GH Update Thursday 8/13/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/13/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Greystone Manor, Carly asked Sonny what Max called about. According to Sonny, it was just business. Sonny asked where T.J. went, and Carly said that he was out with Molly. Carly was glad T.J. had someone to talk to, since he was still shaken up over the run in with Jordan. Sonny noted that Carly seemed upset too. Carly explained that, although she didn't like Jordan, she could relate to what Jordan was going through. Sonny encouraged Carly to let go of that pain, now that Michael was back in her life. Carly was grateful to have that weight lifted off of her shoulders, so she'd encouraged T.J. to reconcile with his mom. Sonny agreed that it was difficult to be separated from your mother. He added that this is why he was glad Avery had Carly. Carly took Sonny's hands and said she couldn't wait to be her mom and Sonny's wife. They kissed. Sonny wanted to take things upstairs, but Carly told him she to go pick up her wedding dress. Sonny was taken aback because he thought they were keeping it simple. Carly explained that this was their special day, and she wanted a new dress to mark the beginning of spending the rest of their lives together. Carly wanted Sonny to see her in the new dress and think about how lucky they were. Sonny told Carly that he didn't need a new dress to show him how lucky he was, but he wanted Carly to be happy, so he supported her. They kissed. Sonny told Carly that he might be in a meeting when she got back. Carly had something business-related to say, but Sonny reminded her that he didn't tell her how to run the hotel. Carly still said that Diane was the best lawyer Sonny ever had, and she was loyal as long as they paid her, which couldn't be said about Ric.

Julian and Alexis met with Jordan at the PCPD. Jordan had sent some officers to bring in two men that were suspects in hijacking Sonny's shipment. Jordan wanted to give Julian the chance to tell his side of the story before the men arrived. Julian admitted that the men were his former employees, but he insisted that he didn't know anything about the theft. Jordan kept pressing Julian to tell her everything he knew about the men, so Alexis reminded Jordan that Julian was here voluntarily, and she asked her to back off. Julian maintained that the investigation had nothing to do with him. Jordan suggested that Julian might know who the men were working for now, or still be affiliated with them. Julian said nothing. Jordan felt that this was a refusal to cooperate, and she theorized that Julian had something to hide. Alexis ended the interview and told Jordan to direct any other questions to Alexis, his lawyer. Julian told Alexis that it was alright. Julian stated that he hadn't talked to those men in a long time, so he was sure that they wouldn't implicate him.

Valerie walked into the squad room and was surprised to see Franco sitting in her chair. A cop explained that they put Franco there to wait for his arraignment. Franco was confident that Scott would get the charges dropped and that there wouldn't be an arraignment. Scott arrived and apologetically told Franco that Ric wouldn't drop the charges. Scott and Franco went into an interrogation room for privacy. Franco was disappointed because Scott had lead him to believe that the case wouldn't go to trial because Franco didn't have a motive. Scott said it turned out that Franco did have a motive. Scott felt foolish for stepping down from his D.A. position to defend Franco. Franco didn't know what Scott was talking about. According to Scott, Mrs. Shipley, his former assistant, told him that Franco and Silas had a heated argument in the D.A.'s office on the day Silas was murdered. Scott asked why Silas and Franco were in his office. Franco said he came by to visit Scott and that he didn't know why Silas had been there. Scott asked what the argument was about. Franco flashed back to confronting Silas about kidnapping Avery to save Ava's life, but he lied and told Scott that he didn't remember. Scott snapped that this was unacceptable. Franco asked what Mrs. Shipley overheard. According to Scott, Mrs. Shipley heard raised voices and someone say Nina's name. Scott wanted to know why Silas and Franco were arguing about Nina. Franco tried to make it seem like they were discussing their mutual ex. Scott didn't believe that. Scott speculated that Franco was protecting Nina. Franco said he wasn't covering for Nina – she'd been in ShadyBrook when Silas was killed. It was time to go to the arraignment. Scott told Franco to plead not guilty then to stay quiet. Scott added that it was bad enough to go to prison for a crime you committed, but it was even worse to go down for a crime you didn't commit.

Nathan and Dante were in a cheap hotel looking for the men that Jordan wanted to question. They heard someone moaning inside the room, so they broke the door down. One of the suspects had been shot in the chest and was lying on the floor. Dante knelt down next to the injured man, who begged for help and touched Dante's shirt with his blood covered hands. Nathan searched the room for the other suspect, while Dante gave the man first aid and asked who shot him. The man died before he could respond. Nathan returned and said there was no sign of the other suspect.

Back in the squad room, Valerie used a wet wipe to clean off her chair. Maxie came in, and the women exchanged a tense stare. Maxie was there to take Nathan to lunch. Valerie explained that Nathan was out in the field. Maxie wasn't upset because she knew what it was like to have a busy job. Maxie started to ramble about her days at Crimson, until Valerie asked if Maxie wanted to leave Nathan a message. Maxie apologized for the incident in the Metro Court where she called Valerie a home-wrecker. Maxie admitted that there were extenuating circumstances surrounding the kiss and that it was none of her business. Valerie was still unhappy about being called a home wrecker, but she respected Maxie's impulse to protect her friend. Valerie accepted Maxie's apology on the condition that Maxie understood that Valerie respected Dante and Lulu's marriage. Just then, Dante walked in. Valerie was horrified when she saw Dante's bloodstained shirt. She raced over to him and asked if he was okay. Maxie was concerned too, and Dante assured them that it wasn't his blood. Valerie was relieved, and she admitted she didn't know what she would have done if something happened to Dante. Maxie looked suspicious. Dante asked if they had anything other than paper towels that he could use to get cleaned up. Valerie told him there were supplies in the break room. She took his arm and accompanied him to the room. Nathan walked up, and a relieved Maxie hugged him. Maxie told Nathan about Valerie's behavior just now, and suggested that Valerie had feelings for Dante. Nathan thought that Valerie might have just been freaked out by the blood.

Back in Jordan's office, Alexis and Julian told Jordan that they had a memorial to get to. Jordan had more questions, but Nathan walked in to give her an update. Jordan told him it was okay to talk in front of Julian and Alexis. Nathan brought Jordan up to speed about what happened at the hotel. Jordan noted that this was all very convenient for Julian. Julian stated that he didn't know who shot the mobster or what happened to the other one, but he suggested that Jordan talk to Sonny. Julian walked out. Alexis was going to follow, but Jordan stopped her. Jordan knew that Alexis had represented Sonny, so Jordan asked if Alexis thought Sonny would bring two men to the police's attention, then kill them. Alexis replied that, in her experience, Sonny avoided violence, if possible, but if he couldn't, he covered his tracks. “Better than Julian?,” Jordan asked. Alexis didn't respond. “My sentiments exactly,” Jordan stated.

Dillon dropped by The Haunted Star to see Lulu. Lulu revealed that she'd read his script last night. Dillon asked what she thought. Lulu said she had a problem with it. Dillon didn't understand. He told Lulu that he'd addressed all of the issues she had with the first draft of the script. Lulu clarified that she didn't mean she didn't like it. She explained that the script was so sad and beautiful that it made her cry. Lulu thought Dillon should be proud of himself. Dillon reminded her that he'd made the changes based on her notes, but Lulu told him that he'd done all the work. She complimented him on crafting something that felt real and made her realize how fragile relationships can be and how people can hurt each other without meaning to. She told him that it reminded her of her own relationship. Lulu stated that, thanks to Dillon's script, she and Dante were better than ever. She added that after she read the script, she and Dante had a good conversation and they reconnected in a way they hadn't since they came back from Canada. Lulu was suddenly embarrassed that she shared that with Dillon, but he assured her that it was okay.

Dillon asked if this meant he could talk about his sex life with her, and Lulu said yes. Dillon told her he had a second date with Valerie. Lulu asked if they had sex already. Dillon said no, but the date went well, and he was happy about that. Lulu was happy for him. Lulu admitted she felt like she could be herself around Dillon, and she found him easy to talk to. Dillon was glad about that because he had a proposition for her that would mean spending a lot of time together if she said yes. Dillon told Lulu that Paul gave him a half a million dollars and that he and Valerie went out and celebrated. Lulu was surprised Dillon took money from his dad, since the two of them had issues. Dillon explained that he only accepted the money once Paul made it clear that he was giving it to Dillon because he liked the script and believed in his vision. Lulu was happy for Dillon, and she asked about his proposition. Dillon wanted to film his movie on The Haunted Star. Lulu asked what about her customers, and Dillon said he'd shoot during the day when the club was closed. Lulu admitted her family could use the money, especially if she and Dante had another baby. Dillon said he was glad to do anything he could to help her family. Lulu accepted Dillon's offer.

When Ava came home, she was startled to find Nina inside waiting for her. Nina called Ava by her real name. Ava, who kept pretending to be Denise, tried to convince Nina that she was crazy and needed to go back to ShadyBrook. Nina revealed that Franco told her everything about Ava. Nina accused Ava of killing Silas to stop him from telling Kiki who she really was. Ava countered that Nina was in denial and didn't want to admit that Franco was the killer. Nina stated that Franco was helping her. Ava replied that that sounded like a confession. Nina said that she and Franco were innocent. Nina said she thought Ava loved Silas, since she'd broken up Nina and Silas's marriage and had a child with him. Nina predicted that the truth would be out and soon everyone would find out who Ava was and what she did. “They're not going to hear it from you,” Ava said as she dropped the fake accent. Ava pulled out her phone and showed Nina the picture of Nina kneeling over Silas holding a knife. Ava said that Nina killed Silas to get back at him for cheating on her and letting her take the blame for kidnapping Avery. Ava noted that Nina was the perfect scapegoat since she'd stole Avery before. Nina thought that Ava was just like Nina's mother, and she thought that Kiki and Avery were better off without Ava.

Ava predicted that Nina was going to have to stand by and watch Franco go to prison for Nina's crime. Nina refused to let that happen. She lunged for Ava's phone. They struggled, and Nina ended up with the phone. Nina deleted the picture and announced that Ava would soon go to prison for Silas and Connie's murders. Ava calmly revealed that she had several other copies of the picture. Ava told Nina to get out before Ava called the police. Nina warned Ava that this wasn't over. Ava thought that Nina should accept that she lost. Nina said that if Ava showed that picture to anyone, Nina and Franco would cause so much trouble for Ava that the cops would run more tests and discover who she really was. Nina left.

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