GH Update Wednesday 7/15/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/15/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki goes to see Michael and admits that she's there to ask him for a favor on behalf of her aunt Denise. She informs him that she's found out that Sonny won't let Denise be a part of her baby niece's life. So she's wondering if he could go and talk to his dad and attempt to persuade him to reconsider. She protests that Denise means well and maybe Sonny would listen to Michael if he went and talked to him. She asks him to please forgive him for the terrible thing she and Morgan did, not long ago, which she deeply regrets, involving drugged him when he was awarded custody of Avery. He asks Kiki why Denise's wishes are so important to her. She tells him she is looking out for her aunt because she is all Kiki has left of her mother. She believes she can trust Denise and that her aunt does love baby Avery. He then agrees to attempt to help her and Denise with that. She also tells him now that the dust has settled, she wants him to know that she and Morgan did not take Avery from GH when he was battling them for custody. They both realize that neither can blame the other for taking her when she was found missing. Both realizing that right there begs the question of who did take Avery that night, she tells him she is very certain it was Nina Clay who took baby Avery from the hospital as she knows Nina kidnapped the baby once before. Michael, however, challenges that theory asking her why, if Nina took her, would Nina bring the baby back to Silas' house. She replies perhaps Nina panicked, realizing the cops were closing in on her. So maybe, in Nina's delusional mind, Silas would be the person to whom she would return the baby she envisioned having with him. She tells him she wants to help him if he helps her with this, she will owe him one. She will challenge Nikolas Cassadine to a poker game in order to win ELQ back for Michael. She departs very grateful to him and optimistic that all is going ok in the world. She decides to go and inform Silas of the happy news.

At Julian's apartment, “Denise” is expressing “concerns” about Julian wanting out of the business. Not having a clue why his sister's twin would be concerned about Ava's brother no longer being a rival for Sonny Corinthos, he does not understand why she has a problem with that. She remarks that Sonny does not like her just because she looks like Ava. When Sonny first met her, he did not believe that she was not Ava. Hearing that, Julian assures “Denise” that Sonny probably does not really believe that she really is Ava. If he did, she'd be dead, Julian reminds her. He tells her he “might” be persuaded to ask if Alexis might help her get the legal right to see her baby “niece”. However that conversation is interrupted when, suddenly Julian hears a knock on the door. He notices Franco and demands to know what he's doing there. He admits that he no longer has guards to keep weasels like Franco away from his home so now he will need to handle that himself. In response to that, Denise informs him that she invited Franco and they declare to Julian that they have a “little thing” going on although he finds that hard to believe. As soon as Julian goes to shower and they are alone, they talk privately and she tells him that she knows he can help her get the right to take her baby from Sonny. He asks her how he'd be able to do that. She tells him she knows about the tape in his DA father's possession that could incriminate Sonny and put him away. He realizes it's not only Sonny whom Scott Baldwin wants in prison. When Scott finds out who she really is, she will go down with him. Yet she reminds Franco that he has incentive not to reveal whom she really is to his dad. She knows all too well that Franco has a need and will stop at nothing in order to get Nina back. She promises him that if he gets the tape for her, she will do whatever she can to win Nina back for Franco and get her away from that creep who's trying to milk her for everything she has. She promises she will stop at nothing to help Franco get what he wants if he helps her get what she wants. They kiss when Julian walks into the room so he will believe they have “a reason” for their visit. He goes out the door before declaring to them that he wants to talk to Denise when he gets back. When they are alone, Denise asks Franco if they have a deal. He agrees.

Morgan goes to see Silas to praise him for the fact that Josslyn has achieved a 5 year remission of cancer. He asks his little sister's doctor and his girlfriend's father how he can “thank” him. In response to that, Silas angrily tells Morgan if he wants to “thank” him, he can stop making a fool out of Silas' daughter. Hearing that, Morgan is shocked to find out that Silas would know, not having a clue from whom, that Morgan slept with Denise. Silas reveals that he heard it straight from Denise. Morgan (not realizing whom Denise really is or that she and Silas are keeping a secret together) can't understand why she'd tells Silas about their secret affair. And Morgan pleads with Silas to please not tell Kiki. He urges his girlfriend's dad to know that his daughter would be devastated to know what he's done with her aunt. Silas agrees that will be a consequence he does not want. So he won't tell Kiki. However, he tells Morgan he better not go near Denise ever again or else, he will let his daughter know what a weak sick bastard her boyfriend really is.

While with Ric in the room at the Metro Court, there is an obvious sound of a baby crying, which Nina can hear but not see (no baby is in the room). Yet Ric indicates that he hears nothing, making her question if she might be going crazy and hearing things. He assures her she must have been having a “dream” although she knows she's fully conscious yet hearing something that is not there. Yet we can clearly hear what she is hearing. As soon as she returns to lie down in the other room and Ric is alone and unseen, he reveals that he's playing the sound of a baby crying on his phone. He turns it off and makes a call where he declares he is confident that it won't take Nina long to get sent back to ShadyBrook leaving all of her money to him since he is her husband. He realizes he might have to “share” some of it however, although he does not want that. When he returns to Nina, He wastes no time expressing to her that he is very “interested” in financial statements and documents of hers. He also informs her that when he went through her dresser drawers to find them, he found a blanket that appears like it belonged to baby Avery and which he knew, when the baby returned to the hospital, the blanket was missing. Hearing that, she asks him if he is accusing her of taking the baby. She urges him to know she does not know where the blanket came from and he needs to believe her that somebody is framing her. She panics and sounds afraid as she keeps protesting to Ric that she did not take the baby. He then assures her that he will make sure that nothing happens to her but urges her not to tell anyone, under any circumstances, about this blanket. He reminds her that if Sonny or Michael ever found out that she has this blanket in her possession, it could mean serious consequences for her. She seems to believe that he's only looking out for her.

Sonny and Carly are happily together and with the baby. He admits to her that he is back running his organization. They declare their love for each other and for the baby. He asks her if she would like to be Mrs. Corinthos again. She tells him she would love to marry him and be Mrs. Corinthos again and they kiss. He holds the little one and has her observe as he puts the ring on Carly's finger. Sonny declares that that makes Carly Avery's mother. He asks if she's sure she's ok with that, as he realizes she hated Ava. She tells him when she sees that little face, she does not think of Ava. She only thinks about the little angel who is his. They talk about Carly being Avery's mom and being Sonny's wife. Yet she is concerned about his being back in the organization. He has a child to think of. In response to that, Sonny admits to Carly that the only reason he gave up his business was to get his daughter back. SO now, he has to get back to work. She tells him she bets that Julian will also get back in his own business and might be a danger to Sonny.

Scott Baldwin talks to Jordan about what they've both sadly noticed in the front page news about Sonny getting back in the game after escaping a murder charge and prison sentence. They both do not want to let him continue to get away with what he's been doing all this time. She informs him that her son has disowned her and is now living with Sonny. Hearing that, Scott is shocked to think Sonny could pull a stunt like that She reflects how it is not ok that while she is the police commissioner, she can't even prevent Sonny from luring her son and leading him down his destructive path. He reflects to Jordan that Sonny is also responsible for the death of Scott's daughter. They agree to join forces and work together to bring Sonny down.

While Sonny is happily with Carly and the baby, in joyful bliss and suspecting nothing, Scott is in his office declaring that Sonny's days of getting a free pass are coming to an end and he's going to be locked up for the rest of his stinking life. Franco walks in unannounced and tells his dad he'd like to talk to him. Instantly, Scott assumes the only reason for the visit was because his son was “in trouble” or needs money.

While Denise (Ava) is alone in the apartment engrossing in a picture of the baby, Morgan comes by unexpectedly and angrily demands to know what is wrong with her. Why did she go and tell Kiki's dad about them?

When Silas is alone after Morgan has left his office, Kiki comes by to happily announce to her dad that Michael just agreed to see if he can persuade Sonny to let her Aunt Denise see the baby. Little does she know what Silas really knows. (or how that is going to affect all of their lives).

While Sonny and Carly are happily celebrating with the baby and arranging for her to be the flower girl at the wedding, he gets an unexpected call from Michael. Sonny tells his son he's happy to hear from him and he informs him that they have some “good news”. Michael tells his parents he'd like to come by and talk to them about “something”.

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