GH Update Monday 7/27/15

General Hospital Update Monday 7/27/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan goes to the bar and orders a draft. Dillon is sitting at the bar beside him. Morgan is waiting for Kiki to join him. Dillon wants to share some of his screenplays with Morgan and have some drinks together. They both reveal that they have never met before. Morgan informs Dillon that he is waiting for his girlfriend who is the daughter of Ava and niece of Julian. Dillon informs Morgan he has not been in a relationship for a while. He was seeing someone, while traveling, who cheated on him and still has some trust issues regarding that. Dillon talks to Morgan about the trip he and Lulu took to save her brother. He admits how Lulu has “inspired” him. He informs Morgan all about his history with Lulu and how important she is to him. Hearing that, Morgan tells Dillon he hopes he realizes that Lulu is married to Morgan's big brother. They both talk about how committed they know Dante and Lulu are to each other.

Dante goes to talk to Lulu at The Haunted Star and wants to get their marriage back on track. She tells him she wants that, too, but still needs to have some time to get over all that has happened. She tells her husband she knows she may be “overreacting” as she knows it's “not like he and Valerie slept together”. As soon as he hears that, clearly Dante does not know what to say or do.

Laura enters and informs her daughter that her father is leaving town and Lulu needs to see him off. Lulu leave and Laura informs Dante that she would like to talk to him alone about the evening he spent alone with Valerie.

Kiki is knocking on the door to see her “Aunt Denise”. Denise, however, is inside with Franco who knows that she is really Ava and has slept with her daughter's boyfriend and they are both wondering what to do regarding what to tell Kiki about this. When Franco hears her knock in the door, he asks Ava just what she intends to do about this. They then, let Kiki inside and want her to believe that they are “together. Immediately, “Denise” explains to Kiki that she just wanted to “help” Franco find out what Ric might be up to regarding Nina and her money. Kiki tells “Denise” she need to see that as her responsibility and she also informs both Denise and Franco that she can clearly see that they are not really together. She indicates that she has no clue that Denise is secretly sleeping with Morgan, much less that she is really Ava. Kiki tells her “aunt” she is really sorry that Sonny has not agreed to let her see baby Avery. “Denise” tells Kiki she is not worried and knows that “somehow” she will get to be a part of her “little niece's” life. She tells them she just needed to make certain that her “aunt” is ok while she goes to her friend's bachelorette party. They both assure her that there's nothing to worry about regarding what they are doing. Kiki leaves them alone and Franco tells Denise the reason he did not tell Kiki her secret was not to protect Denise/Ava. It was to protect Kiki. He could not do that to her. He tells “Denise” she needs to own up for what she did.

Nathan goes to see Nina after his mom has “urged” him to do so. He does not believe a word Madeline says about her concerns that Nina is losing it and he does not believe she would kidnap a baby. However, when he enters his sister's hotel room, Ric has “succeeded” in convincing Nina that she's losing it, hearing a baby crying which nobody else hears and that she may have unknowingly kidnapped baby Avery when he presents the baby blanket in Nina's possession. When Ric makes it clear that he wants to present this “evidence”, Nina asks him how he can do this. She thought he just told her he would protect her. She also wonders why Nathan has suddenly come by on “police business” unannounced. Nathan admits that he has concerns about where this blanket came from and can't just ignore this. Ric wants Nina to believe that he is defending her, as he “protests” to Nathan that he is out of line to accuse Nina of kidnapping the baby. He tells Nathan he “knows” she did not and she does not have to answer any questions from a cop, whether he's her brother or not. Nathan privately takes Nina aside and assures his sister that he just wants to “find out” what is going on regarding the “voices” and delusions she's experiencing which both her mother and Ric want Nathan to see. Ric continues to work on Nina to not trust her cop brother although he protests that he can be trusted, by reminding Nina of how he's made himself her heroic brother throughout their lives.. Yet Ric continues to “play” them and at that point, Nina decides that it is Nathan who has to leave and Ric whom she trusts.

Downstairs, in the Metro Court restaurant, while they wait for Nathan, Madeline makes it clear to Maxie she looks down her nose upon her and believes she's “beneath” Madeline's son. She wants to know about Maxie's daughter whom she had with an unscrupulous computer geek who lives on the west coast. Maxie explains that she is a good mother and has a good relationship with her daughter's father and she is head over heels in love with Nathan. Madeline concludes, however, that Maxie is lower caliber than Nathan's family and no different than trailer trash. When Maxie “rebuffs” that comment, she finds herself lacking impulse control when she notices Valerie walk into the restaurant. At that point, Maxie blurts out asking what that no good home-wrecking bitch is doing at The Metro Court, revealing something that Madeline wants to know more about. At that point, Maxie attempts to prove to Madeline that she has “class” by acting unsophisticated “friendly” to Valerie. Valerie can see this is “out of character” for Maxie. Madeline knows to waste no time asking Valerie why it is that Maxie believes she's a no good home-wrecking bitch. When Maxie notices Valerie she wants to know why Maxie believes that Valerie is a “home-wrecking bitch”. Valerie then asks Maxie if that is what she thinks of her. Maxie then tells Valerie she is looking out for her best friend and so she has concerns about Valerie kissing Maxie's best friend's husband. She also informs Valerie that nobody told Lulu that Maxie and Nathan stopped when she was out. So, she can't help but wonder what other secrets Valerie might be keeping from Lulu.. As soon as Valerie leaves the table, Madeline continues to belittle Maxie telling her what a low life she is. Maxie then confidently tells Madeline she is looking out for her best friend and that is why she has her issues with Valerie. She tells Madeline she has friends and a relationship with a man she loves who loves her. Does Madeline have any friends or relationship with anyone? ...Madeline does not reply to that question

Sonny goes to the docks looking for his shipment. To his surprise, Luke enters. They talk cordially. Sonny warns Luke it's not entirely safe here since he knows that somebody wants to take over his territory and asks Luke what brings him down there. Luke replies that he's leaving Port Charles for good. Hearing that, Sonny admits he's surprised and asks Luke what would make him want to do that. Luke explains that all the things that have happened have made him see that he needs to get his life together. Sonny wants Luke to believe that he's done some good things bringing Jake back. Yet they both know how one still has a long way to go with demons that don't go away. Luke tells Sonny he's afraid he's done too much damage to his family and to Tracy so he has to leave town. He tells Sonny he wants to walk away from living his life the way Sonny does and hopes he can find something different while there is still time. Lulu enters and rushes to find her dad before he leaves.

When Dillon is at the bar talking to Morgan, Valerie rushes in and admits to him that she wishes there was some way she could prove that she is not trying to come between Dante and Lulu.

While talking to Madeline, Maxie confidently tells her boyfriend's mother she knows that she drugged her own daughter and killed her grandchild and has done things that make Maxie's worst days and worst behaviors look innocent. Nathan returns and can see his girlfriend and mother having a heated discussion. Madeline rushes to ask her son if he found out what she wants him to find out about Nina. He admits he has concerns but is handling it and wants his mom to stay out of it. She wants him to believe that while he was gone, his girlfriend was “horrible” to her. Nathan's response to that was that he knows that his mother insulted and disrespected Maxie and he knows that Maxie can and does stand up for herself, which he adds is one of the things he loves about her.

Laura talks privately to Dante while Lulu goes to find her dad. Lulu talks to her dad about how he's always been there to rescue her from things that have happened to her. He tells his daughter he knows that whatever life throws at her, she is smart enough and strong enough to handle it on her own. She is a Spencer, he reminds her. And she will always be his baby girl.

Alone with Nina, Ric reminds her that her brother teamed up with Franco to have her falsely accused of kidnapping a baby if she did not annul her marriage to him.

Denise reminds Franco that if he does not help her with her “charade”, she won't do what he needs her to do with getting Nina away from Ric. She realizes that Franco has, so far, come through on his end of the bargain, so she calls Nina and asks her if she wants to visit. Nina wonders why “Franco's new girlfriend” would extend an invitation to her. Let's remember, Denise may be the only person who knows with certainty, and can prove, that Nina did not kidnap baby Avery the night she went missing.

When Dillon runs into Valerie and hears her “concerns” about how she does not want anyone believing she wants to break up Dante and Lulu, he tells her he might be able to help her with that. They are both single, he reminds her. So maybe the two of them could go out (Valerie and Dillon).

Lulu returns to her mom and Dante and cries about her father leaving.

We hear music playing while Luke departs from the docks and says good bye to Port Charles.

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