GH Update Friday 7/24/15

General Hospital Update Friday 7/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nathan and Maxie go to dinner at The Metro Court. Madeline finds them and wonders why her son does not want to cordially greet her or introduce her to his “friend” whom she's never met. He then coldly introduces her to Maxie but admits that he knows and is not ok with the fact that she's been out of prison and he can only wonder what she is now doing. Madeline sits at the table beside them, clearly uninvited, as she reflects on what she most recently noticed in her son's personal life when she saw him attend the Nurse's Ball with Ellie Trout. Madeline indicates that she may not approve of Maxie and sees her as beneath her family's caliber, to which Nathan tells his mom if she insults his girlfriend, they will leaver her alone at the table. She tells him that is not what she wanted to talk to him. She's there to talk to him about his sister, Nina. She wants to have the conversation alone with Nathan although he tells her that anything she says she can say around Maxie. She tells her son she's afraid that her daughter is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Hearing that, Nathan does not buy his mom's “concern” about Nina and asks how she would know that Nina is hearing and seeing things, as Madeline, along with Ric, wants everyone to believe. Although he does not know exactly what Ric is up to, Nathan knows Ric cannot be trusted and neither can his and Nina's mother. He firmly states that Nina told him she did not kidnap that baby and he believes her. Yet, Madeline urges her son to please look into this by going to see Nina and talking to her.

Nina returns to her hotel room after shopping and appears happy. However, she is startled and stunned to see a large and conspicuous baby crib right in front of her not knowing where it came from. She then hears the sound of a baby cry, now knowing where it came from. A doll falls out of the crib. She stares in speechless horror until she runs from the room. Ric reveals that he's been hiding in the other room playing the tape recording. As soon as he sees she's out the door, he comes out to reveal what he is doing. He makes certain to remove it along with the sound of the baby crying before Nina returns so that she will believe she's imagining it all. She urges Ric to know that she saw the crib and heard the baby crying. Again, the recording plays and Nina hears it believing that Ric hasn't a clue what she is talking about as he continues to play it yet tells her she's the only person seeing and hearing what she is hearing and seeing. She asks him what is happening to her. She knows she saw Avery's monogram baby blanket. It's not a figment of her imagination. She may have taken it without knowing when she took the baby. Again, Ric knows how to appear as though he knows all about it and is hiding the “evidence” in order to “protect” her from getting charged with kidnapping. She becomes stressed and horrified believing that she kidnapped the baby and wasn't even aware much less in control of her actions. She concludes to Ric that she did it. He then knows he better sound like he has her back. He tells her even if she did kidnap his niece (Sonny's kid), Nina needs to realize he is her husband and he loves her. As soon as Ric is alone again, he gets on his phone to do more dirty work.

Morgan is alone at the gym punching a punching bag while he remembers his steamy encounter with Denise and seems like he’s feeling the frustration with having her on his mind. Kiki goes to find him and needs to know what has him so wound up. She encourages him to go and enjoy a dinner, drinks and pool at The Floating Rib. He tells her maybe tomorrow. Kiki then informs him that that is not an option because she is leaving town tomorrow. She informs him that her friend, Sasha is getting married and Kiki is invited to her bachelorette party. She also wants to visit her aunt Denise, before she leaves, she tells Morgan. He wants to go with her and she agrees.

When Ava is in Julian's apartment, Franco goes to see her, and she demands that he continues to attempt to obtain the tape recording from his father of Sonny’s confession so that she can take baby Avery from Sonny. He tells her he does not buy what she's saying about loving and needing to be with her baby. The only reason she wants her is so she can save her own skin from the murder charges and stick it to Sonny. He tells her he knows she lied to him the last time he went to see her at Julian's home when she told him that her brother and Alexis were making out in the bedroom. He knows otherwise, so he needs her to come clean about what her “secret” was when he last went to see her. Who was in the bedroom? He can clearly see that she was in bed with Morgan so, he urges Ava to just admit it. He tells her it's obvious she has this thing for a kid young enough to be her son. He has one question: Does Morgan know that she is really Ava? She says he doesn't and admits she's been sleeping with Morgan. Hearing that, Franco asks her what kind of a person she is to be screwing her daughter's boyfriend. What kind of a mother does that? He tells her he'd like an explanation from her for why she thinks it's ok to be doing that. She then admits this is not something she wanted or planned. However, when she's around Morgan, she feels the same attraction and the same love they had before. She cries realizing that this will devastate Kiki and she's lying to her daughter. Franco however, sounds sensitive, telling her he does not want her to "feel bad." So, he tells Ava, he will “do it”. He will tell Kiki. Before Ava can say or do anything, Kiki is at the door asking to see her “Aunt Denise”.

Laura runs into Scott Baldwin at the bar and can see he has something on his mind. She informs him of the experience she and Luke had when they went to find and save Lucky. They found out that Frank Smith was alive and ready to take revenge upon them. They also ran into Jennifer Smith. Hearing that, he remembers his own history with these people and tells Laura he always wonders what if he had not prevented Luke from marrying Jennifer. He might now be with Laura. She admits she hasn't thought about Jennifer and Luke's interrupted wedding in a long time but realizes how things like that can change one's life forever. He remarks how that started her having to live on the run with Luke and put herself in danger. She reminds Scott although that was true, she came out of it ok. She tells Scott that her most recent mission with Luke revealed many things for many people, especially for Luke. She informs Scott that Frank Smith is really dead now. After Lucky returned to his family and friends after being away for so long, he's suddenly left town again. Scott is surprised and asks Laura how and why he'd decide to disappear again.

While Luke goes to the Elm Street house, Bobbie finds him and asks her brother what is on his mind. He tells his sister that he has had to make a decision on what to do with the rest of his life and he's decided he needs to leave Port Charles. She asks him what is going on. Given that his family is now out of danger, he no longer needs to leave them. She also urges him to know that he now needs to make things right with Tracy. Luke tells Bobbie that Tracy has finally decided that they cannot be together. He assures his sister it's ok. He and Tracy will always love each other. There are many things he has to find out about himself. Tracy pointed that out for him and he now realizes it is true, he tells Bobbie. He informs her that when he entered their old house, he could hear and see their abusive father, their big sister, their loving mom and all the deceased people in their family. He tells Bobbie that his mom encouraged him to know the value of his life and that he no longer needs to spend time confronting his demons. Hearing that, Bobbie remarks that she encourages him to move on from that but asks why he believes that means he has to leave Port Charles. He tells her that he believes that now is the right time to leave. His sons and Lulu and all his family are doing ok. Bobbie cries however when Luke tells his sister he loves her and knows she loves him and now is the time to say a proper good-bye. He reflects to Bobbie that he can see she's been dating Scott Baldwin. Although he and Scott are not exactly friends, he is ok with his sister's relationship with him. She tells him they will always be the kids from Elm Street who always had each other's backs. Luke tells her they always will. She needs to go and have dinner with Scott and invites Luke to join her. He tells his sister he'd do anything for her except for that. She walks him to the door.

When Scott offers to listen to her concerns, Laura is tempted to share a secret with him. He tells her that he won't charge her any legal fees when he is her friend. If there is anything “weighing” on her, he wants her to feel free to unburden herself and tell him.

When Luke and Bobbie say their final farewells, we see the old flashbacks of the two of them many years ago in their younger days. As soon as she leaves, Luke sees the teenager he used to be. He speaks to younger Luke apologizing for letting him down and wasting his potential. Teenage Luke tells current Luke there is nothing to apologize for since “their life” is not over. There is still more left. Young Luke agrees to accompany present-day Luke and hit the road together.

Nathan grudgingly goes to see Nina. He is a bit concerned when he sees a baby blanket yet Ric knows not to let him hear the recorded baby crying.

Bobbie interrupts Laura and Scott at the Metro Court and informs them that Luke is ready to deal with the tearing down of the Elm Street house. Bobbie also informs them both that Luke has decided to leave town.

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