GH Update Wednesday 8/12/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/12/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Julian are together after spending the night together at his apartment. She tells him she needs to get ready to start the day. However, right at the door, it appears somebody has given them a basket with food and presents. And the first thing they see in the basket is Corinthos coffee. She goes through the bagels, lox and croissants and is ok with the fact that it appears they have free food. She asks what he did to deserve this. Did he donate to Sonny's youth foundation or done something as a favor to him, He asks her if she's sure she wants to eat any of the stuff sent. She asks if Julian is implying that it might be poisoned. She reminds him that she is the mother of one if Sonny's kids so he would not poison her. Also, she reminds Julian, if Sonny wanted him dead, he'd already be dead. She shows Julian the paper with headline and the murder investigation of Silas. She knows that Julian clearly knows something about the recent murder of a guy named Serge. He tells her he knows that Sonny had Serge killed but knows nothing more and had nothing to do with it. Yet she wonders if the motive Sonny had to kill Serge had something to do with Julian.

At Sonny's home, Carly tells Sonny that they want to “assume” that Franco would murder Kiki's father and has no regard for her. Yet they have their concerns about Morgan also and realize they cannot rule out the possibility that their son killed Silas. TJ enters and congratulates them on their wedding plans but informs them maybe he should move out. Both Sonny and Carly encourage TJ to know that they want him there and he is now part of the family. Jordan enters and asks them if that is really so. In response to that, TJ tells his mom she can't just barge in there. Sonny tells him it's ok however.. He invited the new police commissioner. He needs her to do something about the crimes being committed against him and he knows she wants to put him away for personal reasons. He tells her she needs to first arrest Julian Jerome and then go after Silas Clay's killer. She asks Sonny why he assumes that Julian or his people are committing any crimes or suspecting Julian and not protecting Sonny's rights. She tells Sonny she is not going to do what he wants and she's taking her son with her. She tells Sonny and Carly she is not going to let her son be endangered from living with Sonny like his own kids have been. In response to that, Carly reminds Jordan that she is a fine one to talk with the way she has failed TJ. TJ then tells Carly it's “ok”. She need not speak for him and he faces his mom to tell her he is never going back to live with her. She then urges TJ to go somewhere and talk but he addresses both Mr. Corinthos and Mrs. Jacks and tells them he trusts and wants to live with them and his decision is final. Jordan knows she needs to leave but firmly promises Sonny that she will not give up until she nails his ass, and when she gets done, Carly will thank him.

He gets a sudden call from Jordan. Alexis informs him she won't let him visit the commissioner without his lawyer.

While Carly talks alone to TJ, Julian and Alexis go to talk to Jordan. She gives them ”tips” about how Sonny's men are planning a move for which she wants to give him a “heads up” yet she needs him to tell her anything he might want to tell her.

Morgan and Kiki are ready to attend the memorial service for Silas. She cries and tells Morgan she cannot believe that this has happened. One minute her father was alive and well and the next, some monster comes and takes him way.. Morgan comforts her yet his expression indicates that he is “not mourning” the loss of Silas. She questions that it was Franco although Morgan wants her to believe that Franco is the murderer so she does not consider “other possibilities”.. She tells him, however, she realizes that they cannot assume it was Franco and so that leaves her incomplete about how or why her father got killed. He asks her why she is not satisfied with the theories that the cops have. She tells Morgan it is not ok that her father is dead and she has no clue as to why. She still needs to know what it was that Silas wanted to tell her before he got killed, yet she will never know. Morgan knows exactly what that is, yet what else does he know? He tells her that he realizes he was “not her dad's favorite person”. However, he tells her he knows that her father would not want her to be torturing herself like this. He'd want her to find a way to let it go and to move on.

Ava looks at the picture of Silas, admitting that she is “so sorry” and revealing that she might know a secret. She is startled as she sees Silas appear right in front of her as if he is really alive.

While Franco is at the police station, in the interrogation room, he calls ShadyBrook and asks for Nina. She is surprised that Franco would still be in custody when her brother just came by and told her the police were considering letting him go if they had named another suspect. He hesitates until she demands to know whom he believes is Silas' killer. He then tells her that he believes it's Ava. She angrily tells Franco that Ava is a low life murdering skank and slut and demands to know why he did not tell her brother about that and have him put Ava away when they spoke last night. Franco replies the reason he did not implicate and get Ava arrested for murder is because of the evidence she has against them when she revealed to Franco that she took a picture of Nina leaning over Silas holding a knife in her hands after he got murdered..

Ava sees a “vision” of Silas and asks him if he's resting in peace. He wastes no time angrily telling her that he did not get any “peace” when he was alive... and so, neither will she. His ghost haunts her and reminds her that she knows better than anyone else that he is “dead” because she was “there” when it happened. He tells her that he knows she is a cold, calculated criminal who had time to take a photo from her cell phone of Nina appearing as though she killed him so that she could hold that over Franco. Silas indicates to Ava that he “knows” that there is something not ok about that and that the guilty party, who actually did murder him is framing innocent people. She faces him and appears afraid, pleading that she loves him and wishes she could undo what has been done. Yet he knows it's only crocodile tears and he does not trust that she has ever loved him after all the things she's done throughout the time they knew each other. He angrily reminds her that he saved her life and risked losing his medical license to save her from going to prison for murder. And what does she do to repay him? She jumps in the sack with their daughter's boyfriend. She has no regard or love for anyone. She is there hiding and cannot even face Kiki. Can she? She knows when Kiki sees her, it will be written all over her mom's face that she is “guilty”, although he does not specify what exactly Ava is guilty of.

When Franco is in the interrogation room, a guard informs him his “lawyer” is there. He tells the guy he does not have a lawyer. Scott enters and tells him he does now. He sits beside his son and affirms that he wants to help him beat the charges. He wants to have a confidential conversation and asks Franco all that he remembers when he entered Silas' apartment after he got killed.

Obrecht goes to the DA's office assuming she will be talking to Franco's father about using his power of DA to protect his son. Yet she notices, to her surprise that there is a “new” district attorney. .It's Ric Lansing. She tells Ric she knows that they are kind of “related” since he I now married to her niece. She wants to take him to breakfast to discuss what she wants to discuss. However, he tells her he won't have time for that. He is working on a case on how to convict Franco with murder, he tells her. She instantly now knows to leave Ric's office and has to let Franco know what has just happened.

While at ShadyBrook, after Nina is done talking to Franco on the phone, she admits to her “peer” whom she assumes is not consciously aware of anything she is saying, that she once believed that her boyfriend was a slimeball whom she could not trust. However, she knows he's going to get her out of this mess. Or maybe, perhaps, her aunt Liesl will. Yet she knows that is not true and is afraid she is screwed. She knows she trusts Franco and Franco trusts her aunt Liesl but she has no reason to trust her aunt Liesl. So she has to take drastic action, she concludes as she goes out the door.

Ava (still having everyone believing she's Denise) goes to the memorial service, cries and comforts Kiki. Yet she keeps hearing and seeing Silas as he tells her he knows she has no integrity, no soul, no regard for their daughter. Kiki's going to find out what she “did” and will know her aunt/mom just wants to get Morgan's pants off.

At the police station, Scott tries to strategize with his son, knowing that he may not be guilty of the murder of Silas but might very well be keeping a secret about “something”. He tells Franco he's going to go and find out some things and will return. He encourages his son to keep his chin up because they have not yet begun to fight. After he leaves, Obrecht rushes to find Franco and tells him she attempted to talk to his father but has found out some unfortunate news regarding the “new DA”.

Scott goes to talk to Ric, who is the new DA after somehow “unseating” Scott. He reminds Ric that he has no power and hasn't even established a motive as to why Franco would want to kill Silas. Yet Ric is confident that he has at least one employee who can offer him a motive. (more accurately lie for him in exchange for a favor)

Alone at the chapel, Kiki cries and looks at the picture of her deceased father telling him she is determined to find out, one way or another, what he intended to tell her, which she knows was of urgent importance, before he died.

While Ava is haunted by the ghost of Silas telling her she will never get a moment's peace, she gets a surprise visit from Nina.

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