GH Update Thursday 7/23/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/23/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Luke walked into his childhood home and pulled out a gun. “When this house goes, so do I,” he stated. Luke pointed the gun at his chest. His father, Tim, suddenly materialized and tried to goad Luke into pulling the trigger. Luke felt that this had nothing to do with Tim, so he urged him to leave. Tim disagreed. Tim contended that Luke was to blame for all the pain and turmoil that had taken place in the home, all those years ago. Tim believed that Luke had gotten the tattoo as a reminder of what kind of person Luke was. Luke admitted that, while he had a lot of regrets, killing Tim was not one of them. Tim wondered how Luke felt to find out he killed his mother, Lena. Tim thought that Luke had scared Tracy into wanting to avoid him. Tim predicted that the rest of the Spencers would soon feel the same way. “Kill yourself. Come on. Come join daddy in Hell,” Tim hissed. Luke wondered why Tim hated him so much. Tim said he didn't hate Luke. Tim thought Luke hated himself because he was like Tim.

Young Patricia ran downstairs and told Luke not to do it. Patricia and Tim argued, until Tim grew sick of it. Tim warned Luke that Luke would never be free of Tim, then Tim walked out of the house. Patricia urged Luke to ignore their dad, but Luke thought that Tim was right. Luke felt that he had to kill himself in order to protect the people he loved. Patricia argued that if Luke did it, all the sacrifices she made would be for nothing. Luke argued that Patricia couldn't save him back then and she couldn't now either. Patricia vehemently disagreed. She stated that the night she'd come home to find Luke in shock and their father dead on the floor was one of the scariest moment of her life. According to Patricia, she'd sprang into action, in spite of her fear, and covered up his crime and moved away so he wouldn't have to remember. Luke felt bad that Patricia had sacrificed for him. Patricia felt that it was worth it. She wondered if Luke thought it would have been better if she'd stayed and made him face the truth. Luke admitted that they'd never know for sure. “It's because of you that I had a life,” Luke noted. Patricia stressed that Luke still did have a life, along with children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren. Patricia asked why she left her whole life behind if Luke was just going to throw it all away.

Patricia told Luke to put the gun down in honor of her memory, if he couldn't do it for himself. Luke admitted he couldn't live with killing their mother. Luke felt that Lena would never know how sorry he was. Patricia told Luke that she did know. Luke turned and saw his mother smiling at him. Lena caressed Luke's face. Luke asked if she could ever forgive him. Lena assured Luke that there was nothing to forgive. She noted that he'd been trying to protect them the best way he knew how. Luke was upset that his solution had been a bat to the head. Patricia scolded Luke for being so blunt, but Lena gently told her that it was a Spencer trait that Luke and Patricia had both inherited. Luke stated that he didn't want any part of Tim Spencer. Lena asked Patricia to give them privacy. Patricia kissed Luke's cheek and left.

Lena told Luke she loved him and didn't blame him. Luke argued that he'd been careless. Lena countered that Luke had been strong and that he'd stood up to Tim – something Lena had been too afraid to do. Luke felt that he'd been a coward who ran away from what he did. Lena maintained that Luke had owned what he'd done, even if he didn't realize it at the time. Lena told Luke that he'd carried that weight for decades. Lena felt that Luke had hurt the people he loved because he was lost, not because he was like Tim. “Accepting the truth about what happened to me should not be the reason your life ends. It should be how it finally begins,” Lena stated. Lena noted that she'd been watching Luke let that night define him for years, and now she thought it was time for that to end. Lena was adamant that it was time for Luke to find out who he really was. Lena told Luke that he was more good than bad. She pointed out that he ran away from his family to protect them. Lena stated that Luke was free of his demons now. Luke asked what he could do to make it up to Lena. Lena told him to find the man he was meant to be and find a way to be happy.

Bobbie and Valerie met at the Metro Court at Bobbie's request. Bobbie explained that she wanted to talk about Valerie's cousin. Valerie tensed and asked what about Lulu. Bobbie clarified that she was talking about Lucas and his upcoming wedding. Bobbie thought that the two grooms were dragging their feet and that it was time for the women to take over with the wedding planning. Bobbie felt that women were better at that kind of thing because they spent years dreaming of their wedding day. Valerie admitted that she'd been too busy taking care of her mom to daydream about weddings. Bobbie regretted what she said, but Valerie made it clear that she didn't mind the life she'd lived. Valerie was hesitant to help because she didn't think that Lucas and Brad would appreciate their taking over. Bobbie tried to brush off Valerie's concerns. Valerie grew serious and said she couldn't get in the middle of a relationship again. Bobbie was curious what Valerie was talking about. Bobbie's phone rang, and Valerie tried to avoid the talk by telling Bobbie to answer it. Bobbie said it could wait. Due to Valerie's reaction earlier, Bobbie sensed that something had happened between Valerie and Lulu. Valerie said she felt like she'd been unintentionally causing problems for Lulu for awhile because she moved in with Lulu, then in with Lulu's brother, then she took a job at the PCPD. Valerie admitted that she thought the worst when Lulu was off saving her brother. Bobbie was confused. Valerie realized no one told Bobbie about Luke's latest adventure, and she filled Bobbie in. Bobbie was stunned, and she felt bad that Tracy and Dante thought they'd been betrayed. Bobbie noted that Dante had to suffer alone. Valerie looked guilty, and Bobbie realized that something happened between Valerie and Dante. Valerie told Bobbie about the kiss. Valerie added that she put a stop to it, but both she and Dante felt bad about it. Valerie stated that they'd assured Lulu that it wouldn't happen again. Bobbie thought it helped that it was only a kiss.

Valerie burst into tears when Bobbie gave her a picture of Patricia as a teenager. Valerie had never seen a picture of her mother when she was young before. Bobbie talked about how brave and strong and protective Patricia had been. Bobbie knew she could never repay her sister, but she promised to be there for Valerie if Valerie ever needed her. Valerie appreciated it. Valerie admitted that she almost didn't realize just how much she missed Patricia and Patricia's honest, but non judgmental advice. Bobbie promised to try her best to give that to Valerie. Bobbie told Valerie that the situation with Dante was complicated but not insurmountable. Bobbie was glad that no one had done anything they couldn't come back from. Bobbie got a call from Michael letting her know that the Elm street home was being torn down today. She left. Valerie silently wept as she stared at the picture of her mother. Young Patricia appeared and hugged Valerie from behind.

Bobbie went to her childhood home and was alarmed when she saw Luke standing next to the gun. Luke assured her that ever was fine. Bobbie questioned him about the gun, and Luke told her it was a fleeting bad idea. Luke announced that he'd come to a decision about what he was going to do with the rest of his life.

Lucas and Brad were in a conference room at GH, where Brad broke the news that the wedding was off. Lucas thought it was a joke at first. When Lucas realized Brad was serious, he asked why Brad why he didn't want to get married. Brad clarified that he did want to marry Lucas, but he couldn't. Lucas wondered who was stopping Brad – was it Brad's parents? Lucas assumed that Brad's parents were intolerant, and he tried to convince Brad that their opinion didn't matter. Brad replied that this wasn't about his parents; not directly, anyway. Brad admitted that he was already married. Lucas was shocked and hurt that Brad had kept this from. Brad apologized. Lucas asked why Brad never said anything. Brad explained that he'd wanted to, but he was scared of destroying the relationship. Lucas noted that Brad decided to lie to him instead. Lucas admitted he thought their biggest problem would be Brad's wandering eye, and now he learned that he was the one Brad was cheating with. Lucas yelled that he thought Brad loved him. Brad insisted that he did. “Then how could you trick me into being some home-wrecker?,” Lucas demanded. Brad stated that Lucas didn't understand. Lucas ordered Brad to tell him everything he'd been hiding. Brad was gearing up to say something, when a nurse burst in and told Lucas they needed him for an emergency. Lucas left the room.

Michael and Sabrina were hanging out by the lake on the Quartermaine property. Sabrina noticed that Michael was distracted, and she surmised that he was thinking about his uncle Luke. Michael admitted she was right. Michael sensed that Luke wasn't as okay with demolishing his childhood home as he'd claimed to be. Michael asked Sabrina to go swimming. Sabrina looked reluctant, so Michael asked if she was chickening out. She swore she wasn't. Michael playfully grabbed her and acted like he was going to throw her in. Sabrina squealed no, and Michael assured her that he'd never do that. Sabrina suggested they go inside. Michael turned to leave, and Sabrina shoved him into the lake. Later, Michael and Sabrina kissed passionately as they made their way into the boat house. Afterward, they cuddled on a bed, and Michael stated that he hadn't been this happy in a long time. Sabrina and Michael both agreed that they'd fallen for each other.

Dante was at Volonino's gym working out and thinking about everything that happened recently – his wrong assumption about Lulu, sleeping with Valerie, and his fight with Lulu. Nathan walked in. He noticed Dante's intensity and asked if he wanted to talk. Dante confided in Nathan that he made a mistake with Valerie. Dante told Nathan about everything that lead him to believe Lulu was cheating on him. Nathan thought that it was a logical assumption for Dante to make. Dante added that he'd been upset, and Valerie was there for him. Dante admitted that that wasn't an excuse to do what he did. Nathan asked how far things went. Dante checked to make sure that Nathan wouldn't tell anyone else about their talk. Nathan assured Dante that Nathan wouldn't tell anyone, not even Maxie. Dante confessed that he slept with Valerie. Nathan asked when. Dante replied that it had been the 4th of July, after Nathan and Maxie left. Nathan sighed and admitted that he'd sensed something was off with Dante that day. Dante told Nathan not to feel responsible for not preventing it.

Dante admitted that, when Lulu came home the next day and told him the truth, he felt like he was becoming his father. Dante told Nathan that Sonny cheated on people then rationalized his bad behavior. Nathan pointed out that there really were extenuating circumstances in Dante's case, but Dante argued that it didn't matter. Dante pointed out that he did something he never thought he was capable of; something that would destroy Lulu if she found out. Nathan was surprised that Lulu didn't know. Dante explained that he didn't want to tell Lulu the whole truth because if he did, it would ruin Rocco's life. Nathan wasn't so sure about that, but Dante was convinced that Lulu would never forgive him if she knew everything. Dante wasn't sure how he'd managed to forget that Lulu and Rocco were his world. Nathan didn't think Dante really forgot. Dante felt that Rocco deserved parents who loved each other. Nathan suggested that Dante would feel better if he was honest with Lulu. Dante decided to carry the burden himself, rather than risk ruining Rocco's life. Nathan promised to keep Dante's secret. Dante noted that he was putting Nathan in a bad spot. Nathan said it was okay. Nathan knew he couldn't tell Maxie, because she'd tell Lulu.

Nathan advised Dante to talk with Valerie and get their stories straight. Dante replied that he already did and she hadn't told anyone except Jordan, who'd let him have it. Nathan thought that Jordan was out of line, since she was their boss, not relationship adviser. Dante admitted that Jordan had said some things that he needed to hear. Nathan admired Dante taking responsibility, but he felt that Dante wasn't really a cheating husband. Dante disagreed, but Nathan felt that none of this would have happened if Lulu had been honest.

Maxie went to the Haunted Star to see Lulu. Lulu asked about Maxie's trip. Maxie gushed about Georgie and the romantic gesture Nathan made when she got back. Maxie assumed that Nathan had gotten advice from Dante, and she was curious to know what Dante did to welcome Maxie home. Lulu confided that Dante lashed out at her when she got home. Lulu admitted that she shouldn't have lied to Dante. Maxie argued that Lulu was caught in extreme circumstances that came with the territory of being a Spencer. Lulu replied that Dante didn't like the idea of the Spencers being in a special category. Maxie pointed out that Dante knew who Lulu was when he married her. Lulu told Maxie about Dante thinking that Dillon and Lulu were having an affair. Maxie was shocked that Dante would think that. Lulu reminded Maxie that Maxie jumped to the same conclusion. Maxie explained that it wasn't like Dante to immediately suspect the worst. Lulu didn't blame Dante, because her actions did look bad. Lulu told Maxie about Dante tracking her to the motel and finding out that Dillon and Lulu were sharing a room with one bed. Maxie hoped that Dante was gracious enough to admit he jumped to the wrong conclusion. Lulu noted that she and Dante did get a chance to talk things out. Maxie assumed everything was fine, but Lulu made it clear that there was more to the story.

Lulu told Maxie about Valerie and Dante's kiss. Maxie was angry, and she felt that she'd been right to confront Valerie after the newspaper article came out. Lulu interrupted and clarified that Dante was the one who initiated the kiss. Maxie asked if Lulu was sure it didn't go further than a kiss. Lulu was sure. Lulu felt that, given Dante's assumption that she was sleeping with Dillon, Lulu was lucky that Dante stopped at a kiss. Maxie was skeptical about Valerie being innocent in all this, but Lulu believed Dante and Valerie's story. Maxie felt that Lulu should be outraged, but Lulu felt that she bore some responsibility in what happened. Maxie argued that Lulu had been forced to lie out of necessity, but Lulu felt that she should have been honest with Dante. Maxie acknowledged that Lulu set things in motion. Maxie told Lulu about discovering Valerie and Dante alone in the loft on the fourth of July. Maxie wished that she and Nathan had stayed there until Valerie went home. Lulu was confused because when Valerie recapped everything that happened the night of the kiss, Valerie hadn't mentioned Maxie and Nathan being there.

Maxie and Lulu shared a drink. Lulu stated that Dante felt so guilty, he'd turned into husband of the year – showering her with gifts and being more helpful around the house. Maxie felt that Dante should feel bad. Lulu appreciated the support, but she didn't want Maxie to hold this against Dante. Lulu just wanted everything to go back to how it was. Maxie understood. Maxie was sure that things would go back to how it used to be. Lulu's voice quivered with pain. She confessed that she didn't realize that Dante had that kind of rage in him. Lulu had been trying to tell herself that it was her fault that Dante made the assumptions he did, but the things he said to her still hurt. Maxie hugged her.

Later, Maxie went to Volonino's. Nathan was there by himself. Maxie told him about her conversation with Lulu. Maxie wondered why Nathan didn't seem surprised, and Nathan told her that he and Dante had just had the same discussion. Nathan noted that Dante felt terrible. Maxie thought that Dante deserved to feel bad, since Lulu hadn't done anything wrong. Nathan pointed out that Lulu lied. Maxie countered that that was no excuse to kiss another woman. Nathan looked uncomfortable when Maxie said she was glad that Dante stopped with a kiss because she wasn't sure the marriage could have survived anything else.

Dante went to the Haunted Star and surprised Lulu with a bouquet of roses. Lulu told Dante that he didn't have to do that. Dante disagreed. He told Lulu that she was his wife and she deserved to be showered with gifts. Dante assured Lulu that he was committed to getting back on track. Lulu replied that she felt the same way. Dante promised never to let anything come between them again. They hugged and kissed.

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