to die. She looks at the baby and comments she hopes that this little girl does not lose her father. Sabrina admits that she is a bit concerned given Michael's history with Sonny, involving disowning his father and taking Avery. Yet, she justifies Michael's feelings and behaviors toward Sonny and Carly since they are responsible for Michael's bio dad getting murdered. Maxie then informs her, for the first time, that when Michael when to prison years ago, long before that happened, it was a lot more complicated than what Sabrina tells them she's heard. Maxie informs her that Michael killed his stepmother, not simply in order to save Josslyn as he and Sonny and Carly will probably tell her was the reason. Lulu concurs that Maxie's telling the truth. She knows enough stories since she's been married to Dante and even before (regarding Sonny and Michael). Sabrina reminds them that Michael is now a Quartermaine and no longer associated with Sonny yet she seems to know that maybe she needs to listen to two people who might know better than she knows, just what it is she could be getting herself into if she's associated with Sonny's family.

At the hospital, Sam reports to Jake that it appears Sonny may not make it, as Patrick directs the OR staff to save Sonny's life but they see it may be too late as is heart is crashing. Carly, Michael and Morgan rush in and Sam informs them that Jake saved Sonny's life during the shooting at the warehouse and Sonny would be dead by now were it not for Jake.

Anna informs Sloane that the reason she has been “holding back” is because she's not yet over Duke/. He reminds her that she needs to know that Duke had been working with Sonny and putting everything he does for “business” before her since he's been released from exile and back in town. She tells him that is not true but Sloane reminds her that Duke's entire mission from day one was to go after Julian Jerome at any cost. She protests about how the love of her life lost 20 years of his life because of Faison and because of Julian. He clearly does not see it that way although she protests that when Duke went back into the mob, it was not for Sonny. It was because of her and the life together that they lost. Sloane asks her if Duke sacrificed his happiness and his life just so that that Bastard would go down. She replies yes. That's true. She can't deny it. He reminds her that Duke's sacrifices were for nothing. Julian Jerome will never be punished for what he's done. Duke is now dead. He tells her it's her fault for the crimes Julian has committed and the lives that will be taken because of Julian after she's failed to take him off the streets. She cries and he tells her he did not intend to make her feel bad. He does, however, tell her for the record, that he has feelings for her and wishes she could feel the same way. He leaves and walks out the door.

Julian talks to Ava about the fact that he may have some tricks up his sleeve. Yet he does not reveal anything specific.

Back at Sonny's home, Maxie, Lulu and Sabrina talk while with baby Avery while the others have rushed off to the hospital. Maxie concludes that all three of their guys have miraculously survived things that should have killed them and they are fortunate for that. However, they may not be that lucky forever.

At the station, TJ informs Dante and informs his mom that Sonny heroically save him from Charlie and it was amazing when Charlie intended to murder them both. Yet, out of nowhere, another unknown and unseen shooter appeared and shot Sonny. Hearing that, Jordan and Dante are both interested in finding out how it was that Charlie and his men were dead before the cops arrived which prevented both Sonny and TJ from getting murdered right then and there.. TJ replies Jake Doe successfully prevented that. Dante tells them he has to go to the hospital for his dad. TJ assures Dante that his father is a real hero and risked his life to save TJ. Jordan assures Dante that she intends to find the man who shot his father and if Julian is behind this, she will take action against him.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Sonny's family that Sonny has lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion. He tells them it's not as simple as finding a donor. It's fatal. The medical team attempts to save Sonny while we see baby Avery and the uncertainty that her daddy will be there for her.

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