GH Update Thursday 8/20/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/20/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Jerome penthouse, Julian sensed that “Denise” was in trouble. He told her that if she confided in him, he might be able to help. Ava told Julian that she was really Ava. He didn't believe it until Ava repeated the things he'd said about her at her memorial service. Julian was overjoyed, and he gave his sister a big hug. Julian asked Ava why she came back instead of starting a new life. Ava replied that she wanted to be near her daughters. Julian understood why Ava didn't tell him or Kiki the truth, but he didn't get why she told Silas. Ava explained that he was the only one who could help her. Julian asked if she killed Silas. Ava was offended that Julian would think she would kill someone who meant so much to her just to ensure his silence. Julian reminded Ava that she killed Connie to keep her from telling anyone that Derek Wells was really Julian. Ava told Julian not to ever forget what she did for him. Julian noted that Ava still killed Connie. Ava stated that she took no pleasure in that, but Ava felt that people who hung around people in the mafia knew the risks. Ava noted that Sonny walked free after committing murder, and she intended to do the same. Ava told Julian she needed someone to steal the recording of her confessing to killing Connie. She was convinced that Julian was lying about being reformed and that he'd be able to help her with this. Ava told Julian that if he helped her, she could resume her old life, get her kids back, and she and Julian could rule Port Charles together and get Sonny out of the way for good. Julian swore he'd gotten out of the business. Ava told Julian that she understood why he had to lie to Alexis, his children, and even “Denise,” but he could be honest with her (Ava). There was a knock on the door – Julian answered. It was a man with a subpoena. Later, Julian was alone looking at a picture of himself with Ava. He thought about the life Ava said they could have if he helped her.

Carly and Sonny were at her place discussing Morgan and the possibility of him being bipolar. It was clear that Sonny would feel guilty if he'd passed his illness down to his son. While Carly admitted that Morgan might not have killed Silas, she still believed that Morgan was volatile and needed help. Sonny hoped Morgan hadn't already done something he couldn't take back. Carly was just glad someone else was already on trial, and she figured that Franco was probably guilty, but she didn't think they could ignore Morgan's issues. Carly felt that they should encourage Morgan to talk to a psychiatrist after the trial was over. Sonny didn't think it would be easy to convince Morgan to do that. Carly took Sonny's hand and told him they were both stubborn enough to make sure Morgan got the help he needed. Sonny agreed, and he told Carly that was why they made a good team. Michael dropped by and was surprised Carly was at home, instead of at the hotel. Carly explained that she was working for home. Michael revealed that he was there to drop off Lucas's employment contract for the new clinic. Carly smiled and asked about the clinic. Michael announced that he'd cleared all the major hurdles and now he'd be able to honor his father with the AJ. Quartermaine memorial clinic. Sonny looked uncomfortable, but he made it clear that he was happy for Michael. Carly asked Michael if he would come to the wedding on September 2nd. Michael said he was going to be busy with the clinic. Sonny said he understood, and he wished Michael good luck. Sonny left.

Carly hung up her phone after talking to Josslyn, who was having a great time in Australia with Jax. Josslyn wouldn't be home in time for the wedding. Carly accepted this, because she didn't want to fight with Jax over Sonny. Carly knew it was hard for Michael to see Sonny, but she was happy that Michael was willing to make peace. Michael admitted it was an adjustment to see Carly with Sonny, but Michael respected their love for each other. Michael just didn't think he was ready to let Sonny back into his life, and he wasn't sure he ever would be. Carly said both she and Sonny understood. She assured Michael that Sonny didn't leave because Michael couldn't attend the wedding, but because Sonny had a lot on his mind. Carly shared her suspicions that Morgan was bipolar. Michael wondered what they would do if the doctor said that Morgan's bad judgment wasn't caused by being bipolar. Carly thought it was important that they get answers. She asked Michael to let her know if he saw Morgan acting erratically. Michael recalled that Morgan had seemed really depressed on July 31st. Carly sighed and noted that Silas was killed that night. Michael replied that Silas' death hadn't hit the news at that point, so Morgan couldn't have been upset about that. Michael added that the only person who knew Silas was dead at that moment was the killer. Carly looked even more shaken.

At Greystone Manor, T.J. and Molly entered Greystone Manor after a water fight. T.J. raved about Sonny's pool, then he and Molly kissed. Graciela, the maid, walked in and asked for the towels T.J. and Molly had used. T.J. said he was going to wash them himself, but Graciela insisted, so he gave them to her. Graciela took their lunch orders and left. T.J. asked Molly what she wanted to do next – he told her they could use the speed boat or Sonny's home movie theater. Molly wondered if it would be difficult for T.J. to adjust to the dorms after enjoying such a lavish home. T.J. admitted that he might not move into the dorms, though he assured Molly that he would still attend college. Sonny was already covering TJ's tuition, and T.J. didn't feel comfortable asking him to pay for housing too. Molly was sure that Sonny would be happy to do it. T.J. admitted that he also liked the house and being around Sonny, Carly and Avery. Molly was disappointed since she chose to go to PCU partially so she and T.J. could live on the same campus. T.J. pointed out that they wouldn't have been in the same dorm. Molly confessed that she was afraid T.J. would get caught up in the mob war. T.J. replied that he wasn't going to pick up a gun and become an enforcer. He shot an imaginary machine gun and laughed, but Molly ordered him not to even joke about things like that.

T.J. didn't understand what the problem was. Molly said this reminded her of what was going on with Alexis. Molly felt that Julian had, yet again, tricked Alexis into thinking he was out of the mob. Molly was worried that the person who was going after Sonny would hurt T.J. T.J. was sure that the bodyguards would protect him. Molly asked T.J. if he was going to have a bodyguard 24/7. T.J. didn't think that was necessary. Molly countered that she'd grown up around the mob. “I love my uncle Sonny, but everyone around him ends up getting hurt because of him,” Molly said. Molly turned around just in time to see Sonny standing in the doorway. Molly apologized, but Sonny told her it was okay. Sonny told T.J. that he would pay his tuition even if he wanted to move into the dorms or in with Jordan. T.J. said he didn't want to live with Jordan, because even though they'd made progress, things weren't perfect. Sonny replied that no parent was perfect. A guard came in and announced that lunch was ready. Molly apologized again, but Sonny told her not to be sorry for protecting the people she loved. After Molly and T.J. left, Sonny asked the guard for an update. The man replied that Julian was at home, and Sonny's men were ready to make a move on him. Sonny said to wait for Julian to make a mistake while Jordan was watching him. The guard left. Sonny looked up to the sky and wondered if it was true that everyone he loved got hurt.

Franco's trial was underway at the courthouse. To the surprise of Kiki, Scott and Franco, Ric called Morgan to the stand. Scott objected because Morgan wasn't on the witness list. Ric explained that he'd recently learned that Morgan had information that was relevant to the case. The judge allowed Morgan to speak. Scott quietly asked Franco what Morgan was going to say about him. Franco wasn't sure. Ric asked Morgan if he was in Silas's apartment the day of the murder. Back at the defense table, Franco quietly noted that it seemed that Ric was suggesting that Morgan murdered Silas. Scott told him to be quiet and see where this went. Morgan told the court how Franco threatened him with the same knife that was later used to kill Silas. Ric asked Morgan why Franco threatened him. Morgan flashed back to Franco threatening to kill him for cheating on Kiki. Morgan lied and said Franco came to the apartment to have it out with Silas. Franco leapt to his feet and called Morgan a liar, then he turned to Kiki and told her that that wasn't how it happened. Scott made Franco sit down and be quiet. Scott asked Morgan why he didn't come forward before now. Morgan said Franco threatened to kill him if he told anyone.

The judge called a recess. Franco went over to Morgan and vowed to make him pay. Morgan ignored Franco and kept walking. Scott reminded Franco that he was supposed to be quiet. Franco was angry that Scott hadn't done anything to prove Morgan lied. Scott was annoyed that Franco hadn't been up front with him. Scott left the courtroom to do some damage control. Kiki asked Morgan why he didn't tell her about this. Morgan said he didn't say anything before because Kiki cared about Franco, and she was upset over Silas's death. Morgan added that he came forward because he was worried that Franco would beat the charges. Kiki noted that she'd sensed that Morgan was keeping something from her. She assured him that he could always come to her and tell her anything. They hugged. Kiki went over to Franco and said she'd almost believed in him again, until now. Franco tried to explain, but Kiki didn't want to hear it. She said she knew the truth, and she was glad that Morgan was the one who was going to put her away for good. “Because if your boyfriend tells you something, then it has to be the truth,” Franco sarcastically said. Kiki wondered what that meant. The court was called back into session. Scott called “Denise” to the stand. Scott thanked Denise for coming, and she pointed out that he sent a processor to force her to come.

Nina flipped through TV channels as Heidi, a catatonic patient, sat nearby. Nina was frustrated because none of the stations were airing Franco's case, and she was afraid that he was going to “fry” because he was protecting her over a crime neither of them committed. Nina brainstormed ways to help Franco. She thought about turning Ava in, but she knew that if she did that, Ava would give the police the picture of Nina with Silas's body. Nina concluded that Franco's only hope was for Scott to get him exonerated. Nina decided she should attend the trial to give Franco moral support. She was on her way out when Madeline arrived. Nina asked Madeline to get out of her way so she could get to the courthouse. Madeline didn't think it was a good idea for Nina to be involved with a known killer who'd just killed again. Nina blurted out that Ava killed Silas. Madeline reminded Nina that Ava was dead. Nina flashed back to Franco telling her that she couldn't tell anyone Ava was alive. In the present, Nina pretended she'd gotten confused.

Madeline asked Nina to sign the paperwork giving Madeline and Ric control of her finances. Nina asked why. Madeline said that ShadyBrook was very expensive, and if Ric and Madeline didn't pay the bill, Nina would be sent to Ferncliff, the public facility, where Heather was. To Madeline's dismay, Nina insisted on reading the forms before she signed them. Nina reminded Madeline that Madeline had taught her never to sign anything she hadn't read. Nina asked for some time alone, so Madeline reluctantly left.

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