GH Update Friday 7/31/15

General Hospital Update Friday 7/31/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam goes to find Patrick at he hospital and tells him she needs to know if he had a chance to talk to Elizabeth. He tells her he did and Elizabeth confirmed to him that he welcomes Danny into Jake's life, realizes they are brothers and there is no reason to keep them apart. As soon as Patrick leaves to get to the OR, Jake finds Sam and they talk alone. She talks to him about how Helena Cassadine has gone too far with keeping little Jake away from Jason especially when Jason died never getting a chance to even know that his son was alive. They both also know how “ironically” Helena has had some “interest” in Jake and may, for all they know, have some information about whom Jake really is. Jake tells her that he wanted to talk to her about his theory regarding what they both heard from Hayden Barnes before she got shot. As they both heard from Hayden, she said she had information that would affect both his and Sam's lives, regarding who Jake really is. So, Jake tells Sam, very possibly, if Nikolas has had “relations” with Hayden, it's very possible he knows the truth also. She tells him that as much as she does not want to suspect Nikolas, maybe it's true that he is becoming a true Cassadine and following in the footsteps of most of his family members. She tells Jake, however, even if that is true, how do they get Nikolas to admit it? Sam and Jake also (consciously) still wonder what “personal” incentive Nikolas would have to mess with peoples' lives...Yet they haven't a clue what it is that Nikolas knows. Patrick returns and finds them and he confirms to them he just heard that Hayden Barnes is now waking up.

Laura knows she needs to go and talk to Elizabeth. She tells her she knows who Jake really is. Nikolas told her the truth about Jason. He did not die. He is the same human being as the one most of Port Charles knows as Jake Doe. Nikolas informed her that both he and Elizabeth are keeping the secret from Jason and from everyone in his life, Laura tells Elizabeth. She tells her that although Nikolas urged her to keep the secret from “Jake” and all the others involved and came up with many reasons why that's the best thing for all involve, she's not going to do that. She's decided that she has to tell “Jake” whom he really is. Elizabeth urges Laura not to do that because, she tells her, it would ruin everybody's lives. Yet, Laura is adamant that Jason and all the people in his life, have the right to know who “Jake” really is. She can't let all the people who grieved the loss of Jason not know that he is alive. Elizabeth then protests to Laura that both of Laura's sons know the truth and Lucky has chosen to keep quiet about it, proving he's ok giving up his fatherly right to little Jake, knowing who adult Jake really is. Elizabeth tells her she hardly thinks that's the point. She asks Laura if she really wants the terrible consequences that will happen to her son, Nikolas, when Sam and Jake/Jason and all the others know that he kept the secret. Laura tells Elizabeth she is not really worried and willing to take her chances on what will happen to Nikolas. Elizabeth then informs Laura that the three of them are not the only people who know whom Jake really is. Before Hayden Barnes got shot, she informed Jake and Sam that she can reveal to Jake who he really is. She's found out that Nikolas “knows” Hayden. It seemed a bit coincidental and all too convenient that it happened right at that time. Shawn Butler was the prime suspect for the shooting but what motive would Shawn have? Nikolas, on the other hand, obviously does have motives to get Hayden shot. She was blackmailing Nikolas threatening to tell all but right before she told Jake and Sam the “secret” she got shot. So that, Elizabeth confirms to Laura, is pretty compelling proof that Nikolas is responsible for that. So he could go to prison if the truth comes out. She informs Laura that Hayden is not dead but she's in a coma. Elizabeth also knows, from working at the hospital, that she heard that Hayden might be coming back around, regaining consciousness and remembering everything. SO, Elizabeth tells Laura, that is why the truth about Jason can never come back. Laura knows it's entirely possible that the police could question Elizabeth about what she knows regarding Nikolas getting Hayden shot and she asks her if she would implicate Laura's son. Elizabeth tells her it “doesn't have to come to that”. She urges Laura to know she loves and wants to protect Nikolas and wants to do the same. All the more reason she believes it's best that nobody ever finds out the truth about Jason. At that point, Laura concludes that she has to go find her son and hear from him what he has to say about the charge that she had Hayden Barnes shot. Nikolas comes by and seems to know what they might be talking about regarding Jason.

At The Metro Court, Michael finds Nikolas and tells him he's seen proof that shares and stock profits are down under Nikolas' command. He's pretty certain he can prove to his family members and ELQ heirs that Nikolas can't run their company any better than any of them can.. Nikolas smugly assures Michael that he's not worried about that. He is certain that in a short amount of time, the company will be thriving and stock prices will be above and beyond what they ever were before he took over. Michael angrily tells Nikolas in a few weeks, he (Nikolas) could be tone. He asks Nikolas if he really thought he'd let him take over Michael's grandfather's legacy without a fight. He reminds Nikolas that all he did was take advantage of Luke Spencer's breakdown and everybody knows that Nikolas is nothing more than a rich, greedy opportunist. Hearing that, Nikolas smirks and tells Michael that regardless of any “opinion” anyone might have, he (Nikolas) owns more shares that anyone else. So nothing and nobody can prevent him from doing what he intends to do. Michael then declares to Nikolas that even if he's confident that he will succeed in business, he's certain that Nikolas might have to save some sort of “secret” about something as all people do. He knows all he needs to do is find out “something” about Nikolas that could not only unseat him from ELQ but have him arrested. Nikolas looks smugly at him as he hears that.

Morgan and Denise are worried now that Silas has caught them red-handed in bed together. They know that he intends to tell Kiki everything and it will ruin both of their relationships with her. He declares that Silas Clay is a hypocrite since he cheated on Nina with Ava. He was married and his wife was pregnant, Morgan “informs” “Denise” having no clue whom she really is. So, he tells her, he doesn't know where Silas get the gall to be on his moral high-horse with them. He tells “Denise” he is not going to let Silas go and tell Kiki about their secret. He knows there's gotta be some sort of dirt or secret on Silas or some way to motivate him not to be a threat to them. He will do whatever it takes to shut him up. “Denise”, however, knows that they cannot afford to do that, given what Silas knows about who she really is. Morgan protests that he can't let Silas be the first to tell Kiki. He will do the damage control and can't let Silas control and manipulate him with that threat.

Silas goes home and gets on his hone to leave a message for Kiki telling her he needs her to return his call ASAP.

After Ric has managed to get Nina to return to ShadyBrook and after he's persuaded her to sign what he needs signed, Franco finds his way there. He tells her that he will always remember the comfort they both found when they met right in this very place. She tells him that Denise came and talked to her and was able to convince her that Franco loves her. Franco tells Nina he knows how her mother has ruined her life and he can't stand the thought of her being stuck in that place again. He declares that he never stopped loving her. She believes him. At that point, they kiss. He wants her to go home with him yet she knows it's not that easy. She knows she signed something and she really believes that she was hearing and seeing things that are not there. She knows she must have unconsciously taken the baby out of the hospital. She is not angry with Franco for previously “suspecting” her because she believes she did, in fact, do it. She must have blanked it out. Ric has convinced her there is evidence. And, realizing she was not consciously aware of what she did, she now realizes she could have killed baby Avery. So she realizes she needs to be in ShadyBrook. Franco however, tells her he knows with certainty that she did not take Avery. He knows because he has proof that somebody else took her. He informs Nina he knows it was her ex husband, Silas, who took baby Avery from the hospital the night in question. She asks why Silas, who saves children, would take a baby from the hospital. It makes no sense, Nina tells Franco. Silas already fathered a child with Ava and has no interest in “having” a baby with anyone at this point. What incentive would he have to kidnap her? Franco replies that Silas would take the baby out of the hospital to “help” Ava. Nina replies that Ava (as everyone believes except for a select few) is dead. Franco tells her no. He happens to know, and Silas also knows, that the woman known as Denise DeMuccio is a scam. She is Ava speaking with a different accent and her hair a different color. He further explains to Nina that Silas has his own reasons to keep Ava being alive a secret since he'd get in trouble if it came out that he was harboring a fugitive when Ava should be in prison for murder. Hearing that, Nina finds out, for the first time, that Silas kidnapped the baby, knowing all the while that she was getting falsely accused, yet he did nothing about it.

“Denise” knows she has to get to Silas before Morgan finds him. She needs to stall him by letting him know that Kiki is away and Silas won't be able to reach her for at least a couple days. Morgan does not “argue” but admits that he can't keep that promise as he goes to find Silas. Alone in the apartment Denise calls and gets Silas' voice mail. Yet she's afraid of going to prison if she does not reach him before it's too late.

Nina “takes in” for the first time, the fact that she almost went to prison and almost lost her mind because she thought she took the baby. She remembered the very night in question, which she now knows was minutes before Silas took the baby, that she told him all that had happened to her regarding that. Silas said nothing. She furiously declares to Franco that Silas has ruined her life, throughout her life by putting Ava Jerome first, as she indicates she may intend to take drastic action against Silas for that.

“Denise” is worried about what could happen if Silas “talks” and is determined to do something about it.

Franco then realizes that Nina has left and follows her to Silas' apartment where he sees Silas lying passed out on the floor bloody with Nina sitting over him while holding a knife.

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