GH Update Friday 8/14/15

General Hospital Update Friday 8/14/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick tells Hayden she's getting better and can leave soon. He informs her, however, she will have to stay in town during her out-patient treatment. He further admits to her that he knows she does not have any family and friends so he asks if she has anyone who might be willing to take her in. She instantly replies yes when Nikolas walks in the door. He assures Patrick that he and Hayden “go way back” and he promises to take good care of her. He assures them both that he has everything Hayden needs. Patrick reminds Nikolas he's sure that he can afford whatever he wants now that he's taken over Michael's company. Right then, Rosalie Martinez enters

Right then, Elizabeth is having a flashback of remembering talking to Jake about the secret he and Sam have together which he did not share with her and which Sam did not share with Patrick about Nikolas. She wonders what to do realizing the secret that she and Nikolas are keeping from both him and from Sam (that Jake is really Jason)

Sam brings Danny to Elizabeth's house to see little Jake. Again, little do they know the secret she is keeping. Elizabeth greets Danny and goes to find her son, not revealing anything to anyone. She concludes, however, to Jake, if he's happy and this is what he wants, then she is happy for him. He tells Carly, however, that it appears Elizabeth has a secret regarding Sam. Hearing that, Carly instantly inquires of there is “something going on” between Jake and Sam. Although he assures her that he and Sam only have a business relationship regarding this case, Carly asks the same question everyone else asks of why he shares the details of his investigation with Sam and not with Elizabeth and Sam confides in Jake yet not in Patrick. He explains that it's in regard to finding out what Nikolas might be hiding after he's taken ELQ from Michael. Jake also reveals to Carly that Hayden Barnes has awakened from her coma yet it appears she knows nothing about her life before she got shot and the only thing she believes she “knows” about Jake is the previous belief that he's her husband. Remembering how it was that Hayden “believed that” (Ric put her up to scam Jake to get him to break up with Elizabeth and marry him), Carly ask Jake how he can believe that. She also somehow seems to know that whatever it was that Hayden said she knew about him is something Jake needs to find out.

Meanwhile, Sam notices the picture Elizabeth has of Jason alongside the current picture she has of Jake. It looks like Danny is also very attentive to the pictures of his “father”. Elizabeth returns downstairs and introduces hers' and Jason's son to Sam and Jason's son. The two boys go off to play and when the two women are left alone, Elizabeth reveals that she is not comfortable knowing what she knows and how it will drastically affect Sam's life if the secret ever comes out.

Jake goes to talk to Carly and he can see that she is a bit angry and agitated that it appears, yet again that when there is crime in town, it has to be pinned upon Sonny. He informs her that he's proposed to Elizabeth. She is not happy and tells him she believes it's too soon. Yet she concludes if that is really what he wants, then she is happy for him.

Nathan and Maxie awaken together and he can see that there is “something” that has motivated Valerie to throw herself onto Dante. She informs Nathan that she did attempt to bury the hatchet with Valerie. Nathan asks her when and how she did that. Maxie replies that it was right after she called Valerie a home-wrecking bitch. He asks her why she did that. Maxie explains to her boyfriend that she made the comment to Valerie, in a public place, while “under duress”. It was while she was talking to Madeline who was provoking her. She realized her behavior was not ok. She tells Nathan she “realizes” that Valerie did not do anything wrong. Dante kissed her and she did not respond. So, she tells Nathan, she wanted to extend an olive branch to Valerie.

Lulu and Dante awaken when they are looking at the front page news about Sonny being suspected of a crime. She wonders what is going on and asks her husband if he's heard that the Jeromes are still a threat, given that they've heard that Julian has left the business and has no more power nor partners in crime. He tells her he cannot even begin to know what Julian Jerome may be up to and, he admits, he's just glad that his mother and his little brother will not have to deal with Julian again. He remarks that he misses Olivia and although she has Ned and Brook Lynn there for her, he'd like to make certain she is ok, for himself. Lulu then informs Dante that she has to get to work and he finds out, for the first time, that she is going into business with Dillon at The Haunted Star. She explains that she and Dillon are only friends and business partners and they have reasons to work together. Dante then concludes to his wife that he trusts her. He realizes that she has to trust him working with Valerie so he can trust her working with Dillon. They affirm that they are committed to each other and they make love before he returns to work.

Right when Valerie is getting ready to leave Wyndemere, Dillon appears. She informs him that she really cannot stay given what is not circulating about Nikolas. She tells Dillon she wants to keep a low profile after Nikolas has stolen from Dillon's family. He is completely on board with that and wants to help her move. He does add to her, however, that she did not know Nikolas before this happened. He used to be a heroic person incapable of doing things like that and very devoted to the Quartermaines. He also knows that Valerie may not have anywhere to go since she can't exactly return to Dante and Lulu's home. So he sounds like he might want to help her with that.

At the hospital, Lucas runs into Brad and he wants to talk to Lucas about what happened before Lucas gets engrossed in work and avoids the conversation. Lucas tells Brad that with the most recent revelation that Brad is married and has never told him, he believes he doesn't even know him. Brad urges Lucas to talk to him and does not want to give up. He wants to explain the circumstances which are complicated. Yet Lucas does not seem interested in knowing any more.

When Hayden gets ready to leave with Nikolas, Rosalie Martinez appears and it seems like she may have an “agenda”.

When Nikolas returns to Wyndemere with Hayden, they run into Valerie and Dillon talking privately before she gets ready to leave. Nikolas asks why she has her suitcase and Dillon informs him it's probably because she doesn't want to live under the same roof as a lying, blackmailing dishonorable thief. She asks Dillon to please let her speak for herself and fight her own battles. He makes it clear that he wants to do anything he can in order to help Valerie get out of this place. He faces Hayden and tells her he “hopes she knows what she's getting herself into” He confronts Nikolas, telling him he needs to know that sooner or later his business of backstabbing is going to back-fire upon him.

Sonny returns to Carly after she's spoken to Jake and he tells her she needs to beware of that Jake guy, reminding her that nobody knows anything about this guy or his past. Knowing nothing except that he was violent and guilty of crimes, that type of “past” comes back to haunt one, he reminds her. He tells Carly he realizes that she has the right to have friends it depends on what kinds of friends. For that reason he's concerned about Elizabeth and her children and their safety as well as the safety of the mother of his own children. He tells Carly he does not want to tell her he does not want her to see Jake. However, he has concerns regarding the fact that Jake must have a past and there may very well be something or someone who will come back to haunt him and if she's around Jake, she could be in danger. She tells Sonny she has concerns about her brother breaking off his engagement. She also wants to talk to Sonny about the news with his picture on the front page of the paper. She warns him about what might happen to him if he goes back into battle with Julian. She doesn't want to lose him, she tells him. He assures her that he won't let anything happen because he has too much to live for.

Brad finds Lucas, again, at the hospital, after Hayden has been discharged. Brad, is, for some reason, very “mindful” when he notices Rosalie.

When Sam and Danny leave Elizabeth's home, Jake returns with a gift for little Jake and a ring for her.

When Dante and Lulu are alone in their apartment, they get a surprise visit from Olivia.

Sam returns to Patrick at the airport and informs him that she just heard that Jake and Elizabeth are engaged. They are both “consciously” happy. Yet Sam somehow knows there is “something” going on that affects her life regarding that.

Elizabeth makes it clear to Jake that she wants more than anything to give him a yes to the proposal although she hesitates. She does, however, say yes and happily kisses him. Her phone rings. Jake goes upstairs and she is alone when Nikolas calls her. He informs her that he has moved Hayden into his home in order to “keep an eye” on her and hopefully make certain that she does not reveal what she knows (Jake is really Jason).

Right then, we find out, for the first time, that Brad is not married to a guy. He is presently married to Rosalie Martinez.

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