GH Update Wednesday 7/22/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/22/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Michael goes to find Luke at The Haunted Star and informs him they have important business to discuss. Luke asks him to please not lecture him about the disastrous outcome of the graduation party. He admits to Michael that he did not intend to break up with Tracy nor reunite with Laura. Yet even now that he is able to reveal that to Tracy, it's too late. Michael wants to know how Lucky and Ethan were saved and Frank Smith's revelation that he did not die and all that was involved in that. Luke admits to his nephew it's more complicated than he realizes. Michael wants to know about the sudden revelation that little Jake is alive although Luke tells him he does not know or want to find out. Michael asks how it could be that Josslyn is alive when all this while, Jake has been. She obviously has not been given his kidney after his death when he has not died.

Tracy goes to The Metro Court to meet with Sabrina. She makes it clear that she is stressed and wants to drink heavily. Sabrina can see something is not ok and it must either be in regards to ELQ or in regards to Luke. Tracy reports that Luke did not, in fact, break his engagement with her and get back with Laura. She is relieved to know that. Yet too much has happened for her to get back with Luke. She fills Sabrina in on details about things that happened years ago, involving Luke being responsible for the death of Lucky's and Elizabeth's son and all that has been involved in that. Sabrina reflects about the hole that must have been in Elizabeth's heart about the loss of her son and how, it must now be a miracle that she's found out he's alive and well. She tells Tracy that since all of the grief Elizabeth has felt all this while has been for nothing, it would only seem that she would not want anyone or anything to try to keep her from her son.

While Laura is with her grandson and out of earshot, Elizabeth talks privately to Nikolas at Wyndemere about the little boy who is not only hers' but Jason's and the fact, which only the two of them know, that Jake Doe is really Jason. She tells him she has no clue what Helena may or may not have done the night when everybody mistakenly thought her son died. Yet they all now know that little Jake had nothing to do with Josslyn's recovery. Laura joins in their conversation about Helena, remarking that one can see what she did to “Jake Doe, whoever he really is”. Hearing that, Nikolas replies to his mom that his grandmother “apparently” put Jake through some “mental conditioning” where he does not have a clue who he really is. Hearing that, Laura tells them they must know that it's very odd that Jake has no family or no past and it would only seem that sooner or later somebody somewhere will reveal all of that. Laura seems interested in what it was that motivated and interested Helena enough to give her a motive to make him unaware of his past. She concludes to her son and to Elizabeth that there is obviously something about Jake that is personal to Helena or personal to one of her enemies. While Elizabeth hears that, she seems unsettled but informs her that Jake has decided to get on with his life instead of spending time wondering what was up with Helena. Yet Laura questions if Jake is really ready and willing to do with that. Elizabeth makes it clear that she is not comfortable with this conversation and leaves with her son. Alone with Nikolas, Laura finds out the secret, that Jake is really Jason and she tells Nikolas they cannot continue keeping the secret from Jake. He must know about all the people who love Jason. Nikolas then protests to his mom that it's not as simple as that. By the time he knew Jake was Jason, too many things had happened. He doesn't want to prevent Elizabeth from having her relationship with Jake. He knows that Sam is moving on and building a family with Patrick that's going to be a lot better than if she was with Jason. He doesn't want to ruin that. Laura tells her son he is playing God not unlike Helena. He protests he is nothing like Helena who only wants to destroy relationships. He wants to save the people involved from losing all that they will lose if the truth comes out that Jake is really Jason. He tells his mom that living as Jake is much better for Jake as well as all other people than living as Jason Morgan. He admits to his mom that part of this is not letting Jason take the ELQ money. His mom adamantly tells him that he cannot keep Jason's family from him. Nikolas reminds his mom that she kept the secret of his true father from him for decades. So she has to understand why he's keeping the secret about Jason and asks if she will do so also. She tells him she wishes she had never heard and he admits so does he.

When Jake is at the hospital waiting to get on the elevator, he runs into Sam. She assumes he's there for Elizabeth but he admits he's there for Carly. He has “concerns” about the “misinformation” that Josslyn got her kidney donation from Elizabeth's son Jake. Sam assures him that is absolutely what happened. She remembered the whole thing when Jake died and his kidney saved Josslyn's life. He clarifies that Jake did not die. He is alive and well and that means that nobody has a clue where or whom Josslyn's kidney came from. When Sam finds out that Danny's big brother is alive and sees it for herself, she is shocked and in awe. She introduces herself to him and she and Elizabeth both observe how Jake is bonding with the boy. Carly enters and is shocked and in awe to see how much the boy looks like Jason. Jake asks why everybody cries when they see him. Carly laughs and tells him it may seem weird to him how adults cry when they're happy. Elizabeth is clearly uncomfortable with all of these people gathering around her bio son with Jason while she's keeping the secret from all of them that Jason is alive. Carly and Sam can both how little Jake bonds with big Jake yet they haven't a clue as to why, both completely in the dark as to who Jake really is.

Carly goes to talk to Lucas at the hospital to find out who her daughter's mystery kidney donor is. He tells her he's having Brad running some tests. She admits that although she realizes her younger brother is compatible with Brad and she's ok with them getting married, she does not entirely trust Brad with her daughter's test results, given his history and track record with his own job. They talk happily about the fact that he's ready to marry Brad and she's ready to marry Sonny for the 10th time. She remarks to her brother that regarding both weddings, they could save many people trouble and money by just having a double wedding. He admits to Carly that Brad seems like he wants to get their wedding started but always makes it clear, at one time or another, that there's some sort of secret or something going on with Brad.

Brad is in the locker room shower and obviously making it clear that he is lost in thought and has something on his mind. Felix knows he is keeping a secret from Lucas and demands to know what it is. Felix wants to find out what is going on and what the lie, that Brad is holding over Lucas, is about. He tells his former partner and friend that he needs for Lucas know what is going on because he's concerned what it might do to Brad if he doesn't own up to it and admit what is up. He admits to Felix that at the Nurse's Ball, when he had the perfect moment, he proposed to Lucas. Yet he may have acted before thinking. In response to that, Felix tells Brad he needs to come clean and let Lucas know the secret because he can't get a relationship started on a lie. Brad angrily tells Felix he's afraid if Lucas finds out his secret, he will lose him for good. Felix tells him maybe. But if he continues to live the lie, it will definitely result in losing Lucas. He tells Brad he knows that he has to reveal his secret and it will make his life better although Brad cannot believe that. Brad goes to find Lucas and interrupts what he's doing to announce to Lucas that he cannot marry him.

Tracy talks to Sabrina about Luke working her over and cajoling her to marry him. Yet, once again, he's let her down. She also knows that Luke is “not himself”. He's not the man she knew or saw him as. She admits that she loves Luke and knows he loves her. She knows it's not easy to be alone and without a kindred spirit whom she knows is out there. Yet she knows Luke is still not himself so she needs to know what to do. Sabrina tells her she needs to find something that does not remind her of Luke. Whatever it is, she tells Tracy, Tracy needs to find herself, Sabrina tells her.

Luke tells Michael he knows he's done enough wrong and Michael needs to know that Lucky deserves most of the credit for saving and bringing Jake home. When he notices Michael is not angry at him, he tells Michael he needs to take a shot at him as he knows Michael has good reason to hate him. Michael then clarifies to Luke that is not why he's there to talk to him. What he's there for is to authorize accessing what was Luke's old house so he can build the clinic. Luke tells Michael he should know he does not need Luke's permission to do whatever he wants with it. Yet Michael tells Luke he knows that the house has a lot of memories for him and he doesn't want to destroy it without first getting Luke's approval. Luke assures him the memories are no longer there so Michael may burn it to the ground. Michael reminds his uncle that he knows there are a lot of issues in their family but there is also a lot of good, as he reminds him of the good people and good times. He urges Luke to take care of himself and to know that his nephew cares about him.

When Luke leaves and goes off alone, he returns to the Elm Street house.

Michael returns to Sabrina and talks about Elizabeth's son being alive and that Luke wanted him to tear down the Elm Street house. She believes that will be great since the clinic can be build and that probably now, Luke will finally have some peace. He tells her he wanted to encourage Luke to believe that but he did not seem to buy it.

Luke is alone when he pulls out his gun and reveals he might do something dangerous to the house.

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