GH Update Friday 8/28/15

General Hospital Update Friday 8/28/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is representing Nina at her arraignment trial and they wonder where Ric is. Alexis wants to believe that Franco killed Silas but Nina keeps urges her to know he did not. Waiting for the trial (and waiting for Ric) is obviously making Madeline very antsy and impatient so she asks her daughter why this trial is dragging out when Franco has confessed to the murder. She obviously is not as concerned about that as she is about Ric obtaining the forms to Nina's signature so that he and Madeline can take Nina's money. She tells Nina, Alexis and all other interested parties that she wants to make certain her daughter is not falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, dragged through a trial and sent to murder (merely so that Nina will have a chance to sign the papers before it's too late). Madeline urges Alexis to do something, to which Alexis replies she's terribly sorry but it's presently out of her control. She tells Nina that her recommendation is to plead not guilty and then, she informs both Nina and her mom, she will discuss the merits of her client's case with the “new DA”. In response to that, Nina asks where her husband is. Everybody wonders why Ric is nowhere to be found. Right then, a substitute ADA enters in Ric's place. The judge asks Nina how she pleads to the murder charge. Nina replies not guilty and also adds that they need to know that Franco did not kill Silas. The judge tells her she needs to be quiet and they can get to that later.

Ric is detained by being arrested while Nathan is attempting to accomplish something which he may not be revealing to his colleagues or boss. Meanwhile, as he's doing that, Jordan finds Dante and remarks to him about the “communication” and friction she's been experiencing with Mayor Lomax and she asks him if he has any more information about their “esteemed acting attorney”. Dante replies that apparently Ric is “exploring his options”. She wonders what is up with that and informs Dante that the departments are “full of surprises” due to remembering when she last went to see Ric at the DA's office, she found Julian Jerome outside the door (wondering just why he was there and what he may have wanted). Hearing that, Dante asks his boss if she'd have a clue as to the nature of Julian's conversation with Ric and remarks he finds it odd that it was merely to warn Ric to recuse himself as DA and to threaten to write things about him in Julian's paper. Dante seems to know there might be more to it than that in why Ric was standing outside the DA's office when Jordan last found him. Right then Nathan returns to them after talking to Ric and they ask what he said and if Ric is willing to cooperate with them or not, to which Nathan replies that he had to let Ric go.

At Nina's arraignment hearing, when everyone assumes Ric is in dispose, he enters the courtroom. Clearly the only person relieved to see him is Madeline.

Lulu is talking to Dylan at The Haunted Star about his ideas for his new screen play and the characters he's created. They both know his story is based on his own life and the people he knows. Maxie returns after talking to her friend, Reeves, about promoting Dylan's play. She tells them that they cannot find actors to play his characters and they have yet to find an actress to play Marjorie. Dylan tells Maxie she needs to talk “someone” into being his leading actress. They want it to be Lulu although she reminds them she's barely taken an acting lesson in her life. Dylan tells her that it's his job as a film producer to make that happen for her. Maxie encourages her friend to dream big and not be discouraged

While Kiki is visiting Franco at his jail cell, he has explained all the secrets and circumstances involved in what Silas was doing before he got killed, and he is specifically referring to what it was that Silas intended to tell his daughter which he never had a chance to before he died (that Morgan and Denise/Ava were sleeping together). He slowly tells her there was “one other thing”, to which she asks what other thing. He replies to her it's about Morgan, to which Kiki asks “what” about Morgan. Franco then hesitates to let her know exactly what is going on and asks her if she remembers Ava's previous “relations” with both Sonny and Morgan. She replies that it's not something she wants to remember. He then reveals to her that unknown to her, when everyone thought that her “aunt Denise” was in town and Ava was dead, not only was Ava faking the Denise character. She was secretly going at it with Morgan, Franco informs her. Kiki does not want to believe that and tells him he has no proof. He tells her not only did he find out that “Denise” was lying about what was happening in the bedroom when he went to visit her at Julian's place. Ava admitted to sleeping with Morgan. Kiki asks why, if he knew it happened a while back, did he wait until now to tell her. Franco then admits that when he threatened Ava with telling Kiki about it, she promised to “help” things between him and Nina if he kept quiet about Ava's affair with Morgan. Kiki then concludes that Franco is not only a coward but also a selfish jerk when Ava offered to help him with Nina if he'd forget that Kiki's mom was screwing her boyfriend. It also gives her suspicion that in addition to that, it made Franco desperate enough to kill her father. He protests he did not do it yet Kiki tells him even if that's true, her father is dead. Her mom and boyfriend have betrayed her and she is distraught and devastated. She leaves the jail cell crying.

When Morgan goes to talk to Ava in her jail cell, she is very upset and emotional to hear him sound as though he has no interest in ever being intimate with her again, that he's chosen Kiki over her and is going to let her fend for herself without him. Yet he asks her to promise never to tell Kiki about the two of them, reminding her it will only hurt her daughter and his girlfriend, that they both love Kiki and don't want that. In response to that, Ava promises she will do what he asks that in the interest of her daughter's happiness. But will she really do that now that Morgan is out of her life? When she has nothing to lose but Morgan clearly does have something to lose? After he leaves, Ava sobs alone in her cell when Julian goes to visit his sister. He asks if she is ok and she asks what he is doing there. He tells her he wanted to give her an update on the progress of finding the recording for her and he has to admit although he tried, he was unsuccessful in finding it and removing it from the DA's office. He tells her that there was no way to get into the DA's office and he won't be able to get a hold of the recording, although he urges his sister to know that “at least he tried” to which she admits she was not certain he'd even do that. She does reflect, to her brother, however, that she wondered if he'd want the two of them to be a team and rule Port Charles together and if that, alone, would be enough incentive for him. She also concludes to Julian that it appears she may be right that he's the one who's been making moves on Sonny's business. She concludes to Julian that she wanted to make things right for them and their family business and she did everything to hold onto her two daughters and her freedom. But now, she sadly declares, it's all over for her. It's the last call for her and she's lost everything. Julian does not want his sister to be upset but admits that he really disapproves of her sleeping with Morgan in the first place, realizing he's her daughter's boyfriend and half Ava's age. She assures her brother he need not worry. It's a moot point. Morgan is done with her and told her he's getting back with Kiki. Hearing that, Julian can clearly tell that she is not ok with that and not over Morgan and this gives him cause for concern.

Sonny and Carly are concerned about Morgan being manipulated and getting emotionally invested yet again in Ava. She tells Sonny she knows that it will be a matter of time before their son goes to see Ava while she's in prison. Sonny tells his ex and future wife he does not want their son to face what he had to face, with having bi polar disorder and they both agree they need to talk to him ASAP. Morgan returns to his parents and announces to them that he went to see Ava and broke it off with her. He assures them that he laid down the law to Ava and determined for himself that he's done with her permanently. After revealing that, Morgan wonders what is up with his mom's worries about him when he assures them that he is finally ready to move on with his life and he feels great. Sonny and Carly both tell their son they need him to sit down and talk. He asks about what and wonders if they believe he's done something wrong. Carly tells him that ever since he's been back from boarding school, he's exhibited a pattern of behaviors that give them both grave cause for concern. She tells him she thinks he should give serious consideration to seeing Dr. Collins. He asks why his parents insist he see a shrink. Sonny replies because they have reason to believe he is bi polar. Hearing that, Morgan demands to know where this is coming from. He reminds them he's just told them he's moving on and over Ava. He thinks they should be happy for him and demands to know why they believe he's sick. They remind him of his pattern of drugging Michael, taking drastic action to trick Kiki into marrying him, sleeping with Ava, turning on Sonny to join forces with Julian, sleeping with Ava a while back and recently with Denise. Sonny tells his son when he was Morgan's age, he was a hot head and would not listen to anyone's concerns about his mental health, all the while he was doing very similarly impulsive behaviors he could not help. He admits that because he did not want anyone to know this, just like Morgan may not, he got to be really good at hiding it. Yet, he affirms to Morgan, he paid a price. He angrily asks if Morgan thinks his father likes taking his medication. He talks about how he suffered knowing he had no choice and had to struggle and realizes the only people there for him were Carly and Jason. He emotionally tells his son he can't let him go down the same path he did and so he urges him to take drastic action. Morgan assures his parents they need not worry. He's fine although he appreciates their concern. After he leaves, Sonny and Carly wonder if what he's saying is true. Is it realistic not to worry when they both know it's not that simple? Should they assume that young love will conquer everything and make their son's life alright, as easily as that?

At Nina's hearing, Alexis asks the judge to drop the murder charges against her client and post bail. The judge denies both requests however and Nina has to return to her holding cell. Ric and Madeline “play” Nina protesting that they will fight this every step of the way and be there for her. Obviously they have their own reasons for not wanting her to go to jail, which they are not about to reveal to her or to anyone. As soon as they are alone, Madeline asks him if he managed to get to the police station and get the document they need Nina to sign out of Nathan's possession. Ric explains he ran into a little snag in attempting to do that which resulted in both Nathan and Dante charging him with murder. She demands to know why. He tells her he guesses Detective West merely wanted to look like a hero for his sister and you'd think Dante, being Ric's nephew might have some regard for his uncle but no. He tells her, however, he was able to convince them to let him go by threatening a law suit. Madeline asks, yet again, if Ric was able to obtain the “document”. He then happily replies that he was able to find it and it's now in his possession.

When Jordan is talking to Dante and Nathan about having to convict Ric Lansing, she gets a call from Mayor Lomax who sounds like she is not happy with that. She does admit, however, to the mayor, that unfortunately, they had to let DA Lansing go.

Kiki returns to her deceased dad's empty apartment, devastated to have found out that her mom and boyfriend have betrayed her yet again. Morgan knocks on her door, suspecting nothing and assuming everything is set for them two of them to start a new life together. Her angry and cold expression, however, reveals to him that things are not ok and he seems to wonder why.

Nina returns to her cell and is happy to be with Franco and not worried. She informs him that she pleaded not guilty. Also, she informs him, it was very surprising that both her mother and her husband attended her trial. Both Franco and Nina are confident that they will get to the bottom of what is going on and very soon have their freedom after the rightful killer of Silas has been found.

Ric and Madeline are confident that now that he's gotten the papers for Nina to sign out of Nathan's possession, it's just a matter of time before he gets her to sign them and they can both get what they want. He can get the charges against both Nina and Franco dropped in exchange for Nina's signature. Yet, Ric discovers something else which Madeline appears not to want him to have seen or know about. It appears she got Silas to sign something. Ric demands to know what is up with this.

Madeline goes to see Silas and ask him to do something. Would that be before he died? Or is he not dead after all?

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