GH Update Wednesday 8/5/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/5/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

There is a meeting of the five families with members representing regions all over the world. Sonny sits at the round table with the other members and has called this meeting. He wants to know just who it was who made a hostile move toward him. He knows there is a traitor at this table and would like to know who would break the alliance. He tells them it's all in their best interest to resolve this as simply and quietly as possible while avoiding violence which will only make things worse. He knows that two of his major territory shipments have been hijacked. He needs to know why the merchandise in question wound up somewhere where he knows who to confront. It's a guy named Serge. Sonny tells Serge he wants a name. He wants to know who is after him. Yet Serge tells Sonny he does not have a name to give him. He did business with the middle man but does not know who he was representing. Serge reminds Sonny that for a while Sonny had it too easy with Jason Morgan to do all of his dirty work for him by having all of Sonny's enemies killed. Now Jason is gone and has been replaced by Shawn Butler who went to prison for Sonny and Duke Lavery who was killed. So now Sonny is all alone, vulnerable and has no one. Sonny then reminds Serge that nobody “gave” him his territory. He took it. Serge then tells Sonny his time is over and it's time to “cash out” and return to that island of his before somebody takes Sonny out. Sonny appears to be getting up to walk away but he suddenly pulls out a gun and fires a shot at Serge and Serge falls to the floor, appearing like he's either unconscious or dead. He sees his enemies pulling out theirs' but he gets them to put them down. And it appears that the other members of the meeting are backing him. He lets them all know that it appears somebody is gunning for him and he warns them if any of them if they are secretly plotting against him, they might want to think twice. At that point, he leaves and bids them all a good day.

When Sam is with Patrick at his house, she turns on the television to hear, for the first time that Dr. Silas Clay has been found murdered at his Waterfront apartment. She is obviously shocked. Denise watches the same show and does not seem discontented when we hear there are no suspects in the murder investigation. We then see Carly watching it from her television with Morgan by her side. He appears shocked and stunned. She seems to want to know why her son does not want to be there for his girlfriend after her father has been murdered. When Patrick returns to Sam, he is equally shocked to hear that Silas is dead. She remembers that Rafe was recently in town and she had to inform him that he has no family in the area. She realizes, however, that Kiki is family to Silas and needs to know. Yet she can't reach Kiki while Kiki is in crises at the station. Alone with Patrick, Sam reflects what a great man Silas was for saving her son's life and they both wonder who could do something like this to him. We then see Sam reflecting on her history with Silas, from the first time she met him, not liking him, all the adventures and twists and turns they went through together, how he won her over by saving Danny's life when he had leukemia. She admits to Patrick that she never thought she could live again after Jason died but Silas showed her that she could. Silas was her transitional relationship. He helped her heal and got her ready when the right one came along, which is Patrick. He tells her he will be forever grateful to Silas for that.

Kiki is at the police station, crying and grieving the loss of her father. Cops bring Franco in as their first suspect. He urges Kiki to convince them that he did not do it but it appears she suspects him. Dante talks to her and tells her that he knows she will need closure. It will not bring her father back but it will hopefully make her life better if she realizes her father would not want her to refuse to get on with her life. So, he tells her, he needs her to tell him all she knows about what happened right before her father died. In response to that, she replies that he called her and told her he had something “very important” to tell her. Nobody has a clue what that would be and may never find out yet we see a flashback of Silas speaking to Ava when she was recovering after everybody thought she died. She tells Dante that when she went in and discovered her father was dead, Franco was leaving the apartment so it's pretty obvious Franco murdered him. He talks to Dante about how she trusted Franco when she believed he was her dad. Even after she found out that Silas was, and he'd been prevented from knowing his own daughter her entire life, Silas was always there for her. She breaks down and becomes hysterical when she sees Franco entering the room.

Julian wants to talk to “Denise” about what he can see is weighing heavily on her mind. She informs him that Silas Clay was murdered. They also talk about the “deceased” Ava. It seems as though, when she realizes she once loved Silas, she is upset that he's gone and blames herself, concluding if he'd never met her, he'd still be alive. Julian asks her why it would be of importance to her when she could not have known Silas. He still hasn't a clue that she is really Ava yet when he speaks of his deceased sister believing he's speaking to someone who never met her, he's surprised to hear her “defend” Ava when he talks about how selfish and narcissistic Ava was. Julian tells “Denise” about his history with Silas dating his daughter and failing to tell her he was already married. He handled the situation poorly and Sam got hurt, he tells her. Julian realizes, however, that Silas was the father of Julian's niece and he saved Julian's grandson's life and he did not deserve to be murdered. He cannot figure out why Denise is so broken up about the death of Silas when she didn't know him. Julian concludes he needs to contact Kiki yet “Denise” does not want him to do that.

When Carly finds out the news about Silas, she tells Morgan he needs to be there for Kiki. When he indicates that that is the last thing he should be doing right now, she tells her son that he needs to realize that when one is in a relationship, they need to make any and all efforts to be there for the person they love in a time like this. Yet he tells his mom that Kiki does not need him. He tells her that he was no good for Kiki and only did her wrong. Carly hasn't a clue what he is talking about when he tells her that and demands her son tells her the reason why he says that. When Morgan refuses to answer that, Carly concludes this must be about Denise and tells him that his father told him all about “the kiss”. Yet, Carly can see that something else is going on that Morgan is refusing to tell her. Carly assumes that the “entirety” of this problem is all regarding Denise and lectures him about how he must know how sick this woman is to be messing around with a boy half her age who is dating her niece. Still believing that Denise and Ava are two different people, Carly talks about all of her theories regarding how Morgan needs to be there for Kiki and to stop his entanglement with Denise. She takes her son aside and tells him he needs to listen to her when she tells her about her own history with manipulation and pushing people away. She does not want him going down the same path she did and she believes he needs to rebuild his trust with Kiki before he loses her for good.

While Nina is at ShadyBrook, she watches the television and tells the attendants she needs to use the phone. They tell her it's too late at night to offer her “phone privileges”. But she does not accept that, demands they do not treat her like a 5 year old and she tells them this is urgent and she needs to make a call right now. Madeline enters and “assures” her daughter that she thinks it's the right thing for her to do that she committed herself and is getting the care she needs. Nina however, tells her mom that is “just the thing”. She does not need to be there and does not need any help. While Madeline is attempting to convince Nina that she is hearing and seeing things that are not there, Nina tells her mom, for the first time about the murder of Silas. Madeline again, wants her daughter to believe she has her best interests in mind and has to sign more papers. Nina, however, seems to know not to. Madeline obviously does not want her daughter to trust Nina and Nina keeps remembering his telling her that they need to “destroy the evidence” so that “she” (maybe he's more concerned about himself) does not get in trouble for the murder. She then grabs her mother's phone but realizes that since she's signed herself into this place, the attendants can make her give it back, do as they say, and make her stay stuck there and Madeline can leave whenever she wants. Nina tells her mom she wishes for once Madeline could be on her side. Madeline assures her daughter, even if she does not believe it, her mom is on her side.

Alone in the apartment, Ava holds a martini “seeing” and mourning the loss of Silas.

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