GH Update Friday 8/7/15

General Hospital Update Friday 8/7/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sam tells Patrick it's not that she does not trust him to be a part of ( or to let him know more about) the investigation she's doing with Jake. However, she informs him, she does not trust Elizabeth regarding sensing she knows that Elizabeth has some sort of secret or something to hide for which it appears she's in cahoots with Nikolas. And, Sam informs Patrick that she bets it's the secret that Nikolas is keeping regarding what Sam and Jake are attempting to investigate about Nikolas, on Michael and ELQ's behalf. She also informs Patrick that both she and Jake suspect that Nikolas might know the secret of who Jake really is and very possibly Elizabeth does too. She explains that she and Jake teamed up to help Michael overthrow Nikolas when he took over ELQ. Hearing that, Patrick remarks to Sam even if she has reason to suspect Elizabeth, why is it that she somehow trusts Jake to know all this information, yet doesn't confide it in Patrick who is her significant other whom she lives with. She apologizes to her boyfriend and asks him to forgive her. Yet it seems they both sense that there is something between Sam and Jake that Patrick is not a part of.

Sonny and Carly are happily together and talking about their “co-child”, Avery. He asks her if the baby is learning her first word which would be daddy. She tells him Avery has in fact, learned her first word and it's “ma ma”. He laughs, confident that he will have full custody of his child and that Carly will be there for him, (one big happy family with two people who “love” him in his life). He informs her that their son admitted that he has slept with Denise. Sonny is not “happy” with that but clearly not as passionate and angry, as Carly, that that woman is twice their son's age, Ava's sister and Kiki's “aunt”. Sonny must know that they do not want their son to lose Kiki, Carly implores her ex and future husband. He admits he does not want that either but is not as worried as she is. Sonny does, however, appear concerned, when Carly informs him, for the first time, that Silas Clay was found murdered in his home and nobody knows who did it. She tells him they need to at least consider the possibility that one person they know of with motive to kill Silas would be their son. She informs Sonny that Silas has discovered that his daughter's boyfriend (their son) is sleeping with Kiki's aunt. Morgan would not want that to happen and might stop at nothing to prevent Silas from spilling the beans to Kiki about Morgan's and Denise's secret. Sonny and Carly both consider the possibility that their son murdered Silas Clay in order to keep him quiet about that. Sonny then informs Carly that he did have a talk with their son and assured him that he need not take drastic action against Silas. Carly tells him, however, that it might already be too late and that could be the reason Silas is now dead.

Ava is alone in the apartment wondering what she's going to do and what her options are and are not, living in Port Charles passing herself off as Ava's twin sister, Denise, when in fact, she is the real Ava. Now the secret is out that she is sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend while having some people (i.e., Sonny and Carly) believing she's Denise sleeping with her niece's boyfriend and others (i.e., Silas, Franco). knowing that she's the real Ava, alive and sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend.... as well as the much more serious threat that if word gets out that she is Ava, she will go to prison for at least one murder (Connie Falconeri)...and possibly another (Dr. Silas Clay). She hears a knock on the door and it's Morgan. He asks if she is alone and tells her they need to talk about something. He informs her he was just with Kiki and she's clearly a wreck after her father has been murdered. Denise is concerned about that. He informs her that Kiki came back unexpectedly from her bachelorette party after Silas left her a message that he needs to see her ASAP so he can tell her something “very important” (which both Morgan and Denise who all too well what that would be.) And it looks like he never got the chance because when she went to see him, she found him dead. Too coincidental.

Dr. Obrecht goes to the police station to talk privately with Franco in the interrogation room. She sounds like she either believes he's innocent of the murder of Silas or like she wants to protect him even if he is guilty. She does however suspect and wants him to suspect Nina. At that point, he tells her he has better evidence against Ava Jerome for the murder. Hearing that, Obrecht concludes that he is clearly passionately devoted to Nina and wants to believe that or pretend to believe it, as she reflects he's not unlike herself with her “irrational and unrealistic” passion for Cesar. He firmly tells Obrecht that he's not pretending anything. He is telling the truth. He happens to know that Nina did not kill Silas because there is another just-as-likely suspect. She tells him if he wants another suspect, he has to come up with something better than a dead person. In response to that, Franco drops the bombshell to the GH Chief of staff, that the woman known (and proven, by DNA from the hospital as well as police records) as Denise, Ava's twin sister, is really the same human being as the Ava Jerome whom everybody has believed for a long time, is dead. Franco confides in Obrecht that he bets whoever killed Silas did so because he threatened to expose a “secret” that certain people don't want anyone except themselves to know. Obrecht asks him what secret. Franco tells her the secret is that Denise (who is really Ava) is sleeping with her daughter's boyfriend. He informs her that as soon as Silas learned about Denise and Morgan, he was ready to go and tell Kiki. Also, learning that for the first time, even if Silas was willing to protect Ava from being found out for murder up until that point, that could have gone out the window, now that Silas has found out what she is doing with Morgan behind their daughter's back. It could be that she murdered Silas before he could talk, not only to Kiki about Denise and Morgan, but to everybody that Ava Jerome is alive and wanted for murder. So, Franco concludes to Obrecht, they have another suspect with even better motive to want Silas dead than Nina has. They both realize that getting evidence against Ava, based only upon theory might be easier said than done, however. So, Obrecht tells Franco, she will contact her detective son and get him to help them with that. Hearing that, Franco reminds Obrecht that Nathan is not his biggest fan. Yet she assures him that her son can be objective and impartial in listening to his theory about Ava and taking it into consideration

Nathan goes to talk to Nina at ShadyBrook and tells her if she did not kill Silas, and doesn't want to get charged with murder, she should consider the possibility that Franco did it although she does not want to believe that. He does, however tell her that he and the police department are willing to consider any and all other suspects and do not want to convict any innocent person, including Franco, of murder. She then asks her brother if he really intends to investigate all possible suspects and not rush to judgment about Franco. Before they can discuss it further, Nathan gets a call from his mother who asks her son if he would be kind enough to do her a favor by listening to Franco. She explains to Nathan that Franco happens to know of another suspect who would have good motive to want Dr. Clay dead because he knew a secret that could get this person in serious trouble. So, she urges him to come by and hear Franco out with what he's just told her

Jake goes into Hayden's hospital room having some “unconscious” need to engage in conversations with her. He seems like he may not distrust her, is not convinced (as Sam is) that Hayden is faking amnesia and is obviously willfully lying about everything she says she knows at this point. He does, however, want to see if he can jog her memory, if the name Ric Lansing might ring a bell for her and what about Nikolas Cassadine or the nature of her relationship with Nikolas. He realizes that he and Sam both remember, right before Hayden got suddenly shot (without any real proof who shot her or why they'd shoot her), she told them both that she knows who Jake really is. And right before she could “enlighten” either Jake or Sam that Jake is really Sam's “supposedly deceased” husband and the father of her son, she got shot, just as if someone had a motive for preventing her from revealing who the real Jake is.. Jake tells Hayden they want to find out how she got shot or who did it, and given what they've heard, they know of a motive for Nikolas wanting to prevent her from talking and revealing what she can't reveal if she's dead.

Elizabeth has the theory put together that Nikolas had motives to kill Hayden and the reason is that Hayden knows the secret about Jake. That means it's highly likely that Nikolas may also know that secret. After she humbly explains all her theories about it to Nikolas, and that it doesn't make sense that Shawn Butler would “accidentally” shoot Hayden, Nikolas tells her that it is correct for her to suspect that he got Hayden killed. At that point, he admits he did it. Elizabeth reveals that she wants to do the “right thing” and not cover up a murder, even if she doesn't personally care for Hayden (the con artist whom Ric Lansing hired to scam Elizabeth in order to get Elizabeth to believe Jake was “unavailable” and she'd get back with Ric.) Regarding that, Nikolas asks her if she does not also want Hayden dead, for her own reasons (they both know the secret about Jason and could both suffer some consequences if Jake or Sam or others ever find out.). Nikolas reminds her that by keeping Hayden “quiet”, it not only protects him. It's in her best interest also, as Nikolas reminds Elizabeth she finally has everything she's ever wanted in her relationship with Jake when nobody knows that he's really Jason. So, he asks Elizabeth, can't she see that killing Hayden is the only way to protect them both?

When Denise is alone, she knows that even if Silas is not around to expose her and Morgan, it could still happen. She also knows that she could be in trouble for something a lot more serious than that (like murder). She leaves the apartment and goes to the police station.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Patrick, needing to know what condition Hayden is in...specifically if she's awake, talking, remembering and ready to reveal the big secret. He tells her Hayden is awake and telling them she remembers everything and says that Jake is, in fact, her husband. Patrick tells Elizabeth she has to consider that Hayden may actually believe it and could be amnesiac, just like Jake is. Patrick informs Elizabeth, however, that Sam believes that Hayden is lying, knows that is not true, and knows was really happened throughout the whole while they've known. He informs Elizabeth, also that he just found out that Jake is helping Sam investigate Nikolas without telling Elizabeth about it. Hearing that, Elizabeth knows all too well, what is at stake for her, regarding that, if Jake and/or Sam or others finds out who Jake really is and how it will affect her life.

While it appears Hayden is alone and asleep in her hospital bed, Nikolas enters her room unseen, looking like he might be doing the obvious thing (getting ready to kill her in her sleep before she reveals that he knows the secret about Jason and had motive to prevent Hayden from revealing what he doesn't want anyone to know.

As Franco waits alone in the police interrogation room, Ava walks in. Franco tells her he knows she murdered Silas. She has obvious motive which he knows involves Silas not only revealing to Kiki that “Denise” slept with Morgan. But also, Silas could reveal who she is and get her charged with not one but two murders. They both know, Franco reminds her, that even if Silas was willing to protect her secret and not let her get charged with murder, that could have very well gone out the window when he found out that she is sleeping with their mutual daughter's boyfriend. He concludes to her that there is no way out of it, for her in getting charged, not only with the murder of Connie Falconeri, but also with the murder of Silas. She reminds Franco that there is compelling evidence against his girlfriend for the murder of Silas.

Sonny and Carly call Morgan over to speak to them. He asks his parents if this can wait, since he has to take care of Kiki. Sonny tells his son they have something they need to ask him and they need a straight answer. Carly asks Morgan if he murdered Silas Clay.

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