GH Update Tuesday 8/11/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/11/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Jake and Elizabeth were at GH, by the railing that overlooked the nurses' station. Jake asked Elizabeth to marry him. Startled, Liz asked Jake if he was sure. Jake was adamant that this was what he wanted. Jake admitted that this wasn't the most romantic spot, but he noted that it held meaning for him and Liz because Liz had helped him climb those stairs and they've had a picnic there. Jake apologized for not having a ring, but he hoped his love would be enough. Liz stammered that she was sorry, then she ran off.

Sam came to the hospital and asked Patrick if there was any news on Hayden. Patrick said Hayden was doing fine, physically. He added that he'd talked to Hayden after Sam's visit, and Hayden still claimed not to remember anything about Jake. Sam admitted that she didn't mean to be so hard on Hayden. Patrick theorized that Sam had come on so strong because she'd been upset about Silas. Sam agreed with Patrick, and they hugged. Patrick asked how Sam was. Sam was okay, but she felt bad for Kiki. Sam explained that she planned to set up a memorial at GH for Silas, so that Kiki could see that Silas was loved. Patrick liked the idea. Sam asked Patrick if he was okay with her working with Jake. Patrick assumed Sam was asking if he was jealous, and he assured her that he wasn't. Patrick knew that Sam only had eyes for him, and that Jake wanted Elizabeth. They kissed, and Sam left to arrange the memorial service.

Jake looked to be in a daze, as he walked past Patrick. Patrick noticed him and asked if he was looking for Liz. Jake told Patrick everything that just happened. Jake added that he'd told Liz he and Sam were investigating Nik. Jake sensed that Liz wasn't as okay with his lie of omission as she'd said she was and that this was the reason she didn't accept his proposal. Patrick thought that Liz might be upset that Jake was working with Sam. Patrick explained that Liz had always been sensitive when it came to Sam because of Jason. Patrick noted that Liz and Jason were together before Sam, but it didn't work out, and Jason married Sam. Jake didn't think Sam was the reason that Liz ran away. Patrick added that Liz might be reluctant to say yes, since her last proposal, from Ric, ended badly. Jake hoped that someone else's lies didn't ruin his chances with Liz.

Liz ended up in the hospital chapel. She was crying because she didn't understand what God's plan was. Liz stated that God had given her everything she ever wanted – he'd brought her son and Jason back to her, but her happiness was built on a lie. Liz felt that this Jason wasn't the one who'd loved Sam and been a father to Danny. This Jason wasn't caught up in a life of crime. Liz thought that this Jason had a chance to stay with her and to be a father to her sons. She wondered if God was doing all this because he wanted her to be happy or if she was supposed to redeem herself by turning down Jason's proposal. Liz begged God to give her a sign. At that moment, Sam walked in. Sam apologized and explained that she was there to ask the chaplain to put together a service for Silas. Liz gave Sam her condolences on the loss of Silas. Sam asked Liz if she was okay. Liz revealed that Jake just proposed to her. Sam assumed that Liz was happy about that and had said yes. Liz replied that she hadn't answered him yet. Sam asked why. “Because of you,” Liz said. Sam didn't understand. Liz said that it was because of a lie. Sam assumed Liz didn't accept the proposal because she was angry that Jake didn't tell her he was working with Sam. Sam apologized and told Liz that she and Jake never intended to hide things form Liz. Liz tried to say it wasn't about the investigation, but Sam was so focused on trying to help out that she kept talking over Liz. Sam wondered if Liz was afraid to accept Jake's proposal because of Ric's lies. Sam assured Liz that Jake was a good person who'd never violate her trust.

Sam stated that she was in the chapel because of Silas, who'd helped her learn to love again after Jason died. Sam admitted that she'd been afraid to get involved with Patrick but she realized that she needed to have faith and learn to trust again. Sam loved Patrick and she was glad she took a chance with him. Liz said she was happy for Sam, but... Sam interrupted and urged Liz to forget the buts and focus on the fact that she and Jake were happy. Liz stated that Sam didn't understand what Liz was trying to say. Sam countered that she did understand. “All of the signs are here. You can have a future with Jake,” Sam said. Sam told Liz not to turn Jake down because of Sam. Liz thanked Sam for the advice, and Sam responded by thanking Liz for letting Jake spend time with Danny. Liz replied that brothers should know each other. Sam thought that Jason would have wanted his sons to be close. Liz announced that she should go find Jake. Sam advised Liz to do what was right for Liz. Liz wasn't sure what that was. Sam felt that Liz should give Jake the answer that would give her the most joy and the most peace. Liz hugged Sam.

Patrick told Jake that Liz had gone through a lot of trauma that had chipped away at her confidence, but she'd continued to move forward. Patrick added that Liz was a prize of a woman. Jake agreed – he loved Liz and planned to treat her right. Jake shook Patrick's hand and Patrick left. The elevator doors open and Liz came face to face with Jake. She apologized for running off and explained that she'd been caught off guard. Jake thought he'd made a mistake springing his proposal on her in a hospital. Liz assured him that it was beautiful. She accepted his proposal and they kissed. Jake felt like the happiest man in the world. Liz replied that she loved Jake and she would never let him go.

Back at the chapel, Sam lit two candles – one for Jason – and she wiped away tears as she talked to him. Sam said she tried every day to choose to be happy as a way to honor Jason. Sam said she was good, but she thought about Jason when she saw fireworks or motorcycles. Sam wished that Jason could see the way Danny took risks, just like Jason did. Sam told Jason that he'd always be a part of her heart, even though she'd let him go.

Nikolas visited Hayden in her hospital room. Hayden didn't understand why Nik, who'd seemed almost glad to be rid of her earlier, was now sounding wistful about their relationship. Nik asked Hayden to move back to Wyndemere, so he could help her recover. Hayden asked why Nik wanted her to live with him. Nik replied that Obrecht, the Chief of Staff, discharged uninsured patients as soon as she possibly could, and Hayden wouldn't have anywhere to go once she was released. Hayden asked Nik what was in it for him. Nik claimed he didn't want to see Hayden end up on the street. He noted that he'd paid Jake's medical bills, so there was no reason he couldn't help Hayden. Hayden still sensed that Nik had an agenda. Nik confessed that he'd made some controversial business decisions and that his image could use an upgrade. Hayden noted that she'd been told she wasn't a nice person. Nik told her that she was very opinionated. Hayden sensed that Nik didn't care what the public thought of him. “Tell me the real reason you want me under your roof. Or should I say under your thumb,” Hayden said. Nik didn't understand why Hayden found it hard to believe he sincerely wanted to help her. Hayden replied that nothing in life was free. She assumed that he was going to pressure her into sex. Nik told Hayden that he didn't have to trap a woman to be with him. He added that she could have her own room, or even her own wing.

Nik felt that Hayden should know that they had great chemistry, but he assured her that he wouldn't force her into sexual servitude. “Good. Because I'm not that kind of lady,” Hayden replied. Nik burst out laughing and told Hayden that before she got shot, she was exactly that kind of lady. Hayden looked surprised. Nik apologized and conceded that Hayden's personality might have changed due to her brain injury. Nik reiterated that there were no strings attached, and he told Hayden that she could accept his offer now. Hayden agreed to move in with Nik. She added that living in Wyndemere again might jog her memory.

Dante was exhausted when he came home from work. He told Lulu that the station was a madhouse due to Silas's murder. Dante noticed that Lulu was silently crying, so he rushed to her and asked what was wrong. Lulu explained that she was emotional due to Dillon's script. Dante asked what it was about, and Lulu told him it was about a couple who was destroyed when one of them cheated on the other. Dante hesitantly asked if Lulu was crying because it reminded her of Dante and Valerie. Lulu said yes. Dante looked uncomfortable. Lulu clarified that she wasn't crying for the reason he thought she was. She explained that the infidelity in Dillon's story was worse than in Dante and Lulu's situation. Lulu stated that, in the story, the woman slept with another man, then she lied about it. According to Lulu, the lies had done more damage than the sex. Lulu stroked Dante's hair and assured him that what happened between him and Valerie was small. “One stupid kiss in the grand scheme of our marriage just doesn't mean a damned thing” Lulu said. According to Lulu, the main character in the script had kept imagining what his fiancée was doing with the other man. The character's plight gave Lulu some insight into what Dante must have felt while she and Dillon were in Canada. Lulu understood that that the kiss was a reaction to the pain Dante was feeling. Lulu told Dante that he made a mistake, and she loved him too much to hang onto the anger and jealousy anymore. “I forgive you, Dante,” Lulu said. Dante thanked her. Lulu felt relieved that she could let the weight go. Lulu noted that it had been a while since they had sex.

Later, Lulu read more of the script, while Dante checked on Rocco. Dante returned, and Lulu resumed the conversation. She noted that they hadn't slept together since before the 4th of July. They agreed that things had been hectic since she returned from Canada. Dante explained that he'd been feeling guilty over what he did with Valerie. Lulu noted that they'd been reconnecting at the Haunted Star, until she got interrupted to go say goodbye to Luke. Dante and Lulu decided to stop talking about the reasons they hadn't been together. They kissed and said I love you to each other. Dante stated that he missed being with Lulu and he was grateful for her forgiveness. Lulu told him she knew he'd never make that mistake again. Dante assured Lulu that he only belonged to her. They kissed passionately. Later, they cuddled in bed. Dante thought they were even happier now than they'd been before. Lulu added that they were stronger too, after getting over this hurdle together.

Valerie brought some messages into Jordan's office. Several reporters had called to find out if Scott was really going to prosecute his own son. Jordan was curious how things were going between Valerie and Dante. Valerie assured Jordan that she was over Dante and that she'd started dating someone else. Valerie told Jordan a bit about Dillon – that he was easy to talk to and he'd just moved back from the west coast. Jordan assumed this meant Dillon didn't have any connection to Dante or Lulu. Valerie admitted that Dillon was the reason she slept with Dante. Jordan didn't understand why Valerie would get involved with Dillon, of all people. Valerie explained that she didn't know many other men outside of work. Jordan was concerned that Valerie was dating Dillon as a way to stay close to Dante. Valerie said it wasn't like that. Valerie explained that Maxie called her a home-wrecker, which upset her, then she ran into Dillon, and he asked her out. Jordan asked if Valerie said yes to prove to Maxie and Lulu that she wasn't interested in Dante. Valerie admitted that was part of it. Valerie added that she also said yes because she thought it was a good idea to widen her social circle.

Dillon came home, after a run, and found his father waiting for him in the living room. Paul shocked Dillon by giving him a check for $500,000. Dillon assumed that Paul was trying to use the money to make up for being an absentee father. Dillon said that it wouldn't work, and he refused to take the check. Paul pointed out that Tracy had made an effort to keep him away from Dillon. Dillon countered that Paul hadn't reached out to him once he was old enough to make his own choices. Dillon stated that they hardly knew each other. Paul disagreed; he revealed that he'd read Dillon's script and had learned a lot about Dillon. Dillon was furious that Paul had gone into his room, uninvited, and taken the script. Paul was unapologetic because he'd come to town to get to know Dillon, but Dillon had been avoiding him. Dillon snapped that he'd been busy working. Paul was also glad he'd read the script because he'd learned that he and Dillon had something in common. Paul surmised that the character Declan, in the script, was based on Dillon. Declan lost his fiancée, Marjorie, when she felt in love with her boss. Paul explained that he'd been devoted to his wife, Jenny, but she left him for his coworker. Paul said he wouldn't wish that pain on anyone, least of all his own son. Paul knew what it felt like to compare yourself to another man and wonder how you don't measure up, and what you did wrong. Paul added that you feel like you'll never stop loving the woman, but at the same time, you hate her for leaving you, and you hate yourself for losing her and for still caring for her.

Dillon admitted that he wrote the script as a way to work through his feelings. Paul asked if Dillon was doing better, and if he felt ready to love again. Dillon felt that Paul was being intrusive – first he'd read something that Dillon hadn't been ready to share with him, and now he was asking personal questions. Paul explained that he just wanted to know how Dillon was doing. Dillon admitted he'd just started seeing Valerie. Dillon tried to leave the room, but Paul asked how thing were going with Valerie. Dillon replied that it was in the early stages. Paul asked if Dillon thought there was potential. Dillon stated that Valerie was smart, hot and fun. Paul didn't think Dillon sounded very enthusiastic, though, and he wondered if Dillon was still pining for “Marjorie.” Dillon was adamant that he'd moved on. Paul sensed that there was a woman who was holding Dillon back, and he wondered who it was. Paul admitted that he might be oversensitive because he'd gone through the same thing. Paul had made peace with what happened, and he hoped Dillon had as well. Paul added that he wasn't trying to use the check to buy a bond with. Paul swore he genuinely thought that Dillon's script was great and would be successful as a movie. Paul offered Dillon the check again and assured him that he didn't expect a hug or forgiveness. Dillon noted that it was a lot of money, and he jokingly asked if the check was going to bounce. Paul said he'd had a successful business career. Dillon took the check and thanked Paul. Paul was grateful for the opportunity to make Dillon happy. Dillon still wasn't pleased with the way Paul got hold of the script, but Dillon was happy that Paul liked it and he was thankful for Paul's faith in him. Paul asked for a handshake, but Dillon gave him a hug. Paul told Dillon not to give up on finding a woman that he was passionate about. Dillon said he wouldn't. Paul left the room. Dillon looked at a picture of Lulu on his phone and smiled. Valerie talked to Dillon on the phone. They both mentioned that they'd just been talking about each other. Dillon told Valerie that it was a sign that they should meet tonight. Valerie agreed to meet Dillon.

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