GH Update Thursday 8/27/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/27/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan visited Ava in the holding cells. He noted that she looked like Denise, but sounded like Ava. Ava assured him that she was Ava, but Morgan snapped that she was a perfect stranger to him. Ava admitted that Morgan had every right to question her, but she felt that if he really looked at her, he'd see she was the same person she always had been. Morgan asked if she was the same person who killed Connie. Ava insisted that that wasn't who she really was. Morgan felt that the Ava he knew wouldn't have made him think she was dead. Ava's voice cracked with pain, and she swore she never wanted to hurt him. Morgan spat that she did hurt him, as soon as she started pretending to be Denise. Morgan assumed that Ava had laughed at his gullibility, but Ava was adamant that this wasn't true. She added that she still loved Morgan. Morgan demanded that she explain why she lied to him. Ava said she wanted to tell Morgan the truth the moment she saw him, but she didn't want to make him an accessory. Ava added that she was also afraid he'd tell someone the truth. Morgan was shocked that she didn't trust him to keep her secret. “I was hiding for my life, and you sent your father to kill me,” Ava snapped, referring to Morgan sending Sonny to the brownstone when she was pregnant with Avery. Morgan explained that he didn't know Ava would go into early labor, and he thought he had several weeks to talk Sonny out of killing her. Ava was still angry that Morgan had taken the risk. Morgan admitted that he'd never stop thinking about how things would have turned out if he'd kept Ava's secret.

Morgan noted that he'd been falling for “Denise.” Ava put her hand on Morgan's and urged him to admit that he'd sensed that she was Ava all along. Morgan swore he really thought she was Denise. Ava contended that Morgan would have noticed that the way “Denise” touched him was the same exact way Ava had. Ava told Morgan that their connection was still there. Morgan replied that what he and Ava had was over because she was going to prison. Ava dismissed the suggestion that she would be locked up. Morgan swore he'd never take Ava back after what she'd done. He added that he wanted to be with Kiki. Ava maintained that Morgan didn't love Kiki like he loved Ava. Morgan argued that he and Ava weren't in love. He added that their relationship hurt people. Morgan wanted Ava to keep the secret about their affair. Morgan asked Ava to stop pushing to have a relationship with him. Ava said she still loved Morgan and she knew he still loved her too. Morgan said it didn't matter. Ava put Morgan's hand on her chest and urged him to feel her heart beating and say it didn't matter. Morgan asked Ava to think of what this would do to Kiki. Ava swore that she did think about Kiki, but she needed Morgan. Morgan felt that he and Ava needed to sacrifice for Kiki's sake. Morgan asked Ava to promise to keep the secret. Ava asked if Morgan really wanted to move on with her daughter and leave Ava all alone.

Kiki was also in the holding cells. She asked Franco where his homicidal girlfriend was. Franco insisted that Nina didn't kill Silas. Kiki argued that the picture on Ava's phone proved otherwise. Franco countered that the picture also proved that Ava was at the scene of the crime. Kiki admitted that she'd questioned Ava. Ava had sworn she wasn't guilty, and Kiki believed her. Franco replied that he believed Nina. Franco surmised that Kiki hoped that he would retract his confession and implicate Nina. Franco said he was sorry, but he couldn't do that, not even for Kiki. Kiki noted that Franco didn't seem surprised when Scott outed “Denise” as Ava. Kiki asked him how long he'd known Ava was alive. Franco admitted that Ava told him the truth two months ago and asked him to steal the evidence against her from the D.A.'s office. Kiki asked why Ava would ask Franco for help. Franco explained that being Scotty's son gave him a plausible excuse to hang around the D.A.'s office. Franco told Kiki about Silas showing up at the office to confess to kidnapping Avery. Kiki asked what stopped Silas from confessing. Franco thought about the real reason Silas left, Franco had told Silas about Morgan and Ava's affair, but Franco told Kiki that Silas left because Scott wasn't there. Kiki was comforted knowing that Silas had intended to do the right thing. Kiki assumed that the message Silas wanted to give her was the news that Ava was alive. Franco hinted that there might be more to it than that. Kiki asked if he knew what Silas wanted to say. Franco explained that he didn't want to lie to Kiki, but he didn't feel like he had a choice. Kiki encouraged Franco to put an end to her pain and uncertainty by telling her the truth. Franco was hesitant and he warned Kiki that the truth might hurt her even more. Kiki told Franco not to make decisions about what was best for her. She reminded them that they were friends, not father and daughter. “Your mother's a liar,” Franco said. Kiki pushed Franco to elaborate. Franco revealed that Ava knew what Silas had been planning to say and that Silas's message concerned Morgan.

Ric was at his office, on the phone with Mayor Lomax. He assured the mayor that he wouldn't be involved in prosecuting his wife Nina's case. Ric added that he was focused on bringing Julian and Ava to justice. Meanwhile, Julian lurked outside the office, remembering that Ava said the two of them could get rid of Sonny and rule the town if Julian stole the evidence against her. Julian went into the office. Ric hung up the phone and ordered Julian to leave. Julian accused Ric of abusing his powers as a D.A. Julian felt that Ric was only targeting him and Ava because they were enemies of Ric's brother Sonny. Ric countered that the cases against Julian and his sister were started by the previous prosecutor. Ric stated that he had strong evidence against the Jerome siblings, and he was confident that they would both be convicted and sent to prison. Julian said that if Ric didn't drop the charges against him and Ava, Julian would use his media company to go after Ric and his loved ones. Ric chuckled and said he couldn't wait to see Alexis' reaction when Julian smeared Molly's name. Madeline texted Ric and said to get the papers, because so Nina could sign them ASAP. Ric had to leave, so he showed Julian out. After Ric left, Julian went back into the office. Jordan walked in and caught Julian leafing through a a file. She demanded to know why Julian was there.

In the squad room, Jordan approached Dante and Nathan and told them that the mayor was pressuring her to close Silas's case. Nathan and Dante revealed that they had uncovered new evidence in Silas's murder that pointed to someone besides Nina, Ava, and Franco. After Jordan heard the detectives' theory, she agreed to give them the time they needed to follow up on it. After Jordan left, Ric went arrived and tried to trick Nathan into giving him the paperwork that Madeline and Ric wanted Nina to sign. Ric was stunned when Dante suddenly arrested him for Silas's murder. Ric thought this must be a joke, but Nathan and Dante said they had evidence that implicated Ric. Dante took Ric into an interrogation room and read him his rights. Ric argued that he didn't even know Silas and had only crossed paths with him a few times. Nathan wanted to discuss those occasions that Ric and Silas interacted, but Silas refused to say more without his lawyer. Dante was sure that Ric would want to explain himself once he saw the evidence against him.

Back at the D.A.'s office, Julian lied and said he was there to see Ric. Jordan stated that Ric was indisposed, and she told Julian to leave. Julian argued that it was a public building, but Jordan said she was closing the office up to gather up evidence. Julian was curious about this, but Jordan wouldn't elaborate. Julian left.

Carly excitedly told Sonny that, after she tied up a few loose ends, she'd be ready to marry him tomorrow. Sonny was pleased because he was impatiently waiting for the wedding. Sonny changed topics and told Carly about his visit with Ava earlier. Carly hoped that Sonny got some closure. Sonny was concerned, since Ava had hinted that she had a way to avoid prison. Carly was sure that Ava was bluffing, since the evidence against Ava was strong. Sonny noted that Ava had tried to avoid prison and get in Sonny's good graces by pretending to be Denise and offering to be a mother figure to Avery. Carly was relieved that Sonny didn't let “Denise” get near Avery. Sonny added that he told Ava that Avery had a new mother now. Sonny vowed not to let Ava anywhere near his daughter. Carly hoped Ava wouldn't get near their son either. Sonny was sure that Morgan would never forgive Ava, but Carly wasn't as confident. She thought that Ava and Morgan's relationship might be deeper than Carly and Sonny had been willing to admit. Sonny maintained that Ava was just using Morgan. Carly agreed, but she thought that Morgan was convinced that he loved Ava. Carly was afraid that Ava would manipulate Morgan into siding with her again. Sonny didn't think it mattered, since Ava was locked up. Carly brought up Morgan's erratic behavior and mood swings again. Sonny tensed up because he didn't want to have this conversation again. He reminded Carly that they didn't know Morgan was bipolar. Carly gently insisted that Morgan needed to see a doctor. Sonny admitted that he didn't want Morgan to struggle like Sonny had. Carly understood that Sonny didn't like to discuss this, but she was adamant that they had to be proactive and help Morgan before Ava made things worse. Sonny didn't think they should be controlling parents, but Carly countered that they had to save Morgan from himself. Carly felt that they should act now, instead of waiting until after the trial. Sonny asked if Carly wanted to postpone the wedding. Carly said she wasn't worried about the wedding; she was worried about Morgan.

Maxie went to the Haunted Star at Dillon's request. Dillon was nowhere to be seen, and Maxie impatiently called out that she didn't have much time because she was busy planning Sonny and Carly's wedding. Dillon walked in a second later, and Maxie blasted him for being late. Dillon pointed out that this was the time they'd agreed to meet at, but Maxie felt that it was unprofessional of Dillon to arrive exactly on time, instead of coming early. Maxie proceeded to take several wedding-related calls and texts, instead of giving Dillon her full attention. , Dillon got fed up, and took her phone away. Maxie accused him of being rude, and Dillon argued that she'd been the phone since she got there. Maxie snapped that she was fulfilling her professional obligations. She threatened to leave if Dillon didn't tell her why he wanted to see her. Dillon spat that he'd changed his mind about wanting Maxie. Maxie grumbled that Dillon was just as selfish as he used to be. Dillon scoffed. Maxie clarified that her sister had supported Dillon through his problems, and he repaid her by cheating on her with Lulu. Dillon countered that Maxie had cheated on several of her boyfriends. Maxie admitted that she'd been chronically unfaithful and had sabotaged herself until she met Nathan. Maxie added that her sister Georgie was different, and Georgie deserved someone who'd be faithful to her.

Maxie was angry that Dillon left town, to follow his dreams, after breaking Georgie's heart, and hadn't even bothered to come home to attend her funeral. Dillon admitted that Maxie was right about him – he was a selfish jerk. Maxie confessed that she hadn't planned to ever bring this up. Dillon assured Maxie that he was glad she did. Dillon explained that he loved Georgie, and he'd buried himself in his work because he couldn't deal with her death. Dillon was embarrassed and felt like he'd been a coward. Maxie softened and told Dillon that Georgie wouldn't want that. Maxie was sure that Georgie would want the two of them to help each other. She asked Dillon what he needed. Dillon asked her to help with a wardrobe for the movie. Maxie asked about the budget, and Dillon admitted that he hadn't set much aside for clothing costs. Maxie knew she couldn't work with a tight budget, but she had a friend, Reeves, from her Crimson days, who could help out. Maxie knew that Georgie would want Dillon's project to happen, so she promised to do her part to help out. Dillon thanked her.

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