GH Update Tuesday 7/28/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/28/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan went into Jordan's office. She was surprised to see him, since he was supposed to be working the mob case. Nathan explained that he'd found evidence tied to Avery's kidnapping case. Nathan hesitantly admitted that he found a baby blanket at Nina's that was monogrammed with Avery's initials, but wasn't sure it actually belonged to Avery. Jordan told him to show it to Michael, then take it to Forensics for analysis. Nathan explained that Ric had refused to turn the blanket over. Jordan told Nathan to get a warrant, but Nathan was hesitant to do that. Jordan wondered why Nathan brought this up if he didn't want to follow through. Nathan explained that he had a hunch that Ric was framing Nina. Jordan admitted that she thought well of Ric, since he had defended TJ. Jordan pointed out that Nathan was making serious allegations against an officer of the court. She asked if he had proof. Nathan didn't, but he suspected that Ric was trying to get Nina out of the way, so he could take her inheritance. Jordan told Nathan to get the baby blanket, which would offer proof of Nina's innocence or guilt.

Kiki and Morgan were at Silas's cleaning up the kitchen after breakfast. Kiki's bags were packed because she was attending a friend's bachelorette party in the Hamptons. They kissed goodbye and she left. There was a knock on the door a second later, and Morgan opened the door to see Franco. Morgan spat that Kiki wasn't there, but Franco replied that he was there to see Morgan. Morgan refused to let Franco in. Franco began to scream loudly about Morgan's “extracurricular activities” until Morgan relented and let him in the apartment. Franco explained that he'd put the pieces together and figured out Morgan and Denise had sex. Franco was upset that Morgan was making a fool out of someone Franco cared about. Franco noticed a knife block sitting on a counter. He pulled out one of the knives and announced that he was planning to deal with Morgan in a “final” way. Morgan stood up to Franco and warned him that Sonny would kill him if he hurt Morgan. Franco waved the knife around and blustered for a bit, but he backed down. Morgan taunted Franco and called him spineless. Franco left after promising to kill Morgan if Morgan hurt Kiki.

Madeline stopped by Ric and Nina's suite. Nina had left early, and Ric thought that was because Nina was afraid she'd hear the baby's cries again. Ric boasted about how well the plan was going, and he and Madeline kissed. Ric told Madeline that Nathan was now questioning Nina's sanity. Madeline wanted details. Ric was surprised that Nathan hadn't told Madeline everything. Madeline grumbled that Nathan had barely spoken to her because Maxie was trying to poison him against her. Ric explained that Nathan had questioned Nina extensively after he saw the baby blanket in her suite. Instead of being pleased, like Ric had predicted, Madeline was furious. She was worried that Nathan would test the blanket and discover that it manufactured evidence and realize that Nina was being gaslighted. Ric wasn't concerned. He told Madeline they could burn the blanket and make it look like Nina did it. Ric thought that Nina was so unsure of her own memory that she might even confess if the police brought her in. Madeline was uneasy about framing Nina for evidence tampering. Ric was taken aback by Madeline's reluctance, given everything else they'd done to Nina. Madeline clarified that she didn't like any of this, but she figured she had no choice but to stick to the plan.

Ava was at her penthouse arranging a breakfast spread. She flashed back to Franco telling her that he wouldn't help her get the recording unless she helped him reunite with Nina. Nina arrived because “Denise” had asked her there to talk about Franco. Ava offered Nina breakfast, but Nina wanted to get down to business. Nina suddenly changed her mind and said she didn't care what “Denise” had to say about Franco, since Franco was out of her life. Ava asked if Franco was out of her heart. Nina stated that she was married and she was over Franco. Ava replied that Franco wasn't over Nina. Nina felt it was clear that Franco only wanted “Denise.” Ava replied that all Franco did was talk about Nina. Ava was adamant that Franco was still in love with Nina. Ava also thought that Nina was still in love with Franco too. Ava theorized that Nina only married Ric to punish Franco for accusing her of kidnapping Avery. Ava assured Nina that Franco knew that was the biggest mistake of his life. Nina asked if Franco said that. Ava thought it was plain to see. Ava felt that Nina was torturing herself by staying in a loveless marriage instead of being with the man she really loved. Ava admitted that she'd also been in the position where she made a choice that separated her from the man she really wanted to be with. She flashed back to being with Morgan. Ava stated that sometimes, you had to stay away from that person, but that wasn't the case for Nina and Franco.

Ava said that Franco no longer had any doubt that Nina was innocent. Nina admitted that she wasn't even sure she was innocent. Ava insisted that Nina didn't take the baby. Ava said that she and Nina were friends and she encouraged Nina to trust her. Nina wondered why “Denise” had so much faith in a woman she barely knew. Ava replied that she felt like she knew Nina because Franco talked about her so often. Ava added that Franco believed Nina was innocent, and she trusted his judgment. Ava urged Nina to ignore her self doubt, end her marriage, and go find Franco. Nina explained that it wasn't that simple – Ric was her lawyer who was trying to get her inheritance back, and he was a good guy, so Nina didn't want to break his heart. Ava advised Nina to get another lawyer. Ava added that Ric was resilient, and if he really cared about Nina, he wouldn't want to stand in the way of true love.

Nina decided to end the marriage and go back to Franco. Nina was grateful for the push from “Denise” and excited about being with Franco again. Nina hugged “Denise” and admitted that she'd really wanted to stab Ava, but she liked Denise a lot better. a Ava adopted a strained smile. Nina told “Denise” she hoped she found love too. After Nina left, Ava said to herself that she'd already found love.

Back at the Metro Court, Ric was in the process of lighting a match to destroy the blanket when Nina came home. Ric greeted Nina warmly, but his smile faded when she announced that she wanted a divorce.

Dante was on the pier talking to an informant about Sonny's stolen shipment. The informant didn't know who hit Sonny's business, so Dante gave him some money and told him to do some digging. Dante wanted to know who stole Sonny's shipment. The informant didn't know. Dante gave him some . The informant left.

Dante walked down the pier and came face to face with Valerie, who handed him some doughnuts. She explained that they were for him and the other officers who were currently working the pier. Dante appreciated it, but he told her it wasn't necessary. Valerie confessed that she had another reason for her visit – she needed to see him. Dante tensed and he told Valerie that they couldn't do this. Valerie assured Dante that this wasn't a romantic gesture. Valerie wanted to warn Dante that Jordan knew about them. Dante replied that he and Jordan had already talked. Valerie explained that she didn't mean to involve their boss in their personal lives – she'd just needed to talk, and at the time, she thought that Lulu was with Dillon and that there was a chance for Valerie and Dante. Dante apologized for misleading Valerie. Valerie told him that he didn't mislead her. Valerie said she was happy that Dante and Lulu were working things out. Valerie told Dante that she was moving on too, and she had a date with Dillon. Valerie thought that Dillon seemed great, but she had a feeling that Dante would disagree. Valerie asked if Dante had a problem with her dating Dillon. Dante told Valerie that she didn't have to ask his permission. Valerie clarified that she wasn't doing that. She just didn't want to do anything to damage their friendship. Dante assured Valerie that who she dated wouldn't have affect on their friendship. Dante wanted Valerie to be happy, and he thought that Dillon seemed decent, so he was fine with the date. Valerie apologized again for confiding in Jordan. She hoped that she didn't get Dante in trouble with their boss. Dante assured her that everything was fine.

Dillon went to the Haunted Star. He noticed that Lulu was upset, and she told him that Luke left town. Lulu wanted her dad to find happiness, but it was hard for her to adjust to knowing he might be there when she needed him anymore. She started crying because she wasn't sure she'd ever see him again. She leaned against Dillon's chest and cried. Lulu pulled herself together and said that Dillon was a good friend and she shouldn't lean on him that way. She was glad that Dante hadn't seen that and gotten the wrong idea. Dillon was sure that Dante believed them when they said that there was nothing going on between them. Lulu just wished there wasn't anything going on between Dante and Valerie. Lulu told Dillon about Valerie and Dante's kiss. Lulu blamed herself for setting the kiss in motion. Dillon felt bad because he felt that he'd pressured Lulu to lie, but Lulu was adamant that this wasn't Dillon's fault. She took full responsibility for her actions and choices. Lulu felt bad that she'd made Dante question her commitment to him, and she added that Dante felt worse for acting on his fears. Dillon admitted he wished he'd known all this before he asked Valerie on a date. Lulu wanted to be fair to Valerie, so she told Dillon that Dante initiated the kiss. Dillon placed his hand on Lulu's and told her he'd cancel the date if she wasn't okay with him dating Valerie. Lulu wanted what was best for Valerie, and she thought Dillon fit the bill. Lulu smiled and said if Valerie really did have feelings for Dante, Dillon would be the perfect distraction.

Dillon realized he hadn't told Lulu why he came – he wanted her opinion on the revisions he made to his script. Lulu was happy to read it for him. Dillon told Lulu that if she ever needed anyone to talk to about Luke... Lulu interrupted and told him she'd talk to Dante. Lulu smiled and added that Dillon would probably be busy falling in love with Valerie. Dillon left the boat and ran into Valerie and Dante on the pier. Dante said hello to Dillon, then he boarded the Haunted Star. Valerie told Dillon that she'd brought her coworkers coffee and donuts, and now she was heading back to work. Dillon offered to walk her to her car, so they could finalize the plans for their date. Valerie accepted. Back on the boat, Dante and Lulu kissed hello. Dante mentioned that he saw Dillon, and he asked if Lulu had heard about Valerie and Dillon's date. Lulu told him she had and that she hoped it worked out. Dante agreed.

A nurse came into Silas's office and told him that Nina called while he was out, but she didn't leave a message. Silas realized he couldn't let Nina suffer for his crime. Kiki dropped in – she hadn't seen Silas that morning, and she wanted to say goodbye. Kiki let Silas know she'd prepared several meals for him. She suggested that he have someone over for dinner instead of hanging out alone in his apartment. Silas asked who he was supposed to invite over, and Kiki suggested that he invite Morgan and Denise over. Silas promised to consider it, but he warned Kiki not to get her hopes up about him becoming friends with Denise. Kiki didn't understand why Silas was dismissing the possibility. She reminded him that he'd become friendly with Nina. Kiki wanted to know why Silas and Nina spent the 4th of July together. Silas explained that Nina had wanted someone to talk to. Kiki thought that Silas was being too kind to Nina, after all she'd done to him. Silas admitted that he'd put Nina through a lot too. Kiki and Silas hugged goodbye, and she left. Silas thought about how upset Nina was because she thought she might have kidnapped Avery. He said to himself that he was sorry to do this to Ava, but the truth had to come out. He left.

Franco broke into Scott's office. While he was there, Ava called him and told him what happened with Nina. Franco was thrilled. Ava warned Franco that she'd take Nina away from him if he didn't steal the recording for her. They ended the call. Ava sighed that she hoped Franco came through so she could stop pretending to be Denise. There was a knock on the door. Ava opened it – it was Morgan.

Back at the DA's office, Franco tried and failed to pick the lock on the drawer. Franco was sitting in the chair about to unfold a paperclip to use as a lock pick when Silas walked in.

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