GH Update Tuesday 7/21/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/21/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Tension was in the air at the PCPD, when Valerie and Lulu came face to face. Valerie assumed Lulu was there to see Dante, but Lulu revealed that she'd come to talk to Valerie. They stepped into an interrogation room for privacy and argued about whose fault it was that Dante mistakenly thought Lulu was having an affair. Lulu felt that Valerie was wrong to tell Dante what she overheard Lulu and Dillon talking about. Lulu thought that Valerie should have come to her and asked about it. Valerie suspected that Lulu wouldn't have told her the truth, but Lulu countered that Valerie didn't give her a chance. Lulu accused Valerie of leading Dante down the path to his assumption that Lulu was cheating. Valerie clarified that Dante had picked up on Lulu's odd behavior and had been worried before Valerie told him what she heard about the secret. Valerie added that Dante noticed that Valerie was upset after her visit with Lulu, and he'd prodded her about it until she confided in him. Lulu maintained that Valerie should have stayed out of it. Valerie explained that she'd been careful to tell Dante that she didn't hear the whole conversation. Valerie felt that Lulu's lies were the thing that pushed Dante to think he was right about her having an affair.

Lulu stated that Dante had already told her everything that happened between him and Valerie, but Lulu wanted to hear Valerie's side of the story. Valerie told Lulu how she'd gone to the loft to check on Dante. Lulu thought Valerie should have just called. Valerie sidestepped the comment and told Lulu how Dante had been so angry that he'd been planning to go to Canada to confront her. Valerie explained that she tried to talk Dante down and the kiss just happened. Lulu demanded to know if Valerie kissed Dante back. Valerie flashed back to the kiss. Valerie told Lulu that the kiss was short, and she didn't want Dante to feel worse than he already did, so she left afterward. Lulu seemed more at ease, and she noted that Valerie and Dante's stories were identical. Lulu asked if there was anything else she should know. Valerie thought about having sex with Dante, then Valerie admitted that she did have something to tell Lulu. Valerie apologized about kissing Dante and assured Lulu that she didn't mean for it to happen. Valerie added that she and Dante had no way of knowing that Lulu wasn't having an affair. Defensive, Lulu asked if Valerie was saying it was all Lulu's fault. Valerie stated that a lot of mistakes were made. Valerie swore that she wasn't into Dante and wasn't a threat to the marriage. Valerie explained that it hadn't been easy to meet her long lost family, and she didn't think it was easy for Lulu either. Lulu insisted that she did the best she could to welcome Valerie. Valerie swore she was doing the best she could too. Valerie asked if there was any way for them to get through this.

Jordan called Dante into her office to talk about the shooting that happened on Sonny's property. Jordan was especially troubled because T.J. was living with Sonny. Dante didn't think T.J. was in any danger, but Jordan didn't want her son to be exposed to mob violence. She told Dante to bring Sonny down to the station. Dante contended that Sonny was the victim – his employee was shot and his property was stolen. Jordan explained that she wanted Sonny to tell them what was in the shipment. Dante agreed to bring Sonny in, but he admitted that he didn't think it was a good idea. Jordan suspected that Dante was trying to shield his father. Dante clarified that he thought bringing Sonny down to the station without a good reason would only backfire and end in Ric suing the department. Dante suspected that Sonny had taken a more active role in his organization now that Shawn and Duke were gone. Dante theorized that Sonny would soon do something that would let the cops build a strong case against him.

Jordan wanted to discuss what was going on between Dante and Valerie. Jordan explained that she could tell Valerie was upset, so Jordan had pushed Valerie into opening up. Dante tried to lead Jordan to believe it was just a kiss, but Jordan revealed that she knew the whole story. Dante didn't think it was any of Jordan's business, since it happened on his personal time. He explained that he and Lulu were working things out and Valerie was fine with that. Jordan wasn't convinced because she didn't think Valerie was the kind of person who could just shake something like this off. Dante assured Jordan that he wasn't taking this lightly. Jordan advised Dante not to hurt Valerie any more than he already had and to make sure this never happened again. Jordan hoped she didn't have to warn Dante about the consequences of something like that in her department. Dante apologized. Jordan accepted the apology, but she added that didn't think she was the one who needed to forgive him.

Dante went out into the squad room and saw Lulu and Valerie leaving the interrogation room. Valerie kept walking, but Lulu stopped to talk to Dante. Lulu told him what Valerie said about the kiss and that Valerie denied having feelings for Dante. Lulu stated that everything could go back to the way it was – Valerie was her cousin and Dante and Valerie could go back to being friends.

Maxie came home grumbling about the terrible flight she just had. When she entered her apartment, she noticed that there was a welcome home banner and fresh flowers everywhere. Nathan appeared and he kissed Maxie. Maxie was surprised he was there, since she thought he had to work. Nathan explained that he worked double shifts the whole time Maxie was gone, so that he could have the time off. He knew it was hard for Maxie to leave Georgie, and he didn't want her to come home to an empty apartment. Maxie shared that Georgie had ran into her arms and called her mommy. Maxie had also observed that Georgie, Spinelli, and Ellie had a good family dynamic, so Maxie didn't regret her decision. Nathan told Maxie how much he missed her. Maxie said I love you, and they kissed, but she pulled back because she hadn't showered yet. Maxie felt dirty because Georgie had spilled milk on her just before she boarded the plane, then Maxie had been sandwiched between sick people during the flight. Nathan didn't mind, but Maxie insisted on showering before they got too close. Nathan suddenly picked Maxie up and carried her into the bathroom.

Nathan joined Maxie in the shower and things heated up. Later, Nathan wanted to return to the shower, but Maxie wanted to go see Lulu and make sure things were fine between Lulu and Dante. Maxie asked Nathan if he knew anything. Nathan hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Dante, because of all the double shifts he'd been working. Nathan kept flirting with Maxie, and she decided to postpone her visit with Lulu. They kissed. Maxie noted that that while it seemed like something was going on between Lulu and Dillon, it had been perfectly innocent. Maxie was sure that Valerie had romantic feelings for Dante, though. After the discussion. They began to kiss again and they let their towels drop to the floor.

Sonny was on the phone discussing the recent hit on his property with Ric. T.J. came home, and Sonny called him over. Sonny referred to the recent troubles and assured T.J. that he was safe living there. T.J. was concerned that something would happen to Sonny, but Sonny was sure that he could take care of himself. A guard announced that Julian was there. Julian wanted to talk to Sonny alone. Sonny bristled at Julian making demands in his home. Sonny felt that Julian should wait until T.J. and Sonny finished their discussion, but T.J. decided to leave the room. After T.J. was gone, Sonny accused Julian of stealing the shipment. Julian insisted that he wasn't involved. Skeptical, Sonny described Julian as “the mobster who doth protest too much.” Julian didn't care if Sonny believed him. Julian was only concerned with Alexis' opinion of him. Sonny made some snide comments about Alexis trying to reform mobsters. Julian clarified that he left the mob because of the death of his newborn son with Olivia. Julian figured that it was karma for his wrongs. Sonny thought that Julian was the one who'd have to face karmic retribution, not the innocent baby. Julian explained that he left the mob to protect his family. Sonny didn't believe Julian. Sonny asked who else besides Julian would hijack his shipment. Julian had no idea. Julian assumed he and Sonny understood each other, but Sonny made it clear that they didn't. Sonny felt that Julian was the type of person who made threats then got scared and ran as soon as things got tough. Julian shrugged off Sonny's comments and told Sonny not to waste time going after him. Julian left. Sonny spoke to his bodyguard; Sonny was sure that there would be another hit soon, and he wanted his employees to be on high alert.

Alexis was at the Metro Court working on her laptop. Sam happened to come in and they struck up a conversation. Alexis explained that she was doing some work for Tracy. Tracy had asked Alexis to file a motion to get Michael reinstated as CEO. Alexis was sorry to say that she didn't think there was anything the law could do to help. Alexis was mortified that her nephew Nikolas had taken ELQ from the Quartermaines, and she wished she could make amends. Alexis felt bad for Tracy, who'd been left by Luke just after Luke claimed that he'd changed. That caused Sam to think of Julian and the changes he'd supposedly made. Sam wondered if Julian was really out of the mob, or if he was responsible for the hit on Sonny's shipment. Alexis was adamant that Julian was being honest. Sam really wanted to believe that, but she reminded Alexis that Julian had pretended to leave the mob before. Alexis reminded Sam that Luke had threatened to hurt them if Julian quit. Sam was skeptical about Luke's recovery too. Alexis didn't know if Luke had recovered, but she did know that he wasn't in the mob anymore, which meant he wasn't forcing Julian to be in the mob. Julian exited the elevator, but Sam and Alexis didn't notice. He was about to approach them when his phone rang. Meanwhile, Alexis told Sam that Julian said he wanted a life with her and was willing to accept her terms. Sam was scared Julian would hurt Alexis, but she decided to trust him, like Alexis had.

“Stop questioning my judgment damn it. Just get it done,” Julian hissed at the caller. He adopted a relaxed demeanor and walked over to Alexis and Sam's table. Julian was curious about what Sam and Alexis were talking about. Alexis told him that they were discussing the work Alexis was doing on behalf of the Quartermaines. Julian noted that Nikolas had fooled him. “We believed in Nikolas and as it turns out, he's been lying to everyone,” Alexis replied.

Tracy went to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke admitted he was just about to go to her place and ask her for another chance. Tracy revealed that she was there to talk about their future. Luke apologized for not telling Tracy that Lucky had been kidnapped. Tracy accepted his apology, because she realized that Luke was right to put his kids first. Luke asked Tracy to take the engagement ring back and become his fiancée again. Tracy's eyes filled with tears and she said no. Luke didn't understand why Tracy refused. Tracy explained that she'd spent time with Paul and learned something about herself. Luke assumed that Tracy had fallen for Paul, and he tried to talk her out of it. Tracy clarified that she wasn't dating Paul. Tracy stated that her family lost ELQ because of her mistakes. She pointed out that she'd spent the last year worrying about Luke and ELQ. According to Tracy, when she ran into Paul, she'd had fun, and it hit her that it was the first time she'd enjoyed herself in a year. Luke insisted that he was way more fun than Paul and that Luke and Tracy could be great together again, if Tracy gave them a chance. Tracy thought that might be true one day, but it wasn't true now.

Tracy told Luke that he'd changed fundamentally, but he was still trying to be the old scam artist. Luke wanted Tracy to be by his side while he figured out who he was supposed to be. Tracy was gentle but firm as she told Luke that she couldn't marry him. Tracy also thought that Luke knew he couldn't marry her either. Luke begged Tracy not to turn him down, but Tracy told him her mind was made up. Tracy felt that she needed to step away from Luke and ELQ and be herself. Luke maintained that Tracy could be herself and be with him, but Tracy disagreed. Tracy didn't think Luke had recovered from what happened yet. Luke reminded Tracy that the doctors had released him, but Tracy didn't think that Luke could have fully healed in two months. Tracy felt that Luke had to come to terms with his abusive father, the death of his mother, and the loss of his sister. Luke insisted that he had come to terms with it, but Tracy thought that Luke only wanted to marry her because he was trying to hold onto the old Luke's life. Luke told Tracy that even if she was right, it didn't negate what they had. Tracy told Luke that once he'd processed everything that happened, he'd become a new man. She added that there was a possibility that the new Luke wouldn't love her, or that she wouldn't love who he'd become. Both Luke and Tracy were in tears.

Luke asked if they were just supposed to go their separate ways. Tracy didn't think they'd ever be done with each other. She just thought they needed time apart. Tracy hadn't been able to reconcile the part she played in his downward spiral. Luke felt that Tracy was blameless and that he'd used and abused her. Tracy noted that people didn't understand how she didn't see how much Luke had changed. Tracy confessed that she did notice, but she assumed it was a side effect from his time at Miscavige and that she'd be able to fix him. Luke believed that Tracy, Bobbie, Lulu and Pat had fixed him when they helped him face the truth about his past. Tracy felt that Luke had more work to do, and that he had to do it by himself, without her as a safety net. Luke admitted that Tracy was right, and he stroked her cheek as she tried to stifle a sob.

Luke told Tracy that she'd always be a part of him, whether they ended up married or whether they never saw each other again. Luke noted that they were an unlikely pairing, but they worked together. Luke felt lucky that he'd been given the chance to love her and be her friend and nemesis. Tracy felt that she was the lucky one. She told Luke it was a privilege to know and love him. “You will always be the best time I've ever had,” Tracy told Luke, with a sad smile. “I will love you forever,” Luke said. He reached out for Tracy, and she ran into his outstretched arms. They clung to each other and wept.

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