GH Update Friday 8/21/15

General Hospital Update Friday 8/21/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Scott Baldwin has “suddenly” served “Denise” with a subpoena, she goes to the courtroom and asks him what this is all about. He informs her, that once she gets sworn in, she will find out. The judge calls a recess and “Denise” immediately finds her way to Franco and asks if he asked his pop to drag her there. He tells her no. He (himself) does not want her anywhere near him. She then pulls out her phone and asks if he thinks she should call her lawyer. He instantly remembers her informing and showing him the picture she took on her phone which incriminates Nina, warning him if he says one word against her, the truth may set him free but Nina will take his place in prison. He knows she can do it at any time so he hesitates to “challenge” her. Scott notices her phone and asks her why she can't put it away. She talks to him and to Franco, about all of the pictures she has on her phone, hinting that Franco and Nina have more to be afraid of than she does. The judge instructs a “distracted” Denise to approach the witness stand and hand over her phone. She agrees to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, adding she has nothing to hide. She explains that she heard, the night in question, that Silas wanted their mutual daughter to come home from an outing so that he could tell her something. “Denise” says she wanted to invite her brother to join herself, her niece and her niece's dad for a family get together, but, sadly, they never had that chance. Scott then tells her that's all fine and good but he finds it odd that she did not invite Dr. Clay to this family event, on that same day when he was in her home and she had the perfect chance to do so. In response to that, she has no answer and we see Morgan and Kiki both listening intently appearing as though they are waiting for an answer. When Scott grills her on the witness stand, she hesitates to answer while she remembers Silas informing her that he will tell Kiki who she really is, how she abandoned her daughter to save her own skin and turned around and screwed Kiki's boyfriend. She then replies she did not know that Silas was at Julian's apartment the night in question because she wasn't there. Franco clearly does not want his dad to grill “Denise” knowing what she could do. Yet Scott has more questions for her and when the opposing counsel objects, he gets straight to the point by presenting her with the file he has with DNA evidence to prove who she really is.

Nathan goes to see Nina at ShadyBrook. She tells her brother that she wanted to be with Franco at his trial. But their mother, Madeline came by and wanted her to sign a document, which she shows to Nathan. She remembers being asked, by her mom, to sign a document (which would allow both Ric and her mom to have access to her money),. However, she is hesitating to sign it until she has a chance to look it over. He tells his sister that she made the right decision not to trust their mother. He highly suspects that both Madeline and Ric want her to believe she kidnapped baby Avery even if they believe otherwise. She then assures her brother, for the first time, that she knows, with certainty that she did not kidnap baby Avery because she knows who did. Hearing that for the first time, Nathan demands to know what she's now suddenly found out. She then blurts out that Silas took the baby from the hospital the night in question when she got accused of it. Hearing that, Nathan demands to know how she'd know it was Silas, why she suspects him and what she is not telling him. He asks her why she thinks Silas took the baby, knows with certainty that she did not do it and Silas did. Nina knows she cannot reveal everything about that to her brother and tries to distract him. Yet he probes his sister, reminding her that not long ago, Liesl Obrecht told him she knew, for a fact that Silas was at the hospital the night in question and left the same time baby Avery went missing and there is evidence he knows of, right off hand, that would give Silas means and opportunity to kidnap the baby. Yet, he reveals to Nina, the only thing he does not have on Silas is motive. So, he asks his sister, if Silas would, in fact, have motive to kidnap the baby, realizing she might be keeping a secret from him about that. She admits yes. He urges her to tell him what she knows about Silas kidnapping the baby and he does not understand why she would not tell him when they can clear her name and be free from all of this. Yet she cannot answer Nathan's question of why Silas would kidnap baby Avery because she needs to protect Franco. Hearing that, Nathan is confused with what that has to do with Franco. He also realizes that Nina may be able to prove that Franco has been falsely accused of killing Silas yet she won't reveal, just like Franco hesitated to reveal, when he and Obrecht mother asked him, who it is that really did kill Silas.

Madeline goes into the Metro Court, appearing stressed while waiting to find out if Nina will sign the papers. She notices Carly inattentive to her while on the phone with Sonny, informing him that Michael did reveal some things to her about Morgan which gives them cause for concern. She reminds Sonny that they have to consider the possibility that Morgan is not responsible for his actions and could have inadvertently murdered Silas, due to his being bi polar and their son may be in need of a psychiatrist. While Carly is at the Metro Court, Madeline demands she gets off the phone and serves her a drink. It does not take long for Carly and Madeline to find out they have “one thing” in common. They both have a child classified as mentally ill, obligated to take medication, see a psychiatrist and considered to be at risk of detrimental consequences from their unintended impulsive behaviors due to their mental illness. Carly listens to Madeline talking about how Nina does things she cannot help, acts before thinking, and needs to have other protect her from herself for her own good which Carly concludes is not unlike Morgan

Alone with baby Avery, Sonny holds her and assures her she will be happy with her life because she's his perfect little girl. Olivia walks in and is happy to see him with the baby, assuming that Michael must have “come around”. Sonny clarifies to her, however, that although his son gave him back the baby, he still does not recognize Sonny and Carly as his parents anymore. She assures Sonny that he mustn't give up on his son and insists on holding the little one. She happily engages with baby Avery and seems warm, friendly and gracious to Sonny when she finds out he is marrying Carly, assuring him she realizes that the two of them mean a lot to each other but she realizes Carly may be the right person for him whereas she is not. She knows not to admit to Sonny that her infant son, with Julian, is alive and well but wants to pump him for information about Julian. Of course, Sonny has nothing nice to say about Julian and finds it odd, not only that Olivia would talk happily about her “dead baby”, but she'd defend and want to see the good in Julian or believe he's no longer in the mob. He reminds her this is the coward he can't touch because he's the only match for Danny's bone marrow. She does not want to speak ill of Julian but realizes she does have an axe to grind with his sister who had her cousin murdered. They both agree that Ava got off easy dying and not having to live her life paying for taking Connie's life and she should never be allowed to have anything to do with Avery for the rest of her life. They remember how the cops had everything they needed to bring her to justice but Ava did not have to pay for taking Connie's life. Sonny informs Olivia that he met Ava's “twin sister” thinking she was Ava. Even though the DNA test proved she is not Ava and just her twin, there is no way he's going to let that woman anywhere near his daughter.

Michael is happily with Sabrina when he informs her that he found out that Sonny and Carly are getting remarried and inviting him to their wedding. He is not comfortable attending knowing that Sonny killed his father. Although he wants to make peace with both of his parents and let go of the anger, the fact remains that Sonny killed AJ and he cannot forgive that. He also informs her that Sonny raised him and not AJ. Sonny taught him, while he was a child, that one's word and one's honor is all they have. Then, not long ago, right before AJ died, Sonny believed that AJ murdered Connie and wanted to kill him. Yet he gave Michael his word that he would not do that yet he lied and betrayed Michael having him falsely believing that an innocent person killed AJ after Sonny killed him. He did not suspect Sonny in AJ's murder because he thought Sonny would never break his word but he did. Ava killed Connie and got AJ falsely accused of the murder and covered it up with Sonny and provoked Sonny to murder AJ. Hearing that, Sabrina admits she doesn't know Sonny very well but has heard about him being bi-polar, which may mean he acts without thinking and due to a mental illness he cannot help. Hearing that, he tells her he's now heard concerns from his mom that his little brother, Morgan has inherited the condition. She then gives him some of her professional theories about bi-polar disorder and wants to shed some light. Michael lists Morgan's recent pattern of impulsive behavior including his getting into trouble with online gambling, tricking Kiki into marrying him as soon as he found out she was not a Quartermaine. He slept with Ava hours after their marriage ended. He teamed up with Julian to go after Sonny and almost killed Max. Sabrina listens attentively and tells him that impulsive behaviors like that are all symptoms of bi polar disorder. She remembers that Morgan drugged him, not long ago, to make him look like an unfit parent. Michael also suspects, although he does not come out and say it to Sabrina, the most recent “suspicion” surrounding Morgan involving the possible “impulsive” and “unintended” murder of Silas. So, they both conclude, that maybe urgent action needs to be taken before it's too late, with Morgan and what he might do next, due to his presumed diagnosis.

Alexis returns to Julian. He tells her that “something” is weighing heavily on his mind. He remembers “Denise” revealing to him that she is his sister, Ava Jerome, in the flesh. Yet he doesn't want to come out and admit that to Alexis so he simply tells her he's “worried about his sister”. Hearing that, she remarks that if Denise is doing some of the same behaviors as Ava did, it's kind of “coincidental” with the two of them being fraternal twins. Julian is lost in thought and avoids her when she asks him if he believes that Denise might have had something to do with the murder of Silas. He remembers the most recent conversation they had where she revealed she is Ava and her all but admitting that she killed Silas. They also talk about Julian's “deceased” child and how odd it was that Olivia came by just yesterday to pay them a “friendly visit and talk happily about the baby she clearly did not intend to have with Julian, and the fact that it looked like Olivia had something to tell them that she did not have a chance to tell them.

In the courtroom, as Scott questions “Denise” and she is very confident that nobody will ever uncover her secret, he reveals, to the court that he happens to know that she is not Denise. She is Ava Jerome.

While talking to Olivia, Sonny tells her that maybe this woman really is simply Ava's twin but regardless, he will make certain that nobody except Carly will be this little girl's mom. They are the only family she has, he declares.

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