GH Update Monday 8/24/15

General Hospital Update Monday 8/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is attentively watching television to see the news report about the murder of Silas and how Denise DeMuccio could affect what will happen to Franco, while the court hearing is in process. She turns it off when she hears a knock on the door. It's Sam. She opens the door to admit her daughter and Sam asks her mom what may be going on with her father, Julian. They both really wonder whether or not Julian is out of the illegal business. Sam admits to her mom that it's entirely possible there are two sides of the story. They both know about Julian's history including using Sam's child as a “shield” against Sonny. Alexis admits that was bad but they agree that he really does love Danny. They both conclude that all Alexis has are her instincts about Julian and Alexis admits that she does have suspicions and reservations, given the evidence Sonny has. She admit to her daughter that she really “envied” Sam's relationship with Jason. Although he's now dead, Sam never regretted being with him. Alexis informs Sam, for the first time, about Denise being subpoenaed. They wonder what that has to do with anything and assume the murderer of Silas is Franco. However, Sam admits that she talked to Kiki and saw the possibility that it could be someone else. They both want someone to pay for murdering Silas, realizing that he saved Danny's life and in a sense, saved Sam's life also. Alexis is confident that sooner or later the real killer will be brought to justice. Sam talks about how Silas convinced her she could love again and how she's happily with Patrick.

Julian goes to see Sonny. Sonny questions if he might be violating his bail by visiting “the enemy” and brainstorms with a list of possible reasons for why Julian has come to see him. Julian asks Sonny if he wants him to confess that he's back in the business. Sonny tells him if he “confides” in him, he won't inform Alexis or the cops but the “catch” is that Julian will answer to him. Sonny continues to gloat, reminding Julian he will fail without the “help” of a pro. Hearing that, Julian laughs knowing he'd never do that and he concludes that the anonymous “rat” that got him in trouble and almost imprisoned for murder came from Sonny. He knows Sonny set him up. Sonny tells Julian he knows that he (Julian) ordered the murder. Sonny further tells Julian that nobody would believe that Sonny would have one of his own men killed. Julian tells him he knows that is what happened because it's right up Sonny's alley. Sonny tells Julian he knows all he wants to do is win Alexis over, at any cost. He tells Julian, however, one thing he needs to know about Alexis is that she's a very intelligent woman. She will only let Julian lie to her for so long. She builds cases, draws conclusions and sooner or later, she will kick him to the curb, and turn on him and he will be screwed.

At the hospital, Patrick notices Elizabeth's engagement ring and congratulates her although they both know that engagement or marriage to Jake may be a very “eventful” thing in her life and not without complications. He tells her he's happy for her “if” Jake is the right guy. He tells her that the life that Jake came from is very clearly experienced in what could be illegal or dangerous. Yet Elizabeth is encouraged, especially remembering that while in the chapel, Sam encouraged Elizabeth to accept Jake's proposal and marry him. She then asks Patrick when he plans to propose to Sam, to which he hesitates to answer. He admits that although things are great with him and Sam, he suspects that she may not be totally over Jason and so they may need time.

Nathan talks to Maxie at the Metro Court and reveals to her that his sister informed him that it was Silas who kidnapped Ava's baby. Maxie wonders why that would happen and urges Nathan to realize that Nina may not have great credibility. He protests, however, that he has a hunch that his sister is telling the truth. He asked Nina why she believes that, he informs Maxie. Yet she informed him she cannot reveal the reason why because she needed to “protect” Franco. Hearing that, Maxie admits she's just as baffled as Nathan is as to what this might have to do with Franco and what the secret is that Nina is keeping about why Silas would kidnap baby Avery. Maxie tells Nathan the believes that if Nina's keeping a secret, it's only to protect Franco from getting rightfully charged with murder. Yet Nathan knows there could be more to it than that as he informs Maxie how Madeline wants Nina to sign away everything to her mother and to Ric. Maxie is shocked to find out what kind of a human being Madeline is to do that to her daughter, and they both realize that maybe both Nina and Franco are being falsely accused and there is, in fact another murderer. They are both aware that Ric is now the new DA.

A prior conversation takes place between Scott Baldwin and Dr. Obrecht at the hospital, she reveals the whole truth about Ava surviving and Silas helping her to hide, save her life with bone marrow from baby Avery, and allow her to pretend to be Denise so she can get away with murder having everyone believing she is not Ava.

In the courtroom, Scott Baldwin calls “Denise” to the stand and announces to the courtroom that she is Ava Jerome. He has evidence that the only liar in the courtroom is herself. Ava is alive and well and this woman is her, he declares. She wonders where Scott would have evidence that she is really Ava and we see Kiki and Morgan and many others attentively watching in suspense, completely unaware of how and why there would be evidence that “Denise” is really Ava and lying about whom she really is. Scott remembers, however, being is very worried, that the evidence is overwhelmingly against Franco for the murder of Silas. We see before the trial, Scott was talking on the phone to Obrecht who told him she has evidence that can save Franco although she does not reveal it, knowing that it may not be the type of evidence that everybody wants to know. Remembering that, while cross examining Ava, Scott concludes that that the DNA test that revealed she is Denise is not reliable because it was a blood test that came from the bone marrow of baby Avery. Hearing that, Morgan Kiki and many others are shocked to hear this information. Scott further asks if it's true that Dr. Silas Clay secretly saved Ava's life and kept her out of prison. For that reason, Ava had to pass herself off as an imaginary person whom she said was Ava's fraternal twin sister, Denise DeMuccio. If anyone knew she was Ava, she'd have to go to prison for the murder of Connie Falconeri. Scott further narrates that Silas protected Ava only up to a certain point. Enough happened that made Silas angry at her and motivated him to reveal her secret. And that is what give her the motive to kill him before he could reveal who she really is. Scott remembers the evidence the chief of staff gave him and boldly tells Ava that he knows everything she's done. He further probes her, right in front of everyone in the courtroom how she says she wants to protect both of her daughters but has only done what she's done to save her own skin. She then admits that she is Ava Jerome. At that point, Kiki is in shock. Scott then demands to the courtroom that the charges against Franco be dropped because the true killer is right on the witness stand. Ava then admits she is Ava and it's true that Silas Clay kept her secret and gave her the bone marrow transplant. But she did not kill Silas. Scott asks how anyone could believe that. She then pulls out her phone with the proof in the picture she took of Nina sitting over Silas' dead body with a knife. She reflects that the father of her child and the man she once loved and who saved her life was killed. It was terrible. She had to do something about it. Yet she did not know what to do so she took the picture of Nina and got out of there. At that point, Ric concludes he has no choice except to charge his wife, Nina Clay Lansing with the murder of Dr. Silas Clay.

Sam leaves Julian's home to meet Patrick for dinner while Julian is at Sonny's home. The two men (Sonny and Julian) continue to butt heads about who should fear the other.

In the courtroom, the judge calls a recess and everyone is in awe to find out that Ava is really alive.

While Nathan is with Maxie, he gets a call from Ric who tells him that “new evidence” has been presented in the courtroom. Nathan asks what evidence.

During the court's recess, Franco is not happy to find out that his father and Obrecht have worked to clear his name and implicate Ava. Although they have done that, Franco knows that exposing Ava will only motivate her to turn on Nina with the evidence. Although Franco does not want that to happen, neither Obrecht nor Scott are concerned about that and Scott tells his son he needs to cover his own behind and not worry about Nina.

Ric announces to Ava she is under arrest for the murder of Connie Falconeri.

Julian returns to Alexis after Sam has left. He knows not to tell her where he went and what he did. He asks her what updates may have happened in Denise's trial...He somehow instinctively knows that it's not “normal” for it to have taken so long, remembering what he's just found out about “Denise” (revealing the secret that she's really Ava).

When Ric is alone in the courtroom, he gets a call from Sonny demanding to know if Franco has been put away for murder. Sonny needs to know why his brother has not taken action which should be a slam dunk in getting Franco put away. Ric then tells his brother that they have just found out something that may be of even more personal interest to Sonny; Ava Jerome is alive.

Before the court is reconvened, and Franco knows that Nina is in serious trouble, he confesses to the murder of Silas, announcing to all that he killed him and he will accept the prison sentence.

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