GH Update Monday 8/17/15

General Hospital Update Monday 8/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia returns home and visits Dante and Lulu. They are both very happy to see her and welcome her back. She expresses how much she's missed them, missed all of her family and friends and being home. She happily greets them and holds baby Rocco. Dante asks her where his baby brother is, noticing his mom is alone and without her recently-born baby. She admits to them that she is still a bit cautious being seen with a baby when she has to have Julian and almost everyone else believing that her baby with him has died. She informs Dante and Lulu she named her baby Leonardo and admits she wishes she did not have to keep Julian's child from him and have him believing his son is dead, even if Julian is not her favorite person. She needs to know if Dante might know whether or not Julian is “back in the business”. He admits to his mom he really isn't certain whether her baby's father is a risk for their child or not. She tells her son unless she knows whether Julian is back in the business or not, she can't bring Leonardo back to Port Charles. Dante then reveals to his mom that he has heard about Julian possibly having dealings with hijackers and is not certain whether Julian or Sonny are not involved in this most recent illegal business. She tells Dante that she still does not want to risk having Julian know that his son is still alive. Yet she knows that maybe Julian has the right, nonetheless, to be in their son's life. After she leaves, and Dante and Lulu are alone with Rocco, they talk about his uncle who is a baby younger than him and how they wish his infant uncle Leonardo could get to know his nephew. Dante and Lulu talk about how they know the very difficult position his mother is in regarding whether to let her baby be in his family's lives and he tells her he hopes his mom makes the right decision.

While Julian is on the phone, sounding like he's talking to a “business contact”, Alexis comes out of the room to overhear his “intended” private conversation. He informs her that his son just called off his engagement and the reason is Lucas found out that Brad is still legally married. She finds it very odd that Brad publicly proposed to Lucas at the Nurse's Ball. He talks about how this guy lied and strung his son along and he wants to make him pay. He admits that maybe he should have been there for his son for all those years. Alexis then asks him if the “conversation” he was getting stressed with was about Lucas when she thought it was about a “business issue” He tells Alexis he can't tell her how grateful he is for her sticking by him throughout all this stuff. He talks about how he is admittedly devastated that his infant son died. He was hoping he could have a child whom he'd be able to raise, the way he did not have that chance with Lucas or with Sam. He thought that Olivia was clearly lying to him when she said their baby died after she gave birth. However, when he saw the ashes he knew that was not the case and his son is really dead. He becomes emotional when he reflects, to Alexis, that he thought all about what it would be like to be a dad, to which she assures him she knows that he would make a great dad. She tells him she wants him to trust her the way she trusts him as she affirms that she adores and loves him. There's a knock in the door. Julian gets the door and sees Olivia to his surprise.

Sonny gets a visitor. It's Jordan. He informs her that he bets the department is not doing their job when one of the “men in question” is dead. She suspects that he is responsible for that and knows all the games Sonny plays. Sonny tells her that she cannot accuse him of playing games when it was she who spied upon Shawn, lied and betrayed him so that she could get Sonny in trouble. He tells her he wants to know about her meeting with Julian. They wonder whether or not more hijackers will get killed because of Julian or what to assume about what Julian may be doing right now. He declares to her if she does not find this hijacker before Julian does, she's going to have another death on her hands. She then admits to Sonny that she knows that she may have “lost” her son to him and all she cares about is TJ's well being. He tells her that the reason TJ is living with him is not “pay back” to her or what she did to Shawn. It's TJ's choice and because he promised Shawn he would look out for TJ. He assures Jordan that regardless of what she may think of him, he is not trying to keep her apart from her son. He tells her that he would not take anyone's child away from them. He would not wish that on his worst enemy. She then tells him she has to get back to the station to investigate this mystery and she remarks, to Sonny, that he puts on a good front of being on the right side of the law. Sonny remarks to her that they are on the same side both in business and with her son, and he lets her out the door

Jake proposes to Elizabeth with a ring. She says yes and they are happily together when the phone rings. He lets her get her call and goes upstairs where he's out of earshot. It's Nikolas who informs Elizabeth that he has moved Hayden out of the hospital and into his home. She asks him if he thinks this will be the “solution”. Nikolas replies they may be “out of the woods” with Hayden at this point, from what he's seen so far. He informs Elizabeth that it appears her memory might really be gone. Yet is that really the case? While Hayden is alone in the living room at Wyndemere, she is having hazy flashbacks of her “encounters” and arguments with Nikolas, not long ago, when she was blackmailing him with the fact that she knows his deep, dark secret (that Jason is alive). On the phone, Elizabeth informs Nikolas that Jake proposed to her and she accepted yet she makes it clear that she is not a “happy bride to be”. He admits he's concerned. She is worried and stressed. They are both worried about Jake and/or Hayden and/or all the others finding out the secret. When Nikolas gets off the phone, he returns to Hayden. She has vague memories of the vase that she broke when they had their argument. She remembers doing it but informs Nikolas she does not know the reason why. He tells her that that was what their relationship was all about. They were volatile. She, however, remembers that the time she broke the vase in anger, it was not just in regard to the two of them. It involved another person. A woman. He attempts to “explain away” that he's not certain whom that would be. Perhaps it was Rosalie. Yet she knows it was someone else. Someone who did not like her and has reason to wish her harm. So, Hayden demands that Nikolas tells her who this person was and why she was a part of this dispute between them. He explains that she was jealous of other women in his life because she was possessive of him and “really into” him. Hayden then asks Nikolas if he was also “really into” her. He reluctantly replies he was. Yet he knows they cannot sleep together while she stays with him and he awkwardly finds a way to get out of that conversation with her.

Elizabeth admits to Jake that she wanted to find out if Nikolas had any information about who he really is. She reveals to Jake that she feels terribly guilty about “something” yet he hasn't a clue as to what. She “explains” to Jake who finds it odd that Nikolas would want to let Hayden stay at his house, that Nikolas simply wants to make sure Hayden doesn't pull off any more cons. Jake asks her if she's really certain she can trust Nikolas. She does, however, “assure” Jake that Nikolas would not lie to her about whether he knows any secrets about Jake. She reveals to Jake that she cannot bear the thought of losing him. He still trusts her, has no clue what she's keeping from him, and he assures her that nothing and nobody will take him from her because he loves her. She asks if he really means it that no matter who he finds out he really is, his feelings for her will never change. He assures her that this man, whoever he really is or was, will always be in love with her, no matter what, until the day he dies.

At the hospital, after Brad has revealed to Lucas that he is already legally married, Lucas is really surprised to find out that Brad is legally married to Rosalie Martinez. Lucas demands to know how it is that Brad who is so openly gay, is married to a woman. And, Lucas angrily adds, to both of them, why is it that Brad proposed to him yet never let on until now that he is still legally married? Brad explains to his fiancÚ that he had issues with is parents, had to hide and move as far away as possible from where there were when he first came out. And that is where he met Rosalie. She explains how they were both alone, danced together and got to know each other. She knew that he was gay while they were together and was the best friend that he had. They admit that they were very close and good friends. Hearing that, Lucas tells them he's glad she was a friend to Brad but how does that explain their getting married? Brad then replies that his parents kept pressuring them for a wedding date and that was when they got married. They both tell Lucas that when they got married, his parents were prouder than they could ever be of him. He and Rosalie were compatible and it made his life “better”. Lucas then concludes he understands why Brad married Rosalie. However, he needs Rosalie to tell him why she married Brad. He knows that there is still something going on that does not add up that prevented Brad from telling the truth to him. So, he asks Brad, what is that? He knows that even if they wanted to lie to his parents to appease them, why have they stayed legally married all this while? He's now in Port Charles, working and getting on with his life. His parents are going to find out sooner or later that he's gay and not ready to have a family with a wife. He tells Brad that none of this makes sense. Why should he believe a word Brad says since all Brad has done from the start is lie to him? At that point, he walks out the door. Brad runs after him, however, urging him to listen and hear him out. He tells Lucas he may have lied about being married but never lied about his feelings for Lucas. Lucas tells him, in that case, he can get a divorce and stop lying to his parents. Brad tells Lucas, however, that he cannot do that. He and Rosalie have to stay married. Lucas reminds his fiancÚ that the supreme court has ruled that gay men have the same right to get married as anyone else. So what is up with Brad and his “obligation” to stay married to a woman? Brad then replies that his parents are not the reason why he and Rosalie cannot get a divorce. Brad admits to Lucas that he and Rosalie have to stay married so that neither has to testify against the other in a court of law.

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