GH Update Friday 7/17/15

General Hospital Update Friday 7/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly looks at her ring yet Sonny can see she might have something on her mind. She admits that only 6 months ago he was in prison, expecting to serve a life term and he refused to see her. They are grateful, they both realize, that things are back on track better than they thought it would ever be. He admits that he is eternally grateful that Michael might be coming around when not long ago he was never going to forgive his father for what happened. He admits he now realizes that the first time Michael came to him asking for his help with something, he had to turn his son down. He knows he cannot trust Denise with his child. She protests that Michael understands and was only doing this as a favor to Kiki. Although they realize that Kiki wronged their son, they realize she's been through a lot. Sonny reminds his ex and future wife that this is about trying to protect Avery and he does not think that this “Denise” can be trusted around the baby. Not only is he concerned about that, it could lead to a dispute with Denise's brother, Julian.

As we see Kiki happily going to deliver the “joyous news” to her “aunt” that Michael agreed to see if he could help Denise see baby Avery (by talking to Sonny), we see Michael with Sabrina admitting that although he tried, his father said no way so he realizes there's not much point in Kiki or Denise getting their hopes up for nothing. Also, right as Kiki is on her way to deliver the “happy news” to her “aunt”, we see Denise going at it on the couch with Morgan in Julian's apartment, right as we see the phone on the table going to voice mail as Kiki is calling. As soon as she's outside the door ready to talk to Denise, she calls Michael and he informs her that he was unsuccessful in getting his dad to reconsider. She tells him she does not know how she's going to tell her Aunt Denise without breaking her heart. She hesitates, then declares she will have to get it over with so she knocks on the door. Little does she know that inside the apartment, her aunt and her boyfriend are going at it like rabbits. Franco appears outside the door and remembers Denise promising to help him win Nina back from Ric if he can obtain the tape to incriminate Sonny, for her, from his dad. He knows that he cannot have Kiki around when he needs to talk to Denise alone and she realizes she needs to “meet up” with Morgan later. Having no clue what is going on inside, Kiki urges Franco, when he goes inside the room to break the news to her aunt, he needs to be “gentle”.

While Denise is sleeping with Morgan, she remembers her tattoo which Sonny observed and knew she had it done to hide the fact that she is really Ava. Outside, Franco is ready to talk to Denise and dismiss Kiki. Denise and Morgan hear him pounding on the door. When she knows he's not going away, she lets him in. Assuming they are alone, Franco tells her she may not cut the “Denise act”. She does not want him to know she's in bed with Morgan so she tells him she has “guests”. She tells him Julian and Alexis are in the other room. (when they are not) He informs her that Kiki tried and failed to persuade Sonny to let her “aunt” see the baby. At that point, Denise (Ava) reminds him that he has to get his hands on the tape so that she can drop this act once and for all, about who she is, and reclaim her daughter. He tells her he tried and failed to get his father's tape. She reminds him if he doesn't find a way to get it, he will be all on his own with trying to win Nina back. He goes out the door. Morgan comes out of the bedroom and asks her what that was all about.

Julian is at The Metro Court with Alexis planning a “fun evening” where they can sneak off together to be alone. Realizing they can't have a rendezvous at her home since Molly is there, nor at his place, since Denise is there, they arrange to have a secret meeting in a hotel room. He enters her room appearing as though he's room service and she is a hotel guest. They play their roles and end up having fun. Right when Julian gets a call, Alexis urges him not to take it. He takes off his clothes and they continued their role playing, ending up in bed. When they are done and he turns on the television, Alexis is able to see a news report that somebody attempted to blow up Sonny's property and the prime suspect is the Jerome organization.

Ric is alone in the Metro Court room with Nina's mom while Nina is out, both realizing they have to find a way to get their hands on Nina's inheritance before it's too late and she is onto them. Otherwise, he reminds Madeline, their whole “charade” is for nothing. Suddenly, Nina comes back and they are both stunned not expecting her. She seems very suspicious and on guard to see her mother there. She assesses that maybe she does not trust either of them now that she sees them together. Right away, she seems to know that Ric is her mother's lawyer, since he's along talking to her right after she's been suddenly and unexpectedly released from prison.. They both deny that Ric would represent her mother. She walked in on them having a dispute. Ric protests that he is only on Nina's side, against her mother, whom he knows she does not trust. Madeline protests to her daughter she needs to know that Ric is only after her money. Nina faces Ric and reminds him that her mother assumes that about every man who's interested in her. She remembers her mother drugging and putting her in a coma years ago. Ric then tells Madeline she needs to leave. Nina then realizes that Madeline knows that Ric is in control of her finances, and that she would have no way of knowing that if she's just recently been released from prison. She demands her mom tells her how she'd know. Madeline replies she asked him and he admitted it. Nina then asks Ric if that's true, reminding him she thought it was between her and Ric and he has no reason to share it with anyone, least of all her mother. Ric knows the only thing to do is play the phone recording of the baby crying so Nina believes she's hearing things. Madeline knows to pretend she has not heard it and goes out the door. Alone with Ric, Nina admits that she wonders if she may have kidnapped the baby and not remembered it.. Ric, again, wants to appear that he is looking out for her and will protect her.

Michael talks to Sabrina that he cannot forgive his parents for what they did to AJ. However, he knows he cannot hang onto the bitterness. He informs her, for the first time, that his parents are getting married for about the tenth time, they've announced it to him and want him to attend. He admits to her that although he does not want to cause more issues, he really does not think he can go through with it. He told them he'd “think about it” although he is not going to attend. One reason is what they did to AJ. Also, he knows all too well about Sonny and Carly's history of getting back together only to break up and cause each other more pain. She continues to want to encourage Michael to believe that maybe “this time” will be a charm for Sonny and Carly. She informs him that she has been working on the AJ Quartermaine Memorial Clinic. She explains that when he gave Avery back to Sonny, she knew she was in limbo and needed a purpose just like he does. She went and found out a way for him to get the non-profit AJ Clinic up and running for him. She explains to Michael that she met with the GH board. Although Dr. O did not approve of the funding, she was overruled. They are going to fund the AJ clinic and they want Michael to run it. Hearing that, Michael is overjoyed and praises Sabrina for all she's done for him. He tells her that he wants her by his side throughout the process of building the clinic. It's as much hers' as it is his and he wants her to reap the rewards, he tells her, as he kisses her and arranges for them to have a candle light dinner on the terrace.

Carly reminisces to Sonny, about all the negative things she knows about him. He asks her to list them. She tells him, realizing he will not be surprised, that she knows he can be greedy, ruthless, cruel and unstable. However, he is heroic, fiercely loyal to his family and all the people he loves and she admits that she is in love with him. Suddenly, Max comes in and informs Sonny that “somebody” came and prevented him and his partner from obtaining the shipments and a group of people hijacked their efforts. Hearing that, Sonny asks if “they” were the Jeromes. As soon as he is alone, Sonny gets on the phone and leaves a message for Ric asking if he can represent him and get back to him ASAP. Carly is with him promising to support him.

When Julian notices he has a missed call on his phone, while with Alexis, he wonders who it would be. He assures her that he's done with “that world”. She reminds him that he's told her that before and she's doubted him but now she believes him. She follows him out the door and they kiss while Franco observes, in the hallway, them unseen.

Denise admits to Morgan that she feels really bad about the fact that Kiki is sticking her neck out for her and what does she do? She sleeps with Kiki's boyfriend. He gets a call from Kiki, forgetting that he was going to meet her at the Metro Court an hour ago. Denise cries but urges Morgan to go and to not worry about her.

As soon as Madeline is alone with Ric, she reveals she might want to “jump ship” as she cannot bear to see her daughter suffer like that. He assures her that they gotta keep their eye on the greater good because soon they will both be very wealthy people if they can stick with the plan.

Franco is able to tell that “Denise” was lying to him about the “secret” going on in her bedroom (he notices Julian and Alexis having their encounter somewhere else) and he wonders why Denise had to lie... what secret is she keeping?

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