GH Update Tuesday 8/18/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/18/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When T.J. came home, Sonny told him that Jordan had been there earlier on police business. T.J. was angry because he thought Jordan was harassing Sonny over T.J.'s living arrangements. Sonny tried to assure T.J. that Jordan was just doing her job, but T.J. didn't buy it. T.J. decided to go tell Jordan that going after Sonny was just driving T.J. further away. Sonny was against it, because Sonny didn't want to be part of the reason T.J. and Jordan were estranged. T.J. was sure he and Jordan would never be close again, but Sonny hoped T.J. was wrong. T.J. didn't understand why Sonny cared about the woman who wanted to arrest him. Sonny explained that he had been in Jordan's shoes. Sonny added that he was just a little older than T.J. when he lost his mother. Sonny got choked up and said that every day he missed her and wondered if she'd be alive if he'd made different choices. Sonny didn't want T.J. to ever regret losing time with Jordan.

At the PCPD, Jordan called Dante into her office and told him she'd just had a meeting with his father. Jordan explained that Sonny had denied being involved in the death of the mobster who may have hijacked his shipment. Dante didn't think Sonny did it. Dante felt that Sonny wanted the mobsters alive, so they could tell the cops that Julian ordered the theft. Jordan stated that they needed something more substantial than Sonny's word to justify going after Julian. They needed a witness or an accomplice to say that Julian was still in the mob. Just then, Nathan brought Charlie, the surviving mobster, into the office. Charlie refused to say anything without a lawyer. Jordan told Nathan to put Charlie in Max Giambetti's cell while he waited for counsel. Charlie looked alarmed because he knew that was Sonny's employee. Charlie admitted to stealing from Sonny. Nathan asked if Sonny killed Charlie's partner. Jordan suggested that Charlie's boss might have done it. Dante noted that Charlie might be next, unless he made a deal and got protection. Charlie agreed to talk, and Jordan asked who hired him.

Olivia went to the Jerome penthouse and told Julian that she had to tell him something about their son. Olivia flashed back to telling Dante and Lulu that if Julian was out of the mob, he had a right to know their son was alive. Back in the present, everyone made polite small talk. Alexis told Olivia that they were glad to see her. Julian asked if she was still dating Ned. Olivia was still seeing Ned, but he was off visiting family. Olivia admitted she was surprised to see Alexis there, because she thought they broke up after Duke died. Alexis explained that she and Julian got back together after things changed. Julian added that he was out of the mob. Olivia asked if Alexis believed that. While Alexis didn't think this was any of Olivia's business, Alexis said she believed Julian. Olivia noted that other people were saying Julian was still in the mob. Julian told her to ignore them. Olivia replied that one of those people was her son Dante. Julian was adamant that he was no longer in the business, and Olivia asked what changed. Julian snapped that he lost his son, whom he never even got to hold, and he didn't want to lose anyone else. Julian showed Olivia the baby's hospital bracelet and said that was all he had left. Olivia asked what if she could give him more. Julian asked what more there was to give. Olivia replied that she could give Julian the baby's name, for starters. She revealed that she'd decided to call the baby Leonardo – Leo, for short. Julian smiled through tears and said it was a strong name. Alexis thought it was good that Olivia was able to give the baby a name, even if it was for a short time.

Olivia was about to tell Julian the truth when Dante and Nathan arrived and told Julian that they arrested Charlie. Julian was pleased, because he assumed Charlie had cleared Julian's name. Nathan and Dante revealed that the opposite had happened – Charlie said Julian was his boss. Nathan and Dante arrested Julian. Julian asked Alexis to believe him and told her he'd need her help. After the men left, Olivia told Alexis she was sorry that Julian kept lying to her. “Like you lied to him?” Alexis asked. Alexis wanted to know what Olivia came to tell Julian about Leo. Olivia claimed she'd come to apologize to Julian for not telling him she was carrying his baby, from the start, but now she felt that she'd made the right decision. Olivia spat that Julian was a liar who would continue to hurt the people he loved, until they walked away from him. Olivia left.

T.J. went to Jordan's office and asked her to listen to what he had to say. T.J. told Jordan that Sonny told him about her visit. Jordan was upset that Sonny involved T.J. in police business. T.J. reminded Jordan that she was supposed to be listening, and he added that Sonny was on Jordan's side and wanted them to reconcile. T.J. wasn't sure he'd ever forgive Jordan for all the lies or for getting Shawn sent to prison after all he'd done for them. On the other hand, T.J. was proud of Jordan for putting her life on the line to make the city a safer place. Jordan admitted that she made a lot of mistakes, but she promised T.J. that she would try to make them right. Jordan asked T.J. to come home with her. T.J. wasn't ready for that, and he wasn't sure he ever would be. Jordan thought they were going to work on their relationship. T.J. told her that they would, but he thought it would be too much pressure for them to be under the same roof. T.J. was surprised when Jordan accepted this without pushing. Jordan asked if she could hug T.J., and he let her. After T.J. left, Nathan and Dante brought Julian to Jordan's office. Julian insisted that he didn't send anyone after Sonny. Jordan wanted to discuss it, but Julian refused to talk without his attorney. He was confident that Alexis would get him out of the charges in no time. Jordan predicted that Alexis would wise up to Julian and stop representing him.

Carly and Maxie arrived at Carly's with several shopping bags in tow. They'd gone shopping for Carly's honeymoon wardrobe. Maxie felt that Carly and Sonny were destined to be together. Maxie noted that not everyone was so lucky, and she referenced Lucas and Brad. Carly was angry with Brad for being dishonest with Lucas. Maxie wondered if Brad and Lucas would be able to work things out. Carly didn't think so, since she didn't think Lucas would ever be able to trust Brad again. Maxie thought that love could find a way. Maxie pointed out that Ned was once married to two women, but he and Lois made it work. Carly asked Maxie to think of what it would feel like to realize you were in love with a married man. At that moment, Valerie was walking downstairs and overheard Carly. Carly stated that she didn't hear Valerie come in. Valerie replied that she was already there. Carly looked confused, and Valerie realized that Bobbie hadn't talked to Carly. Valerie explained that Bobbie let her stay there while she was looking for a new place to live. Valerie offered to leave if Carly wasn't okay with it. Carly assured Valerie that it was fine since she had plenty of room, Josslyn was in Australia with Jax, and Carly was at Sonny's all the time. Carly had to go see Sonny. Maxie asked if she could stay behind and look at Carly's jewelry to find something to pair with Carly's wedding dress. Carly said it was fine, and she asked Valerie to help Maxie. Carly left. Maxie and Valerie sorted through Carly's jewelry and laughed at one of the pieces. Valerie admitted that she never pictured them bonding over ugly jewelry. Maxie still felt bad about the way she'd treated Valerie before. Valerie didn't think Maxie should feel bad about her desire to protect Lulu. Maxie just wanted everyone to be happy – she stated that Lulu was with Dante and Maxie had Nathan, but Valerie was like a loose end. Valerie smiled and let Maxie know she was seeing Dillon

Valerie noted that her relationship with Dillon was new and that she wasn't sure she wanted something serious. Maxie encouraged Valerie to get serious because Dillon was a great guy. Maxie explained that Dillon used to date her sister. Valerie didn't know Maxie had a sister. Maxie replied that her sister died eight years ago. Valerie knew that the loss could still feel fresh. Maxie agreed, and she noted that sometimes she reached for the phone to call Georgie, then she'd remember that Georgie was gone. Valerie thought it sounded like Georgie and Maxie were best friends. Maxie agreed. Valerie said she and her mom used to have the same sort of relationship. Maxie couldn't imagine losing her mom. Valerie explained that Pat's death had left a huge void in her life. Valerie was glad to have her new-found family, but it wasn't the same. Maxie suggested that it might help somewhat if Valerie had another friend. Valerie accepted Maxie's offer of friendship, and they shook hands. Maxie thought Lulu would be pleased.

Carly arrived at Sonny's place. Sonny assumed her great mood meant that she found a dress. Carly said he was right and that this meant they were that much closer to being married. They kissed. Later, Sonny rifled through the shopping bags because he wanted to see the dress. Carly asked if he was trying to jinx them, then she told him he'd see the dress at the wedding. Sonny suggested they get married tomorrow, but Carly told him that they weren't going to have a rushed wedding. She wanted everything to be special. Carly stated that she planned to be the last Mrs. Corinthos. They kissed. Sonny assured her that she would be. They discussed possible wedding dates. Carly suggested a day, but Sonny told her he'd be busy that day, and he was evasive about what he was doing. Carly told Sonny that once they were married, and she couldn't be compelled to testify against him, she wanted to know all the details. They finally settled on a date in early September, and they kissed. T.J. walked in, and brought Sonny and Carly up to speed about his talk with Jordan. Carly and Sonny were pleased to hear it. T.J. added that he overheard the mobster who robbed Sonny say that Julian ordered the hijacking.

Dillon came to the loft to check on Lulu. When Lulu saw him, she remembered that they were supposed to have met on the Haunted Star to discuss their contract. Dillon explained that he was there because he'd been worried when Lulu didn't show up, or answer his calls. Lulu apologetically explained that she had to rearrange her whole schedule after Dante was unexpectedly called into work. While Rocco played, nearby, Dillon and Lulu ironed out a contract. Lulu was very happy with the amount Dillon was paying her. Dillon asked if she was going to use the money to have more kids. Lulu explained that she and Dante only had the option of trying to have one more child. Dillon thought that sounded complicated. Lulu told Dillon the whole story about her eggs, the surrogacy with Maxie and how they got Rocco. Lulu felt that everything worked out in the end. Dillon asked if Lulu was planning to use Maxie as a surrogate again. Lulu explained that she'd had a procedure, and she'd be able to carry her last embryo.

Lulu felt that Dillon was a natural with kids, and she asked if he'd thought about becoming a father. Dillon had thought a lot about it, and he didn't think he'd ever have kids. Lulu was surprised Dillon didn't want to be a father because he'd seemed to want kids back when she was pregnant. Dillon told her he had been trying to step up and take responsibility. Dillon had given it some thought, and he didn't think he'd be a good dad. Lulu countered that he was great with Rocco. Dillon pointed out that there was a difference between playing with a kid and parenting one. Dillon brought up Paul's abandonment. Lulu reminded Dillon that Tracy took Dillon away from Paul. Dillon stated that Paul could have come after them. Dillon felt like Paul found it easier to just start a brand new family. Lulu didn't think it was that simple. Dillon stated that he'd rather not have a child than to be the kind of father that Paul was. Lulu thought that was a shame because Dillon would be a good parent. Dillon said he wasn't ruling out the possibility, but he wasn't counting on it either. Dillon thought he might feel differently if the right woman came along. Lulu asked what about Valerie. Dillon pointed out that they'd been on two dates. Lulu felt that if Dillon shouldn't keep Valerie waiting if there was a chance she was the one. Dillon said he hadn't been ignoring Valerie – he'd just seen her this morning when he helped her pack. Lulu asked where Valerie was going. Dillon explained that Valerie moved to Carly's. Lulu noted that the Quartermaine mansion had enough room for Valerie. Dillon didn't understand why Lulu was making these suggestions. Lulu said she was trying to smooth things over with Valerie after what happened with Dante. Dillon told Lulu that she should take Valerie to lunch, instead of encouraging him to get her pregnant. Lulu explained that she just wanted everyone to be happy and with the right person. Dillon felt the same way.

At GH, Brad told Lucas that he and Rosalie had to stay married so that they couldn't be forced to testify against each other. Brad added that the marriage was the only thing keeping him and Rosalie out of Pentonville. Lucas ordered them to tell him the whole story. Brad and Rosalie replied that it was complicated. Lucas snapped that he was smart enough to understand complex situations. Lucas added that his head was telling him to break up with Brad, but his heart told him to listen to Brad's story. Lucas said this was Brad's only chance to clear things up. Brad stated that he wanted to be honest with Lucas, but he couldn't. Rosalie explained that if Lucas knew the truth, he'd be legally bound to report it, or he'd become an accessory. Brad added that if they told Lucas the truth, it would put Lucas in danger. Lucas said that if that was the case, Brad and Rosalie must be in danger too. Rosalie and Brad explained that they were safe as long as they stayed married. Brad was upset that he might lose Lucas over this, but Brad would rather lose Lucas than see him be harmed, or worse. Lucas and Brad were both near tears. Brad begged Lucas to say he still loved him. Lucas asked Rosalie to give him some time alone with her husband. Rosalie said the marriage was a sham, so Lucas could keep Brad as long as he liked. Rosalie left. Lucas stated that he did love Brad and that he really believed that Brad was trying to protect him. Lucas was still hurt that there was a section of Brad's life that was off limits to him. Brad wished he could be fully open with Lucas. Lucas believed that. Brad and Lucas talked about how much they missed each other. Lucas couldn't take being separated from Brad anymore, so Lucas kissed Brad. Lucas promised to overlook the secret, for now, provided Brad was willing to let Lucas help him get out from under it, so that they could get married. Brad accepted Lucas's terms and asked Lucas to move back in. Lucas quickly agreed.

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