GH Update Tuesday 9/8/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/8/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Everyone at Carly's beamed as she walked downstairs in her wedding dress. Maxie exclaimed that Sonny would die when he saw Carly. Lulu chided Maxie, and Maxie admitted it was a poor choice of words, given Sonny's line of work. Maxie, Lulu and Valerie chatted, while Bobbie took Carly aside and said she looked radiant. Maxie butted in to talk about the designer Carly was wearing, but Lulu pulled her away so Carly and Bobbie could have space. Bobbie observed that Carly looked so happy, as if it was her first time getting married. Carly admitted that she did feel like her life was just starting. Bobbie teared up because she was so glad her daughter was happy. Valerie observed mother and daughter and started to tear up, as well. Lulu asked if Valerie was okay, and Valerie explained that she missed her mom. Lulu reached out and assured Valerie that she had Lulu, although it was a weak substitute. Valerie said there was nothing weak about it.

At Wyndemere, Hayden told Nik she suspected that he really did know Jake's real identity. Nik reminded her that they'd already had this conversation, but Hayden persevered. Hayden didn't think that Nik's insistence that he didn't know who Jake really was jibed with Hayden's memory of arguing with Nik about Jake. Nik said that he and Hayden argued because Nik was holding something over Hayden's head – the fact that she was pretending to be Jake's wife. Hayden was skeptical. She sensed that the argument was about something that could have dire consequences for Nik. Exasperated, Nik swore that he didn't know who Jake really was. Hayden asked if this meant Nik had been the noble one who'd been trying to protect Jake from Hayden's manipulations. Nik confirmed that that was what really happened. Hayden didn't buy it. She thought that she and Nik had been co-conspirators and that he still knew who Jake really was.

Hayden wondered why Nik was still so hell-bent on keeping the secret. Nik reminded Hayden about the rest of that past argument – Hayden had decided to “do something better” with her mouth. Nik suggested that Hayden give a repeat performance. Hayden smiled and reminded Nik that they made a deal – sex wasn't a requirement for her moving in. Nik reminded Hayden that she'd recently tried to kiss him. Hayden replied that Nik had been a gentleman and put a stop to it. Nik admitted that he didn't feel like much of a gentleman right now. Hayden softly touched Nik's chest, and she suggested that they go night swimming. Later, she came running into the house. The pool had been ice cold, and she was freezing. Hayden wondered why Nik didn't sell the vase she didn't break and buy a heater. Nik explained that he liked the water to be cold and that he swam a few miles in it every day, even in the winter. Nik asked how Hayden thought he'd gotten to where he was today. Hayden pointed out that he'd been born into a dynasty, but Nik felt that it was because he had discipline. Hayden kept shivering, and Nik told her to drop her towel. She was hesitant, but she did, revealing her bikini. Nik wrapped her in a blanket. Sparks flew between them, as they stared at each other. Nik asked Hayden if she was hungry. She was, so Nik said he'd have Alfred make them dinner, then he'd meet Hayden on the terrace. Nik walked out, and Hayden smiled and went to the doorway to watch him leave.

Anna was alone in Jordan's office, thinking about Sloane asking if there was a chance that they could be together. Sloane walked in, and Anna asked him if the plan to Nik to give ELQ back worked. Sloane started to say something, but Anna interrupted to assure him that she'd gotten Jordan to give him immunity. Anna thanked Sloane for helping her out and doing the right thing. Sloane admitted that he didn't implicate Nik in the election rigging. Confused, Anna asked why not. “Because of you,” Sloane replied. Anna wanted an explanation. Sloane reminded Anna that she told him that the didn't have a future together and not to confront Nikolas for her, but to confront him because it was the right thing to do. Anna noted that Sloane had never been driven to do the right thing. Sloane insisted that it wasn't that simple. He revealed that he'd been working for Nik ever since Mayor Lomax fired him. Sloane admitted that he should have told Anna a long time ago. Sloane clarified that he felt torn between doing Anna a favor and doing his job. The disappointed Anna noted that Sloane chose to side with Nik. Sloane contended that crossing Nik would have left him without Anna and without a job. “Oh. Well that's where you're wrong. You would have had me,” Anna replied. Sloane was taken aback because Anna hadn't given him a reason to think she wanted to be with him. Anna explained that Jordan had helped Anna realize that she was willing to explore a relationship with Sloane. Sloane was eager to do that, but Anna told him she couldn't.

Anna now realized that Sloane wasn't the man she thought he was. Sloane thought Anna really meant that he wasn't the man she wanted him to be. Anna agreed. Sloane insisted that they could still make a relationship work, but Anna disagreed. Sloane argued that the Cassadine/Quartermaine feud had nothing to do with them. Anna told him that wasn't the issue. Anna didn't think it was realistic to think she could lose Duke, then fall in love with Sloane. Sloane asked if it made a difference that he would have chosen Anna over Nik, if he'd known she'd been interested. Anna asked Sloane why he needed a reward to be a good person. Anna pointed out that Sloane tampered with an election where one of the candidates was a good friend of hers. Sloane urged Anna not to make this personal, but she told him it already was. Anna added that she and the commissioner knew Sloane had committed voting fraud. Sloane grumbled that it didn't take long for Anna to slip back into cop mode. Anna pointed out that Sloane didn't hold up his end of the bargain, so he didn't have immunity. Sloane was bitter that Anna was ready to send him to prison. Sloane ordered Anna to fix this for him, but Anna stated that she couldn't, and furthermore, she didn't want to. “Well, then I guess it's Pentonville for both of us,” Sloane replied. Sloane walked up, just inches away from Anna and reminded her that she killed a man in cold blood.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan's hand trembled as he poured a glass of water. Michael quickly helped him and offered some reassurance. Morgan wished he could turn the time back to this morning; he'd felt better after talking to Sonny and seeing Avery. Michael was looking forward to seeing the baby too. Sabrina arrived, and Michael told her she looked amazing. Everyone wondered where Sonny was and hoped that he returned before Carly arrived. Michael and Sabrina went upstairs to see Avery.

Everyone at Carly's made their way to Sonny's. Maxie went to intercept Sonny and make sure he didn't see the bride in her wedding dress yet. Valerie thought that was very old fashioned, but Bobbie thought that couples needed all the help they needed to have a successful marriage. Carly wondered if that was directed at her. Bobbie stated that it was directed at everyone. The topic caused Valerie to glance over at Lulu.

Dante suggested he and Morgan have some champagne. Morgan refused because he was still hung over. Dante told his little brother to remember that alcohol didn't solve anything. Morgan suspected that Dante had overindulged in the past. Dante admitted that he had and that it lead to him making the biggest mistake of his life. Morgan was curious about this, but Maxie joined them on the terrace, so the conversation ended.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sabrina were upstairs with the baby. Michael held Avery and admitted that he hadn't realized just how deeply he missed her until just now. Michael and Sabrina observed how content Avery was, and Sabrina told Michael that this meant he did the right thing. Michael had a flashback to returning Avery to Sonny. Back in the present, Sabrina gave Avery a headband to wear. They marveled at how much Avery had grown, and Michael told Avery not to forget how much he loved her. Sabrina assured him that he'd be there to tell Avery that. Michael added that Sabrina would be there too. Michael told Avery that they were family, which meant that they didn't give up on each other. Michael told Avery that she was getting a mom today. Michael added that Sonny and Carly weren't always the easiest people to get along with, but they would love Avery and put her first. Sabrina chimed in that Michael also loved Avery and he'd sacrifice his wants to do what was best for her. Michael told Sabrina that he was lucky to have her. They kissed then took Avery downstairs.

Carly paced around the foyer and wondered what was taking so long. Lulu assumed that Maxie was trying to make sure things were perfect. Carly replied that she was marrying the man she loved, so everything was already perfect. Morgan walked in and told Carly that Maxie wanted her to go upstairs while Maxie put the finishing touches on everything. Carly wanted to spend some time with Morgan before the wedding, so she asked him to go with her. He agreed.

In the living room, Maxie demanded to know why Dante let Sonny leave just before his wedding. Dante explained that Sonny was already gone when Dante got there. Maxie grumbled that, unless someone died, there was no excuse for Sonny not to be here. Maxie decided to look on the bright side – if Sonny was late, that gave T.J. more time to arrive with the cake. She screamed for T.J. as she stormed off, toward the kitchen. Bobbie, Valerie, and Lulu joined Dante and discussed Sonny's absence. Dante had tried to call his father, but he hadn't answered. Lulu wondered if Dante was worried. Dante wasn't sure what to think. Michael and Sabrina brought Avery in. Lulu held the baby and told her she was going to be a heart-breaker, just like her big brother, Dante. Lulu got a bit sad as she noted that she and Dante barely got any time with Rocco while he was that age. Lulu said she wanted another baby. Dante agreed that he was ready whenever Lulu was. They kissed. Valerie looked uncomfortable, and she turned away. Bobbie noticed and asked if Valerie was okay. At first, Valerie said she was just missing her mom, but with some gentle prodding from Bobbie, Valerie admitted that she didn't feel well and hadn't all day. Bobbie offered to drive Valerie home. Valerie decided to get a ride from one of Sonny's men, but Bobbie wouldn't hear of Valerie riding with one of Sonny's “no-necks.” Bobbie noted that, at the rate things were moving, the wedding might not happen today. Valerie and Bobbie left.

Back upstairs, Morgan told Carly that she looked gorgeous. Carly thanked him, then she brought up a more serious subject and told Morgan she was sorry about Kiki. Morgan confessed that he felt like he'd lost his lifeline, now that Kiki was gone. Carly assured Morgan that he had her, Sonny, Michael and Dante. Morgan noted that his family loved him unconditionally. Carly added that she heard Sonny and Morgan had a good talk. Morgan agreed and said Sonny made him feel better. Carly wrapped her arm around Morgan. Morgan admitted he was afraid that the doctor was going to tell him he was bipolar tomorrow. Carly was proud of Morgan for making the appointment, and she assured him that he'd feel better once he got answers. Morgan told her that Sonny had agreed to accompany him to the appointment. Maxie came in. Carly assumed it was time to go, but Maxie said there were a few things missing. She explained that Bobbie took Valerie home. Carly assumed that Bobbie had found an excuse to miss the ceremony. Carly was appreciative of her mother's overall support for the upcoming marriage, so Carly was okay with Bobbie deciding not to attend the actual wedding. Maxie noted that Carly was very Zen, and Carly pointed out that it wasn't her first wedding. Maxie added that the cake wasn't there. Carly was fine with that. Maxie nervously stated that Sonny wasn't there, either. To Morgan and Maxie's shock, Carly began to laugh. Carly assumed that Sonny was arranging a surprise. She theorized that he was at the airport picking up Spinelli. Maxie thought she (Maxie) would know if Spinelli was coming, but Carly thought Sonny kept the secret under wraps. Carly decided to go downstairs. Maxie countered that Sonny couldn't see her before the wedding. Carly didn't think she and Sonny needed tradition, when they had love.

Michael and Dante were concerned about Sonny, so Dante decided to call the station. Morgan and Carly joined them before Dante placed the call. Dante and Michael didn't want to put a damper on Carly's high spirits, so they hid their apprehension.

At the warehouse, Charlie was on the ground, while Sonny held him at gunpoint. A terrified T.J. watched as Charlie begged for his life. Sonny ordered Charlie to untie T.J. Sonny vowed not to let anything stop him from being on time for his wedding. Sonny was unaware that there was a gunman lurking in the shadows.

Sam and Jake were on the pier after their visit with Nik and Hayden. They agreed that Sloane was lying to cover for Nik. A shot rang out. Jake instinctively grabbed Sam and placed her behind some barrels, for safety, then he raced toward the sound of the gunfire. Sam followed him.

Back in the warehouse, a stunned Sonny watched blood spread across the front of his white dress-shirt. The still bound T.J. begged Charlie to help Sonny, who grimaced and sank to the floor. Charlie grabbed the gun, Sonny had, just as Charlie's partners ran in. Charlie asked if either of them shot Sonny. They hadn't. Charlie figured they must have a guardian angel. He prepared to shoot Sonny again to finish him off. The gunmen ignored TJ's pleas for Sonny's life. Charlie stated that T.J. was next, so there wouldn't be any witnesses. Jake crept up behind two of the gunmen. He knocked one out, grabbed the gun, and shot the other, in one fluid motion. Charlie aimed his gun at T.J. and threatened to shoot him if Jake came closer. Jake shot Charlie, without hesitation. Jake heard someone coming. He spun around, gun drawn, but it was just Sam. Sam's eyes widened, as she surveyed the scene. T.J. begged someone to help Sonny. Sam called 911, while Jake flipped Sonny onto his back and gave him aid. Jake was startled when the ashen Sonny said “I knew you'd come. You always do.” Sam untied T.J. The police and ambulance arrived. Sonny passed out after asking Jake to tell Carly that he (Sonny) loved her. The cops took TJ's statement. T.J. blamed himself for what happened, but Sam told him it wasn't his fault. T.J. was worried that Sonny would die, but Sam assured him that Sonny had too much to live for. The paramedics said that Sonny was too unstable to be moved.

Back at Sonny's, Carly was bubbling over with excitement about marrying Sonny. She admitted that she and Sonny had their share of fireworks, but she added that the one thing that never changed was how much they loved their children and each others children. Carly picked Avery up. Carly said this wedding felt different than the last four times. She thought this one was going to last forever. Just as Carly said that, Jake walked in. Carly stared in shock at Jake's somber face and blood-stained shirt.

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