GH Update Tuesday 8/25/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/25/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy found Dillon's script on the coffee table. She debated whether or not to invade his privacy and read it. Tracy decided that she would read the script since Dillon left it in the open. Paul walked in, and he admitted he'd read the script too. Tracy wondered when the film would go into production. Paul revealed that it already had. Tracy was hurt that Dillon didn't tell her. Paul noted that not many Quartermaines were in the film business. Tracy stated that she was proud of both of her sons for going into the arts. Tracy suddenly wondered where Dillon got the money, and she worried that Dillon had sold his shares. Paul stated that he gave Dillon the money, and Tracy was surprised because she didn't know Paul was that wealthy. Paul explained that he'd started his own business awhile back and had done well for himself. Tracy noted that that was a very extravagant gift, but Paul felt comfortable giving his son such a large sum. Paul pointed out that he hadn't been there for Dillon. Tracy admitted that she moved Dillon from place to place and didn't make things easy for Paul, but Paul still felt that he could have made more of an effort. Paul admitted that he'd inadvertently neglected Dillon while he focused on building a life with Jenny.

Paul wanted both Tracy and Dillon to know that he wanted to be there for them. Tracy scoffed and spat that she didn't lean on anyone, least of all, Paul. Paul told her that they were alone and she didn't have to pretend she didn't miss Luke. Tracy didn't think Paul was qualified to comment on such a complex situation. Paul told Tracy that he understood, since he still loved Jenny, even though left her after she cheated on him. Paul explained that he hoped he and Tracy could lean on each other. Tracy accused Paul of trying to get her into bed. She told him that even if she was interested, she wasn't ready to move on. Paul insisted that he wasn't trying to bed Tracy. He added that he wasn't ready to move on either. Paul explained that he was going to be around for awhile, getting to know Dillon, and he thought it would be nice if he and Tracy could be friends. Tracy seemed receptive, but she wasn't sure how to build a friendship with Paul. Paul suggested they start with dinner. Later, they dined by candlelight, and Tracy admitted that being friends wasn't such a bad idea. Paul suggested that they toast to their new friendship. Tracy felt that they should start smaller and toast to the thing they'd always have in common – Dillon. Paul agreed.

Dillon and Lulu were on The Haunted Star watching the crew get things set up for filming. Dillon told Lulu that he'd been distracted this morning because Valerie was pregnant. Lulu was stunned, until Dillon smiled and she realized he was teasing. Lulu admitted that she had been pushing too hard for Dillon to get serious with Valerie. Dillon wondered if Lulu had an ulterior motive. Lulu swore that her only motive was to see one of her oldest friends find happiness. Dillon replied that not everyone needed a spouse and child to be happy. He added that he was very happy right now. Lulu promised to back off. Dillon was surprised that Lulu had become a proponent of the traditional lifestyle. Lulu had come to see that there was value in some of those traditions.

At the PCPD, a cop brought Ava into the squad room. Ava was angry about being detained, and she argued that Nina was the one who should be in cuffs. Just then, Nathan brought Nina in. Nina asked Nathan to keep her away from Ava. Ava and Nina argued about which one of them murdered Silas. Nina lunged at Ava, but Nathan stopped the fight from turning physical.

Valerie was also at the PCPD., hanging out in the interrogation room. Dante walked in and asked what she was up to. She explained that she was looking through real estate listings so she could find a place and move out of Carly's. Dante was sure Valerie was welcome to stay there as long as she wanted, since Carly and Josslyn were moving to Sonny's after the wedding. Valerie loved having her new family, but she didn't want to mooch off of them. She felt that she'd already overstepped her boundaries with the Spencers. Dante felt that he and Valerie should forgive themselves and move past their mistake. He added that he and Lulu were stronger than ever, and he assumed things were going well with Valerie and Dillon. Valerie didn't get a chance to respond because Dante heard Nina and Ava's raised voices and went into the squad room to help. Nathan brought Dante up to speed on why Nina and “Denise” were at the station. Valerie walked out, and Dante told her that Ava was a cold blooded killer who murdered his cousin Connie. Ava argued that Nina was the only cold blooded killer in the room. Ava demanded that the detectives keep that “unstable” woman away from her. Dante told her to shut up. Nathan took Nina to a cell. Nina swore she was innocent, but Nathan apologetically told her he had to follow the law. Valerie was concerned for Dante, because he'd just booked the woman who murdered his cousin. She touched his arm and told him to let her know if he needed anything. Dante was still trying to process things, and he wanted to see Lulu. Valerie told him that Lulu and Dillon were supposed to be on the boat. Valerie was supposed to meet Dillon there, so Dante and Valerie left together. An officer took Ava to an interrogation room to wait for Jordan.

Back on the boat, Dillon asked Lulu if she was pushing him to get serious with Valerie because she was afraid Valerie would go after Dante. Lulu insisted that she didn't see Valerie as a threat to her marriage. Lulu said all the messiness was behind them, and she wanted to get to know her cousin as family. Dillon asked if she was okay with him and Valerie just dating and not getting serious. Lulu assured Dillon that she was fine with that, as long as both he and Valerie were happy. Dillon stated that he'd made the changes to the script that Lulu suggested, but he wanted to hear them out loud. Lulu was taken aback that Dillon wanted her to play the woman who broke his heart. Lulu was concerned that the character of Marjorie was based on her. Dillon assured Lulu that she wasn't Marjorie. Dillon added that he couldn't write about something until he knew it was permanently out of his life, and he'd always known that Lulu would never be permanently out of his life. Lulu and Dillon read lines for the scene, which was about “Declan” and “Marjorie” discussing Marjorie giving up her dream to travel the world. Declan wondered why Marjorie wasn't living the adventurous life she'd dreamed of. Marjorie claimed she'd grown up, but Declan felt that Marjorie had stopped taking risks. Declan said he'd come back to help Marjorie be herself again – the fearless, wild girl he knew her as. Dillon, as “Declan” placed his hand on Lulu/Marjorie's. Just after Dillon moved his hand, Dante and Valerie walked in. Dante told Lulu everything that just happened with Ava and Nina.

Kiki raced out of the courtroom. Morgan caught up to her in the lobby and asked what she was doing. Kiki wanted to go to the station and see her mom, but Morgan didn't think that was a good idea. He was angry that Ava tricked them into thinking she was dead. Although Kiki wished Ava hadn't lied, Kiki understood why she did. Kiki was curious about why Morgan seemed to be more angry than Kiki was. Morgan spat that what Ava did to him was almost worse than what Ava did to Kiki. Kiki asked how. Morgan explained that he once loved Ava, and she deceived him. Kiki still wanted to see her mom, and she asked Morgan if he was coming. Morgan said he couldn't, so Kiki said she'd see him later, and she left.

Carly went to Sonny's and told him about an enlightening conversation she'd just had with Madeline about Nina. Carly hoped to learn from Madeline's mistakes with Nina, and get Morgan some help early on, so he didn't turn out like Nina did. Carly didn't want to blame Denise for Morgan's problems anymore. Sonny revealed that Denise was really Ava. Sonny brought Carly up to speed on how Ava and Silas faked Ava's death. Carly and Sonny were furious that Ava used Avery's marrow to save her life. Sonny vowed to make Ava pay for killing Connie. Carly felt that everyone should have listened to Sonny, who'd suspected that Denise was a fraud all along. Carly realized this meant that Morgan slept with Kiki's mom again. Carly wondered if Morgan knew that Ava was alive all along. Sonny didn't think so. Sonny was sure that Morgan would want to kill Ava with his bare hands. Carly didn't want to think about Morgan killing anyone, even Ava. Morgan walked in and told his parents that Nina killed Silas. Sonny asked if Morgan had any idea that Denise was Ava. Morgan felt like an idiot for everything that happened with Ava while she was pretending to be Denise. Carly and Sonny comforted him.

Kiki joined her mother in the interrogation room. Ava was pleased that Kiki came to see her. Kiki stated that she needed to hear Ava say she didn't kill Silas. Ava told Kiki about everything Silas had done for her over the past year, including kidnapping Avery to save Ava's life. Ava added that Nina killed Silas because everyone blamed her for Avery's disappearance. Ava swore she didn't kill Silas. Kiki snidely asked if Denise did it. Ava apologized for lying to Kiki. Kiki asked how she was supposed to believe that, when Ava killed Connie. Ava insisted that she'd never take Silas from Kiki. Kiki believed her mom. Ava explained that she took a huge risk coming back because she couldn't bear being away from Kiki and Avery. Kiki hugged Ava and said she loved her. Ava promised to make things up to Kiki. Kiki replied that Morgan was almost more upset than Kiki was.

Back inside the courtroom, Scott asked the court to drop the charges against Franco, with prejudice. Franco jumped up and confessed to killing Silas and told the judge to lock him up and throw away the key. Scott ordered Franco to stop lying to protect Nina. The judge asked for Ric's opinion. Ric wanted to hold all three suspects in Silas's murder – Nina, Franco, and Ava, until they had more evidence. The judge agreed, and she denied Scott's motion.

Nathan took Nina to a holding cell. She tried to get Nathan to say he knew she was innocent, but Nathan told her she'd left him no choice but to lock her up. Nina urged Nathan to find the evidence that would clear her and implicate Ava in Silas's murder. Nathan promised to do what he could. He left. Nina's frustration boiled over and she threw a chair. Franco was brought in shortly afterward. Nina didn't understand why Franco confessed to a crime he didn't commit. Franco told Nina that he never would have let Scott defend him if he'd known Scott was going to throw Nina under the bus. Nina assured Franco that she was glad Scott defended him. Nina and Franco agreed that they were in this together and that they'd get out of this together.

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