GH Update Wednesday 7/29/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/29/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Sam awaken together. He tells her he could sense that she may not be “fully present”. As soon as she awakens, she knows to tell him that she is only thinking of him. Yet she admits that she is thinking about Jake. Patrick tells her he knows something is bothering her so he asks what it is. She then admits to Patrick about how, when she went to meet little Jake, for the first time, at the hospital, she was in awe how much he looks like Jason. She admits that she was really upset thinking how wrong it is that Jason will never get to meet his son although she's happy that Danny gets a chance to meet his half brother. Sam also mentions to Patrick that she senses that Elizabeth has some sort of “secret” which she is not letting on to anyone. She informs Patrick, for the first time, that Elizabeth attempted to falsify DNA evidence at the hospital to make it appear that Danny was not Sam and Jason's son together. She tells Patrick it appears that there is “something going on” with Elizabeth hanging onto having Jason's child when she thought their child (who is little Jake) had died.

At Elizabeth's home, she tells adult Jake that she is “in awe” that her son is ok. His kidney is in his body and it appears nothing happened to him. Yet all this while, people not only believed that little Jake died. The kidney that Josslyn received to save her life was “supposed to” be Jake's after he died. Now, there's unequivocal proof that it was not Jake's kidney.

Carly is at the Metro Court when Sonny finds her. She tells her ex she has concerns for all of the unanswered messages and texts she's sent to Morgan. She hasn't had a chance to tell Morgan about hers' and Sonny's big news. She wonders why their son is not talking to her. She tries to brainstorm what Morgan might have issues or concerns on his mind about. She realizes it may very well be regarding Morgan's “interest” in Denise and how it could jeopardize his relationship with Kiki. Yet they are happily together awaiting their wedding. Laura enters the Metro Court to see them together. She remarks that “some things never change”. The three of them sit together at a table. They all talk about Luke's disappearance and how they will all miss him. They talk about the amazing gift he gave to everyone by bringing little Jake home. Right away, Carly remarks how incredible it is that Jason's biological son, Jake is alive and well when everybody thought he died years ago.

Morgan goes to see Denise and angrily informs her that Franco knows about them. He wonders why “Denise” is not worried that Franco will not spill the beans to anyone. Morgan demands to know why she would be so certain of that. She “assures” Morgan that Franco may appear like a jerk but would not do anything that stupid. She explains she knows that Franco knows it would only hurt Kiki if she found out. Yet, she does not reveal to Morgan the whole reason why Franco is not going to sell them down the river. (He depends on a favor from “Denise” (who's really Ava). She hesitates to tell Morgan what she knows but informs Morgan they have to “stop” what they are doing. They both know what this would do to Kiki. She reminds him Kiki is her “family”. Hearing that, Morgan tells “Denise” he doesn't want to hurt Kiki either. She means a lot to him, he admits to “Denise”. Yet he knows he cannot keep his hands off of Denise, nor she-him, no matter what they say or do. Again, their clothes are off and they're in the bedroom while we see the door at the front entrance which they may not have locked.

Franco finds a way to get into his dad's empty office. He attempts to unlock the desk drawers, knowing the DA's office might have information about Nina's “up and coming” kidnapping arrest. Unexpectedly, Silas rushes into the office. Both wonder what they other is doing there. Franco immediately reminds Silas that he knows Silas has proof that Nina could not have kidnapped baby Avery the night in question. Franco reminds Silas that he has sold Nina down the river before, as they know all too well, for Ava. Why should anyone assume that he would not do it again, just to save his precious Ava from the consequences of her actions. Silas reminds him that Ava was dying. Franco tells Silas that even if he did the right thing by saving her life, as her doctor, he could have still brought her to justice for the crime she committed. Silas then admits he did the wrong thing. He admits it goes against everything he believes in and he came there to tell DA Baldwin everything. Hearing that, Franco is not entirely certain what, exactly, Silas means when he says he “cannot do that to Nina”. He tells him he believes he is responsible for what has caused Nina to lose her grip on reality again. Franco demands to know why Silas wants to not only save Ava's life but protect her while she's screwing around with Morgan behind Kiki's back. Hearing that, Silas demands Franco repeats what he just said. He knows, if that is true, he cannot sit by without taking drastic action. This affects him too since he is Kiki's father and has the same protectiveness of her that Franco does. At that point, Silas rushes out the door, leaving Franco alone in Scott Baldwin's empty office. Franco is worried at that point, that he is all on his own, with Silas too distracted to help him exonerate Nina before it's too late.

When Ric is confident that he's got Nina right where he wants her that she fully trusts him, she returns to their hotel room. She happily announces, to his surprise, that she wants a divorce. She tells him he's been her “rock” for a long time now. For that she is grateful. She hopes they can always be friends. That is why she cannot stay married to him. It's not fair to him. He deserves better than what she can give him. She does not love him. She loves Franco. That is the honest truth, she tells Ric. She has finally come to that realization. Hearing that, Ric knows he can't let that happen. He explains to her that he's not going to prevent her from divorcing him. However, he reminds her that there is evidence against her that could get her charged and imprisoned for kidnapping a baby and that the DA cannot make him testify against her if he's her husband. For that reason she might want to think twice about divorcing him, he tells her. When it appears she's getting stressed and confused and “not certain” what to think (afraid she might be losing it), Ric seizes the perfect moment to pull out his phone to play, yet again, the baby crying which he wants her to believe only she is hearing. She goes outside, afraid she's completely losing it and feels helpless. Inside we see Ric playing the recording from his phone.

In Silas's office, Franco is leaving a message on Nina's phone which she cannot access. He tells her he knows she's not crazy and he will prove it and save her from Ric if she just lets him.

Monica and Michael go to Elizabeth's home, unexpectedly. They are there to see little Jake, (her grandson and Michael's “family member”). Adult Jake seems comfortable talking to Jason's mom and “godson” and suspects nothing. Yet Elizabeth is clearly “uneasy” having Monica and Michael talking to Jake and finding out more about him (Do you think they're never going to find out who Jake really is?) Michael talks privately to Jake who informs him that in his and Sam's investigation of Nikolas, they did find out some “interesting” things. They found out that Nikolas has been involved with Hayden Barnes the con artist Ric Lansing hired to have Elizabeth and Jake falsely believing she was Jake's wife. Also, Jake informs Michael for the first time, right before Hayden got shot she told him and told Sam that she has some information, which affects both of them (Jake hasn't a “conscious” clue why it would have special meaning to both him and Sam). And they never found out the secret Hayden wanted to reveal to both of them, which she said, will drastically affect their lives. Michael still has no “conscious clue” that Jake is Jason. Yet, he tells Jake it's entirely possible that Nikolas has “resources” for finding that out. They both know that Nikolas' grandmother had some “programming” of Jake and may know secrets that her grandson might also be apprized to, regarding who Jake might really be. Michael and Monica inform Jake that they are on their way to oversee the building of the AJ Clinic. Hearing that, Jake inquires if Monica's other son was anything like Jason. She boldly tells him no. Jason and AJ were polar opposites. Monica has no conscious awareness of who Jake really is yet they seem to bond and trust each other unusually well for two people who have just “met”. Laura enters and tells Jake she's like to see little Jake. She also wants to know more about the man who has replaced her son (Lucky) as a father-figure to little Jake

Franco goes to Nina's hotel room after he's failed to reach her, knowing he has to take drastic action. He bangs on the door but there's no answer. He busts upon the door and walks in but it appears it's too late. Nobody is there..

Silas then goes to Julian's empty apartment ready to confront Denise and Morgan and knowing what they are up to. The door is unlocked so he walks in and catches them, red-handed, in bed together.

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