GH Update Wednesday 8/19/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/19/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia is at Dante's apartment admitting to her son that she does not know what to do, given that unknown to Julian, he has a baby who's alive and well. She tells her son that she wants to give anyone the benefit of the doubt yet it sounds like Julian is ready, yet again, to do battle with Sonny. Dante asks his mom what she intends to do with the fact that she's lied to many people about this baby. She admits she is undecided about that but needs assurance given what she's heard about Julian. He tells her that he and Lulu and Rocco miss her and she must miss them or else she would not have come back. She tells her son that is true however, she does not want to risk Julian knowing that he has a son with all the danger it could put baby Leonardo in. He asks her if she believes it's a better solution for her to have Ned and Brook Lynn keeping her in hiding and preventing both herself and baby Leonardo from being back with the people who love them. Dante tells his mom he has to leave and go to court to testify what he knows about the murder of Silas.

In the courtroom, Ric is ready to prosecute Julian for conspiracy to commit murder and many other thins. Alexis stands by him and represents him. They are silent until the judge asks Julian how he pleads. He replies not guilty. Alexis replies that she is asking for bail for her client because he has ties in the community and is not a flight risk. Ric protests that everyone must see that the defendant is a “dirt bag”. In response to that, the judge concludes that even if that is the opinion of Mr. Lansing, it is true that Mr. Jerome has ties in the community and she rules that he may avoid jail time if he can post bail. At the end of the trial, Sonny takes Ric aside and asks him why this has happened and why he has not put Julian away. Ric admits to his brother that he still has important things to do including finding out who murdered Silas Clay.

“Denise” is back at Julian's apartment, realizing that her brother wants to prevent her from running the business but maybe now he won’t have the power to make that decision anymore. It sounds like she may have a trick up her sleeve regarding that. Denise opens the door and is surprised to see Dr. Obrecht there. She continues to play the “Denise” act, protesting to Obrecht that she does not know her, making comments about a “stranger's” German accent and expressions and tells her whoever she is, “Denise” is not buying. Obrecht, however tells Denise she needs to cut the act. There is no such person as Denise DeMuccio the cosmetologist. She better listen to what Obrecht says or Obrecht can reveal that she is Ava Jerome and let everybody know about her playing “hide the sausage” with her daughter's boyfriend. She tells Ava she has to put an end to this nasty charade and turn herself in. She tells Ava she knows about her motive to kill Silas when he threatened to expose her affair with Morgan. Yet Ava tells Obrecht she wont be intimidated. At that point, Julian enters.

Carly returns to Morgan who admits to his mom that he is lost in thought and does not feel ok . He admits that today is Franco's trial. Kiki comes by and talks to Carly about how difficult this is with her father getting murdered, whether or not Franco did it or not, if she should suspect him or if he should be prosecuted and accused of murder. She tells him she is worried that Morgan might be bipolar. It's a genetic condition. Sonny tells her that he doubts that Morgan has the same diagnosis as his father. Their son might just have a personality all his own. Yet Carly wants Sonny to remember Morgan's history of behaviors and how their son loses control when he's angry. He has made too many impulsive decisions. Sonny tells her that their son is in his twenties and is impulsive and that is not necessarily manic behavior. Yet Carly reminds Sonny of more of the behaviors their son has had in response to many things and they must realize there could be many things they are not even aware of which Morgan has done.

At ShadyBrook, Nina is worried about what could happen to Franco. She knows he is being falsely accused of murder. She remembers that her “auntie Lisle” promised to help him, yet she does not trust her aunt. Franco gets ready for his trial with his dad representing him as the defense attorney (after Scott has resigned as DA ). Right then, Franco gets a call from Nina while she's in ShadyBrook. He informs her, for the first time, that his dad is not the DA anymore. Ric Lansing is. Right then, she concludes that she knows this is really bad. This calls for drastic action, she tells him. So, what she intends to do is to there and confess to murdering Silas. He tells her he can't let her do that although she knows that Franco is going to suffer serious consequences. She can't let him get blackmailed by the photo that Ava keeps of her and be the reason why he gets convicted with murder.

Sonny goes to Carly's home and tells her that, to his surprise, Julian made bail. She asks why that would happen. He informs her that Ric Lasing is the new DA. She tells him she is more concerned about hoping Franco gets charged of murder, as they notice Morgan attending the hearing with Kiki, and realizing that Morgan is also a prime suspect. She wonders why Sonny is so calm and not afraid of what might happen to his son because it may come out in the courtroom that he cheated on his girlfriend with Denise and worse.

In the courtroom, when Franco's hearing starts, Ric introduces the court to a man named Robert Franco, who is a serial killer and criminal. He further states how Franco has been able to get away with murder and other unspeakable crimes because of a technicality. He talks about how Silas Clay, a respected doctor who saves lives, has been murdered by Franco. Scott Baldwin gets up and counters Ric by reminding everyone that the new DA, Mr. Lansing is not telling the truth. He's preparing his case based upon fantasies. He further states that he, himself, did resign as DA because he could not, in good conscience, prosecute his son for a crime he knows Franco did not commit. He asks that the courtroom not give any credibility to anything Mr. Lansing says when everyone should know about Ric's history and track record with everything he has done.

Julian returns to the apartment, he notices “Denise” talking to Obrecht. He asks what Obrecht is doing there.

Ric asks the secretary to the DA to tell the story of what happened on July 31. Mrs. Shipley states that when she passed by the DA's office and heard two voices in the room, one being Dr. Silas Clay and the other was Baldwin's son, Franco. She admits she did not hear anything very clearly except she knows she distinctly heard the name Nina. Scott then asks his former secretary if she knows what was discussed between his client and Dr. Clay. If she admits she is not entirely certain what she heard, it's entirely possible the name mentioned was not Nina. He asks her if she's certain she knows what was said by his client. She has already made it obvious to the court that she is not certain and has no credibility in knowing what she heard. Morgan and Kiki listen intently.

Dante gets called to the stand and Scott encourages him to tell what he knows, which makes it look like there are other suspects besides Franco for the killing of Silas, one of the most prominent ones being Denise. Dante knows what Nathan presented to him which he learned from his mother and from Franco. After that, Ric calls Kiki to the stand and asks her about the last conversation she had with her dad before he died where he told her he had something very important to talk to her about. She states that she rushed to Silas' apartment but found her father dead on the floor when she entered. She identifies the murder weapon that has Franco's fingerprints on it and which Ric states was found by the cops. Scott then cross examines Kiki by confirming that she did not see or know what happened in the apartment before she entered that caused anyone to kill her father. She further confirms that she does not know of any reason Franco would have to kill her father. After the judge calls a recess, Scott assures his son that he intends to do everything he can to help him but realizes it might be a little easier if Franco would not insist that the murderer is not Nina.

After Obrecht leaves “Denise” alone with Julian and he asks his sister what was going on with that conversation, she reveals to Julian that “Denise” does not need his help, but Ava does.

Carly assures Sonny that if Morgan is, in fact, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it doesn't have to be the end of the world for him. He can have a productive life and his father can be a model for him. Sonny tells her that if a bi polar diagnosis causes Morgan to kill someone, then Sonny believes it would be his fault.

In the courtroom, Ric calls Morgan Corinthos to the witness stand.

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