GH Update Thursday 8/6/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/6/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

When Elizabeth woke up, Jake had a cup of coffee waiting for her. Liz realized she'd overslept and that the kids were late for camp. Jake revealed that he'd already dropped the boys off, so that Liz could sleep in. Liz asked if Little Jake seemed comfortable at camp, and Jake assured her that her son had fit right in with the other kids. Liz wasn't sure what she'd do without Jake Doe. Jake hoped Liz never had to find out. Jake told Liz that Hayden woke up last night and that she appeared to be on the road to a full recovery. Liz pretended to be pleased. Jake explained that Hayden had experienced some memory loss, and she thought Jake was really her husband. Jake admitted he'd been disappointed that Hayden couldn't tell him who he really was. Liz said she was sorry. Jake said it was okay and that Patrick thought there was a chance that Hayden would regain her memory. Liz confessed that part of her didn't want Jake to get his memory back because she was afraid to lose him. Liz thought this made her sound like a bad person, but Jake assured her that he didn't want to lose her either, because he loved her. They kissed. Jake went to get Liz some more coffee. As soon as Jake stepped out of the room, Liz called Nik.

At GH, Obrecht approached Patrick and asked if he'd heard about Silas. Patrick replied that he and Sam found out last night. Obrecht couldn't imagine who would want to hurt Silas. Patrick didn't know either, and he hoped to leave it up to the police. Obrecht shifted gears and talked about Hayden's recovery. Obrecht thought it was interesting that Hayden had once been shut off from the world, and now she was back, possibly with secrets to reveal.

Hayden was in her hospital room. She grimaced at her breakfast and grumbled that she couldn't believe they expected her to eat that. Hayden's door opened. She assumed a nurse was walking in, and she asked for a different meal. Hayden's visitor was actually Sam. Sam made a sarcastic comment about Hayden's attitude. Hayden said she remembered seeing Sam with Jake last night, but she didn't remember Sam's name. Sam accused Hayden of lying about her memory loss. Sam found it hard to believe that Hayden only remembered the fake life she and Ric created for Jake. Hayden pointed out that Patrick said it was perfectly normal for her to have trouble remembering, but Sam was still skeptical. Sam said she lost someone close to her last night and it made her realize how short life was. Sam vowed to find out what Hayden was up to. Patrick came in, and Hayden said Sam was harassing her.

Later, Patrick and Sam were in the hallway, and Sam was irritated that Patrick had made her leave Hayden's room. Patrick acknowledged that Sam was having a rough time, due to Silas's death, but Patrick thought Sam was coming on too strong. Sam disagreed. She thought that Hayden was a fraud and that she would have been able to prove it if Patrick hadn't interfered. Sam asked Patrick if he really bought Hayden's act. Patrick said he had no choice but to take Hayden at her word unless he received medical proof that she was faking. Patrick wondered why Sam was so invested in this. Jake was on his way to see Hayden when he ran into Patrick and Sam. Jake sensed that something was up, so he asked if everything was okay. Sam said no, and she told him about Silas. Jake gave Sam his condolences and asked if he could do anything. Sam thanked him, but she said no. Jake asked if he could visit Hayden, and Patrick said yes. Jake left. Sam admitted she'd been out of line before. Patrick didn't question Sam's instincts about Hayden, but he wondered why she cared so much. Sam said it was because of Nik. Sam revealed that she and Jake were investigating Nik and had discovered a connection between Nik and Hayden. Patrick was shocked that Sam and Jake were working together, and he asked why she didn't tell him. Sam assured Patrick that she did trust him, but she admitted that she didn't trust Liz.

Hayden told Jake it was nice of him to check on her, and she jokingly asked if he was sure he wasn't her husband. She was frustrated about her memory loss. Jake commiserated with her, and he told her that he'd been through the same thing. Hayden asked if it got better, and Jake admitted that he never regained his memory. Jake assured Hayden that things might be different for her. Hayden said she couldn't remember tricking Jake or interacting with anyone named Ric Lansing. Jake asked if Hayden remembered Nikolas Cassadine.

Liz met with Nik at The Floating Rib and brought him up to speed about Hayden. Nik asked if Hayden could be faking. Liz didn't think Hayden had anything to gain from lying. She was worried that Hayden would regain her memory and tell everyone that Liz and Nik had been keeping Jason's identity a secret. Nik replied that he'd take care of it. Liz asked exactly what Nik meant by that. Nik wouldn't elaborate, but he was adamant that he wouldn't let Hayden hold the secret over their heads. Liz wondered aloud if Hayden had really been caught in the crossfire of a mob war, or if Nik had arranged for Hayden to be shot.

At the PCPD, Dante brought Kiki a drink and apologized for having to keep her there so long. Kiki felt stupid for believing in Franco.

Franco was in an interrogation room. He remembered finding Nina kneeling over Silas's body while holding a knife. Nathan walked in. He brought Franco a doughnut and offered him coffee, which Franco refused. Nathan listed the evidence against Franco – the knife Franco had been carrying had been cleaned, but CSU had found traces of Silas's blood on it and one of Franco's partial fingerprints. Nathan asked if Franco could explain that. Franco remembered holding the knife and wiping it down. Nathan stated that things didn't look good for Franco, unless Franco could point the police in another direction. Franco flashed back to Nina telling him she was innocent. Franco had assured Nina that he believed her. In the present, Franco told Nathan that he had no idea who could have killed Silas. Franco asked for his phone call.

Obrecht came to the police station and told Nathan that Franco was innocent. Nathan asked his mother how she knew Franco had been arrested, and Obrecht explained that Franco called her. Obrecht went into the interrogation room to talk to Franco alone, and she asked him why he killed Silas. Franco told her that he was innocent, and only Obrecht could help him. Obrecht felt that Franco should see a lawyer, but Franco only trusted Obrecht. Franco asked if doctor, patient confidentiality worked like lawyer client privilege. Obrecht said as long as she was giving him medical attention while he talked. Franco bit his finger to create a small wound, and Obrecht pulled out her first aid kit to treat him. Franco admitted that he found Nina at the scene of the crime. Obrecht assumed Nina was the killer, but Franco told her that Nina was innocent. Obrecht wanted to protect Franco by turning Nina in. Franco reminded Obrecht that she was legally required to keep this to herself. that Obrecht wasn't allowed to say anything. Obrecht stated that Nina killed Silas, just like she kidnapped the baby. Franco revealed that Silas kidnapped the baby. Obrecht insisted that Silas had no reason to do that. Franco insisted that Silas did have a reason. Franco had a realization, and he announced that he knew who killed Silas – it was Ava. Obrecht shot Franco a skeptical look.

At ShadyBrook, Nina called Franco, but of course, he didn't answer. Nina placed another call to Ric and asked him to come. When Ric arrived, Nina hugged him and thanked him for coming. Ric explained that he came because she said it was urgent, but he warned her that they couldn't make a habit of this. Ric reminded Nina that they'd agreed that they couldn't communicate for awhile, so that she could focus on getting better. Nina replied that things had changed now that Silas was dead. Ric wondered how Nina knew that. Nina remembered kneeling over Silas's body, but she told Ric that she saw it on the news. Ric explained that he'd thought about calling Nina, but he decided against it because he knew she was already struggling with knowing she kidnapped the baby. Nina replied that she didn't kidnap the baby. Ric tried to convince Nina that she did take Avery, but Nina couldn't be swayed. Ric asked who took the baby if it wasn't her. Before Nina could answer, Nathan arrived. He was about to tell Nina about Silas, but Ric announced that Nina already knew. Ric asked if there were any leads. Nathan didn't want to discuss it because he was there as Nina's brother, not as a cop. Nina wanted details, though, so Nathan told her that Franco was in custody. Nina got upset and she insisted that Franco was innocent. Nina told Ric to represent Franco. Ric said that Franco despised him and wouldn't want his help. Ric had to go to court for another matter, but he told Nina he'd check with the public defenders' office and see who was assigned to Franco's case. That did nothing to placate Nina. Ric rushed out before Nina could press the issue. Nina frantically told Nathan that she didn't want Franco to have a public defender. Nina was adamant that Nathan had arrested the wrong person.

Ava was at home staring at a newspaper that had Silas's picture on the front page. She cried that she really did love Silas, in spite of everything that happened. Morgan, who was at Carly's, called and asked “Denise” if she'd heard about Silas. Denise stated that someone needed to tell Kiki. Morgan replied that he'd called Kiki, but she hadn't answered. Denise noted that Kiki would be devastated when she found out what someone did to her father. Morgan was gearing up to say something serious to Denise when her doorbell rang. Denise said they had to end the call. Morgan insisted that they needed to talk, but Denise said they'd talk later, and she hung up. Her visitor was Dante, and he wanted to talk about Silas's murder. Denise said that Ava had a history with Silas, but she (Denise) didn't know him very well. Dante revealed that he knew Denise had called Silas last night. Denise flashed back to calling Silas to try and stop him from telling Kiki the truth. Denise didn't care about the affair, because she knew that if Silas told Kiki that she was really Ava, she would go to prison. In the present, Denise lied and said she called because she'd been trying to arrange a welcome home dinner for Kiki. Dante asked Denise about her relationship with Franco. Denise said that Franco was only dating her to make Nina jealous. Denise asked why Dante was asking about Franco, and Dante told her about Franco's arrest. Dante asked if Franco said anything to indicate that he wanted Silas dead. Denise said no. Dante gave Denise his card, and he left. Ava flashed back to leaving Silas's apartment last night. She'd looked shaken as she glanced around to make sure no one was in the hallway. Ava pulled her sleeve over her hand and closed Silas's door.

Kiki showed up at Carly's, just as Morgan was trying to call her again. Kiki's voice cracked as she told Morgan that her dad was dead. Morgan told her he'd been trying to call her. Kiki explained that she turned off her phone. She told Morgan that she was the one who found Silas. Morgan comforted her. Morgan wondered why Kiki was back in town. Kiki explained that she left the party early because she missed Morgan and because Silas had left her a message saying he had something to tell her. Kiki wondered if Silas would have still been alive if she'd come home earlier. Morgan asked if the police knew anything. Kiki replied that it was Franco. Kiki didn't understand what motive Franco would have to kill Silas. Morgan knew that Kiki must find it difficult to know that her friend killed her father. Kiki said that Franco proclaimed his innocence, but she didn't see how that could be true.

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