GH Update Friday 9/4/15

General Hospital Update Friday 9/4/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna goes to see Jordan and they catch up and talk. Jordan asks her if it appears “weird” to see her old office and position given to Jordan. Anna assures Jordan at least she knows that the department is in good hands. She also remembers that she needs Jordan to help her regarding Sloane. She knows that proving he and Lomax were involved in election tampering convicting them might be easier said than done when it's the word of people with limited credibility over a rich well known heir like Nikolas and the mayor. Anna explains to her that that is where Sloane comes in.

Sam and Jake go to find Nikolas and tell him that they have the goods on him and can get him charged for election tampering, unless, they tell him, he gives ELQ back to Michael after stealing it from him.

Olivia is on the docks pushing her grandson in a stroller while on the phone telling someone she knows she needs to keep the secret that she had baby Leonardo with Julian an their son is alive and well and in hiding. Right then, Julian enters and notices her. Seeing him (and feeling guilty for having lied to him that their mutual baby has died when he's not) she greets him in a cordial manner and hears him tell her that he's giving Alexis some mother-daughter time with her daughter Kristina. She remarks that she's just watching her grandson for her son and daughter in law. She does also admit that she has concerns regarding whether or not Julian is back in the business as she “illustrates” the whole reason she did not let Sonny know that they had a son together until Dante was an adult. Hearing that, Julian seems to somehow know that Olivia might have something going on, that does concern him, which she is not revealing and when she gets up to leave, he tells her they “are not done talking”. He tells her that he knows that her son and the cops have put one of his “flunkies” up to turning on Julian. She does not want to talk about that and defends her son. She asks him if he's lying about whether he's back in the business or not. He tells her that he knows that she knows all about “lying” as he knows that's what she is doing right now. Yet does he know exactly what it is that Olivia is lying about. He admits to her that he knows he lied to Alexis for a long time about being in the business. Yet she lied through an entire pregnancy about her baby not being his son. Hearing that, she apologizes but is clearly uncomfortable and evades further conversation with him as she leaves with Rocco in the stroller

Maxie is helping Carly get ready for her wedding but does not hesitate to remind Carly that she is marrying a man yet again, with a pretty troublesome track record. Not far away, Michael, Morgan, Dante and others are helping Sonny get ready but wonder where he is. Morgan remembers the last time he heard from his dad, he was helping Morgan to sober up and then he suddenly got a call. Dante admits that, knowing what he now knows, about Charlie being freed, he's not as worried about Sonny as he is about who is now after him. Maxie is a bit panicked to find out last minute plans but finds a way to get Michael and Sabrina a place. Bobbie, Lulu, Valerie and Maxie gather around Carly with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. They all reminisce about her grandmother, Lena Spencer sand how much Carly reminds Bobbie of her deceased mom. Valerie attends the festivity but is clearly lost in thought while she keeps her secret about being pregnant with Dante's baby. Bobbie talks to her daughter, reminiscing about when she was a young mother and Carly was an infant. She found a baby bonnet that was Carly's that she's now made into a handkerchief. And that is her gift.. Carly hugs them all and reminds them they all gotta get going. Bobbie and Maxie accompany her and they leave. Valerie and Lulu are alone and Valerie knows she has to reveal something to her cousin. They talk graciously and Lulu tells Valerie she is very happy to have her in her life. She still seems to suspect nothing.

Sonny rushes to attempt to save TJ from Charlie who has held him hostage, at the warehouse on the docks, after the cops have released Charlie in exchange for his help catching Julian in the act of what they suspect he may be doing.. Yet, Charlie might have other plans regarding doing things to threaten Sonny and people he cares about. Charlie is well aware, and not afraid of the fact that TJ's mom is the police commissioner. Sonny asks Charlie if he is really stupid enough to think that he is safe now that he's out of police custody after he's crossed Sonny. Also, he reminds Charlie, he needs to know that his boss (Julian) may very well be coming after him now that Charlie is of no use to him. He can't exactly trust Julian as it appears he heard correctly that Charlie is no longer helping Julian. However, it appears Charlie might have other plans so Sonny asks him just what it is that Julian wants and what he has on him. Charlie points the gun at Sonny while TJ sits silently, tied to a chair. Sonny demands to know what Julian may be threatening him with. TJ reminds Charlie he won't get away with killing both himself and Sonny. Sonny asks him how long he thinks he will be able to hide after killing the police commissioner's son.

While Sam and Jake go to talk to Nikolas and give him the “ultimatum”, Sloane appears. Sam informs Nikolas that Anna and the previous police commissioner are onto him.

Anna reveals to Jordan that she “took it to the next level” not long ago, with Sloane. Jordan listens intently and asks if Anna plans to see him and have a future with him, to which Anna replies no. Jordan seems to wonder why because, she tells her, it sounds like Sloane has done many things for her and is right now risking his life for her. She tells Anna she thinks Anna deserves happiness and if Kyle Sloane can offer her that, she deserves that. Yet, Anna reminds her, Duke has not been gone for long enough. She's not over him or what they had. She knows she went into a very dark place with Kyle. So she's not ready. Yet Jordan encourages her to know that Duke is gone and would want her to be happy and to move on.

Sonny's three sons wait for him at his house. Michael admits to Morgan that the reason he is there is out of concern for his younger brother and asks him what happened the previous night that caused him to get hung-over. Morgan admits that when he had too much to drink, in stead of coming home, he came to Sonny's. He admits to his older brother that his father has been amazing with the help and support he's offered him through this trying time. Michael remarks he agrees that Sonny cares about Morgan. Morgan remarks to his older brother that he needs to know that Sonny also cares about him (Michael) also and Michael needs to reconcile with their father.

Sonny continues to urge Charlie to let TJ go and then maybe Sonny will look the other way, leave him alone and not go after him as long as he disappears and is out of Sonny's life for good. He also reminds Charlie that maybe he does not want to continue to work for Julian. Charlie does not want to listen, demands Sonny shuts up and points the gun to his head, letting Sonny know he means business.

Anna seems to somehow sense that maybe she cannot entirely trust Sloane. He surprises Sam and Jake by exonerating Nikolas. He tells them that he admits to helping Nikolas obtain ELQ but Mr. Cassadine his not done anything illegal. He states if the mayoral election was tampered with, he has no knowledge of it. Sam is shocked to hear that and wonders how or why Sloane would be turning on Anna. Sloane states that the ballet box was found in Nikolas' home because it somehow got thrown in the harbor and returned to Nikolas' son Spencer. He states that there is no evidence against Nikolas and he leaves. All the while, Hayden silently and intently listens to the conversation. Sam is very discouraged when she hoped that this visit would have had better results for her and Jake (although neither of them have a clue what Nikolas knows). She urges Sloane to tell her if Nikolas has paid him off or what has happened. They leave Nikolas alone with Hayden in the room. She still “indicates” she may have no memory of what she found out before she got shot. Yet she intently heard the conversation which revealed that even if there is no evidence to prove what Sam and Jake allege about Nikolas, he may very well be guilty of what they say. She also reminds him that Sam and Jake somehow know that he knows who Jake really is. And, she can't help but wonder if they are correct about that. Nikolas has no answer for that.

Alone in Jordan's office, Anna remembers leaving things “less than complete” with Sloane when she recently admitted she might not be able to have the relationship with him that he wants. Therefore, should she realistically assume that she can trust him.

At Sonny's home, Dante, Michael and Morgan are trying and failing to reach Sonny and wondering why his phone is going to voice mail. They also find it odd that TJ is supposed to be there but is nowhere to be found.

On the docks, when it looks like Sonny is unsuccessful in getting through to Charlie and Charlie won't reconsider what he is doing, Sonny tells him if he needs a hostage, he needs to let TJ go and take him (Sonny) as the hostage. TJ yells to Sonny that he can't let him do that. Sonny and Charlie struggle and wrestle with the gun and Sonny manages to knock Charlie down and grabs his gun. He instructs him to untie TJ and then he might decide to let Charlie live. It looks like Sonny and TJ are going to be ok, yet unknown to them, an unseen person is watching them, pulls out a gun and suddenly shoots Sonny. Sonny falls to the ground, bloody and looking like he's been critically injured and TJ is helpless to do anything to help him while he remains tied to the chair.

Not far away, Sam and Jake are also on the docks, concluding that Sloane is a lying bastard, when right out of nowhere, from not far away they hear the gun fire.

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