GH Update Thursday 9/3/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/3/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Sloane was about to enter Kelly's, when he saw the crushed cake T.J. had dropped when he was kidnapped. Next he found the decoration with Carly and Sonny's name on it. Sloane wondered what the story was behind the cake. He threw the dessert away, then he pulled out his phone, but Anna arrived before he made the call. Sloane admitted he wasn't sure he'd ever see Anna again. He wondered if she'd set up this meeting to tell him that there was a chance they could be together. Anna said she was right to go to Scotland and mourn and honor Duke. Sloane thought that Anna looked better and stronger. He asked if Anna got closure, and she told him that she didn't think a person could find closure after a loss like that. She added that she did gain perspective on what she'd done to Carlos and to Sloane. Startled, Sloane told Anna that nothing happened between them that he didn't want. Anna explained that she was brokenhearted when she turned to Sloane, and she feared that she'd created some expectations that she wasn't sure she could fulfill. Anna still wasn't sure if there was a chance for her and Sloane to have a romantic future. Sloane asked why she called. Anna admitted she needed his help. She told him about Sam's plan and she asked Sloane to publicly come clean about the election tampering. Sloane said he couldn't do that, not even for Anna. Anna was surprised, since she recalled that Sloane had seemed eager to expose Nik and the mayor before she left town. Sloane reminded Anna that he couldn't expose them without exposing himself. Anna promised to get Jordan to give Sloane immunity. Sloane asked why Anna was invested in the fight for ELQ. Anna didn't approve of Nik stealing ELQ, and she also wanted to get Felicia, the rightful mayor, into office. Anna insisted that she was supposed to be one of the good guys. Sloane surmised that this was Anna's attempt at atonement. Anna fought back tears as admitted that she could never make up for killing a man in cold blood. Sloane tried to assure Anna that she wasn't cold blooded. Anna explained that she needed to know that she hadn't completely lost her moral compass. “I really need this, Kyle. Please, can you help me?,” Anna said. Sloane admitted that he'd do anything she asked if he thought it would give him a chance to be with Anna. Anna urged Sloane to come forward because it was the right thing to do, not because she asked him to. Sloane asked what she wanted him to do. Anna asked Sloane to tell Nik he was going to go to Jordan. Sloane agreed to do it.

At Wyndemere, Hayden told Nikolas that she'd just remembered talking to Nik about Jake, then kissing Nik. Nik pretended not to remember what she was talking about. He attempted to shift Hayden's focus to the kiss, but Hayden was curious about how Jake fit into this. She remembered that Nik her to stop making threats about Jake. Hayden wondered if Jake and Sam had been right when they said Hayden once knew who Jake really was. Meanwhile, Sam and Jake were outside Wyndemere. Sam was eager to use Nik's election rigging blackmail him into giving ELQ back to Michael. Jake urged Sam not to get ahead of herself. He reminded her that the plan would only work if Anna got Sloane to agree to cooperate. Sam was confident that Anna could get Sloane on board. Sam wanted go rattle Nik's cage. She told Jake he was forgiven. Jake didn't understand, and Sam clarified that she was forgiving him for stomping on her joy about paying Nik back. Jake seemed taken aback, but he apologized. They knocked on the door and Nik answered. Nik admitted he was surprised to see them, since they were so angry with him about taking ELQ from Michael. Sam replied that they were there to see Hayden. She bushed past her cousin and entered the house. Jake followed. Sam asked Hayden if she remembered anything about Jake. Hayden told them that she just remembered talking to Nik about Jake. Sam noted that before Hayden was shot, she'd said that someone else knew who Jake really was. Sam asked Hayden if she'd been talking about Nik. Nik was adamant that he didn't know Jake's real name. Nik suggested that Hayden had been referring to his grandmother, Helena. Sam was skeptical because she didn't think Helena would tell Hayden Jake's true identity. Nik stated that Hayden knew Helena from Europe. Hayden thought it was bizarre that Nik never mentioned that she knew his grandmother. Nik asked Hayden to take it easy, since she'd just gotten out of the hospital. Hayden was touched that Nik was always looking out for her. Nik felt that it was clear that Sam and Jake had only come to level accusations at him. Just as Nik said that Jake and Sam wasted their time, Sam's phone beeped. She looked at her text and told Nik that it was from Anna. Sam revealed that Anna told her that Nik rigged the mayoral election. Sam gave Nik an ultimatum – give ELQ back to Michael or go to prison.

Greystone Manor was decorated for the wedding. Graciela did some last minute preparations, while Sonny observed the décor. Sonny asked Graciela if she thought Carly would like it. Graciela was confident that she would. Sonny sent Graciela upstairs to give Morgan an aspirin and coffee. Ric walked in. Ric quickly assured Sonny that he wasn't staying, because he knew Carly wouldn't like it, but he wanted to congratulate Sonny on his wedding day. Ric also wanted Sonny to know that Charlie, the man who'd stolen Sonny's shipments, had been released. Sonny wasn't pleased that his brother released the man who stole from him and shot his employee. Ric explained that he had no choice; Mayor Lomax decided to release Charlie in exchange for his testimony against Julian. Sonny asked if Ric would have enough to take Julian down. Ric guaranteed that he would be able to put Julian away for a long time, and he urged Sonny to focus on his wedding day. Sonny said that although he loved the other women he'd been with, he always had a connection with Carly. Sonny changed the subject and told Ric about Morgan showing up in an inebriated state earlier that morning. Ric was sorry to hear that, and he asked if Morgan would sober up in time for the wedding. Sonny was sure that Morgan would be there, but he wasn't sure about Michael. Morgan came downstairs, and Ric asked how he was. Morgan still didn't feel well. Morgan noted that he heard Ric's mother in law killed Silas. Morgan added that if that hadn't happened, Ava wouldn't have been exposed and Morgan's world wouldn't have blown up. “So anyway, it makes me think, you know, how much trouble you might be in,” Morgan rambled. Morgan walked out to the terrace, leaving Ric looking confused. Sonny and Ric followed Morgan outside, and later, Graciela came out and said that T.J. hadn't arrived with the cake. Sonny, who didn't seem concerned, told Ric that T.J. was a generous kid who wanted to help out with the wedding.

Jordan met with Dante in her office. She told him about the deal Charlie made. Dante didn't think Ric should have let Mayor Lomax pressure him into letting Charlie go. Dante was concerned that Charlie would go after Sonny again. Jordan was more concerned that T.J. would be caught in the crossfire of Sonny's war. Dante was annoyed that Ric didn't warn the cops that Charlie was being released, so that they could put a tail on him, or put him in protective custody. Jordan replied that Ric wasn't a team player. She thought that Ric was sucking up to Mayor Lomax, hoping that she'd keep him in office and help him win the next D.A. election. Dante thought that Ric might be pushing Julian's case too far and too fast, in an attempt to score points with Sonny. Jordan wondered if Dante ever felt torn between Sonny and the law. Dante assured her that he didn't let his feelings about his father influence his job. Dante told Jordan that he'd ask some uniformed cops to keep an eye on Charlie. Dante had to go to Sonny's wedding, and he told Jordan that T.J. would be there too. Jordan already knew. Dante assured Jordan that Sonny would keep T.J. safe because Sonny liked T.J. and felt that he owed it to Shawn to take care of him.

T.J. was tied to a chair, in a warehouse, with a bag over his head. Charlie walked in and removed the bag. T.J. warned Charlie that kidnapping him was a serious mistake. Charlie assured T.J. that T.J. had been personally selected. T.J. stated that he was the commissioner's son. Charlie replied that he already knew that. Charlie began to detail his interactions with Jordan and the D.A.'s office, and T.J. realized Charlie was responsible for the hijacking. Another man, Dickie, walked in and asked if Charlie had heard from the boss yet. T.J. asked if they were referring to Julian. Charlie refused to answer any of T.J.'s questions. T.J. suggested that someone might have seen him get grabbed. Charlie asked Dickie if anyone saw him kidnap T.J., and Dickie said no. Dickie was concerned that their boss was making a mistake antagonizing Sonny. Charlie bristled and he ordered Dickie to get lost. Dickie left. T.J. theorized that Julian would be mad if he knew that someone kidnapped Alexis's daughter's boyfriend. Charlie wasn't fazed. The boss called Charlie, and Charlie assured him or her that everything was going according to plan. Charlie ended the call, then he handed T.J. the phone. Next, Charlie held T.J. at gunpoint and warned him that he'd better be convincing.

Carly was elated when Michael dropped by her place. Michael told her that he'd had a dream about the time he talked Sonny out of killing AJ. on the night Connie was murdered. Sonny had given Michael his word that he wouldn't hurt AJ. Michael told Carly that he thought that Sonny loved him enough to keep his promise. Carly was adamant that Sonny loved Michael with all his heart, but Michael countered that Sonny killed his father. Michael didn't think Sonny was sorry. Carly insisted that Sonny wished he could take it back. Michael thought that Sonny only regretted hurting Michael. Michael stated that he couldn't just pretend it didn't happen. Carly assumed this meant Michael wasn't coming to the wedding. She was pleasantly surprised when Michael assured her that he'd be there. Carly hugged Michael and gushed about how happy this would make Sonny. Carly noticed that Michael didn't look happy, so she apologized and asked why he changed his mind. Michael revealed that he was only attending the wedding to support Morgan. Michael explained that Morgan was afraid to face Carly and Sonny after he'd told them that Kiki would solve all his problems, then she broke up with him. Michael added that Morgan was afraid Carly and Sonny would see him as a crazy loser. Carly was shocked and she insisted that she'd never think of Morgan like that. Michael told Carly about his talk with Morgan at the Haunted Star, and Carly was glad that Michael had been there for Morgan. Carly grumbled that Ava kept ruining Morgan's life. She asked where Morgan was now. Michael said he'd dropped Morgan off at Carly's last night. Carly was alarmed because she knew Morgan wasn't there. She called Sonny to tell him that Morgan was missing, and Sonny assured her that Morgan was fine and at his place. Carly asked Sonny to guess who was there with her. Sonny got another call and told Carly he had to take it. He asked her to hurry up and get there because he couldn't wait to marry her. Carly grinned and said she couldn't wait to marry him too. After they ended the call, Sonny took the call from T.J.

Back at the warehouse, Charlie shoved a piece of paper with their location written on it. T.J. tried to mask his fear as he told Sonny what happened. T.J. explained that Charlie would kill him unless Sonny came to the location alone. T.J. apologized to Sonny, and Sonny assured him that he had nothing to feel sorry for. Sonny told T.J. not to worry because he'd be there. After the call ended, Sonny calmly told Morgan that he had to step out for a bit. Morgan admitted that he'd said some harsh things to Sonny that he didn't mean. Sonny made it clear that he loved him unconditionally. They hugged, then Sonny left.

Carly told Michael to go to Sonny's and tell him that he was attending the wedding. Michael said okay and asked when Carly was coming. Carly explained that she had to wait for Maxie, Valerie, Lulu and Bobbie to come over and help her get ready. Michael assured his mom that she was already beautiful. Carly thanked him for the compliment and for coming to the wedding, even if it was just for Morgan. Michael said he was also coming for Carly. Michael was happy that Carly and Sonny were getting married. He added that Carly was the best mother in the world, and he was glad she was going to be Avery's mother too. Carly hugged Michael.

Dante arrived at Sonny's. He attempted to chat with Morgan, but Morgan winced and asked him to lower his voice. Dante realized Morgan was hung-over and Dante admitted he'd been in his shoes. Dante asked about Michael, and Michael walked in, just as Morgan said that he didn't think Michael was coming. Michael and Dante wondered where Sonny was. Morgan told them that he had to take care of something.

Back at the warehouse, T.J. taunted his captor and warned him that he was no match for Sonny. Charlie got fed up and threatened to kill T.J., but T.J. was confident that Charlie needed him alive as bait. Sonny walked in and came face to face with Charlie and T.J.

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