GH Update Monday 8/10/15

General Hospital Update Monday 8/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki cries alone after the loss of her father when the doorbell rings. She goes to get it and Sam is there. Sam hugs her and offers her condolences while Kiki cries in Sam's arms. Sam admits that she is very confused as to who would want to kill Silas. Kiki then informs Sam that they do have “someone” in custody. She tells him maybe Franco had motives and so may have Nina. Kiki assesses that Franco did unspeakable things to hurt people. She also knows that Michael warned her many times yet she did not listen. She remembers how Franco managed to bond with her and was kind and gentle to her. So she has a bit of a difficulty getting him charged with murder. Sam tells her that it stands to reason, and there is evidence that makes Franco a likely suspect. Yet Kiki has a sense that there might be “more to it”. Sam promises to be there for Kiki and tells her her dad was a great man. Sam tells she really did love Silas.

Scott Baldwin calls Jordan into his office and tells her if she currently has his son in custody, she better get him out. She protests that the police have a good case against Franco. He was seen and the scene of the crime with the murder weapon. He tells her that she needs to first let Franco go and then build her case. She protests that Franco is a flight risk. He instructs Jordan to release Franco. She reminds Scott that she does not take orders from him. Right then, Mayor Lomax enters and tells Jordan that is right. Jordan takes orders from her. He informs the mayor that the commissioner is rushing to judgment and might let an innocent person be falsely accused of murder. Lomax announces that she is ok with Jordan's decision to keep Franco in custody and tells them both that Franco is staying right where he is. Jordan protests to Scott that he can't use the excuse of Franco's previous brain tumor and the theory that Franco is no longer dangerous now that it's removed. He held her hostage and tried to kill her after it was removed, Jordan reminds him.

Lomax further reminds the DA that “the people” want his son locked up. Jordan reminds him all about the questionable actions he's done and how he can easily get convicted and get in big trouble if they investigate and expose him for. Lomax tells Scott if he does not want consequences he clearly does not want, he will vigorously prosecute Franco to the highest extent of the law.

While Franco is alone in the interrogation room, Denise (really Ava) enters and he tells her he knows that she had means, motive and opportunity to kill Silas. He tells her that he can expose everything about her and have her charged with two murders. She smugly reminds him if he does that, she can easily implicate his girlfriend since Nina was standing over Silas when he was killed. He tells her that she is the only witness to that and she has no credibility. He reminds her that nobody has any record that Nina was anywhere except for at ShadyBrook when Silas was killed. Yet Ava somehow knows that there is proof that Nina was at Silas' home. She tells him that she can prove it to the cops, warning him if he says one word against her, the truth may set him free, but Nina will take his place in prison. Yet he builds his case about Silas threatening to expose her and Morgan to Kiki and the perfect motive that gave her to kill him in order to shut him up. IN response to that, Ava reminds him that still does not explain the “picture” she's taken of Nina leaning over Silas after he's been stabbed to death. He shows a scenario of how Ava stabbed him and left with Nina discovered Silas stabbed. Yet she has the picture she took of Nina on her phone, which she reminds Franco is “worth a thousand words”. He asks Ava how she plans to turn that over to the police. They will obviously need to identify her. How can she give it to them anonymously? Yet she tells Franco there is obvious evidence against both him and Nina. He may have already known that Nina was there and there's the questions as to why. We then see Nina going to confront Silas for his letting her get falsely accused of kidnapping baby Avery. He let her almost lose her mind. He didn't say anything because he was protecting his precious Ava at her expense, Nina concludes before she stabs him to death..

Ava tells Franco that she won't send the picture to the cops if he can get that recording from his father that could exonerate her. He asks her why she cannot get the tape recording herself, with the Jerome family's power and influence. She asks why the DA's son can effectively use his resources to make it happen. She tells him that once he gets that recording, she can ditch Denise DeMuccio, be Ava again, and he can secure Nina's freedom. She concludes that is the deal for him and she leaves.

At the hospital, Elizabeth talks to Jake about his recent conversation with Hayden after she regained consciousness. Elizabeth obviously hopes that Hayden will never get her memory back, reminding Jake that Patrick believes that in his professional opinion, she won't. She knows, however, that Sam believes otherwise and thinks Hayden remembers “everything” and is lying. Jake informs Elizabeth that he went and talked to Hayden to attempt to find out about her relationship with Nikolas, to which Hayden told Jake she never had one and does not know or remember Nikolas. He attempted to jog her memory yet Hayden “apparently” had no memory of living with Nikolas before she got shot or anything relevant to what she should know. He then concludes to Elizabeth he no longer wants to talk about Hayden. He wants to talk to Elizabeth about her “relationship” with Nikolas. He knows they might both know a secret which they are not revealing to anyone else. He wants to know about her history with Nikolas, to which Elizabeth admits that she and Nikolas go way back and are kind of like family. He informs her that he and Sam have been investigating Nikolas. He explains to her that after Nikolas stole ELQ from Michael, he and Sam took actions to see if they could find out any or all secrets about Nikolas or what he is really doing. Elizabeth asks Jake if he found out anything else. He informs her that he found out that Nikolas might know the same “secret” that Hayden knows and she might have something on him. He concludes to her that regardless of anything else, he knows he wants to be with her.

When it appears Hayden is alone in her hospital bed, ready to drift off and fall asleep, Nikolas appears unseen in her room. It looks like he might have motives to kill her in her sleep. It appears however, that Hayden does not remember anything about him. She informs Nikolas that Jake “told her” about him but tells Nikolas she knows nothing about him and needs him to tell her the whole story about how they know each other. She informs him that she spoke to a “nice guy” named Jake as well as a woman named Sam who was “not as nice”. Jake told her about this “guy named Nikolas”. Jake told her about her having some “relationship” with Nikolas which she is completely unaware of. So, she asks Nikolas, what kind of “relationship” did the two of them have? Hearing that, he tells Hayden they were kind of “off and on”. He does not want her to know the real reason why he's “come to see her” so he tells her that he wanted to see if they could reconcile their differences in their relationship.

At Sonny's home, Carly and Sonny both grill Morgan wanting to know if he did in fact kill Silas. They admit to their concerns about how he acts impulsively without thinking and they need to know. We then see a “scene” where Morgan goes to confront Silas about not telling Kiki that Morgan is messing around with Denise. And as soon as Silas' back is turned, Morgan takes out a knife, stabs him in the back and kills him. Carly asks her son if that is how it happened. Sonny tells his son that he needs to fess up and the sooner they find out, the better equipped they will be to deal with it so they both urge their son to answer their question. She warns Morgan that it would be very easy for Denise to sell him out to the police commissioner and to Scott Baldwin, who would all love to go after Sonny and would love to use Morgan against Sonny for just that. He tells them maybe instead of accusing their son, maybe the should consider that psycho Franco whom his mom almost married. Sonny then tells his son he needs stop the attitude. Morgan, however tells his parents he needs to get back to Kiki and he angrily walks out the door. Alone with Carly, Sonny concludes that since there was bad blood between Silas and Franco, Franco might have killed him. Yet she reminds him that when they asked their son more than once if he killed Silas, he never said no.

Nathan goes to see Nina informing her that his mother, Dr. Obrecht, informed him of a theory that Franco had that implicates someone besides Nina and Franco. He admits that his mother and Franco think that maybe Silas got killed because of “the secret” he was going to expose. She hesitates to tell Nathan her theory about how he should talk to Franco and could get more information than he currently has.

Morgan returns to Kiki and she concludes to him that she is questioning that Franco killed her father. He may not have.

Alone in ShadyBrook, Nina is in the art room affirming that Franco believes in her and she believes in him. We then see her painting Silas' grave as she appears happy and smirking and as though she knows a secret.

Nathan goes to talk to Franco in the police interrogation room. Franco tells him he has nothing to say without his lawyer present.

Scott Baldwin confronts Lomax, asking her if she really wants to go up against him, given her own shady history, knowing all the dirt he could easily dig up on her if she turns on him. She asks him if he wants to risk what could happen to him protecting a son, with a history like Franco, whom he barely knows.

Jake tells Elizabeth that he feels indebted to her and he does not deserve her. She is obviously “not comfortable” hearing that, knowing what she knows and the fact she's keeping the secret about who he really is. He tells her he wants to be able to make it up to her. So, he asks her if she will marry him.

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