GH Update Monday 8/31/15

General Hospital Update Monday 8/31/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Haunted Star, Maxie attempts to encourage Lulu to see the possibilities available to her from being in Dillon's movie. In response to that, Lulu tells Maxie if she's so enthused and encouraged about this, why doesn't Maxie do the auditioning and starring in the role of Marjorie herself? At that point, Dillon turns away, obviously discouraged as that was not his original plan. She protests she does not have any acting experience. Lulu reminds her neither does she. Maxie asks Dillon if he really wants herself to play the role of Marjorie, a character he put his heart and soul into. Yet they are considering all possibilities. When Maxie goes off alone, Lulu takes Dillon aside and privately explains to him that Maxie has her moments of becoming too persistent about certain things and when that happens, you sometimes need to “turn the tables”. Maxie then reads the script that Dillon wrote where she talks to her “ex” about her past when they first knew each other and she was unafraid to take chances and be free. Lulu silently listens to the two “characters” and sees that it's clearly the story of her own history with Dillon. Maxie plays the role of how Dillon had the right to go and chase his dreams and be out of her life for a long time, but she had to face what Lulu has had to face up until this point. She attentively listens to Dillon as he admits to Maxie that she did the role excellently. It sounded so like the way he wants Marjorie to really be and, he declares to Maxie, the role is hers' if she wants it.

Carly tells Sonny she is concerned about their son's mental health and well being as well as the suspicion that he may have murdered his girlfriend’s father. Sonny is not as worried as long as their son is over Ava. Yet she knows it will not be as simple as that. She reminds him if there is the slightest “bump in the road”: when Morgan is bi polar, it could send him on a downward spiral, so they do not want to assume anything will be ok when Kiki finds out that their son slept with her mother. He asks her how Kiki is going to find out when the only people that know are Silas, Morgan and Ava. Silas is now dead and Ava won't risk a relationship with her daughter. Carly tells her son's father that she is still concerned that this will backfire.

Kiki returns to her deceased father's empty apartment, distraught and devastated to have found out that her boyfriend slept with her mom. Right then, Morgan comes by and wants to happily embrace her. Yet she turns away and tells him things are not ok. She reflects to him about the history she's had since she came back to town, developed a relationship with her father and with him. He has no suspicions about what she's just found out. Yet she reveals to him that it's just one big lie. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him she happens to know that he slept with her mom although he denies it. He assumes it must have been Ava who revealed the information but she clarifies that it was Franco who told her that. Even if she should question Franco's credibility, she can see that Morgan has all but confirmed it right then and there. He attempts to protest and justify what happened but Kiki is very upset and convinced that their relationship is over now that she knows what he did and she demands he gets out. He pleads for her to give him another chance and promises he will spend the rest of his life making it up to her. Yet she demands he gets out and pushes him out the door, which he is incapable and unwilling to accept.

At the station, Jordan talks to Dante and Nathan about their failure to hold Ric Lansing in a cell for murder. She is encouraged, however that her two detectives have been able to find out that Silas signed a document right before he died. She concludes it might encourage Mayor Lomax to back off and let them do what they need to do. We then see a flashback of them both identifying Silas' signature and asking Ric what he might know about it. They conclude that Ric may be lying or know something about it which he is not letting on. They conclude that if Ric wants them to believe that, he has to “play ball”. So at that point, both they and Jordan are satisfied.

In the courtroom, after Nina's arraignment hearing, Madeline is very happy and encouraged to find out that Ric was able to obtain the legal documents for Nina to sign over her money to both of them. However, he is able to notice that Madeline also somehow was able to persuade Silas to sign the document. Ric is able to see that this document was signed the day that Silas was murdered. And that indicates that Madeline might know something which she is not telling anyone about this and lying. He asks Madeline what she might know regarding the fact that she was in Silas' apartment before he died and that he had some involvement in the decision regarding Nina's legal status and access to her money. We then see the flashback of Madeline going to see Silas to get him to sign something he's already signed. In response to that, he told her he suspects, and needs her to tell him who might be a “part” of what she needs to do besides herself and concludes he bets it's Ric. Silas then concludes to Madeline that Franco is right that Nina's mom and Ric are playing her for her money. Remembering that, Madeline concludes to Ric that she had to “do whatever it took” in order to get the money. He remembers his conversation, in the interrogation room with Dante and Nathan about who could have gotten Silas' signature and why and he concludes that obviously it was Madeline who was involved in that. We then see the scene where Madeline is talking to Silas before he dies and informing him that Nina has to be committed to a facility where she can get long-term help as she protests to Silas that Nina was having hallucinations about babies, hearing and seeing things that are not there and not long ago, Nina kidnapped Ava Jerome's baby from the hospital. Hearing that, Silas is able to reveal to Madeline he happens to know there is no way that Nina could have kidnapped the baby because he did. She explains that to Ric when they are alone in the courtroom. Ric then asks Madeline just what she is up to and the theory he now has, that she had means, motive and opportunity to kill Silas and that is what she did, in fact, do.

When Sonny is in his house and talking to Carly, TJ finds him and tells him there is something he needs to know about Molly's dad (Ric). He's in trouble and needs Sonny's help, TJ tells him. He informs Sonny that Ric has been charged with the murder of Silas Clay. Hearing that, Sonny concludes to TJ that there must be some sort of mistake since Ric barely knew Silas. Carly reminds him that his brother was married to Silas' ex and she bets that Ric is guilty.

When Ric remembers being grilled by Dante and Nathan to either help them convict Madeline or go down for the murder himself, Madeline remembers talking to Silas, finding out that he kidnapped baby Avery in order to get bone marrow. That's a felony and he could lose his medical license if it was found out. Silas further concludes to Madeline that he did, in fact, kidnap the baby and will not let Nina get falsely accused and stuck in ShadyBrook for that. Madeline then concludes that she has “leverage” to get Silas to sign the papers she wants, now realizing that she has information about him that could get him in serious trouble. Yet, to her surprise and disappointment, Silas concludes to Madeline that she will only get the signature from him, over his dead body.

Nathan explains to Jordan how it was that he and Dante found out about Ric and Madeline's plan to get Silas to sign away Nina's rights. They now know that Silas' signature was forged by Madeline. We then see the flashback of how Madeline concluded if Silas refused to sign the papers, she has to forge his signature, just like she did on that prescription she wanted him to write for Nina many years ago. And, she concludes that now, he won't be able to contradict it, giving her incentive to murder Silas.

Ric then concludes to Madeline, based upon what Dante and Nathan explained to him, that he knows she killed Silas. He tells her he will represent her but she has to tell him everything. She then admits that she killed the son of a bitch.

When Maxie hears Dillon announce that she gets to play Marjorie, she is ecstatic. Lulu then comes around and convinces Maxie that it might not be what she wants. Dillon agrees that “re-casts” don't always work. Yet Maxie is highly enthused and promises Dillon if he gives her the part, she will give it her all. Right then, the three of them decide they will work together which pleases Maxie to no end.

In the empty courtroom, Madeline admits to Ric that she killed Silas and successfully slipped out before anyone had any way of knowing. He tells her that that sounds very convincing except for one thing, at which point, he pulls out a wire under his shirt to reveal to her that he has a proven confession from her. He announces to her that it's “game over”.

Sonny goes out to find Ric while TJ talks alone to Carly. She informs TJ that she and Sonny do not see eye to eye on many things, one of which is Ric. She does not trust Ric as far as he can throw him but Sonny does. Sonny wants to believe he's innocent but she does not, she tells TJ.

Sonny goes to find Jordan and protests that his brother would not kill Silas. She tells him she realizes Ric probably did not, himself do it, but hopefully, his brother will uncover the truth by wearing a wire.

Nathan finds Madeline and has her arrested for the murder of Silas Clay.

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