GH Update Tuesday 8/4/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/4/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Franco left Silas's apartment, then wiped his prints off the doorknob. He stopped short when he saw Kiki coming down the hallway. Franco acted like everything was fine. Kiki asked why he was hanging out in the hallway, and Franco pretended he'd come to visit Kiki. Kiki asked what was in the bag. Franco lied and said it was takeout. He added that the food was probably cold, and he suggested that they go to the Floating Rib. Kiki said no, because Silas had something important to tell her. Franco asked if Silas said what it was about, and Kiki said no. Franco said he'd been knocking on the door for awhile, and Silas wasn't home. Kiki agreed to go to dinner with Franco, but she wanted to put her bags inside the apartment. Franco blocked the door and urged Kiki to just bring the bags with her to the restaurant. Kiki wondered why Franco was being so weird. He insisted that nothing was going on, so Kiki decided to go inside. She noted that the door was unlocked, which was odd.

Kiki opened the door and screamed when she saw her father on the floor. She became hysterical, but she assured Silas that everything would be okay. She tried to give him medical attention, but Franco gently told her it was too late. Kiki sobbed, and Franco comforted her. Kiki asked how this happened. Franco flashed back to seeing Nina sitting by Silas's body and holding a knife. He told her he was stabbed. Kiki was about to call the police, but Franco took her phone and said she couldn't. Kiki asked why. Franco told her that the police would blame him for Silas's death. Kiki grew suspicious. She accused Franco of knowing Silas was dead before she got there. Kiki realized that that was why Franco had tried to stop her from entering the apartment and that was how he knew Silas had been stabbed even though there was no knife. Kiki demanded to see what Franco had in the bag. Franco tried to calm Kiki down. Kiki suddenly grabbed the phone from Franco's hands, and she called the cops. Franco approached Kiki, who was sitting on the floor, but she scooted back and ordered him to stay away from her. Franco backed off, but he told Kiki that they needed to get their stories straight. Franco wanted Kiki to tell the cops that she and Franco entered the apartment together. “You want me to lie for you? Or what you're gonna stab me, like you stabbed my father?” Kiki asked. Franco told Kiki he'd never hurt Silas because he wouldn't want to hurt Kiki. Kiki was skeptical about Franco's story, but she asked Franco who he thought the killer was.

Ava was at home watching the news. Carly arrived, so Ava pretended to be Denise. Carly spat that she hadn't seen Morgan for days and she wanted to know where the hell he was. Denise asked why Carly was asking her. Carly explained that she was there because she knew Denise had been putting her tongue down Morgan's throat. Denise tried to deny it, but Carly cut her off. Carly accused Denise of taking advantage of Morgan's youth and impulsiveness. Denise asked Carly if she always acted like this when her son was getting action. Carly said that “Denise” had the same face as Ava and it was confusing to Morgan. Carly snarled that Ava was a sexual predator who had taken advantage of Morgan. Denise suggested that there were real feelings between Morgan and Ava. Carly didn't think that Ava cared about anyone but herself. Carly bashed continued to bash Ava to Denise, until Denise interjected that she wasn't Ava. Carly felt that Denise was acing just like Ava had. Carly accused Denise of not caring about Kiki. Denise got offended and swore that she would never do anything to hurt Kiki. Carly noted that “Denise” was really defensive. Carly wondered if “Denise” had done something else to hurt Kiki. Denise swore she'd never do anything to jeopardize her new family. Carly felt that Denise should have thought about that before she made advances on Morgan. Denise snarled that she didn't answer to Carly. Carly noted that the more outraged Denise got, the more it was clear that something was going on between her and Morgan. Denise refused to confirm or deny anything. Denise felt that Carly needed to leave and let her adult son handle his own personal life. Carly found Denise to be even more grating than Ava. Carly warned Denise that there'd be hell to pay if Denise and Morgan went further than a kiss. “I don't take threats very lightly. When somebody comes after me, I take care of them,” Denise warned, as she smirked at Carly.

Valerie and Dillon were on their date at the Floating Rib and seemed to be enjoying each others company. They played pool and Valerie dominated the game. She teased that Dillon must be sorry that he agreed to the date. Things took a serious turn when Dillon admitted he almost canceled the date after Lulu told him about Valerie and Dante. Valerie tensed up. Dillon admitted it was none of his business, but he thought he should be up front with Valerie. Dillon added that Lulu was over it, since Dante initiated it and it was just a kiss. Valerie flashed back to sleeping with Dante. Valerie asked Dillon decided to go through with the date. Dillon thought Valerie seemed cool, and he didn't want to let Dante's mistake get in the way of getting to know her. Valerie asked if they could change the subject. Dillon agreed that they should forget about Dante and Lulu and focus on their date. Just then, Dante and Lulu entered the bar, and the foursome spotted each other from across the room. Dante asked Lulu if she wanted to leave, but she told him that they were bound to run into Valerie and Dillon at some point. Meanwhile Dillon joked to Valerie that, in Port Charles, you always get the opposite of what you wish for. Dante and Lulu came over and said hello. Dante assured Valerie and Dillon that he and Lulu weren't going to intrude on their date. Valerie said that it was okay, because she and Dillon were just leaving. Lulu pointed out that they were family, so there was no reason to avoid each other. Valerie didn't want things to be awkward either. Lulu suggested that they all hang out. Everyone looked uncomfortable, but they sat down at a table. Dillon tried to spark conversation by bringing up Sonny's missing shipments. Dillon wondered if the police wrote up the reports as if the missing cargo was actually coffee. Dante wasn't forthcoming, and Valerie and Lulu told Dillon that police couldn't comment on ongoing investigations. Dillon apologized, then he noted that Valerie worked for the PCPD, too. Valerie made it sound like her job wasn't that important, but Dante told her that she'd made the squad room a lot more efficient. Lulu looked uncomfortable, then she ordered another round.

Dante got called in to work. He apologized about having to cut everyone's evening short, but Lulu said that the rest of them were going to stay at the bar. Dante paid for the next round that they'd have without him. He and Lulu stepped away from the table. Dante asked if she would be able to get home okay, and she assured him that she'd be fine. They kissed and said I love you, then he left. Lulu was disappointed that her date night was over. Dillon guessed that Dante's job often got in the way of their plans. Lulu said she understood that it was just part of Dante's job. Dillon thought that if he were married to a cop, he'd constantly be worried about his wife's safety. Lulu replied that you get used to it, but she admitted she'd spent some sleepless nights waiting by the phone. Valerie hit a sore spot when she noted that Lulu must understand how Dante felt when Lulu was in Canada. Lulu shot Valerie a cold stare. Valerie looked embarrassed. She apologized and made a quick exit to the restroom.

Dillon told Lulu that he didn't think Valerie meant anything by that. Lulu noted that she'd been annoyed when Valerie was the third wheel, and now she was doing the same thing by intruding on Valerie's date. Dillon urged Lulu to admit that she hated being wrong. Lulu was taken aback. Dillon noted that Lulu braved tough conditions and faced down her dad's enemies, but she had a hard time admitting she'd been wrong or unfair. Lulu got defensive and snapped that she was very fair. Dillon grinned because she was proving his point. He noted that her face got red when she was flustered, but he assured her that it was beautiful. Lulu thanked him for the compliment. She got up to leave, since they'd established that she was wrong, unfair, and a third wheel. Dillon put a hand on Lulu's arm to stop her from going. He added that she was also smart, beautiful, and courageous. Dillon told her that it was good to have flaws, since no one would be able to stand her if she was too perfect. Lulu noted that Dillon was the only one who could criticize her and make her smile at the same time. She told Dillon that she appreciated his honesty. Dillon wondered if Lulu had read the new chapter of his script. Lulu hadn't had the chance yet. They joked around, then Valerie returned. Lulu and Valerie acted like the earlier tension hadn't happened. Dillon suggested that the three of them play pool. Lulu was up for it, but Valerie needed to get home because she had to be at work early. Dillon was Valerie's ride. He offered Lulu a ride too, but Lulu decided to stay and get takeout for herself and Dante.

At GH, Felix was on the phone with his boyfriend Donnie. Donnie had asked Felix on a date, but Felix couldn't go because his shift wasn't over. Brad walked up just as Felix ended the call. Felix talked about how happy he and Donnie were, then he asked Brad how things were going with Lucas. Brad replied that Lucas never came home last night. Lucas had texted Brad that he was staying at Carly's. Brad hoped that Lucas wasn't going to break up with him. Felix advised Brad to give Lucas some time to process what he'd been told. Brad noted that he hadn't gotten a chance to tell Lucas the whole story. Felix tried to stay positive and told Brad that Lucas would come around when he heard everything. Brad wasn't so sure, since the explanation wouldn't change the fact that he could never make good on his commitment to Lucas. Felix told Brad to go to Carly's and tell Lucas everything. Brad argued that he couldn't just show up there in the middle of the night. Felix told Brad to call. Brad was about to make another excuse, but Felix was adamant that Brad should tell Lucas everything as soon as possible. Felix walked away.

Lucas was sitting in Carly's living room staring at a picture of himself and Brad. He remembered Brad confessing that he was already married. Morgan came home and asked what Lucas was doing there. Lucas explained that he was watching Josslyn. Lucas wondered why Morgan was there. Morgan pointed out that he lived there, and Lucas noted that Morgan had recently been spending the night with Kiki. Morgan explained that Kiki was in the Hamptons. Lucas joked that Kiki didn't want to spend time with Morgan. The joke fell flat, and Morgan stared blankly at his uncle. Lucas urged Morgan to relax. Lucas tried to make small talk about what Carly must be doing at work, but Morgan still seemed to be in a daze, and he didn't answer. Lucas teased that Morgan must have hit his head on something. Lucas tried to touch Morgan's head, but Morgan knocked Lucas's hand away. Morgan pulled himself together and said Carly wasn't at work. Lucas wondered why she hadn't made it home yet. Lucas changed the subject and brought up Sonny's stolen shipments. Morgan knew about the thefts, but he hadn't discussed it with Sonny. Lucas hoped Sonny knew that Julian had nothing to do with it. Lucas said his dad told him months ago that he was out of the business. Morgan smirked and asked if Lucas believed Julian. Lucas did believe Julian. Lucas then admitted that he wasn't the best judge of honesty, since he had no clue that Brad had been lying for over a year.

Lucas told Morgan that Brad was married. Lucas didn't have any other details because he'd gotten paged just after Brad told him the truth. When Lucas's shift ended, he'd been so angry that he didn't even want to see Brad, so he spent the night at Carly's. Morgan thought Brad might have a good explanation for all this. Lucas didn't think there was anything Brad could say that would change the fact that he'd been lying to Lucas and cheating on his husband with Lucas. Lucas compared it to Sam finding out that Silas was married. Lucas still remembered how Sam reacted when she found out everything she thought she knew was a lie. Lucas stated that Sam didn't deserve what Silas did to her, and Lucas didn't deserve what Brad did to him. Morgan asked if they could stop talking about Silas, and focus on Lucas's issue instead. Morgan noted that Silas wasn't technically cheating, since Nina had been in a coma for twenty years. Morgan suggested that Brad's husband might be okay with Brad cheating. Lucas felt that Brad should have been honest with him instead of stalling their wedding plans. Lucas wondered how long Brad thought he could put the wedding off, especially after Carly brought up having a double wedding. Morgan was startled because he didn't realize his parents were getting remarried. Lucas felt bad because he thought Morgan already knew. Lucas took himself to task for not keeping his mouth shut, but Morgan said it was okay. Morgan figured that is what all the missed calls were about. Morgan hadn't returned them because he'd been preoccupied. Lucas could tell something was bothering Morgan, so he asked about it. Morgan didn't want to talk about it. Lucas told Morgan that he could tell Lucas anything because they were family. Morgan decided to keep his issues to himself. Lucas was still concerned about Morgan, but Morgan was sure that everything was going to be okay.

Nina walked into the common room at ShadyBrook. Nathan hugged her and asked where she'd been. Nina thought back to being at Silas's with Silas's dead body, but she lied and said she'd been at the clinic the whole time. Nina stated that she felt safe at the clinic. Nathan wondered if Nina really felt that way or if she was just parroting Ric's words. Nina assured Nathan that the staff was taking good care of her. She added that it was better than prison. Nathan admitted that he didn't think Nina kidnapped Avery. He asked her if she'd considered the possibility that she was being framed. Nina flashed back to Franco telling her that Silas kidnapped the baby. Nina told Nathan that she had considered it. Nathan didn't understand why Nina would have herself committed if she thought Madeline and Ric had set her up. Nina whispered that she didn't think Madeline and Ric were involved. Nathan was curious about Nina's theory. Nina remembered Franco telling her that she couldn't tell anyone that Silas was the kidnapper, because if she did, it would make her a suspect in his murder. Nina told Nathan that she didn't know who could have framed her. Nathan reminded Nina that he was her brother and she could trust him. Nina warned Nathan that what she was about to tell him was going to sound insane, but she wanted him to believe her. Nathan promised that he would. Dante called Franco and told him that they had to go to Silas's. Nathan told Nina that he had to go, but he'd be back tomorrow. They hugged and he left.

Back at Silas's, Kiki asked Franco who killed Silas. Franco said he didn't know, but he asked for a chance to explain. Franco didn't get the chance to say more, because Dante and Nathan burst in with their guns drawn. Franco admitted he knew what this looked like, but he swore he was innocent. Dante made Franco drop the bag. Kiki ran back over to Silas and started crying. Dante found the knife in the bag. Franco was arrested. Later, several officers searched the apartment. Kiki sat motionless next to Silas. Dante told Kiki that they had to leave to get out of the investigators' way. As Franco was lead out, he tried to say something to Kiki, but she didn't want to hear it. Kiki snapped that everyone was right about Franco. She felt foolish for believing in him, and she swore she'd never make that mistake again. She broke down crying again, and Dante hugged her.

Back at Carly's, Lucas went to bed, and Morgan turned on the news. Lucas had left his phone downstairs. Brad called, and Morgan started to call out to Lucas, but then a news story got his attention. It was about there being a murder in Silas's building. Carly came home just as the news confirmed that Silas had been killed. Carly thought it was terrible. Morgan agreed.

Nina and Ava also watched the nightly news, from their locations. Ava's hand shook as she listened.

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