GH Update Monday 7/20/15

General Hospital Update Monday 7/20/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Dante calls Lulu on his phone and arranges for the two of them to have dinner together and some much needed and much overdue “alone time”. While on the phone, he sees Valerie who clearly indicates, without saying anything, that she is incomplete with the fact that Dante's marriage is back on track when it seemed otherwise not long ago. She “dutifully” hides what she is feeling and goes into doing her job when he tells her he'd like to talk to her alone, knowing there is something on her mind.

While Lulu is at The Haunted Star, she talks to her dad about where things might be going between him and Tracy getting back together Luke admits to his daughter that it might not be as easy as she is hoping when he noticed Tracy in bed with Dillon’s father not long ago. Lulu hopes that Tracy would realize that Luke did what he had to do for a reason. Yet she also knows, without having to ask, that Tracy's main issue, which she cannot get past, nor forgive Luke, is the fact that he lied about that and did not trust her. She knows, all too well, how that very same lack of trust and lying to Dante had the same ill affect in her marriage. She admits to her dad that a serious problem occurred due to the fact that she lied to Dante about where she was going and who she was with. He assumed she was having an affair with Dillon when she was not. Luke wants to make certain that his daughter assures her husband that she would never cheat upon him. She tells him that Dante now knows the truth and wants their marriage to work. However, she admits, there was a serious “consequence” she had to accept involving Dante and her cousin Valerie. She is still only aware that Dante and Valerie had “one kiss” together and that, alone is not something she can overlook. Little does she know. She concludes that she thinks it might be time to talk privately with Valerie and find out “her version” of what happened between her and Dante.

Valerie admits to Dante that it's a lot for her to take that the only reason he was “with” her was because he falsely believed his wife was cheating. Now he knows otherwise yet is lying to Lulu and asking her to keep the secret that he cheated on Lulu, with Valerie. He admits that he feels like an ass to have concluded, to her, that his marriage was over and they had their time together Then he suddenly concludes and tells her otherwise and gets back with Lulu and asks Valerie to keep what they did together a secret. She tells him he has nothing to apologize for, assuring him that everything will be ok and that they need to let this go.

At the Quartermaine house, Dillon wants his mom to forgive Luke, realizing he had no choice except to have the kidnappers and all others falsely believing that he's back with Laura. She tells her son that Luke should have trusted her. She does not accept any excuses for what Luke did. She also believes Dillon is incorrect with is belief that Luke needs her. He has no need for her when he has Laura. Dillon continues to urge his mom to believe that Luke is committed to her, as he could clearly see while he traveled with Luke, attempting to find Lucky. Dillon's father brings breakfast on a tray for his son and Tracy, assuming and hoping they will be re-united as a family. Yet Dillon is cold and distant to him, not only due to the fact that his father has not been there for him. He does not want his dad coming between his mom and the man whom he knows she really loves.

Laura goes to see Nikolas after taking Spencer to camp. She assures her son that things will be ok with his son and the camp counselors. She assures him if he needs any help with raising a rambunctious child, she has experience with that. She wants to have brunch with her two sons assuming that Lucky will be available to join them. Nikolas then, informs his mom that Lucky is gone. She appears shocked and wonders why her son would suddenly leave. Nikolas then remembers a conversation he had, not long ago, with his brother, telling him everyone will be ok if Lucky chooses to leave town, although he does not reveal that to his mom. He also asks her if she might be harboring any old feelings for Luke. She assures her son that she and Luke are in the past and she only wants happiness for Luke and Tracy. Nikolas then asks his mom what about her. Is there anyone in her life who makes her happy? She admits she does not know of anyone although she might still not be giving up hope on finding someone to grow old with. She asks her son if he has any prospects of relationships. When she finds out that he does not see that, she asks her son if he's really certain that it would not be cramping his style if his mother was to move in and live with him at Wyndemere.

Elizabeth takes her long lost son, Jake to the hospital for his annual check-up with Patrick. She introduces her son to his doctor and Patrick stares at the boy in awe. She affirms to him yes, her son is alive. Patrick cannot help wanting to know the details of how it happened or where she found him. She tells him that it doesn't really matter the details because she is happy that her son is back. He tells her he cannot help going over that night in his head when he tried and failed to save Jake in the OR and how he regrets that. She tells him that does not matter anymore. She tells him that she wants Patrick to be the number one doctor to do the check-up on her son. He tells her he would be honored.. She also reflects that she can see that her son is bonding pretty quickly to her boyfriend, known as Jake Doe. Yet she continues to keep her secret as to who Jake really is.

Jake goes to talk to Carly at Sonny's house and tells her that something “incredible” happened in Elizabeth's life. Hearing that, she is in awe to find out that little Jake is alive and at Elizabeth’s house. She asks what the boy is like and what all has happened throughout this time. She assesses that Jason was the boy's biological father. Jake is still consciously unaware of who little Jake is or who he, himself is. She tells him it's a miracle in so many ways but also unfair that Jason is not there to know that his son is alive. She remembers how Jason got the news that his son was declared brain-dead and was going to die soon. Yet, Jason was able to put that aside and be there for her. So this is a very personal and sensitive issue for her. She is ready to cry knowing what a happy day, all around this is when first Josslyn gets her clean bill of health, when they all believed that little Jake died and donated his kidney. She realizes, however, that wherever Josslyn got her kidney from, it was not from little Jake since he did not die. She is worried and panics over not knowing where the kidney came from. She tells Jake of her concerns that her daughter will, at some point, want to know about this “mystery kidney” she has that saved her life and she doesn't know what to tell her. Jake assumes the role of Jason where he assures Carly everything will be alright. And, just like Jason, he knows he needs to help Carly in her time of need , just like Jason did, by accompanying her to Josslyn's summer camp so that they can talk to her about what they've just now found out.

Outside the hospital exam room, Patrick assesses to Elizabeth that it appears Jake is a healthy 8 year old boy and there's no cause for concern. Yet she realizes that she may not be able to inform Lucky as she suspects that Lucky might have left town with no way to contact. They talk about life as a single parent, moving on after a spouse leaves them, as they have both experienced. He then tells her that now that Sam and Danny are living with him, he wants them to get to know Jason's son. That is, Patrick tells Elizabeth, unless she has a problem with that. She tells him of course she has no problem with Sam and Danny getting to know Jake, although she admits she's still a bit protective of her son. She needs a little time alone with her son first. He tells her that he is so happy to hear this joyous news. She tells him she will probably head to Wyndemere to find out if, by any chance, Lucky might be around.

While Nikolas wants to encourage his mom to have a good life without Luke, Dillon tells his mom that he really thinks she's being selfish and childish to not give Luke a chance. In response to that, Dillon's dad tells his son that he needs to know it's his mother's decision. In response to that, Dillon angrily goes away very disappointed at the fact that his mother is choosing his father over the man her son knows she really loves.

Lulu leaves her dad alone at the Haunted Star after they both encourage the other not to give up on their relationships, as she goes to meet her husband at the police station to go out to dinner together.

At the station, Valerie assures Dante that they are cool, he needs to stop torturing himself and they both need to get back to work. Yet, alone in the room, she clearly reveals she is not ok with the fact that she has “lost” Dante. She, then goes into the other room when Lulu appears and they stare intently at each other

Dillon admits to his father that he really does not know him and is not comfortable with his sudden “re-appearance” into their lives and he'd rather his mother be with Luke. Yet his father wants to get to know his son better.

Elizabeth takes Jake to meet Nikolas and introduces the boy to his uncle, Lucky's brother. Laura takes Jake into the kitchen for some cookies to leave Elizabeth and Nikolas alone to talk. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she can see that Lucky has left town. Nikolas tells her that he could see that Lucky believed that Elizabeth and the boys no longer need him. He admits, to Elizabeth that he informed Lucky that Jake is really Jason.

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