GH Update Wednesday 8/26/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/26/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Ric is on the phone to Mayor Lomax telling her that he's satisfied with the fact that they have three dangerous criminals in custody, revealing that he really does not care about anything except making convictions. Madeline enters and angrily demands to know what he thinks he's doing putting her daughter in jail. He urges her to remember that they had one common goal from the start which was to put Nina away and get her out of the way and their mission is accomplished. She protests that she was ok with her daughter in a psychiatric facility but prison is different. Yet Ric protests that she needs to know that Nina murdered Silas. She tells him there is one problem for them. They won't see a cent of Nina's money. She informs Ric that he may not realize it but he arrested Nina before getting her to sign over her money. So they have no benefit for themselves in what happened. She explains to Ric that when she last visited Nina at ShadyBrook and attempted to get her to sign over what they need, Nina told her she needed time and had to look it over. She admits that her son probably now has the papers and she can't get them from Nathan because he wants nothing to do with her. She does, however, inform Ric that he can get the papers from Nathan. She reminds him that he is the DA with the authority to retrieve that document. And then he can convince Nina to sign it. Yet Ric reminds Madeline that Nina no longer trusts him. Madeline tells him as Nina's husband and DA, he can use leverage by sweet talking and charming her just like the way he was able to persuade Nina to marry him. IN response to that, Ric then agrees to do it.

Franco is in custody and happy to see that Nina is right in the adjoining cell from him and they get to be together, when they were afraid that either of them being accused of murder would prevent that. She tells Franco they have further good news which is that her brother, Nathan believes Franco's theory that her mother is working with Ric to take her money. She is confident that all the craziness is gone. She believes ever since she checked herself into ShadyBrook, all of her craziness has been gone. She has no more delusions of crying babies or cribs. And it's all because of him, she tells him. He tells her that it was not because of him and not because of ShadyBrook that these “things” are no longer happening to her. He believes that right after she checked out of the hotel room, all of the “issues” she had stopped. She talks about how she still believes that neither Ric nor her mother heard or saw what she saw. Ye the knows it must be Ric's doing to drive her over the edge and have her committed. She concludes that Ric was behind this and working with her mother. She tells Franco that since he is there now and she knows she is not crazy, did not kill the baby, does not see or hear anything anybody else does not and she knows she did not kill Silas. Although Franco is less confident that she is that they will both be freed and get to have it all, she tells him she knows her brother will find out the truth and set them both free.

At the station, Nathan admits to Dante that he is not ok that his sister is being wrongfully accused. Dante is not worried although Nathan urges his partner to know that there may not be validity in the picture that convicts Nina. He protests to Dante that he has a strong hunch that Nina has been set up and has not killed Silas. Dante asks him who he would suspect murdered Silas, if not Nina. Should they assume it was Franco who stood up and confessed although nobody believed him? Both detectives admit they are puzzled as to the mystery of who killed Silas, and when where, how and why. Nathan explains to Dante that he has evidence in knowing both Nina's and Franco's whereabouts the night of the murder. They realize that Ava had motive and might very well have done it but they have no substantial evidence. They both know they need to get to work. They look at the visitor log to find out the time frame for when Silas went to visit Nina and discover he was not the only visitor Nina had the night in question. Denise DeMuccio spoke to Nina and to Silas before he got killed.

While Ava is in prison, she is expecting Julian to get her out of there. She gets a surprise visit from a very confident and smug Sonny. .He taunts her and is satisfied to know that Ava will finally suffer the consequences she deserves for murdering Connie and very possibly for the murder of Silas. He is happy that she's going to go down. He also remembers that she gunned down Connie exactly two years ago today. Yet she knows that even if that's true, he needs to know that Connie might as well have signed AJ's death warrant. He tells her she can't blame AJ's death on Connie when she murdered her. He knows the only reason Ava murdered an innocent woman was so that Connie could not tell anyone that Ava was the sister of Julian and that he is not Derek Wells. He now knows that she killed Silas because Silas knew who she really is. He tells her that he is free and will get to raise his daughter without her ever knowing or having any interest in knowing Ava. She protests that Avery is her daughter but Sonny clarifies she is only an incubator for the baby and Avery only see Carly as her mother. He tells Ava what goes around comes around if she is blaming Carly for taking her daughter, as he reminds her that she took his and Carly's son. She protests that she cares about Morgan but he does not buy that and reminds her that Morgan no longer cares about her now that he knows the truth about her. Yet she tells Sonny it really does not matter to Morgan that she killed Sonny's precious Connie and had cheap sex and a pregnancy with Morgan's dad because she is confident that Morgan will always back her. Sonny knows otherwise however. He reminds her that he can easily reveal to Kiki that her mother slept with Morgan. Hearing that, Ava is very worried and furious. Sonny realizes that he would not want to ruin his son's relationship with Kiki so he might not just go and tell her but he is very confident that he is calling the shots in his dispute with Ava.

Julian and Alexis are together and she admits that she is happy that Scott Baldwin has put Ava away. Julian is happy to know that his sister is alive and well in spite of circumstances and doesn't want her imprisoned but Alexis finds it disgraceful that she lied to everyone about who she really was and had them believing she was dead when she was wanted for murder. She also admits that she has no clue how or why Ava would be motivated to reveal who she really was, knowing the consequences and right when she had successfully fooled everyone into believing she was Denise and Ava had died. What was in it for her to do that? Julian does not reply to Alexis that it's for the simple reason that Ava reminded him that all that is needed is to destroy Scott's tape recorded confession that she killed Connie so that there will be no evidence against her and she can get away with murder. He explains to Alexis that the court hearing was not the first he has known that Denise is really Ava. He found out all the evidence from Obrecht. Alexis wonders why he did not come forward. When Julian remembers his sister telling him if he helps her hide and accomplish what she wants, they can work together to put Sonny Corinthos away for good, he knows he cannot answer Alexis' question. She wonders why he did not simply go to the police and report Ava. He tells her he knows but he has loyalty for his sister although Alexis reminds him that his sister murdered Connie in cold blood and it won't bother her a bit if Ava is put away for good.

Morgan is wondering what to do now that he realize not only has he cheated on Kiki, he has slept with Ava again and she has betrayed him. Kiki comes by to see him. She wants to exonerate her mom and is happy that Ava is back yet Morgan does not believe there is anything honorable or excusable with what Ava did. He tells Kiki she needs to know that her mother is a murderer and does not care about her own daughter now that they know all that she did since everyone assumed she died. Having absolutely no clue that Morgan has slept with Denise/Ava, Kiki admits she cannot understand why he is angry at her mom and taking it so personally and why he would believe that she has betrayed him anymore than anyone else. He tells her he knows Ava has not only killed Connie. She's killed Silas although Kiki protests that the picture makes it clear that it's Nina with Franco's help. He tells her if she wants to believe Ava, that's fine but he will not believe a word that comes out of that woman's mouth after all she's done to lie and deceive them. He tells her maybe Ava cannot make this right but he can. He tells Kiki that he wants to have a future with her where nobody else can get in the way. He wants them to go away together and he expresses a need for “urgency”. Now that Denise and Ava are out of the way, so he believes, Kiki need never know and he need never have the threat hanging over his head that he slept with Ava behind her back. And is that the “only” thing he wants to hide from?

While at the station, brainstorming with Dante about the mystery of who killed Silas, Nathan realizes he has to urgently go and check on something. He reveals to his partner he thinks he's found something with which to crack open the case against Nina. And this is something they've never before considered.

Kiki agrees to go with Morgan and start a new life together but she needs to stop at her dad's house. He tells her he needs to go somewhere else. When she's alone, she reflects on hearing Morgan's sudden urgency to leave town and run from something.

Alexis tells Julian she has to leave and get to Nina's arraignment. She reminds him that even if Ava does not go down for Silas' murder, she will certainly be doing some hard time for what she did to Connie. When he's alone, Julian remembers that without the recording where his sister admits to killing Connie, any accusations against her are only hearsay. Yet he has not been able to find or destroy the tape recording. He knows he has to take drastic action for his sister before it's too late.

Nina gets escorted by the guard out of her cell to her arraignment hearing.

Although Sonny tells Ava he believes she is going down for the murder of Connie, she tells him they will see about that. He leaves her alone and she realizes that the tape of the murder confession is still accessible to the DA's office and what Sonny threatens her with might still happen if something does not happen fast. She knows her only hope is Julian as she is helpless to do anything while behind bars.

Ric tells Madeline he has to attend Nina's arraignment hearing and reminds her she might want to also make an appearance to have the court believing she's there for her daughter. She reminds Ric they still have to get the papers and get Nina to sign them. They leave the office together and Julian is not far away and ready to enter the empty office.

Alone, Kiki remembers Morgan telling her that he wants the two of them to have a future and make new memories together far away from Port Charles and all the people they know. She can only wonder why he's suddenly decided that.

At the cell block, the guard informs Ava she has a visitor. She hopes and prays it's Julian. But to her disappointment and “fear”, it's Morgan.

Nathan reveals to Dante he thinks they have finally found Silas' killer.

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