GH Update Wednesday 9/2/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/2/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

TJ is attempting to call Molly while he's at Kelly's. He tells her he really needs her help with something because he's “in way over his head”. She comes to talk to him and he tells her that today is Sonny and Carly's wedding day. It should be the happiest day of their lives, yet, he informs Molly, he's afraid that it could be ruined because of him. She notices that TJ tried and failed to bake a cake for their wedding. Molly assures him that Sonny won't be angry (although she admits that her uncle is a mobster who's had people killed). She knows that Maxie would expect everything to be perfect. She is their wedding planner. And so, TJ does not want Maxie to know about this. However, Molly assures TJ, she can help him with that. Molly finds a way to “do surgery” on the cake although he tells her maybe they need to order a new one. Yet Molly is able to save the cake, for which TJ is very grateful. She tells him she has to leave and will be back soon.

Michael is having a nightmare about the day Sonny killed AJ. In his dream, Sonny completely disregards Michael warning him if he shoots his bio dad, he will never be recognized as Michael's father. He also notices Morgan going off the wall, becoming homicidal and sees himself being helpless to do anything for his brother. He awakens and Sabrina can tell he is not ok as he explains what happened in his dream. She assures him that it was just a nightmare but he admits he's concerned about what will happen when Morgan attends the wedding. He admits to Sabrina that he spoke to Morgan at the Haunted Star the previous night. His brother was very upset and devastated now that Kiki has found out that he's cheated on her with her mom. Having discussed the possibility that her boyfriend's brother is bi polar, Sabrina asks Michael if he discussed that with Morgan. He admits he did but is not certain Morgan understands what he needs to do given his condition. He then asks her if she would be willing to attend the wedding with him although she's given very short notice. She tells him she has a couple dresses in her closet and only needs to shower and spend a little time getting ready with him and they can go to Sonny and Carly's wedding together. He tells her he is eternally grateful to her and he kisses her.

Sonny and Carly are getting ready for their wedding. He calls her and her doorbell rings. She opens the door to see Jake. She is happy to see him yet he desiccates he might have reservations about her marrying Sonny and knows maybe he should not attend, since he knows he's not one of Sonny’s favorite people. Carly assures Jake that he is one of her favorite people and he is welcome by her to be there. She discusses with Jake, her concerns about Morgan being bi polar, just as comfortably as she was to confide it Jason over matters like that. She gives him a thorough history of Sonny's diagnosis, the episodes he went through, his taking medication, the fact that it was still a struggle for Sonny but he got the help he needed. Jake knows she is talking about a person besides herself, in Sonny's life, who was there for Sonny. She admits that is Jason. She continued to comfortably confide in Jake about how Sonny doesn't want to face, and only blames himself for the possibility that Morgan has gotten his bipolar condition from his dad. She admits she really wishes that Jason could be there for all of them at a time like this.

Nikolas is at Wyndemere having breakfast with Hayden, as he guards her very carefully hoping she dos not remember anything nor have access to anywhere or anyone outside of the house. They are reading the paper about the recent crimes and murder investigation. He tells her he has faith in one of their detectives, his brother in law, Dante. Right then, Spencer enters. He seems happy and formally greets the two adults as he asks Hayden how he looks. Nikolas notices that his son is dressed very formally and asks if it's not a bit much. Spencer replies to his dad that he has to be on top of his game if he expects to win the girl of his dreams. He assures his dad he need not worry about his son reverting back to his old schemes and tells him he's going to show Emma that he's changed and he truly deserves her. Nikolas admits he's skeptical about that but Hayden offers him a “vote of confidence” Hearing that, Spencer concludes that if he has the confidence to get Emma back, he believes his dad and Hayden can also “get back together”. He has apparently observed his dad and Hayden kissing, and made an assumption about that although Nikolas awkwardly attempts to explain to his son that he and Hayden are “not together”. She is just a house guest. Spencer, however, tells the two of them he can see there is “something between them”, which he “encourages” them to rekindle so that he can have hope for getting Emma back. When Spencer leaves them alone, Hayden seems gracious and tells Nikolas his son is really delightful. She also seems like she innocently fails to remember her “previous relationship” with Nikolas and she seems like a genuinely nicer person (not the low life scam artist he knew her to be before she lost her memory after he got her shot in order to keep quiet about Jason being alive). He concludes, to Hayden, that maybe he can take a day off of work and spend the time with him, as he reveals maybe he enjoys her company and would rather be with her than face what he has to face.

At Patrick’s home, Emma is getting ready for school but informs her dad and Sam that she doesn't want to go. Patrick tells his daughter that going to school is not optional. Before they can discuss it further, she gets a surprise visit from her grandma Anna. Patrick observes his daughter and smiles to see that she is happy. Anna has a gift for her granddaughter and appears happy but Emma remembers that she is probably still sad over the loss of uncle Duke. Anna admits that she is but is happy that she has a granddaughter like Emma. When Anna is alone with Patrick, she assesses that her daughter, his estranged wife, and Emma's mom Robin has moved on. So, she informs her son in law, she is happy that he's been able to move on and find love with Sam. Patrick leaves to take Emma to school and Anna talks alone with Sam who tells her she realizes it may be hard for her to see another woman in her daughter's house. Anna assures Sam that Robin has not been a part of this house for a long time and she knows that Sam is a positive influence in Patrick's and Emma's lives. Sam confides in Anna that she is currently working on a case in which she hopes to help Michael get ELQ back from Nikolas. She knows there has to be some sort of secrets or dirt she can find about Nikolas but has no solid proof. Hearing that, Anna tells Sam that she thinks she might be able to shed some light on that very thing. She remembers the last time she was in town, she was able to find out that Nikolas rigged the mayoral election and Anna informs her she found that out from Sloane. Sam is fascinated to learn that and concludes that has to be the reason Sloane got fired and she also knows that Anna might have had a “relationship” with the former police commissioner that might enable her to get the evidence from him if she contacts him again. Anna then tells Sam she knows how to get that done and goes out the door to take action so that they can successfully blow Nikolas out of the water. When Sam is alone, she knows she needs to contact Jake.

When Sonny is alone in his house, Morgan enters, clearly intoxicated, irrational and acting like he's happy as he talks about gambling and congratulates his parents. Sonny asks his son what happened to put him in this very negative life condition. Morgan replies he's not upset. He's a free man. He and Kiki are through and there's nothing he can do about that. Sonny asks how it happened and how Kiki found out that he cheated on her with Ava. Morgan hysterically replies that Kiki listened to Franco and Franco was able to prove to her that he's telling the truth. Morgan sobs and tells his dad his life is ruined now that he's lost Kiki for good. And, he further informs his dad, he blames him (blames Sonny). He tells Sonny it's likely he's inherited the bi polar condition from his dad and that makes him a loser living with something he cannot control and cannot help. He hysterically tells his father that he is not the honored and respected human being that Michael is. His family has to hate him for all the terrible things he has done. Sonny attempts to assure his son that he does not see Morgan as a loser and could never hate him. He further tells his son he knows all about the hole he sunk into, himself, while suffering with this mental illness. He remembers shutting everybody out and believing all the negative, hopeless and morbid things that Morgan now believes. He tells Morgan that it was a hard struggle for him but he had Carly and Jason and his family and friends there for him, without which he would never have made it. So, he promises his son, he will be there for him and won't give up even if Morgan pushes him and everyone else away. He knows all too well, remembering what he's had to go through himself in his life. He tells his son he's grateful that he's there and wants Morgan to help him do something very special for his parents on their wedding day. He tells Morgan if he goes upstairs and showers, his dad will prepare the perfect Corinthos coffee for him. He tells Morgan he's going to sober him up and they are going to go to this wedding as a family. He tells Morgan he can take him to the doctor tomorrow but will not push him and respects Morgan's decision to only do this if he chooses and when he is ready to.

Carly talks to Jake about how she does not count on Michael being at her wedding and how she wishes he could at least be there for his brother. Yet, she admits she is encouraged to have Jake there for her. When she goes to get ready for the wedding and Jake is alone in her house, he gets a call from Sam telling him she “really needs to see him”. He goes to see Sam and she informs him that they have a “major break'” in the case against Nikolas. She just spoke to Anna Devane, she informs Jake, and it appears they have Nikolas right where they want him.

When Hayden is alone with Nikolas, she has a “fleeting flashback” of when she knew him before the shooting and he told her there would be serious consequences if she “opens her mouth about Jake” and how that conversation resulted in their “intimacy” at that time.

As Carly is getting ready, her doorbell rings. She goes to get it and is very surprised to see Michael at her door ready to attend the wedding.

Sonny encourages Morgan to join him at his wedding and Morgan agrees to go and get professional help with his dad.

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