GH Update Monday 8/3/15

General Hospital Update Monday 8/3/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Patrick informs Sam and Jake that Hayden has regained consciousness and she is fully awake and aware of everything. It appears she is not yet talking however and both Sam and Jake (still having no clue what she knows) are burning with curiosity to find out why Hayden wanted to talk to both of them about and if she really does know who Jake really is . Jake really wants to find out what is up with that. Patrick then lets them go into Hayden's room where they see her just waking up and opening her eyes. Jake asks her if she remembers when she told him, right before he was shot, that she knew who he really is. She replies she remembers that entire conversation. She declares she knows who Jake is. He's her husband, Jake Barnes and they live at Beecher's Corners. Yet Sam needs her to realize that is not the way it really is. Ric Lansing paid her in order to lie and scam Jake into falsely believing that, so that he could break up Jake and Elizabeth. Hearing that, Hayden asks Jake to please tell her what is really going on. Patrick then informs them that Hayden needs to get some rest and they can talk again. Hayden looks at Jake and asks if he is not her husband, then who is he? If he's not her husband, then how does she knows him? In response to that, Sam angrily replies that when one lies, like she does, things like that happen. Jake does not want to be angry at Hayden, however, realizing she lost her memory just like he did. Patrick asks them both to step outside and not upset his patient while she's recovering. Alone with Jake, Sam firmly tells him that he, unlike Hayden, did not willfully lie, scam or try to ruin anyone's life so he has nothing to feel bad about regarding this whole thing.

When “Denise” (Ava) is alone in the apartment, knowing that Silas may very well spill the beans, not only about her and Morgan but also about who she really is, she knows she has to take drastic action. She turns on the television and sees a news report about a shipment of Sonny's having been hijacked. She also hears a report that Mayor Lomax' email server has been hacked. And it appears that fundraisers and other financial support to re-elect the mayor are the “focus” of the hackers and that DA Scott Baldwin has yet to issue a statement. Julian returns unexpectedly and can see that “something” has her on edge. “Denise” replies that he must have seen the news about “somebody” hijacking Sonny's merchandise. She tells him she can't help but inquire if her “handsome brother” is behind that. He firmly tells her he's no longer in the mob. She tells him she believes he may not be as retired as he thinks he is and may be presently “re-grouping” so that he can strike when the time is right. They both realize that they might each know a “secret” about the other. Before they can continue their conversation, Alexis appears and admits that she heard the news about Sonny's shipment and it's clear she wants to know if Julian had something to do with that. She assures him that she believes him and intends to stand by him as his lawyer as well as in their relationship. They go off together leaving “Denise” alone in the apartment.

Sonny is on the phone to Max telling him he has to confront “something” involving 5 families face-to-face. He declares that he's going to shut it down tonight. He then goes over to find Morgan and can see that his son is not ok as he asks him what is wrong. He knows what is on his son's mind is not about Kiki. It's about “that woman”, he tells Morgan. He needs to know what his son might have gotten into with her and asks him to tell him just what happened so he can help his son “fix”it. Morgan admits that he slept with Denise. He only intended to go there to talk to her, he tells his dad. .But one thing led to another. Hearing that, Sonny can tell that there is something beyond that on Morgan's mind. He tells his son he knows, from experience that one cannot keep secrets like this and so Morgan needs to own up to what is really going on. He assures Morgan that although he is disappointed in his son for his part in this, he also realizes this woman is much older than Morgan is. Morgan then abruptly tells his dad he does not understand. It's something more than lust. It's something much deeper. He admits to Sonny that Silas just walked in on him and Denise and told them he intended to tell Kiki. Sonny tells his son if he wants to make it work with Kiki, he has to tell her the truth before her father does. Morgan replies that may not be necessary. Sonny asks his son why he says that.

Franco goes to Silas' apartment to find out what Nina might have done. He notices Silas passed out on the floor with Nina on the floor beside him with a knife in her hand. She asks Franco to help her, remarks that Silas is really pale yet she does not know what to do for him. Noticing the knife in her hand, clenched as though she has used it to stab him, he tells her that whatever she thinks can be done is too late. Silas is dead, Franco declares to her. She presides over Silas and tells him she was so angry with him for good reason but is so sorry and did not mean for this to happen. Franco assures her he will help her and be there for her. She admits that she went there to confront Silas after finding out that he was going to take the rap for the kidnapping of Avery when he did it. She only intended to talk to him but when she got there, she saw the knife in Silas' back yet nobody else was there. She has no clue how it happened but wonders if Franco believes her or questions that is really what happened. He assures her he believes her and they hold each other. He tells her that even so, he doubts anyone else would believe her so, for that reason, they have to get out of there and take action to protect her from the consequences. He tells her that he knows anything she says regarding the fact that she found out that Silas kidnapped the baby will give her motive and connect her to the murder. So, she can't breathe a word of that to anyone. She agrees. He tells her good and now they need to get her back to ShadyBrook. Nina, however, tells Franco she can't go. She has to say good bye to Silas, she tells Franco. She lies beside her “deceased” ex husband, declaring how much she loves him and all the memories they have together. She sobs, declaring to Franco this is “so unfair”. She asks what they do now. He tells her he will stay and clean everything up and cover her tracks while she goes back to ShadyBrook. Franco and Nina declare that they love each other while Silas remains still and lifeless on the floor.

Ric is on the phone very stressed about something and afraid that his plan may not work when Nathan finds him and enters his room unexpectedly. Ric asks Nathan what he wants, reminds him this is his hotel room and Nathan was not invited. Nathan, however, informs Ric he is there on an official capacity. He informs Ric that he needs to know about the baby blanket in the room which was evidence found in the Avery Corinthos kidnapping investigation. Ric then finds the blanket in question but tells Nathan he is wasting his time. That blanket is not baby Avery's. It's his own, he tells Nathan. He tells Nathan he wanted to explain everything to him but it was too late. Nathan clearly does not trust or believe a word Ric says and demands to know what it was “too late” for. Ric replies that Nina voluntarily committed herself to ShadyBrook. Hearing that, Nathan does not believe for a minute that it was her idea. He tells Ric he now believes that Franco was right from the start. Ric and Madeline have been working together to convince Nina to go to ShadyBrook and believe she's lost it and kidnapped a baby when she did not, so they can get their hands on Nina's money. Nathan informs Ric that he's pulled Ric's file and knows all about the abominable things that Ric has done throughout his life. Ric tells him he needs to leave and opens the door for Nathan. Nathan leaves but affirms to Ric that just because he may not be able to throw Ric in prison, it does not change what Ric is and he promises to protect his sister from Ric.

At Elizabeth's home, Laura tells both Elizabeth and Nikolas that she spoke with Monica and has a real concern about the fact that Monica believes she's out-lived both of her children and they must know that that type of pain is something no mother should ever have to experience. For that reason, she reminds them, she thought it was only right that she informed Jason's mom that Jason is alive and well but before she could do that, Elizabeth stopped her. Hearing that, Nikolas asks his mom how it was that Elizabeth convinced her not to reveal the secret when he could not. Laura then remembers Elizabeth informing her that she bets Nikolas got Hayden shot. So she simply tells her son that she realized it was a “mistake”. She remembers that her son could go to prison for murder but does not reveal that to him. She then declares to both of them that she's agreed to keep what she knows about Jason to herself. Nikolas tells her that he knows what he and Elizabeth have asked is “hard” but they believe it's the right decision. Laura admits she is not so certain about that. Elizabeth protests to her, however, that Sam is getting on with her life with Patrick. Jake is happy who he is. Yet Laura still believes that it may not be entirely the right thing for Jason and all the people is his life to falsely believe he's dead when he is not. She tells them that she cannot look Monica and Sam in the eye knowing that she's keeping a husband and a son away from his rightful family. So, she tells them, she intends to go out of town for a while, possibly to visit Lucky. She tells her son she loves him. She leaves and Elizabeth looks out the window watching her. When Elizabeth and Nikolas talk privately about Hayden and the secret that (as far as they know) Hayden will never reveal that only they know, at the hospital, Sam Jake and Patrick all wonder about the mystery regarding Hayden.

Inside her room, Hayden tells Patrick (as her doctor) that she thinks she can tell that Jake is ok and be trusted. She tells him, however “that woman who was with him” is another story and she can tell that Sam does not like her. Sam tells Jake that she knows lying is Hayden's natural state so she's probably lying now.

Ric gets a visit from Madeline who wants a progress report about how they are doing on getting their hands on Nina's money. He tells her they have a problem regarding her son knowing that Nina is at ShadyBrook. Nathan came by to confront him, Ric informs Madeline and he's probably on his way to find Nina right now.

Nathan goes to find his sister as ShadyBrook but discovers she's not in her room. Nina returns to her brother.

Denise listens to the report that ELQ stock is at a low although Nikolas Cassadine goes on the record stating that he is confident things will work out although that's a “bold statement to make”.

Alone in the apartment with Silas, Franco cleans and attempts to wipe down evidence of murder tells him he wanted to kill him himself but could not do it because of Kiki. He reflects that poor girl has enough to deal with as it is with her worthless boyfriend and her mother messing around behind her back. He leaves and as soon as he's out the door, Kiki enters to see her father.

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