GH Update Thursday 7/30/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/30/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Scott had his assistant, Mrs. Shipley, gather up all the files on Sonny, in hopes of finding something to put him behind bars. Mrs. Shipley mentioned that Franco and Silas were there earlier. Scott wondered what they wanted, and Mrs. Shipley told him that neither of them left a message. Nikolas arrived at Scott's request. Mrs. Shipley left. Nik wondered if he should have brought an attorney. “Did you do something wrong? Oh, that's right corporate espionage when you took over ELQ,” Scott replied. Nik asked if he was under arrest. Scott said no. Scott told Nik that he still had the statement Rosalie gave, before she recanted. Scott asked if Nik wanted to get anything off his chest, and Nik said no. Scott mentioned that he ran into Laura and she told him about little Jake. Nik replied that he had nothing to do with Jake's kidnapping. Scott didn't think Nik was involved. Scott thought it was odd that Lucky had dropped little Jake off and left town so suddenly. Scott asked Nik why Lucky left. Nik said that Lucky had his reasons. Scott thought Nik sounded like his mother, who'd said the same thing. Nik grinned and thanked Scott, since he considered that a compliment. Scott noted that Laura had seemed more upset about Lucky leaving. Nik suggested that she missed Lucky. Scott theorized that Laura was upset because of the secret.

Nik closed the door of the office and asked if Laura shared the secret with Scott. Scott explained that Laura told him she'd just discovered something and it was bothering her. Scott added that Bobbie interrupted them before Laura had the chance to say anything. Scott wanted Nik to tell him what the secret was. Nik pretended not to know what Scott was talking about. Scott decided to go ask Laura about it. Nik didn't want Scott to get involved. Scott wondered why. Nik told Scott that it would be best if Laura's family dealt with this, not her ex husband. Scott argued that he was more than Laura's ex husband – they were childhood friends. Nik understood, but he asked Scott not to push Laura. Scott wondered if Nik felt so strongly about this because Nik was involved in whatever was bothering Laura. Nik asked what Scott was accusing him of. Scott said nothing, other than corporate espionage. Nik left since there was nothing else to say.

Franco knocked on Nina's door and called out to her. When she didn't answer, he kicked the door in. once Franco realized Nina wasn't home, he left her voice mail, and decided to go search for her. He was about to walk out when Madeline arrived and asked him why he was there. Madeline asked him why he was there. Franco posed the same question to Madeline. Franco didn't think Madeline cared about Nina, so he didn't understand why she was there. Madeline spat that a childless sociopath like Franco wouldn't understand. Franco told Madeline that, if he did have a child, he'd never drug him or her and put them in a coma. Madeline admitted that she and Nina had a complicated relationship, but she argued that she wouldn't be there if she didn't care. Franco thought Madeline was really there because she was plotting with Ric behind Nina's back. Madeline denied having any involvement with Ric or any interest in Nina's money.

Madeline stated that she and Ric were working together to get Nina help. Madeline didn't think Franco knew about the hallucinations, but Franco told her that Silas told him about it. Madeline told Franco that Nina was getting the help she needed. Franco grew suspicious, and he asked Madeline what she meant. Madeline refused to go into detail about family matters. Franco vowed to find Nina and get her out of the mess Madeline and Ric put her in. Franco insisted that he loved Nina and was going to be with her. Madeline told Franco that his love wasn't going to save Nina. She stated that Franco had been right all along – Nina really did kidnap Avery, and now her guilt was getting to her. Franco revealed that he knew who the real kidnapper was and it wasn't Nina. Madeline asked who it was. Franco told her that he wasn't going to tell anyone except Nina. Madeline accused him of bluffing, but Franco told her he wasn't. He left.

Ric brought Nina to ShadyBrook. Nina wanted to go home, since she wasn't seeing or hearing things anymore. She felt that she'd been fine all along. Ric gently encouraged her to let the professionals check her out. Nina pointed out that she'd been able to fool the professionals at ShadyBrook several months ago. Nina regretted letting Ric convince her to come to the facility. Ric tried to convince Nina that going to ShadyBrook was her idea, but she was adamant that he'd talked her into it. She added that he'd also talked her out of divorcing him. Nina told Ric he'd been a great friend, but he didn't love her. Ric tried to argue otherwise, but Nina didn't buy it. She told him it was okay, since she didn't love him either. Nina stated that she and Franco loved each other, and she needed to go find him right now. Ric told Nina that she needed to stay because she wasn't well. He pointed out that, just because she wasn't hallucinating right now didn't mean the problem was solved. Nina thought they could just come back if it happened again. Ric asked what she'd do if she heard the crying out in public, when he wasn't there to protect her. Nina thought she'd be able to handle it. Ric kept coming up with worst case scenarios, until he successfully worked Nina into a panic.

Nina didn't understand why this was happening to her. She acknowledged that she'd had anger issues in the past, but she'd never had hallucinations or blocked things out. She told Ric that she didn't remember taking Avery a second time. Ric gently told her that they couldn't ignore the evidence. Ric told Nina that, as her husband, he could protect her and make decisions for her that she couldn't make for herself, but he'd need her help. He pulled some commitment papers out of his jacket. Nina asked why Ric had been carrying commitment papers around and how long he had them. Ric lied and said he just got them at the front desk. Nina insisted that she couldn't commit herself – that would be like surrendering. Ric tried to convince Nina that this was the right choice, but she argued that she wouldn't be able to deal with being in ShadyBrook. Ric pointed out that she lived there before, and Nina told him she had Franco's support. Ric replied that she didn't need Franco. Ric assured Nina that, as her husband and friend, he'd make sure she was well taken care of. He handed her a pen. Nina cried because she was afraid to be locked up again. Ric continued with his supportive act and manipulated Nina into signing the papers.

Ric returned to the suite and told Madeline that Nina wanted a divorce. Madeline was worried that their plan was falling apart, but Ric assured her that he'd taken care of everything by convincing Nina to sign herself into ShadyBrook.

Franco went to ShadyBrook and saw Nina. Nina had looked depressed, but she brightened at Franco's arrival.

Silas snuck into Ava's bedroom and caught her in bed with Morgan. Ava and Morgan jumped in shock when Silas spoke. He was adamant that they end the affair now. Shaken, Ava asked Silas what he was doing there. Silas replied that Franco told him what they'd been up to. Morgan tried to explain, but Silas ordered him to shut up. Silas was appalled that Morgan had cheated on Kiki when she'd only been gone a couple of hours. He asked if Morgan even cared about Kiki. Morgan insisted that he did. Silas blasted Morgan for being untrustworthy, selfish, and shallow. Morgan swore that he and “Denise” both cared about Kiki, but they were drawn to each other for an inexplicable reason. Silas smirked and said he knew why. An alarmed Ava realized Silas was about to blow her cover. She quickly said that she and Morgan felt connected because of how much she looked like her late sister. Silas still seemed to be about to tell Morgan the truth about who “Denise” really was. “I don't think you want to go there,” Ava spat, as she glared at Silas. A confused Morgan asked what she was talking about. Ava asked Morgan to let her talk to Silas alone. Morgan didn't want to leave her to confront Silas alone. Silas urged Morgan to stay and hear what he had to say. Ava told Morgan that she might be able to get through to Silas. Morgan left the room.

Silas warned Ava that she was just prolonging the inevitable. Ava began to try and talk Silas down, but Silas cut her off. Silas explained that the only reason he didn't tell Morgan who she really was is because he wanted to tell Kiki first. Ava thought Silas was bluffing, but Silas stated that he'd kept quiet for too long. Silas explained that he stayed quiet at first because he thought Ava and Morgan had ended things, but now, he planned to tell Kiki the truth. Ava warned Silas that if he told the truth, it would all come out, and she'd go to jail for killing Connie. Silas was unmoved, because he felt that Ava belonged in jail. Ava added that he'd go to jail too, for kidnapping Avery. Silas shocked Ava by telling her he'd gone to the D.A. to turn himself in. Silas explained that the only reason he didn't confess was because Franco was there, and Franco told him what Ava and Morgan were up to. Silas said he wouldn't normally believe Franco, but he'd learned how low Ava could sink when she blackmailed Silas with the fact that he saved her life. Ava told Silas that if he ever loved her, he shouldn't do this. Silas replied that if he ever did love her, he didn't anymore. Ava urged Silas to think about Kiki. Silas thought that Kiki would one day accept and move past the fact that her mother was a sociopath who didn't care about her. “She already got over you once, Ava, and after she finds out about you and Morgan, she'll get over you again!” Silas spat. Ava begged Silas not to do this, but Silas snapped that Ava was the one who was doing it. Silas left the penthouse, and Morgan, who'd been waiting in the hallway, returned. Morgan asked Ava if she'd been able to convince Silas to stay quiet. Ava shakily said she didn't think so.

Silas went home. He left Kiki a message saying he needed to talk to her when she got back from her trip.

At Elizabeth's, Laura introduced herself to Jake Doe. Elizabeth walked downstairs. Laura noted that it felt like she'd spoken to Jake before. Jake explained that he had a new face and amnesia. Laura replied that her son Nikolas told her all about that. Liz shifted nervously as Laura asked Jake if he ever got flashes of his old life. Jake replied that he got déjà vu sometimes, but he'd accepted that his old life was gone. Laura told Jake she was sorry. Liz wrapped her arm around Jake and put a positive spin on it by saying they'd decided to live in the present and appreciate what they had. Laura suggested that Jake shouldn't give up so easily. Jake explained that he'd spent months searching for answers and came up empty. Jake wondered if Laura thought he was making a mistake. Laura felt that the flashes of memory meant something.

Liz answered a knock on the door – it was Patrick. Patrick chatted with Laura about little Jake's rescue. Liz mentioned that little Jake was doing well, although he had a lot of new faces to deal with. Patrick admitted there was one more person he hoped little Jake could meet. Liz forced a smile, as Patrick asked her to set up a time for Danny to meet Jake. Liz was reluctant to make any concrete plans. Laura looked over at Jake Doe, as Patrick stated that Sam wanted Danny and little Jake to know each other, since they wouldn't get the chance to know Jason. Liz replied that she saw Sam's point, but she didn't see any reason to rush things. Laura interjected that she knew from experience that it was best to raise brothers together. Laura still felt bad that Lucky and Nik had been separated until they were teens. Liz replied that Laura didn't have a choice. “Actually, I did. I could have told the truth. No matter how scared I was,” Laura replied. Laura pointedly stated that things like this need to be brought out into the open.

Liz told Patrick that she wasn't trying to keep Jake and Danny apart, but she just needed more time. She asked him to apologize to Sam for giving her the wrong impression. Patrick assured Liz that no one blamed her for being cautious. Jake predicted that little Jake and Danny would like each other, since Danny was a great kid, and Jake got along with his other brothers. Laura was glad to hear that the brothers would get to meet, and she added that she was sure Jason would feel the same way. Patrick thanked Liz and left. Laura told Liz it was nice of her to let Danny spend time with Jake. Liz assumed Laura was there to visit with her grandson, but Laura replied that she actually wanted to speak to Liz alone. After Jake left the house, Laura revealed that she knew he was really Jason.

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