GH Update Tuesday 9/1/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/1/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan was at The Haunted Star berating the bartender for not making his drink strong enough. The bartender snapped that it was the same sort of drink Morgan poured, when Morgan bothered to show up for his shift, that is. Michael walked in just in time to smooth things over with the bartender and swap Morgan's alcoholic drink for sparkling water. Michael admitted that Morgan's text had concerned him. Morgan sighed that his life was over. Michael wondered if Morgan was exaggerating. Morgan took offense until Michael assured him that he (Michael) didn't mean anything by it. Morgan confided in Michael about Kiki breaking up with him. Michael noted that he pushed everyone away after his dad was killed, and he suggested that Kiki was doing the same. Morgan confessed that he'd slept with Ava. Morgan felt hopeless, and he was sure he'd never get Kiki back. Michael tried to convince Morgan that things would get better. Morgan admitted that Ava didn't make him betray Kiki. Morgan explained that he didn't have the power to resist Denise. Morgan wondered why he hadn't been able to control himself. Michael stated that sometimes people got caught up in the passion, but Morgan feared that it was more than that. Morgan admitted that he'd been acting irrationally and that Carly and Sonny thought he might have Sonny's “problem.” Michael confessed that Carly had talked to him about this already.

Morgan asked for Michael's opinion on the matter. Michael didn't know if Morgan was bipolar, but he did feel that Morgan had done some things that Michael hadn't thought he was capable of. Michael assured Morgan that if he did have this disorder, it wasn't his fault. Morgan didn't want to believe he had the disorder. Michael gently suggested that it would be best to get tested and no for sure. Morgan got antsy and said he wasn't sure if he wanted to get tested. Morgan wasn't sure about attending the wedding either. Michael noted that Sonny and Carly would be heartbroken if Morgan wasn't there. Morgan assumed that Michael would be there to help Morgan get through the wedding. Michael clarified that he wasn't coming. Morgan didn't understand – he thought Michael gave Avery back in order to create peace in the family. Michael explained that he didn't feel like he could give Carly and Sonny his blessing without dishonoring AJ. Morgan understood that, but Morgan predicted that the family would never be right until Michael forgave Sonny. Michael apologized for letting Morgan down. Morgan assured Michael that he accepted Michael's decision to skip the wedding. Morgan wondered why Michael cared about him after everything Morgan had done to him. Michael said they were brothers, then Michael promised Morgan that things would get better.

Carly soothed Avery, who was teething, and referred to herself as Avery's “Mama.” She talked to the baby about the wedding, that would happen tomorrow, and looked up to see Sonny standing in the doorway admiring them. Sonny admitted that he loved seeing Carly with “our daughter.” Carly asked how things went at the PCPD. Sonny knew Carly wouldn't be happy about this, but he told her that Ric wasn't in jail. Sonny filled Carly in about Madeline's arrest. Carly was shocked. She noted that she'd just talked to Madeline the other day, about their kids. Carly still valued Madeline's insight, and she thought it was important that they help Morgan accept responsibility for his actions instead of shifting the blame onto Ava. Sonny noted that Morgan wasn't receptive to Carly and Sonny's advice. Carly wanted to ask Michael for help. Sonny wasn't sure about bringing Michael into this, but Carly admitted that she'd already talked to Michael. Sonny was pleased that Michael and Morgan had repaired their relationship, but he wished that Michael would forgive him (Sonny) too. Carly encouraged Sonny to stay optimistic. Sonny asked if Michael had changed his mind about coming to the wedding. Carly hadn't heard anything else from Michael, which disappointed Sonny. Carly had a feeling that Michael would attend the wedding, though. She smiled and suggested that she and Sonny make a bet about it. Carly said she was feeling lucky. Sonny replied that he was the one who was lucky. He felt that he was the luckiest man in the world to be marrying a sweet, beautiful, loyal woman like Carly. He praised her for her unwavering support and credited her with making him a better person. “You are the perfect woman for me,” Sonny said. Carly returned after taking Avery upstairs. Sonny kissed Carly, but she pulled away and told him she was leaving – because it was bad luck to spend the night before their wedding together. Sonny tried to talk her into staying, but Carly grinned and left anyway.

Maxie raced into the PCPD and excitedly told Nathan to guess what just happened to her. Maxie noticed Nathan's glum expression and asked what was going on. Nathan revealed that he'd just arrested Silas's killer. Just then, an officer brought Madeline in. Madeline tried to convince Nathan that Ric had framed her, but Nathan snapped that he'd heard her entire confession. Nathan tore into Madeline for killing Silas in order to get her hands on Nina's inheritance. Maxie chimed in, scolding Madeline for letting her daughter go to jail for her crime and for trying to steal her money. Madeline insisted that she was entitled to her late husband's fortune. Maxie couldn't believe that Madeline had looked down on Maxie and deemed her to be not good enough for Nathan. Maxie didn't think Madeline deserved Nathan and Nina. Madeline got fed up and said that if Maxie wasn't careful, she'd end up like Silas. Nathan ordered Madeline to threaten him instead. He revealed that he was the one who set her up and got Ric to wear a wire. Madeline was hurt that her son would do that. Nathan snarled that he was not her son. Madeline begged “James” to listen to her, but Nathan snapped that James wasn't his name. He ordered the officer to take Madeline away.

Julian was in his bedroom staring at a picture of Ava. He stated that he'd tried his best to get the evidence against her. Alexis walked in and overheard Julian apologizing to his sister. Julian noted that he didn't expect to see Alexis tonight, and she explained that she wanted to surprise him. Alexis wanted to know why Julian was apologizing to Ava. Julian lied and said he'd felt bad about having to tell Ava that Alexis couldn't represent her. Alexis explained that she couldn't represent both Nina and Ava in Silas's murder case. Alexis told Julian that Madeline was the killer. Alexis added that she'd get Nina out of jail tomorrow, before Alexis left town. Julian was taken aback because he didn't realize Alexis was leaving town. Alexis explained that she was going to visit Kristina. Kristina had been doing well at college and had found serious boyfriend, after healing from the traumatic relationship she'd had with Trey Mitchell, but her boyfriend had suddenly ended things. Alexis felt that Kristina needed her. Julian supported her trip. Alexis added that she didn't have to be in town to move Molly into PCU because there was a shortage in the dorms, so Molly had to live at home.

According to Alexis, Molly was a bit disappointed, but Alexis was relieved that she didn't have to let her daughter go yet. Julian asked when Alexis would be back. Alexis assured him she'd be home in time to represent him at his trial. Julian clarified that he was asking because he'd miss Alexis. They kissed, and Julian noted that this explained Alexis's late night visit. Alexis confirmed that she wanted to be with Julian. They exchanged I love yous and Julian thanked Alexis for not letting the lies about him get to her. Julian didn't care what people said, as long as Alexis believed in him. They made love. Later, Alexis told Julian she was sorry she had to leave right before Ava was sent to prison. Alexis offered to call Diane. While Alexis wasn't optimistic about Ava's chances, Alexis noted that Diane had a reputation for getting guilty people off. Julian said yes. Then he told Alexis he wanted to show her how much he loved her. They kissed.

Nina broke into a smile when the guards returned Franco to his holding cell. Franco had been in a meeting with Scott. Franco revealed that Madeline had been arrested for killing Silas. Nina was stunned, and Franco reminded her that Madeline had once tried to kill her too. Nina tried to digest the fact that her mother had tried to let her take the fall. Nina wondered if there was an end to Madeline's cruelty. Franco said yes, now that Madeline was going to prison. Nina countered that prison time wouldn't bring back Silas and all the things things Madeline took from Nina. Franco urged Nina to focus on the fact that he and Nina were free. Nina pointed out that they were still behind bars. Franco told her that they'd be released tomorrow. Nina still looked upset, and Franco told her that they'd finally have a chance to be close. Nina smiled and said she couldn't wait.

Franco started talking about what things would be like once he and Nina were together and Madeline was locked away. Just then, the officer brought Madeline downstairs. Madeline and Nina locked eyes. Madeline tried to convince Nina that Ric was framing her. Nina lunged for Madeline, but the bars stopped her from making contact. Nina tried to make sense of what Madeline had done to her and to Silas just to get the money. Madeline argued that none of this would have happened if Nina's father hadn't left Madeline destitute. Nina told Madeline to go to hell. Nina began to scream at Madeline that she hated her. Madeline tried to convince Nina that Nina didn't mean that. A guard dragged Madeline to her cell.

Nina sobbed into her pillow, and Franco told her that it was okay, because Madeline was gone. Franco promised Nina that he'd keep her safe. Nina believed him. Franco told Nina that they had to make plans. He wanted to make up for every bad thing Madeline ever did. Nina just wanted to forget Madeline ever existed. They said I love you to each other. Nina blew Franco a kiss and promised to give him a real one tomorrow.

Back upstairs, Maxie gave Nathan her sympathy and told him she knew what it was like to be disappointed in a parent. Nathan asked what Maxie wanted to tell him earlier. Maxie told him she was going to be in a movie. Nathan wondered if she was kidding. Maxie wrapped her arm around Nathan, as they walked out, and told him she'd tell him all about it when they got home.

Ava was in her holding cell. She flashed back to telling Morgan that she wanted him and Kiki to be happy. Ava had promised not to tell Kiki about the affair. In the present, Kiki walked in, and Ava was thrilled to see her. Ava admitted she'd had a miserable day, but she felt things were looking up, now that Kiki was there. Kiki stated that she'd had a bad day too. Ava asked what happened. Kiki told Ava about going to Silas's apartment for the first time since he was killed. Ava was sympathetic, and she said that she wished Kiki never had to feel that kind of pain. Kiki leaned in close to the bars and whispered that she used to believe that until she found out Ava slept with her boyfriend. At first Ava lied and said Kiki was wrong, but Kiki revealed that Franco told her the truth and Morgan confirmed it. Kiki demanded that Ava explain herself. Ava didn't think Kiki really wanted all the details, but Kiki insisted that she did. Ava swore she didn't mean for this to happen. “Oh, of course not,” Kiki sarcastically said. Ava explained that when it started, she didn't know Kiki was with Morgan. Kiki shot back that Ava could have asked.

Ava said she didn't want to hurt Kiki, but she'd been unable to resist acting on the connection that she and Morgan shared. Kiki's eyes filled with tears. Kiki thought that Ava felt a stronger connection to Morgan than to Kiki. Ava swore that her bond with Kiki outweighed her connection to Morgan. Ava insisted that she ended things with Morgan because she wanted Morgan to be with Kiki. Kiki didn't believe Ava. Kiki snarled that she never wanted to see Ava again. Ava plead with Kiki, but Kiki added that she would feel better once Ava was in prison. Ava begged Kiki not to say that. Ava was sure she'd find a way out of going to Pentonville, but Kiki disagreed. Kiki continued to twist the knife by saying she was glad that Avery would never know Ava. Ava ordered Kiki to stop saying things like that, but Kiki ignored her. Kiki was sure that Sonny would forbid her (Kiki) from seeing Avery because he wouldn't want any reminders of Ava around. “I lost my little sister because of you,” Kiki yelled. Ava didn't think that would happen. “You don't have two daughters. You don't have anything,” Kiki said. Kiki walked out, ignoring Ava calling after her.

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