GH Update Thursday 7/16/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/16/15


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Metro Court, Julian kissed Alexis hello and apologized for being late. She didn't mind since she'd used the free time to catch up on her work. Alexis asked how Julian was. Julian had a copy of his newspaper, and he shared that it was selling well, thanks to the front page story on Sonny. Julian had his editor working on ways to keep Sonny on the front page. Julian showed Alexis the article and a quote from a source at the PCPD – the source said that all the activity from the Jerome crime family had ceased. Alexis was proud of Julian for turning his life around. Julian told her he did it for her. Alexis assured Julian that she loved him for that, but she was worried because she knew others who'd tried to leave the mob only to get sucked back in or killed. Julian was sure everything would be fine and that all he needed to do was step back and let Sonny absorb Julian's territory.

Julian wasn't happy about having Denise as a roommate, so he vented his frustrations to Alexis. According to Julian, Denise left dirty towels all over the bathroom floor and she ate the last slice of his pizza. Alexis was surprised Julian had been eating carbs. Julian admitted he'd been very stressed lately. Alexis flirtatiously told Julian that she could relieve his stress. Julian didn't pick up on it because he was still focused on Denise. Julian hoped that Denise's new boyfriend would move her in with him. Alexis was curious about who Denise was seeing. Julian told Alexis it was Franco, and Alexis felt sorry for Denise. Alexis wondered if Julian should warn Denise that Franco was a bad guy. Julian didn't think Denise would listen, and Julian didn't want to get involved anyway. Alexis wondered if Denise and Franco were just a hook up. Alexis suggested that Franco was on the rebound now that Nina was with Alexis's ex husband. Julian replied that he saw Denise and Franco that morning, and it looked serious to Julian.

Later, Alexis and Julian tried to make plans for the evening. All the movies they wanted to see were unavailable. Julian suggested that they go to her place and “You know...” Alexis replied that they couldn't because Molly was there. Alexis suggested they go to his place instead, but Julian didn't want to risk running into Denise and her boyfriend.

Michael stopped by Greystone Manor. Sonny and Carly informed him that they were engaged. Michael was wary because Sonny and Carly had been married four other times and hadn't been able to make it work. Sonny assured him that they'd learned from their mistakes and that they were going to do better this time, for the sake of their kids. Michael noted that Carly would be Avery's mother. Carly replied that she'd love Avery as her own, just like Sonny did for Michael. Michael asked if they'd set a date. Carly replied that they hadn't made any decisions yet. Carly and Sonny wanted Michael to be at the wedding. Michael seemed to be at a loss for words. Sonny took the blame for the tension between them, but he asked Michael not to make Carly pay for Sonny's mistakes. Michael told Carly that he didn't want her to get hurt. Carly wrapped her arm around Sonny's and told Michael that she'd rather risk being hurt than be separated from the man she loved. Carly pointed out that she and Sonny kept going back to each other, which made her believe that they belonged together. Michael wished them the best but he turned down the invitation. Michael explained that he wasn't ready to reconcile with Sonny, and he wasn't sure he ever would be. Michael admitted that he needed to be close to Sonny again, and that he couldn't keep feeding the hate and the anger, but he also couldn't pretend everything was okay between them. Sonny assured Michael that everyone knew Michael was trying to make peace. Carly added that while they couldn't go back to the way things were, they could find new ways to be a family. Carly told Michael that they'd love him even if he wasn't at the wedding. Michael promised to think about it. Carly was pleased and she hugged him.

Sonny remembered that Michael had stopped by to ask a question. Michael explained that he wanted to set up a time for someone to visit Avery. Sonny assumed Michael was talking about Sabrina, and he said that would be fine. Michael clarified that he was talking about Denise. Sonny scowled and noted that he'd already had this conversation with Morgan. Michael explained that Kiki asked him to do this. Sonny asked why Michael was going to bat for Kiki after what she and Morgan did to him. Michael replied that he was doing it for Avery. Sonny explained that he had to protect his daughter, and he didn't trust Denise. Michael asked Carly if she agreed. Carly did agree, because she found Denise to be pushy and insulting. Michael accepted Sonny's decision, since Michael had only asked at Kiki's request. Carly was sure Kiki would understand that Michael did the best he could. Michael hoped so. Michael wanted something to go well for Kiki, since she'd had a hard time recently.

Nina and Ric were in their suite discussing the pink baby blanket with Avery's initials embroidered on it that Ric claimed he found in Nina's things. Nina was scared that Ric was going to tell someone about the blanket, but he assured her that he wouldn't. Relieved and grateful, Nina hugged Ric. Nina decided it would be best for her to keep busy. Nina went to another room to get her purse, and Ric played a recording of a baby crying. Nina returned and asked Ric about the crying, but Ric pretended not to know what she was talking about. Nina was shaken, but she tried to pull herself together and said it must have been the neighbor kids. Ric kept asking Nina if she was okay, and she insisted that she was. He asked if she'd tell him if she wasn't. Nina assured him that she would, since he was her husband and she trusted him. Nina decided to leave. Ric kissed her goodbye and told her he'd miss her.

After Nina left, Ric played the baby recording again and chuckled. Madeline arrived. She wondered if it was safe to come in or if Nina would be back soon. Ric was sure that it would take Nina a long time to get her head on straight after what just happened. Madeline was pleased to hear that their plan to gaslight Nina was going well. Ric and Madeline kissed. Ric played the sound of a baby crying for Madeline and told her how he tricked Nina. Madeline didn't like that they were destroying Nina's sanity. Ric reminded Madeline that it was her idea to get Nina committed. Madeline reluctantly stated that this was the best plan of action; she just wished they could get Nina's money without hurting her in the process. Ric reminded Madeline that she once said that it would be beneficial for Nina to be institutionalized so she could get the help she needed. Madeline thought it was clear that Nina was unstable. Ric asked what happened to make Nina that way. He noted that unstable adults were usually scarred by something that happened during their childhood. Ric wanted Madeline to tell him what happened to Nina so that Ric and Madeline could take advantage of it. Madeline told Ric to stop dwelling on Nina's past. She kissed him as a distraction, and they moved over to the bed.

Later, Ric got dressed and noticed Madeline holding the pink blanket. He explained that he had someone make a replica of the blanket Avery had been covered in when she was kidnapped. Ric told Madeline that Nina thought she'd kidnapped Avery a second time. “The money's practically ours,” he added. Madeline didn't think they should be too confident yet, but Ric was worried, and he didn't think Madeline would be either if she'd seen Nina earlier. Madeline was concerned that Nina would confide in someone who believed in her sanity, and the whole plan would fall apart. Ric assured Madeline that there was no one for Nina to turn to. Ric pointed out that Nina was too proud to go to Franco, and she didn't have any friends.

Scott was in his office daydreaming about taking Sonny down and putting him in prison. Franco dropped by with two iced coffees. Scott assumed that Franco was there because he was in trouble or he needed money. Franco insisted that he wasn't in trouble, so Scott took some cash out of his pocket and placed it on the desk. Franco replied that he wasn't there for money either, but he added that he could use the cash. Franco asked if he really needed a reason to visit his father. Scott pointed out that Franco usually had an ulterior motive for his visits. Franco flashed back to Ava telling him that she'd help him with Nina if Franco brought Ava the recording of her confession. Franco confessed that he did need a favor. Scott noted that he'd considered all the other possibilities, except girl trouble. Franco admitted it was about a woman. Scott noted that both he and Franco had redheads – Bobbie and Nina. Franco replied that he'd lost Nina. Scott assured Franco that Nina wasn't the first woman to be taken in by Ric. Franco asked for advice on getting Nina away from Ric. Scott thought that Franco would have to let Nina figure out what kind of man Ric was on her own. Franco replied that he didn't have the attention span for that. Franco revealed that he'd already moved on with Ava's twin Denise. Scott choked on his drink. Franco asked Scott if he knew Denise. Scott explained that he crossed paths with Denise when she was arrested because people thought she was Ava. Franco used that opening to bring up Ava and the recording. Franco recalled that he and Carly were the ones who got the recording of Ava's confession off of AJ's phone. Scott grumbled because the evidence was of no use to him since Ava was dead. Franco asked if Scott still had it. Scott mentioned that he had the confession locked away in a drawer. Scott added that he and Jordan had just been talking about that recording. Scott had a good feeling about Jordan. Mrs. Shipley, Scott's assistant walked in and announced that Jordan wanted to see Scott. Scott introduced his assistant to Franco. Scott asked Franco to stay so Scott could buy him lunch when he got back. Franco agreed, and Scott left. Franco made a beeline for the drawer and tried to use a letter opener to pick the lock. Franco abandoned the task when he heard Scott returning. Scott explained that something came up, so lunch was off and he needed Franco to leave. Scott noticed Franco holding the letter opener, and he asked for it back. Franco returned it and left.

Morgan went to the Jerome penthouse and confronted “Denise” about telling Silas about them. “What the hell is wrong with you?,” Morgan asked. Ava unsuccessfully tried to calm Morgan down. Morgan threatened to go to Sonny and sink her chances of seeing Avery if she didn't explain herself. Ava wanted Morgan to leave because she didn't want to talk with him while he was irate, but Morgan wouldn't go. He snapped that Silas just accused him of cheating on Kiki. Ava replied that Morgan didn't cheat. She asked what Silas said. Morgan revealed that Silas had ordered him to stop making a fool out of his daughter. Ava apologized and explained that she didn't think Silas would say anything. The apology didn't placate Morgan, who pointed out that he and “Denise” had promised to keep this a secret. He demanded to know how why “Denise” was confiding in a virtual stranger like Silas. Ava had no explanation. Morgan decided to tell Kiki the truth before she found out from someone else. Ava was alarmed and told him not to. Morgan agreed to stay silent, only if “Denise” explained herself. Ava said Silas had been hitting on her. Morgan was skeptical because that didn't sound like Silas, but Ava stuck to her story. Ava claimed that Silas wouldn't back off until she told him that she was seeing Morgan. Ava explained that she panicked and blurted out Morgan's name. Morgan asked why she didn't say she was seeing Franco. Ava was near tears when she answered that she gave Silas the name of the man who was on her mind all the time. “The guy that I really want to be with. You,” Ava said. Ava said she knew she had to forget about him, but she couldn't. Ava asked Morgan to give her some tips on how to get over him, the way he'd gotten over her. Morgan confessed that he still wanted to be with “Denise.” Morgan and Ava agreed not to act on their feelings, for Kiki's sake, but they couldn't fight their desire, and they kissed.

Kiki was in Silas's office. She was excited because she was sure that Michael would be able to convince Sonny to let Denise visit Avery. Kiki couldn't wait to tell Morgan and Denise. Silas cautiously asked Kiki if she was sure Denise deserved her support. Kiki pointed out that Kiki was her aunt, but Silas countered that Denise was a virtual stranger. Kiki explained that she felt like she'd known Denise her whole life. Silas replied that he didn't want Kiki to get hurt. Kiki was sure that Silas had nothing to worry about. Kiki decided to go find Denise and Morgan right now. Silas replied that Morgan might still be at GH, since he'd dropped by the office earlier to thank Silas for taking care of Josslyn. Kiki smiled and told Silas that Morgan was so thoughtful. Silas tensed up as he tried to hide his feelings about Morgan. Kiki hoped that Morgan and Silas would to get to know each other. Silas admitted he wasn't a fan of Morgan's due to how Morgan treated Kiki in the past. Kiki gushed that she and Morgan were in a great place now and things were only going to get better. Silas was concerned that things were getting serious between Kiki and Morgan. He tried to steer his daughter away from thoughts of settling down. Silas grew alarmed when Kiki told him that Morgan was a great guy and that she didn't want to let him get away. Silas didn't get a chance to respond because Nina let herself into the office. Kiki made a snide remark about Nina, then Kiki decided to leave. Nina wondered if Kiki was going to inform on her to Franco. Kiki admitted that she and Franco talked about Nina more than Kiki would like, because Franco cared about Nina, for reasons Kiki didn't understand. Nina asked why Franco was involved with Denise if he cared about Nina. Kiki pointed out that Franco was allowed to move on, now that Nina was married. Kiki left.

Nina confessed that she was afraid she was losing her mind, then she told him about the crying sounds she believed she imagined. Silas suggested that it was a real baby, but Nina replied that Ric couldn't hear it. Silas tried to reassure Nina that there were other explanations besides her losing her sanity. He told her she'd made a lot of progress and that she was not the angry, impulsive person she was when she woke up from the coma. Nina was near tears. She wondered if the baby's cries were a sign that she really did kidnap Avery. Silas looked guilty. Silas told Nina that he was positive, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she didn't take Avery. Nina asked him how he explained the blanket. Silas didn't know what Nina meant, and he got called away before Nina had the chance to explain. Silas assured Nina that she wasn't going insane. Silas told Nina that he believed in her, then he walked out. Nina admitted that she didn't believe in herself.

Kiki went to the Jerome penthouse to tell “Denise” that Michael had agreed to talk to Sonny for her. She called Morgan from the hallway and left him a message. Meanwhile, Ava and Morgan were inside kissing passionately.

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